HTC 10 shown off in several new images

by: Andrew GrushMarch 4, 2016


Now that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are official and on their way into the hands of consumers, the rumor mill is turning its attention to “what’s next”, the HTC One M10. Or is it just the HTC 10?

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Regardless of what it’s final name is, one thing we know for certain is that HTC is gearing up for a somewhat radical departure in design, moving away from the looks of the HTC One M9. We’ve already seen a number of fuzzy leaked images showing off the device, but today we get our hands on a few more images from @onleaks (below), which was immediately followed by a detailed press render of the device from @evleaks (above).


As expected, the new HTC 10 removes boomsound front-facing speakers in favor of a design that’s more akin to the HTC One A9 – especially on the frontside. Taking the place of front-facing speakers is a front-facing fingerprint scanner built into the phone’s home button, which is flacked by two capacitive keys.

On the back is a fairly minimalist design, though the chamfered edges help give it that extra bit of flair. From the front to the back, and even its somewhat curved looking design, I can’t help but feel this phones seems a bit like an odd mix of Samsung and HTC design language, with perhaps a tiny bit of Moto-esque shape thrown in for good measure.

The end result isn’t an ugly phone, but simply one that arguably moves too far away from what made HTC’s phones so iconic to begin with. Of course, that’s just my opinion and I’m sure there are plenty of folks that will love the new look.

htc one a9 first impressions aa (12 of 45)See also: HTC One M10 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features14

In addition to the new images, @onleaks also unofficially confirms a few things about the specs, namely that we’ll see a 5.15-inch QHD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with an Adreno 530 GPU, 4GB RAM, a 12MP main cam, and USB Type C for charging. That said, these are “prototype” specs, so the final model might differ slightly.

Based on what we currently know, what do you think of the HTC 10? Is HTC heading in the right direction with this one? How important are front-facing speakers to you?

  • I usually dislike HTC….but I dont find this bad at all. I think the capacitive buttons on the front and the removal of boomsound to be a mistake….but I dont mind the design. Its a bit played out tho.

  • Bubble

    Hell no..

  • Johnny Depp

    wow that is ugly….to anyone supporting HTC – sorry for your loss.

    • Anon

      even the honor 5x looks better than this to me

      • Hunter Miller

        Ha… not with those HUGE bezels

        • Marc Perrusquia

          My buddy got one, they actually don’t look too bad in person.

  • Hunter Miller

    This actually looks nice at least they aren’t copying Apple

    • William

      looks more like Samsung to me LOL

  • Ryan Nunley

    I don’t think the design looks bad at all. It is a shame they got rid of front facing speakers, but other phones without front facing speakers still do well in terms of sales. It looks like there is some kind of plastic area at the top. IR blaster and other sensors underneath?

    • Buell

      But making it just like those other phones could hurt it. “Why would I switch to them if they are just like a phone I already have?” is what I would imagine people that aren’t current HTC owners would think. I’ve been a happy HTC owner for a few years now, but I’m displeased with the elimination of the dual front speakers and am now considering getting an Edge. I know I’m just one person, but that’s something I’ve seen echoed numerous times on M10 leak posts, so I think the change could hurt them.

      • Cakefish

        I have a Galaxy S7 on preorder and I’m not seeing any reason to bother waiting a few more months for this HTC device, nice as it looks.

        • TheDude

          Damn I wish the s7 will cost $700 in my country when it launches.
          But it will cost at least $1100, based on what usually happens :(

          Gonna have to wait 2-3 months for the price to become somewhat feasible.

  • Kody

    It’s trying so hard to be an S7 that it’s lost some of the unique features I loved. Front dual speakers and Non-capacitive touch buttons. If it doesn’t change the design up a little more than it’ll compete directly with the S7 and without better differentiating features or competitive pricing it’ll lose hard.

    • Hunter Miller

      How does this look like an s7? Besides the buttons

      • Kody

        Didn’t say LOOKS like the S7. 12mp Camera, 4gb ram, placement of speakers, capacitive buttons, QHD screen, screen size. It has to come up with something unique otherwise no one is going to look twice at this thing.

        • Hunter Miller

          Specs wise you can’t really say this looks like an s7 because almost every flagship phone will have these specs and Samsung was not the first manufacturer to have speakers on the bottom. Also how could HTC copy the s7 when I’m pretty sure it takes longer then a couple of weeks to design a phone.

          • Cakefish

            I think what he is saying is that nothing this phone is rumoured to have is particularly unique to HTC. Where’s the stand-out feature that sets it apart from the pack? LG has modularity & dual camera sensors. Samsung has water resistance, wireless charging & Dual Pixel camera focus technology. HTC used to have Boomsound speakers but seems like that’s not there anymore.

          • Kody

            Much better wording

          • Zee Ali

            no he said what you didnt even know you were saying. Not better wording you just didnt know what you were saying.

          • Kody

            Thank you for your opinion even though it adds nothing other than insult.

    • Flip flop the capacitive keys and they’ve got a metallic Galaxy S7. Disappointing effort.

      • Hyperre9l

        Onscreen buttons are so annoying. I dont like them much in my phone. Capacitive are much better.

  • William

    too much space between the home button/capacitive buttons and the screen, if they’re goone copy Samsung,at least they should do it well :)

  • KeyserSoze

    Looks good so far. No huge bottom bezel with goofy HTC front logo, QHD screen larger than 5.0″, body design not hideous like A9 or iPhone. No boomsound no big deal, it’s better to use headphones, front speakers increase vertical dimension too much anyway.

    • Not really, look at Nexus 6. Typical top and bottom bezels yet include FFS.

      • KeyserSoze

        Nexus 6 no have fingerprint reader. Can’t have both the reader and speaker on the bottom bezel, there’s no room… unless you like a double-tall chin.

        • Marc Perrusquia

          That’s a dumb argument the 6 was going to have a fingerprint scanner in the dimple but the supplier was bought out by Apple. The front would have been the same.

  • Daggett Beaver

    IPS LCD or SAMOLED? Wireless charging or no?

    • Saltuleto

      Probably amoled

      • Shemploo

        Lets f00kin hope so. All phones should be AMOLED!!! – Burn-ins are not real!

  • Mist Coconut

    Sigh. no front facing speakers. Hoping over to Sony with it’s waterproof and front facing speakers.

  • jasonlowr

    Looks like an iPhone + samsung button, and an ugly and scratchable chamfered edges. Wtf htc?

  • Leandro Brandão

    I will not even wait for the announcement, will buy s7 edge right away.

  • Josh Adams

    I feel like I’ve been repeating this since the first renders of the M10 dropped, but I can’t wrap my head around why HTC would add a button, whether it is physical or capacitive, to the front of the device for the sole purpose of including a fingerprint sensor.

    The sensor could have easily been placed on the rear of the device in the same fashion as the Nexus and Honor 5X. It’s a natural position, and has proven very positive for users. It’s also an elegant placement for the design of the phone.

