Bloomberg: HTC plans a 7-inch Android tablet, due in September-October

by: Bogdan BeleMay 31, 2013

HTC 7 inch android tablet

An HTC 7-inch Android tablet is in the works, says Bloomberg, quoting people familiar with the matter.

According to the same  report, HTC decided to scrap the plans for a 12-inch tablet running Windows RT, due to concerns related to demand for the device.

HTC, which hasn’t been doing great lately (although there are signs of a comeback for the company, thanks to the success of the HTC One), can’t afford the marketing effort that Samsung is able to sustain, and definitely can’t afford to make any more mistakes like the HTC First. Bloomberg’s sources say that HTC deemed the 12-inch Windows RT tablet to expensive to make and retail successfully.

According to the same source, HTC plans to release a 7-inch model running Android, as well as a model with the same screen size running Windows RT. Both devices are slated to come out later this year, in September or October.

HTC refused to make any comments on the matter, and nothing’s known yet in terms of price or specs.

HTC is no stranger to making Android tablets, although slates are not exactly the company’s specialty – you may remember the HTC Flyer, HTC Evo View 4G, or the HTC Jetstream. After a quiet period on this front, HTC appears to be ready to start over with a new product.

Do you think HTC has what it takes to make a succesful Android tablet?

  • harrold


  • MasterMuffin

    Yes, huge HTC One would look nice

  • MariaxNY

    HTC has more than what it takes to make Android tablet. oh my god HTC is kill it this year. Samsung watch out you might get eaten alive

    • Matt White

      How are they killing it this year when they have only made one decent product this year that they can’t even keep production rolling on. Don’t get me wrong HTC can make a decent product but they have a solid track record of being late to the game and a history of making all the wrong decisions. It would take a miracle for them to reach 10% of the revenue that Samsung is pulling in every quarter.

  • Piyush

    price is the key for tablet success

  • Ruzveh

    can we have 10″ Android tablet please? 7″ is too small for a tablet.. rather one would go for phone

  • iamzb

    damn and I was planning on getting a 2nd gen nexus 7 I hope specs are released soon so I can decide whether or not I should buy the nexus or the HTC tablet.

  • Svelte

    Just in time to replace by Flyer. Proto-One. 7″ perfect as no need for tailor to do alterations.

  • fastfox1306

    a 7″ HTC One for $199 would have my money instantly!