Digitimes: HTC will treat our eyes with a 5-inch Full HD smartphone, to come this fall

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 6, 2012

HTC may not be in the best financial shape, but the Taiwanese would not go down without a fight. They put their best effort into the One series and delivered a set of beautiful devices that many considered the best in the world. Despite that, the One X was ultimately no match to the force of nature that is the Galaxy S3, and HTC failed to make a comeback to profitability. Moreover, the next quarter shapes up to be just as bad financially, so HTC needs to pull out something amazing if it wants to reverse its fortunes this year.

HTC’s secret weapon might be a new 5-inch smartphone, slated for a September-October release. According to Digitimes, HTC is working to bring a 5-inch phablet to the market, with a resolution of 1794 x 1080 pixels. Add the 126 pixels occupied by the onscreen navigation bar in Android 4.0+, and you get 1920 x 1080 or Full HD. For comparison, the Galaxy Note packs 1280 x 800 pixels, while the One X has 1280 x 720.

Digitimes’ sources say that HTC took notice of the good sales performance of the road-opening Galaxy Note, which spurred a wave of new big screen devices, from OEMs like LG or Pantech.

Today’s report gives credence to a rumor from July spurred by an entry in the GLBenchmark database, which revealed a HTC-made device with 1080p resolution, powered by the next generation Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor and a Adreno 320 GPU. An earlier report from BGR suggests that the HTC phablet will be fitted with a stylus and that it will feature version 5 of HTC’s Sense overlay.

We like our phones big and brawny here at Android Authority, and the news that HTC will throw its champion against the mighty Galaxy Note 2 can only joy us. The Note 2 will probably hit the stores at the same time with HTC’s 5-inch beast, so prepare for an amazing phablet smackdown this fall!

  • now this could be a big hit for HTC…

    • Yamsen

      Only if it comes with a removable battery and microSD

  • MateuszDabrowski

    Imagine: HTC Nexus Phablet.

    • MasterMuffin

      imagine super amoled plus 5″ 3840×2160 with intel’s 3rd gen i7 cpu (ivy bridge) and nvidias geforce gpu and 42 megapixel camera and in heavy usage it would stay on for a week :D

      • MateuszDabrowski

        Rumors say about 3-5 new Nexus smartphones in Q3-4 2012, so… ;)

        And we already know about HTC Phablet with screen buttons (just as Galaxy Nexus) so the only new would be the pure Android ;)

        • MasterMuffin

          Good maybe going to buy one nexus, I have never had a nexus dev I only have had htc desire, sgs2 and sgs3 (I’m writing this comment with sgs3).

  • Jobsloid

    cool, I love big phones and I’ve always been a fan of the HTC build quality. It’d take a wonderful device to steal me away from the Note but if HTC comes out with a belter of a phablet then I’ll give it serious consideration.
    You gotta love competition.

    • MasterMuffin

      note 2 is also coming in fall…. :)

  • Lolcano

    this is coming to verizon and the Galaxy Note 2 is going to AT&T i think. theres no way they are both going to AT&T. im waiting for the new HTC phone with out a doubt

  • Sean

    If it doesn’t come with a micro sd and removable battery I’m not even going to consider it. I’m still mad HTC crushed the Desire HD software upgrade.

  • turbolic

    Well the samsung galaxy note 2 showed it self to be a tablet and not a phablet so if HTC makes this than it would for sure get them up and going againg financially.
    I know I would buy their phablet!