    The inclusion on the button is too reminiscent of Samsung, and the last thing HTC needs at this point is to blend in.

    Aside from the sensor placement and removal of boomsound, I think the phone is a nicely designed device. Maybe HTC will stay above water for another year.

    • Fredrol

      +1 agree 100%!
      Just what I think too. I don’t want a home button.. I want a scanner on the back as my nexus 5x has.. It’s so perfect!

      • Josh Adams

        Exactly. I will say that I don’t mind capacitive buttons, but I do mind the inclusion of a faux home button for the reasons I mentioned.

        If HTC just had a back, home, and app-switch capacitive layout, I wouldn’t complain.

        • Cakefish

          The leaks show that it will likely have capacitive keys.

          • Josh Adams

            When I mentioned capacitive keys, I meant a layout similar to what is present on the X9. I’ve seen the leaks. To clarify, I do not like the home button implementation HTC has gone with. I would rather it be a home button similar to the X9. That is what I meant by capacitive buttons.

          • Cakefish

            Ah right OK, I see what you mean now.

          • Michal Bursak

            Totally agree. The capacitive buttons would enlarge the usable area of the screen, however I would too prefer the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. The only argument HTC could use for its placement is that when phone sits on the desk it cannot be used.But I’m sure there are ways around it and people would get used to it. For me personally two big mistakes in removing the dual speakers and messed up fingerprint scanner placement could be a deal breaker. One X9 with M10 specs and fingerprint scanner at the back would be a dream phone :)

          • Mischievous Tay

            I personally would like X9 with a better camera, maybe say 16Mpx Ultrapixel in front and a Helio P20 or X30 CPU. I am not a fan of QC, was a Atom fan, but now I like Mtk’s Helios series, from P20 onwards.

          • Mischievous Tay

            Agree, M10 should be based more off X9 than A9 design. They should just use the X9 design and add the FP scanner behind the phone and under the camera.

        • Hunter Miller

          I agree I wish it was on the back too. But as long as this phone is actually good and not a disappointment like the m9 I’m getting this phone or if the rumours are true and htc is making the Nexus I’ll most likely get that phone.

    • arbocorp

      Couldn’t agree more! Now it looks like a wannabe phone and to make it worse, remove what many thought was a great feature, boom speakers? HTC INNOVATE NOT IMITATE! You could have used the front facing camera as an iris scanner or use the latest in finger print scanning through the screen! BOO to you sir, boo to you.

      • Josh Adams

        I think that this design will keep HTC above water for the next year, but they’re going to have to go back to their roots if they want to survive. I could honestly write an article on the whole situation if AA would let me.

        • geospa300

          The market has spoken, Apple and Samsung are the biggest selling phones. When Beta and VHS were fighting for the video title even though Beta was superior the people stupidly chose VHS. Unfortunately HTC caved in and we now have the home button. As for myself the X9 will be replacing my M7.

          • Josh Adams

            If I were to pick an HTC device right now, I would go with the X9 as well. I’m firmly in Samsung’s hands now due to their incredible camera prowess and powerful internals (I do, however, hate TouchWiz. Nova all day). As for the sensor placement, your analogy makes sense. I think that it’s HTC trying to mimic a feature that is present on successful devices out of desperation, and it’s a crying shame. They brought front-facing speakers (and to a lesser extent an aluminum body) to the forefront of Android. They created devices that were iconic. Now, they’re floundering.

            TL;DR – Nostalgic rant borne out of the disappointing state of HTC.

          • Mischievous Tay

            X9 will be replacing my ZenFone 5, but I hope next year I can replace X9 with another HTC Helio phone, hopefully X30 or even P30. I prefer P series due to budget and battery life, X is good but a bit too powerful.

          • Goran

            Think twice before u do that.

          • Mischievous Tay

            I think a lot, and I am 100% sure my choice is 100% correct, I don’t need Samsung or LG fans to tell me what phone to get. fans of these 2 brands have 0 sense of quality. And that is a 100% correct truth and fact of the world. Only Apple fans are worse.

          • Phone Master X

            That guy don’t know anything about quality, he just knows marketing, no true tech person would like a Samsung or LG. Those 2 brands just sucks to the core. I got complains and my friends whom owns a repair chain gets broken Samsung device all the time.

          • Phone Master X

            He shouldn’t, I owned a handphone shop chain, I have people complaining about how their Galaxy and LG sucks to the core every day, but no complains from customers whom got themselves a Sony, HTC or Asus.

        • Mischievous Tay

          Actually they could have just moved the FP scanner like 5mm upwards and they will have space for X9 style front facing speakers, that would be the best of all worlds. A hybrid A9 + X9 front with this new back designed. I really like this new, chiseled look. Too bad no front facing speakers is a let down.
          They should either move the FP scanner to the back, or to the side, or if at the front, just move it upwards to just 1or 2 mm below the screen, making war foe front facing speakers.

          It’d be even better if the camera has OIS and laser AF.

    • Simtopia23

      The fingerprint on the front is better, you can unlock the phone when the mobile is placed on a desk.

      On the rear, you cannot. (you have to grab the phone and sometimes can be frustrating)

      • Mischievous Tay

        What if I don’t like to lock my phone in the first place? To people whom don’t like such things, it’s an eyesore.

        • You people who don’t like to lock their phones are the minors. Most people do nowadays. The companies can’t satisfy everyone.

          • Mischievous Tay

            For now Sony does it the smartest, they put it on the power button, at the side of the phone. So when we press the power button to turn on the phone, we also unlock it, if we chose to lock it at all. This makes everybody happy.

  • patstar5

    If the camera is amazing I might get one. Then again, if it’s priced at $650 I probably won’t.
    Still waiting for Asus Zenfone 3, oneplus 3, Moto x 2016, and project Ara.

  • Fredrol

    And they fucked up again..
    I have wanted to buy a HTC for years, but they always do something that changed my mind..

    A home button? Thats so 2000 and something.. And a fingerprint scanner on the front.. No no no.. Its a shitty place! It must be on the rear of the phone. IMHO.

    And the boom sound was a big reason i wanted to buy htc.. Why! Why!

    And now that i finally have gotten used to have the power button and volume at the same side..
    DAMN you htc!

    • Shem68

      Having a rear fingerprint scanner myself (Nexus 6P), I’ll have to say it’s better on front. On the rear it’s annoying whenever you want to unlock your phone and it’s lying on a table or whatever… So no, actually not a good idea.

      Other than that, indeed there’s always a screwup somewhere with HTC flagships these years, it’s pretty disappointing.

      • Fredrol

        Yeah that’s the only downside.. But it’s no big problem for me though..

    • KeyserSoze

      “And a fingerprint scanner on the front.. No no no.. Its a shitty place!”

      Wrong! Finger scanner on the back is clumsy, hard to use when phone lays on its back or sits in a car-mount.

      • Fredrol

        That’s kind of true.. But when in a car (in my car at least) my Nexus 5x is connected to blue tooth, and then It unlocks without a code.. So that’s no problem.. But I still need to push the power button to turn it on..

