HP develops next-gen 3D mobile display, no glasses required

by: Mike StengerMarch 23, 2013


HP has developed a 3D screen for mobile devices that requires no glasses, and will be revealed in the Scientific Journal Nature on March 28. 3D hasn’t caught on like electronic manufacturers would have hoped for, a big problem being that many users experience headaches.

Here is how this new screen from HP works: with traditional 3D mobile displays, the user has to be directly in front and center in order to see the effect. However, HP has created a way where you can still see a 3D effect with the display and user at as much as a 45 degree viewing angle.

To pull this new display off, HP is using nanotechnology which involves multiple circles with tiny grooves etched into the glass, allowing for up to 64 different points of view. The grooves bend light and allow the user to see two points at one time, one with each eye, creating the no-glasses 3D effect. There are no details on when this display will make its way to phones or tablets, but HP may finally have a nice 3D solution for future mobile devices.

  • MasterMuffin

    Nintendo 3DS?

    • Yeah, but that’s one of the few exceptions.

    • Darksaberx

      Well, there was some attempts at a 3D phone, like HTC EVO 3D, but it did not catch on.
      Nope it is not a 3DS, because you can see the effect at different angle, as opposed to the strict angle of 3DS, still this will never catch on. 3D TVs are dying already and I have not the 3D function on my TV for ages…

      • NintendoFTW

        actually a 3ds works up to a 45 degrees angle so yes, yes it is like a 3ds

  • wish

    Make a 3d that you will need 3d glasses not nintendo 3ds kind

    • That defeats the whole purpose, no? I don’t think anyone wants to have to wear special glasses if need be.

  • mihaits

    LG Optimus 3D???

  • Jack