HP TouchPad Jelly Bean update available via CyanogenMod 10

by: Chris SmithAugust 3, 2012

Remember the HP TouchPad tablet? Sure you do, it was HP’s poorly marketed webOS-running iPad-killer wannabe that the company decided to discard soon after launching it. HP sold the device for very low prices once it decided it has no future with the company – as low as $99 – which made it very appealing to the crowds that wouldn’t have otherwise picked one up.

Naturally, one of the things developers did with the device was to port Android to it, and the device was soon running Android, even if unofficially, alongside webOS.

Now we hear that a Jelly Bean port is available for the 2011 tablet that’s now dead considering that HP’s webOS mobile arm is also pretty much dead, which is quite interesting.

Sure, this isn’t the official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean release for the TouchPad – and you won’t see that happen either since the device is not an Android tablet per se. But it’s a CyanogenMod 10 build, a Jelly Bean-based custom ROM that we’ve seen recently installed in preview mode on a variety of devices.

Like in previous CM10 preview versions, not everything is functional yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the TouchPad will run Jelly Bean quite smoothly in the future.

This will only make us wonder why certain Android devices that were contemporary with the TouchPad will not be officially upgraded to Jelly Bean, if and when that happens.

Meanwhile, if you own a TouchPad running CM10, let us know how it works out for you!

  • Very cool, let’s try it!

  • anoynomous

    Pretty good! Easy update, a LOT smoother. Keyboard is more accurate. Problems : Microphone, camera, sound, and hardware accelerated video, but these will be fixed soon. Gonna downgrade to CM 9 for now

    Sent from my jelly bean cyanogenmod 10 touchpad

    • KenP

      Quick one: does it overwrite previous CM9 installation or does it install alongside it i.e. triple boot WebOS, CM9 and CM10?

      I need to know so I don’t blow away my CM9 which works perfectly for now.


      • joe

        It will overwrite the previous CM9 Installation… But this version is working perfectly

  • anonsjd

    So much misinformation! WebOS is not dead, it has branched off into OpenWebOS…. And how is the touchpad dead? Its one of the devices with the most developer action!

  • I have been running CM10 for months now & I love it. If I try to run to many apps at once, then it will get slow or freeze. But I even Media Stream to my TV and watch all kinds of things. You Tube even has a video on making a y usb cord that I can get to read a card reader. 32gigs to boot. I just found y cords on amazon for less than 5 bucks that works great. Thx, JS