        • KeyserSoze

          Don’t like taking the damn thing off the car-mount to unlock so I can use Google maps/nav, do email, watch movies, browse the web, pretty much everything. No, except for maps I don’t do all that while the car’s moving.

  • Victor Martinez

    looks like an iPhone… And no boomsound?! Think harder HTC

  • waldoh

    if they get rid of boomsound speakers and lose the m8 design language then all you are left with is another iPhone/Samsung copy with nothing to make it special. It will be like a shitty Galaxy s7 but made out of metal. We all know the what to expect from HTC cameras and ui, RIP HTC phone market share.


    Wow I’m surprised that they ditched the HTC black bar

  • sonicboomin

    can we please have a plus model option ..ugh

    • Ibster

      Agree, Need a plus model, it’s been a long time since the HTC One M7 Max

      • Phil

        I would have loved to see a plus size model as well, really envious of my Gf V10 which has a 5.7″ QHD display that’s awesome to watch media on.

      • Mischievous Tay

        Yep, maybe a 4.8″ Compact Model, a 5.5″ regular model and a 6.5″ Max model, that would be nice.

    • Noel

      A 5.5″–5.7″ screen with minimal bezels plus a huge battery.

    • Simtopia23

      they made M9+ last year so hopefully we will see a HTC 10+ with 5.5 inch display i guess.

  • yoemeyer

    I have a M8 and I’m getting this one for sure

  • boota

    imagine how great it could be if HTC took some design cues from the (first) desire and the hero

  • charlie Jason

    I think it looks alright but I know some people will always complain.

  • Halid

    For anyone that wants front speakers.. Alcatel idol 4 has them and also dual speakers on back of the phone as well. Way better.

  • Guest1234

    Maybe the top speaker is also used as a front facing boom sound speaker? Just a thought. lol And yes i see the speaker grill on the bottom. was just thinking they could use both =P

  • raffr

    Doesn’t look bad, not much you can do with a glass and metal slab. Boom sound was their main calling card, suprised they have moved away from it.

  • Josh Adams

    I’m not crazy about the alignment of the buttons. It reminds me of how the S3 placed its buttons – annoys the hell out of me.

  • Osakwe tochukwu

    Is it just me or is that curve remiscent of LG phones? Like the slim bezels. Htc should ve retained the front facing boom speakers and keep the fingerprint scanner button elsewhere….say at the back or the sides like sony xperia z5. All the same not a bad design though phones are getting sexier and sleeker look these days.

    • Hunter Miller

      HTC had the curve since the m7

  • i_say_uuhhh

    Yeah this actually looks good. The bezels seem like a perfect size and that back looks really nice, reminds me of the M7. |Although I’m sad about boom sound I’m sure that HTC has some good audioput from it’s jack where to me lately has been really important. My 6P does not give good audio output compared to my old HTC Desire 816 or my Moto X Pure.

  • Lik-chung Li

    That’s one UGLY Muther F*#ker!

    • Hunter Miller

      We must be looking at different phones

  • Zaki Uddin


  • Vatsal

    Remember the m7 max which featured fingerprint scanner at the back…..I want that instead of the capacitive button

  • Phil

    Sound from phones used to be really important to me, until I purchased the Braven 770 Bluetooth speaker. Having said that I’m still not sure that I would upgrade my Z3 for the new 10. Kinda looks like a God awful IPhone to me.

  • Izzy Ing

    Can someone explain why a homebutton is a problem??? I really do not understand that complaint. I like that there is bit more texture beneath the screen instead of full of those annoying capasitive buttons. Iphone has a homebutton and it bothers no one and so do the galaxy devices… my galaxy s6 has it too and i love it and prefer it over those on-screen buttons…idk just my opinion

    • Hunter Miller

      I think the problem is that HTC had to sacrifice the boomsound speakers which everyone loved

    • I like on screen buttons, I’m completely used to it and hate capacitive and physical buttons (minus volume and power). So it’s unfortunate a company, like HTC, that always uses on screen buttons decides to go back to capacitive.

    • Goran

      Do as lg. Bigger screen with buttons and fingerprint back. Than boomsound can go in front. That way u have it all:)

  • Nik

    I really like this looks better than G5 and I don’t mind bottom facing speakers. Hope they don’t fuck up anything other.

  • Goran

    Its just so….ordinary…like already seen design….soulless.Its not ugly but…really nothing to catch the eye. But what is bigger problem (especially when boomsound is removed), this phone will have almost no chance to differentiate itsself. Dispaly will be NO better than samsungs. No better sound than lg5….main parts of all 3 are the same….what will 10 offer that others already don’t have…even better.

    • RunningGreat

      It just goes to show how much Samsung really invests in RnD. It’s not easy to do what they’re doing with their Galaxy lines or everyone else would would have a phone that’s choke full of class leading components. Samsung has been the most innovative tech company of the last five years.

      • Goran

        Still no word on sound quality on s7…seems that galaxy line is a little better than average and lacking behind competition on that field.

        • RunningGreat

          Not sure what you’re talking about… Samsung is known for having extremely high audio quality. Here’s a review of the Galaxy S6 by GSM Arena.

          “The Samsung Galaxy S6 audio output is easily among the cleanest we have seen a smartphone produce. Posting excellent scores top to bottom in the first part of our test, the Samsung flagship barely let its stereo crosstalk spike in the second one. In fact the stereo quality with headphones is the best in the class as you can see from the result table below.

          Overall this is some of the most accurate audio reproduction you can find on the market and one that should be good enough for even the most demanding audiophiles.”

          • Goran

            Still, of all components, audio is the weakest now. I remember articles from october last year announcing latest sabre audio chip and announcing s7 to be best sounding phone ever. Instad, we have in house Lucky audio chip. I am shure its not going to be bad….but there will be better on market. If lenovo vibe x3 beats s7 audio quality….or lg v10 and even htc A9…..its not good for samsung. Still s7 edge is really most well rounded phone ever. If u like glass….i am more metal phone fan.

          • Mischievous Tay

            Samsung should go bankrupt.

          • Goran

            Haha…hardly. Samsung is playing wise and firming the lead as the best maker.:) S7 edge has only one small and one big flow in my eyes. Audio quality should be beter (small flow ) and its made of glass (big flow). I hate smudges, reflections glass makes and one drop could destroy it. Rest, its perfect phone and noone will make better phone this year. Not even apple.

          • Mischievous Tay

            Apple makes lousy phone and so does Samsung, these 2 firms are only good at marketing. If you think that they have quality it just means you don’t understand what is Quality. Sony, Asus and HTC are the ones with quality. I owned and tested most of all these phones. I played with an S7 and V10, and they sucked, totally. Xperia Z5, ZenFone 2 and HTC M9 are all better.

          • Goran

            Z5 and m9 are the worst flops of 2015. Sony phones are worst in strange lags. Ive never tried asus phones and propablly never will. No woder sony stoped z serial, z3 is the only phone worth mentioning. And Sony and htc are 2 years behind Samsung in the terms of screen. Thesev2 companies are just good in one thing :overpricing. No wonder they both are in the bottom.

          • Mischievous Tay

            AMOLED screen has it’s own problems, just because Samsung is using AMOLED doesn’t means it’s 2 years ahead. For once, no Artists I know likes AMOLED and vow off Samsung phones because the color is oversaturated and unnatural. My friend’s GS5 only starts getting yellowish after a year. M9 was a flop due to bad marketing, and Z5 was good. I have never got any lag in any neither Sony phone, neither has any of my friends, but we find lags in LG and Galaxy all the time. Sony moved to X series because they wanted to try something new, not because it’s a flop. Throw your S7 and V10 into water with my Z1 Compact for 30 minutes and we will see who is the one with a flop. Sony and HTC only suffers from bad marketing. Marketing is the only thing Apple, LG and Samsung are good at. I am a true Tech, music and art person, I know far more then you ever will.

          • Phone Master X

            Totally agree, just ignore that LG and Samsung fan, he’s just a sheep that looked only at paid reviews and the commercials, arguing with such people are pointless. I owned handphone chain and all of my staffs are using either Sony, HTC, Asus or Huawei. Every musician or artist I know likes Sony and HTC, while tech person likes Asus and Sony. Only students and old people whom have no sense of technology ask for Samsung and LG.

          • Goran

            Learn something new. Htc and Sony WERE the best few years ago. In terms of 2015 and 2016 they have completely mediocre sound. Others are including newest audio chips (mostly sabre). One lenovo vibe x3 or lg v10 are among best in audio terms. Things are changing fast but ex leaders are falling behind more and more. U can not live on former glory.

          • Goran

            Actually i am htc fan. And i will say only one thing i know for shure, my own experience. I had 2 phones, one to keep for me and one i decided to give as present to my cousin. I tried both for a while and in 2 hours i was shure which to keep and which to give. The one i gave after 3 months had problem with speaker and ear plug (u could hear sound on one ear phone) lags were constant, phone freezing). After 7 months svreen just went black. After repair(warranty accepted) it works ok but lags are still present. My phone is stil (1.4 year) still without even one problem. Works so fast that when i need to use any other it feels like a slowmotion.
            I gave sony Z1 compact and kept Samsung Alpha. Alpha is a monster and a beautiful beast with blazing performance. But one thing is sooooo superior and that is screen. 720p on alpha leaves 720p on z1c in dust. On sony screen seems like lower resolution, washed out completly and much harder to read and see So pls dont even bother to convince me in ur truth. My second phone is htc max, 1080p screen. Also not better than 720p on alpha. Samsung knows what is doing with screens. Sony doesnt.

          • Mischievous Tay

            Only people whom are either blind or crazy believes in what you says. I seen many Samsung screens, and they all looks unnatural and over saturated. If you think the natural colors LCDs gives are washed out, you must be blind. The only good things about AMOLED screens are better contrast. And all Samsung is slow compared to Asus, Sony and HTC, hell, Samsung is even slower then Apple. that is 100% a fact and truth, if you think Samsung is fast you are either lying or blind, end of debate. I studied graphics designs in school so I know my screens, you don’t. I am a pro, you are just amateur layman.

          • Goran

            Hahaha…delusioanl statement and so personal. Apple will include oled display…does that tell u something? Best screen in the world is samsungs. And that technology is reserved for samsung only. When they sell them (nexus 6p, htc a9. Meizu and all others) they dont sell best they make. See professional reviews for screen. Doesnt matter what u or me think. Fact is a fact. Most accurate, energy efficient and responsive (most pleasing for the eye i would add) is samsungs screen on note 5, s6 and now s7 edge wears the crown.

          • Phone Master X

            As the owner of a chain of handphone shop I tested and know all the phones around, and thus I know you are taking nonsenses, reality is that Galaxy is slower than even iPhone and freezes and lags all the time, the GS series is even worse then the HTC desire and Xperia M series, all my staffs would laugh after they sold a LG on Samsung to someone, because we earned more money and we know that guy will sure regret it. If you think any Galaxy phone is fast, your sense of speed is screwed up, period.
            As for screens, if Amoled were so good they would already end up in Laptops, and at least on designer’s screens. As far as I know, every graphic designers I know hates AMOLED and sworn off Samsung because the color gets distorted. They rather trade contrast for better color reproduction and dynamic range.

          • Goran

            Apple will buy and include samsungs acreens on iphone….that tells something. I hope u sell well ur merchandise but i am shure apple sells much more and knows what is doing:) see professional reviews for screens. Let them decide who is right.

          • Phone Master X

            A HTC fan saying Samsung and LG is good and HTC phones are bad? Hahahaha, joke.

          • Goran

            No, not at all. I am htc fan. Thats why i am standing against what htc is doing after m9. I stand against A9, x9 ….e9, plus and minus bcs i know htc can do better and at more affordable price. I fight against insane moves from Cher Wang and others who are destroying htc. I still have and use One max…but alpha showed me in the meantime not to have prejudice to samsung. They also make very fine phones. And i hope htc ceo will resign and let sensible people take the wheel. I am afraid Wang will destroy even m10….before she finally leaves.

          • Aventador115

            I think Mischievous Tay is right. In my experience, Samsung phones generally have the worst audio quality of the lot. They kinda improved it with the s6 but I think but its still nowhere close to Sony or Htc. The best smartphone audio I have heard is still the htc One A9 period. I dont know what gsm arena is getting at but the main reason I prefer htc over others is because of their unmatched audio quality.

          • Mischievous Tay

            Actually Asus is worse then Samsung when it comes to music, at least for their 1st gen ZenFone. The 2ed generations are around Samsung’s quality, but can use improvements. I now own a Zen 5 and a Xperia Z1 compact, and I only use Xperia to listen to my music because Zen 5’s audio quality just sucks.

          • Goran

            Lg v10 wipes the floor with any sony or htc phone. Just see on web. No phone ever made has that quality, maybe some vivo phones. U guys talk about past. Vivo and lg are best sounding phones.lg5 can now be the new king this year.

          • Mischievous Tay

            You talk rot. V10 is nowhere as good as Sony or HTC, I tested it, only the deaf would think so.

          • Aventador115

            Agreed. I just wish people would have the decency to test these things out for themselves instead of reading some (probably paid and heavily biased) review online and claiming something that is not a fact. Meanwhile, us audiophiles and musicians are happy with our htc and sony phones and we dont need these guys telling us otherwise.

          • Mischievous Tay

            Totally agree!

          • Phone Master X

            Yep, agreed. Do you know I always want to laugh when I saw all the iPhone vs Android debates online taking about how Droids are unstable and have bloatware and whatever, from what they say I know their only exposure to Android are Samsung and LG. HTC, Sony and Asus have none of those “Android Flaws” that iOS fans claims Android has. Samsung is the number one reason for all the bad things people thinks Android has.

          • Mischievous Tay

            I have a friend with a GS6, a few of us tested it, it’s not bad. Just not really at the top. HTC and Sony are still far superior. Laymen can’t tell, but we are professionals musicians.

          • RunningGreat

            Yeah, i’ll take your friends story over a professional audio testing site with data. /s

        • Mischievous Tay

          All along I find their sound just average, Until now, for sound quality HTC is still number one while Sony a close second, I am using a Xperia Z1 compact and it makes very one else except HTC sounds like garbage.

          • Goran

            Not true…all samsung phones with exynos processor have more than decent, sound. And i think, in this moment, no phone sounds better than lg v10. I’ve read lg v10 match or even better sound quality of sony latest walkman zx2(1000$)

          • Mischievous Tay

            It’s truth, I was in the music industry and I still keep in touch with my old friends, a few hundreds of us from classical orchestra to folk music all agree that HTC is number one while Sony is number 2. Samsung is not bad, but just not as good.

  • Mo Bacon

    Too damn small i need 5.8 or 5.9

  • AngryGoldfish

    Unless the M10 is the best flagship phone of 2016 and beats every other device and is amazing, I won’t be buying it, for the simple reason that it does not have stereo ‘BoomSound’ speakers. I don’t think I can go back to terrible audio again after almost three years of using my One M7. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that the M7 is seriously showing its age now, I wouldn’t even bother upgrading. Maybe the M9 will be available at a cheaper price.

    • ChaoticMethod

      Other leaks of the UI shows stereo BoomSound is part of the phone.

      • AngryGoldfish

        It wouldn’t make sense for HTC to drop one of their most distinguishing features that is both aesthetically unique as well as functionally. Everyone expects a massive overall from each company and complains when a flagship is too similar to a predecessor or competitor, but how many times can a company redesign a 16:9 piece of plastic/metal/glass? HTC just needs to make the M7 all over again with better everything. 5.2″ QHD IPS display. Snapdragon 820. 4GB RAM. Latest Android with HTC Sense. A solid 16MP shooter that performs well in both lowlight and bright photography. 3200mA+ battery that lasts an entire day of usage. BoomSound stereo speakers with improved audio. 32-128GB internal storage with SD card support. Splash resistant. Metal uni-body. Wireless charging/quick charge. I would buy this in an instant. I don’t care if it looks identical to the m7, m8, m9 or any other smartphone.

  • Ibster

    Don’t know why people are too overly obsessed with the way the phone looks or some of the features are missing. HTC software according to my experience over the last 5 years has been top notch, the only people who i know who have moaned about software problems are Apple, Samsung, and LG users. Even Sony users i know have never really complained about software issues.

    All i am saying is there is more to a phone then just what it looks like…

    And before anybody comments, i am a heavy user…..

    Just my honest opinion of using HTC devices over the past 5 years. so no offense to anybody…..

    • Hunter Miller

      They also know how to update their phones unlike Samsung.

      • Ibster

        Agreed… Well put….

    • GreaterLesser

      Most “heavy users” RootUnlock and flash a custom ROM on there device anyway so I can understand why they look mostly at the hardware of the phone. Software matter little to those who aren’t staying on Stock anyway. I mean this is going to be most people phone for the next 2 years or so and they want something that’s going to be as awesome of a phone as it was when they bought (or as good as when they put a custom ROM on it lol).

    • Goran

      If what you are saying is true….why sony and htc suffer to stay on surface? That is just or not true or not enough obviously. S7 edge will crash m10 easily. If this remains all what m10 is offering (nothing uniq and interesting ).

      • Ibster

        I am not the only one saying this, why not check out reviews over the years from experts who would agree that Sense is probably one of the best UI and consistently the most reliable with hardly any memory management issues…. compared with there rivals.

        I am stating from my experience and the experience of friends and family as well as expert reviewers over the past 3 to 4 years.

        I would prefer a phone that will last a minimum of 2 years where my software remains just as good as it did when i first bought it. HTC excels in this, where as LG, Samsung and even Apple have had issues over the years.

        I agree, HTC marketing sucks, but they have always built great phones with very reliable software and phones are always patched and updated quicker than Samsung and LG. I mean look at Samsung, most of there devices are only getting Marshmallow this month. HTC started rolling it out back in december, just one of many examples about longevity of consistently good software.

        I would also put Sony in the same bracket as HTC, where there marketing sucks too, but there software is also very reliable.

        • Goran

          Its so obvious why htc and sony are where they are (even if software is as good as you say). They offer much less than others for much bigger price. Simple as that. They just can not stand competition. In premium rhey are overrun by apple, samsung and lg and in midrange…its even worse for htc. Htc devices are crippled in specs and priced terribly high for today standards. A9 is perfect example why htc will not survive for long. Essentially htc formula is: give them less for premium price, wrapped in premium package. X9 is no better and i expect the same with m10. It will not have top quality of samsungs screen and camera or sound quality of lg. It will offer nothing better but price will be higher. Price and lower speced phones is whats killing htc and sony.

  • Cakefish

    So I’m 100% fine with this design, however what is there that really makes this phone stand out other than the software? Samsung has Dual Pixel focus technology, wireless charging & IP68 water resistance. LG has modularity & dual rear camera sensors. What will set this phone apart from the rest?

  • Josué Gutiérrez

    This is my next! Love it!,thank god I sold my S6 with that mediocre battery life and ugly touchwiz.

    • Cakefish

      I don’t really understand the complaints about how ugly the default icons/colours are with Touchwiz when it has such a comprehensive in-built theme engine that touches pretty much every aspect of the UI.

      S6 battery life is awful, that I can agree with

      • Josué Gutiérrez

        Yeah I used the Lollipop dark theme and was ok but the performance is bad with other launchers. And no custom roms (aosp) and that battery…

  • joey crofts

    Whys it look just like the iPhone 3g tho

    • Hunter Miller

      It doesn’t

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    Wow i cant believe that htc fan really hard fan, no matter what happen to htc (almost broke) they were loyal as well, keep spirit guys

  • Nibbler

    saw the headphone jack on top. no dice from me.

  • Tony Tone

    I like it. I’m ready to upgrade from my M9. they do need at least one killer feature to stand out against a very good crop of new flagships…

    put a 4000mah battery in there and release it with stock android, now that would be killer!

  • Amarildo Haxhiu

    I’m genuinely curious as to why more phone manufacturers aren’t adopting front facing speakers and why there aren’t more companies adopting the Sony method of power button/finger print scanner on the side (I think it’s brilliant).

    On a more relevant note the phone looks interesting, however I’m not a fan of the reduction to a single bottom speaker. Why HTC would abandon one of the biggest strength of its previous phones is beyond me. Then again some people may like. To each their own :)

    • KeyserSoze

      “why there aren’t more companies adopting the Sony method of power button/finger print scanner on the side”

      Many car-mounts grip a smartphone on its sides, which will possibly cover up or unintentionally activate the buttons mounted there. Side-button designs are not practical in those use cases.

      • DDD

        Practically every phone has buttons on the side and the more popular place to put a fingerprint scanner is on the back where you can’t reach when on a mount.
        With that said, mounts don’t(or shouldn’t) be covering the sides where the buttons usually are. I’ve never seen one that grips the sides on the top side of the phone, so I’m not sure what kind of mounts you’re talking about.

        • KeyserSoze

          “I’ve never seen one that grips the sides on the top side of the phone”

          Huh? What the hell are you blabbering on about? Where in my post did I say the mounts grip the phone on the TOP side? I said the mounts grip the phone on its SIDES, meaning the long sides of the rectangle.

          Pop Quiz:
          If somebody says they grabbed you on your sides does that mean…
          A) they grabbed your head?
          B) they grabbed your feet?
          C) they grabbed your waist?
          D) all of the above, because I can’t tell left-right from chicken.

          • DDD

            What I meant was the top half of the side of the phone. There’s really no need to be an asshole because you didn’t understand me.

          • KeyserSoze

            “There’s really no need to be an asshole because you didn’t understand me.”

            There’s really no need to post if you can’t accurately convey your thought with a clear unambiguous sentence. Serves you right to be ridiculed if you expect me to read your mind and compensate for your lack of communication skills.

            Back to your original question, you naively assumed that all phones have side buttons ABOVE their middle section only. Wrong! Phones like Nexus6, HTC M9/M10, Sony Z5, and many others have some side buttons RIGHT AT or near the middle section where car-mounts usually grip them, so yes it’s a real problem. It will compound the problem if the often-used fingerprint reader is mounted in the middle there as well.

          • DDD

            Your comprehension skills are trash if you read my first sentence and still couldn’t understand. It’s a paragraph, not three independent sentences.

            You’d think that with so many phones with button placement like that, there would be some alleviation. Oh, maybe the fact that there are just as many mounts that don’t cover the entire side, perfectly allowing for buttons directly in the middle. Hell, two of the five mounts from the search results of “car mounts’ (three if you count the magnetic one) have that.
            And again, the fingerprint sensor placement is irrelevant as the only way you’re touching the fingerprint scanner is if it’s in the front. most phones have their sensor on the back, where you can’t get it to either.

            And you’d think that by the very fact that there are that many phones who still put their buttons directly in the middle, you’d realize that it isn’t close to being such a big problem.

          • KeyserSoze

            “And again, the fingerprint sensor placement is irrelevant as the only way you’re touching the fingerprint scanner is if it’s in the front.”

            No sht Sherlock, of course the scanner should be in the front. If you had actually read my original post (the one you originally responded to before your Alzheimer kicked in) you’d see that I was arguing AGAINST putting the scanner on the side like Sony does. Durrr!

            “most phones have their sensor on the back, where you can’t get it to either.”

            What’s with this “most phones” bullsht? All iPhones, Samsung’s S5/Note4 and newer have scanners in the front, not back. Do you have any real numbers to back up your claim or are you just talking out your azz as usual?

            Instead of continuing to go off in a hundred different directions with your arguments, just go re-read my original post and consider this key sentence, I said: “Side-button or side-fingerprint-scanner designs are not practical IN THOSE USE CASES.” What does that mean? It means that if you don’t use car-mounts or if your particular car-count doesn’t cover up side buttons, then just disregard and don’t fuqin worry about it! End of story.

          • DDD

            “No sht Sherlock, of course the scanner should be in the front.” I never said it should be in front, I said the placement of them, and arguing about their placement, is irrelevant. Are you really going to bash me for arguably using ambiguous phrasing then completely misunderstand me when I actually make it unambiguous?

            “All iPhones, Samsung’s S5/Note4”
            So you name two companies and act as if that supports your case? I can call company names too. Huawei and LG both tend to place their scanners on the back. And if I were to actually count them all, there would be more with scanners on the back than on the front. Then adding in those with scanners on the side, it would further show that the placement is irrelevant.

            “Instead of continuing to go off in a hundred different directions with your arguments”
            -The majority of phones have their button placement higher than where a mount grips.
            -OEMs favor FP scanners on the back, so placement at the side in this case, is irrelevant.

            -There are enough mounts that account for the phones that do have low placed buttons.
            Those are my three arguments. Name the other 97 or so.

            “then just disregard and don’t fuqin worry about it!”
            Your “use case” is terrible, and using the term as a cop out only shows that it’s not as big of a problem as you make it out to be. Sure, the 2% of people who have to buy a different mount might have a slight inconvenience, but that doesn’t affect OEMs at all.

          • KeyserSoze

            “So you name two companies and act as if that supports your case? I can call company names too. Huawei and LG both tend to place their scanners on the back.”

            You obviously are too stupid to know the obvious fact that iPhones and Samsungs combined make up the MAJORITY of smartphones out there in the world. Sorry, I’m done giving away my valuable attention and knowledge to imbeciles like you who are too dense to absorb it. Buh-bye!

          • Wolf Haylee

            A great way to avoid that problem is to not use a car mount, seeing how most vehicles made within the last 8 years or so have some sort Bluetooth connectivity and/or GPS capabilities.

          • KeyserSoze

            “A great way to avoid that problem is to not use a car mount, seeing how most vehicles made within the last 8 years or so have some sort Bluetooth connectivity and/or GPS capabilities.”

            Yes, buying a new $20,000 car with Bluetooth and GPS nav is a much better solution than buying a $20 smartphone car-mount. LOL!

          • Wolf Haylee

            I said nothing about buying a new car, only an incompetent shit heap would assume I was saying something so ridiculous.

          • KeyserSoze

            “fortunately not all of us make minimum wage, give me the routing number to your bank account and I deposit some money so you can buy some common sense, dick bag.”

            Wow, must have hit a sore spot for you to sht your pants like that. Why so angry? Unless you know what I said makes sense and it made you look stupid.

          • KeyserSoze

            “I said nothing about buying a new car, only an incompetent shit heap would assume I was saying something so ridiculous.”

            I spoke in shorthand (1 step ahead) under the assumption that you were smart enough to know what I meant. I guess kids like you are just too slow to keep up with adults of normal intelligence in a conversation.

          • Wolf Haylee

            And they fact that you brought up buying a new call tells me you are a broke boy, fortunately not all of us make minimum wage, give me the routing number to your bank account and I deposit some money so you can buy some common sense, dick bag..

          • KeyserSoze

            “fortunately not all of us make minimum wage, give me the routing number to your bank account and I deposit some money so you can buy some common sense, dick bag.”

            Wow, must have hit a sore spot for you to sht your pants like that. Why so angry? Unless you know what I said makes sense and it made you look stupid.

          • Wolf Haylee

            Awe, I hurt your feelings….kinda cute when you get all mad…

  • Ivan Budiutama

    a slightly number of 7, nexus-esque wallpaper. Nexus by HTC confirmed!! or no, just kidding, don’t take things too seriously.

  • Naga Tudor

    tbh i think it’s beautifull compared to g5 and s7, would buy this

  • Chris Flowers

    Saying goodbye to my M8 on Tuesday when the S7 Edge arrives. Loved my M8. HTC convinced me to leave Samsung 2 years ago, and I never regretted it. However, the M9 was a disappointment and the M10 is moving in a direction I’m not too interested in. I thought I’d never return to Samsung, but they’ve been consistently improving since the S5 and addressing my biggest reason for switching in first place, HTC were churning out hardware that felt and looked premium, now the pendulum has swung back to Samsung. The Edge is stunning.

    • crilloan

      Im of a similar frame of mind.
      Ive gone from HTC Desire HD>Samsung G3> HTC M8 and have been very fond of the phones from HTC.
      But removing what was unique with HTC M series, the stereo front speakers, whats left?

      • Chris Flowers

        Sense UI too. Minimal change to Google’s.

      • RunningGreat

        I always stuck with a Galaxy. S1 Note 2 Note 4. Well other than the Dream G1. Haven’t found a compelling reason to use another phone. Samsungs just getting started.

    • Mischievous Tay

      I have gone from Touch Dual > Touch Diamond > Kaiser > Xperia Pro Mini > Xperia Pro > Zenfone 5 + Xperia Z1 Compact. But now I am planning to replace ZenFone 5 with One X9. Was planning to go for ZF Zoom, but fall in love X9 after one look. The M10 would looked perfect if they move the FP scanner upwards to just 2mm below the screen to make space for X9 style speakers.

      But I am waiting for Helio X30 phone from HTC next year anyway, once I get my X9. I have no plans to get any more phones with QC SoC after my Xperias.

  • Zee Ali

    Im sorry for all the people that thought HTC would dig themselves out of their graves, but sadly this is now how you do that. UGLY home button addition?! Really? With the rounded design language of the phone atleast if they had a circular home button (i know omg apply iphone ew no) but itd make much more sense even though im all for NOT having a home button at all. Add the fingerprint scanner on the side or back dont be dumb HTC…. another fail this year, fire all your designers please and marketing team get some better people in your company.

  • Fornavn Etternavn

    Htc: Our sales arent so good. What should We do
    Someone: lets take away the main reason people buy our phones, boomsound speakers
    Htc: Yes, why didn’t I think of that

    • ChaoticMethod

      Did you actually look at the other pictures leaked? One of them clearly shows that there is still boomsound speakers. People have guessed that the top speaker and bottom speaker may be boomsound, although made differently from last HTC handsets.

      • Fornavn Etternavn

        Yeah, I meant switching from front facing speakers. It is a pretty big difference having speakers in the front over bottom. It just shows HTC caring more for design just like others.

    • 29

      sorry but if people bought htc phones for its speakers they wouldn’t be in the trouble they are in today

      • Fornavn Etternavn

        But many people buy a HTC over a samsung or lg for example because of its speakers. I am not saying everyone.

  • Nino

    Awesome, now I am interested.

    Majority of the world use a home button, Apple and Samsung.

    Now HTC yessss, home button is back!

    (Nerds who disagree well with time they will learn to appreciate it)

  • Ferro

    I’m already in love with this phone and it looks absolutely gorgeous, elegant and durable and HTC makes the most reliable phones so a big thumbs up to HTC With such amazing design. Got a HTC m8 for almost 2 years and it’s the most reliable and durable ever built and the phone has never ever given me any problems in 2 years and never even frozen once whereas I had Samsung s3 and iPhone 4s and had lots of problems with them and they were freezing at least couple of times a week and it was super frustrating specially when I saw on an important call. My m8 is as responsive as the first day I got it great performance despite using a 64gb micro SD card and it looks like the phone would work a s decade without any problems. Based on my experience would I ever go back to unreliable Samsung and iPhone ? The answer would be never. And would I buy another HTC? The answer would be forever. U never know how amazing and reliable HTC phones are until u have one and once u have it and have the same great experience with it your heart, mind and soul will be sold to HTC phones forever. Ignorant people could see u walking on the water and they will say cause u can’t swim ? lol

  • Marty

    Can’t wait for the 10. I think it’s going to be an excellent phone. Just hope HTC doesn’t cut corners with it.

  • Robert

    They eliminated Boom Sound so they could add a physical button on the front? I’m no market analyst but I feel like this will be a bigger failure than even the M9. Without Boom Sound this device has zero unique features to lure customers in. It looks like the S7 is gonna be the cat daddy this year.

    • KVragec

      I share the same thoughts. Don’t thjnk that any manufacturer will remotely come close to Samsung with their offerings

  • Simtopia23

    OMG how many HTC haters out there ah? This is just sad: everytime you find something to complain about HTC, even with the Vive, it is so annoying.

    In my opinion finally HTC have tried to move forward from the One M design to try something new and i like it: the G5 for example, looks ugly as f… compared to this phone. Galaxy S7 has the same design of the S6, at least here they tried to change something.

    Even on the hardware side (if rumors are confirmed), this HTC 10 is way way better than the G5.

    So what are we talking about?

  • RonAllen

    I went with the HTC one M9 specifically because of the speaker system. That was the deciding factor for me. All the smart phone manufacturers are going to have the same designe which make me pissed off. I wish they would stop being followers to Apple and stop trying to be an Iphone.

  • KVragec

    It looks great in my opinion. Hope it will deliver. HTCs sense is best skin for android ever in my opinion. It will be a shame for HTC to vanish from market.

  • Rufus MD

    Im keen on having a S7 because of its edge display and water resistant capability. However, HTC has reached my expectation on design department for this phone.Also, due to the fact that HTC has been good with updates lately, M8 has marshmallow now left s6 in the dust, I might wait for a little while and decide a bit later after its official unveiling.

  • RunningGreat

    I refuse to believe HTC design team allowed those mile wide chamfered edges to be approved. And the front seems boring to me as well. Idk Samsung just ruined a lot of phones in my view.

  • What the f**k is this?

  • Mischievous Tay

    I personally like the new chamfered looked, the back and edge look rather clean and nice. But no front speakers is really a let down. This design would be perfect if HTC use the front design of the X9 instead, and place the FP scanner behind. Or just use this design, but place the FP scanner a bit higher so there’s space for X9-like front facing speakers.
    For the rest, I hope after M10 is releases, they will release a X10 or something, with a at least 15Mpx Ultapixel main camera and a Helio X30 or P30 SoC if Mtk releases one in time. With QHD display and has front facing speakers. But now, i will wait for the X9 to come to my country and use it for the time being until X10, or whatever get released.

  • Sol

    So they got rid of the awesome Boom Sound speakers in favor of making their phone look like a Galaxy S? Someone needs to be fired.

  • Leon

    shame huawei made an almost perfect htc-looking device imo with nexus 6P, and HTC is moving away from what made them success

  • Chief

    We don’t know that the grill at the top is not a front facing speaker which works in conjunction with the grill at the bottom do we? Calm your tits.

  • Charley Harper

    I really really like that black metal! Now if they could just make the UI a little more stock or update there design to something more minimal and material.

  • SalKnowsBest

    Looks exactly like the last 4 or 5 iterations without the best part(speakers). I’m really trying to avoid buying a Samsung but HTC is making that harder and harder to do.

  • Jason Robert Austin


  • Garrett Lee Reyman

    I really hope there’s more than 32gb of onboard storage. If it had an option for 128gb I’d buy it immediately

  • perfectreign

    Wow, I was hoping for something not as small and with the boom sound. I love my M8. I am mostly usin a Nokia 950XL but my son has my M8, which still sounds better than any devices I’ve heard.

  • Roxy

    Sorry guys – hate to burst your bubbles but the Mediatek cpu in the X9 & M9+ is far inferior to Qualcomms’ 810 cpu. I have an M8, M9 & M9+ and the plus isn’t a patch on the straight M9.
    I also have a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and except for the 4K display would choose the M9 over it. If the M10 has a decent back camera, camera software and a 4K display (preferably 5.5″) along with the Qualcomm 820, it will be damn near perfect in my book. Would have preferred the fingerprint scanner on the side like the Z5 but can live with it. Hopefully the sound won’t be too degraded by the lack of front speakers, but again I can live with it.

  • Wolf Haylee

    I will be very disappointed with this phone if the renders hold true and it is in fact what it will look like. No boomsound, ugly design that looks like an iPhone 2g from the front, a galaxy s6 on the sides and an iPhone 6 on the back, all major deal breakers…..

  • Randar007

    Taking the speakers away and replacing them with a finger print scanner is a major mistake. Most people who have finger print scanners either are not impressed with them or bypass them all together. I find phone companies are making phones more and more based on some sort of self fulfilling backwards after thought designs. If I wanted a fragile glass covered phone I’d buy one. Give me a removable battery and upgradable memory so I can do the things I want to do without the initial high price when I first purchase. The general public are tricked into thinking this is what they need instead of knowing what they want. Yes people, marketing is that devious. Jmo.

  • Sami Cooper

    Anyone else already feel disappointed? No boom sound, and not that pretty either. Here’s hoping the camera is up to the competition… for some reason i’m still hoping HTC pull it out of the bag, although I get the feeling this will be their last chance.

    Like the fact they kept the capacitive buttons for more screen real-estate, but they could have put the fingerprint sensor on the back and keep to the HTC design methodology.

  • Megacharge

    Ouch, HTC’s profits are going to tank with this disgusting looking phone. I can’t help but feel they are going backwards with this design, and it is going to hurt their bottom line.

  • MikeMike✌real

    it reminds me of an updated M9

  • Justin Kalis

    OMG!!! I’ve waited for HTC to get their act together and hoped they would finally move their front phone styling to all glass design like the Moto/Nexus 6 did. There was a render which in my opinion would make HTC’s phone the most coveted of all time.

    They had it nailed on the rear (super hot and sexy) of the phone if anything they should have followed steps to remove the lines for the antenna in M9 but this attached render would have made the phone a global smash end of story..

    If this design shows up on any smartphone this year in flagship class I’ll buy it no questions asked… Especially this year with so many 4-6Gb RAM and fast camera/processors how could they lose?

    The removal of Boom Sound is going to put a nail in their coffin. My GOD WHAT WERE YOUR DESIGN PEOPLE THINKNG!!!!

    We don’t need another Samsung or F*ng iPhone. I’m so Android for the reason of choice in styling so why does HTC have to join their ranks when the design I’ve attached with a really great set of loud stereo speakers and super sexy front end could smash world sales records.

    Samsungs are butt ugly even with metal phones and great features… but HTC has the best back facing design I’ve ever seen on a smartphone and to go messing with that (WHY???) according to these new renders this is a HUGH mistake.

    No stereo speakers on M10 is going to kill them and that dam ugly two tone front was keeping me away from models M9 on down not to mention the lack of the big brother 5.5-5.8″ cause I like the larger phones.

    I’d deal with any lack of feature equal for looks of the phone any day..

    Now I’d love to have all there is the instant zoom, OID, stellar sound etc these days but HTC is following Samsung whose falling more on their face every year because they don’t listen to their customers on design period end of story.

    The latest S7 is not a success and really won’t be.. Following a company that only gets their loyal fan base from last years successes is slowly starting to fade into the sunset.

    If they are failing then why is HTC following them maybe that is the real reason HTC is suffering so badly they don’t listen to their customers.

    We as customers are not supposed to do business with you just because your HTC it’s because you’re giving us what we all want. No one was even as close to knocking it out of the park as HTC WAS as you can tell I’m washing my hands on them because they don’t know the first thing about leading via servitude they are following what they think are leaders and losing not only their customers but mostly their identity.

    As of today nothing makes them unique and worthy of my wallet.. Shame on the people who advised HTC execs to move in this direction you just cost them more loss and probably the company and that goes even with their 3 year Google Nexus deal.

    Unless the people at Google force HTC’s hand on the design I’ve shared and the Nexus is to bring these mentioned things back to the table they are doomed and should pack it all up now and get out of the game while they still have money to do something else.

    Failure to see that commercial / cosmetic and functional appeal are important in the USA is where the smartphone OEM’s all go wrong. Apple is boring they have not changed the design of their super ugly iPhones in a decade. I can say if Apple had of made more chassis options or even one that looked like what I posted I would have jumped ship and started rocking an Apple but they are butt ugly and never did like them or be seen dead with one.

    Class, style and cosmetics are important, but so are stereo speakers and a phone better be a dam good phone first before it tries to be anything else, and deliver loud speakers, noise canceling features with rock solid no lag dialing experience. If you can’t make a dam good phone then why throw a pile of other lack luster features in and think you can be king of anything in the telecom world. Make a great phone first, then camera and then sound system.. You have two of the three now..

    Focus on these things and deliver quality and be the best and everyone will always have to return to you because you’re the only one who is THE BEST and given that it would not hurt to follow Moto on unbreakable screens with alloy metal frames the Nexus 6 rocks. Follow that instead of the coat tails of Apple and Samsung or the likes of others and BE YOURSELF.. My GOD how many people have to learn the hard way..

    Bad bad move HTC, how dare you not listen to your customers you’ll get what you deserve.. Sorry but this is a serious deal for many people getting rid of that stereo design EPIC FAIL OF ALL TIME..

    Get it together, come on HTC we in America love a good comeback story..

    To all who may read this if you agree with what I’ve said and don’t have the guts to say it like I did then share this all over the social stratosphere and hope and pray someone from HTC reads it before it’s too late for us all..

    See this image I spoke of now this is how to do it..


  • Derek

    I believe there is a significant possibility that the HTC 10 will have a removable battery!

    Think about it. Leaked images showed replacement backs for sale. Why would you need a replacement back if the back could not come off? This leads me to think that perhaps the back will be removable, making it a huge possibility that the battery will be removable too!

    This would add to the wow factor of the 10 as it would significantly prolong the potential life of the phone.