HP 8 1401 Tablet

HP has been promoting its line of tablets with the slogan “One size does not fit all.” To that end, they have added a 7.85″ unit to compliment their 7″ and 8″ offerings. The HP 8 1401US is an Android powered quad-core tablet that rings in at just $170.

There is little doubt that this is simply a rebranded US launch of the Compaq 8 that was launched in China last year. The HP 8 is a WiFi only tablet sporting a 7.85″ LCD display with 1024 x 768 resolution, Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Additional storage can be had with microSDHC support and lifetime 25GB of free Box cloud storage. Front and rear cameras measure in at 0.3MP and 2MP. There is battery enough to get you up to 7 hours of usage running Android 4.2.2 Jellybean.

Oddly enough, the HP 8 is the only tablet available for sale on the HP website that does not have a Bluetooth radio installed.


With the $170 price tag, the HP 8 would best be described as a budget tablet. It is almost half the cost of HP’s other 8″ slate, and is certainly one of the least expensive 8″ size-range tablets on the market. On the flip side, many of the specs of the HP 8 fall below what is available in most 7″ tablets on the market, including their own offerings.

If this sounds like it might be the right tablet for you, check it out on the HP website and enjoy free shipping within the US. Are you in the market for a budget 8″ tablet, or do you prefer the 7″ or 10″ form factors?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • Mystery Man

    Fuck you HP

  • AndroidBoss

    Even these won’t sell. HP is gonna end up putting them on sale for $10.

  • alacrify

    They just.don’t.get.tablets.

  • apianist16

    The specs on this tablet are ridiculously poor in comparison to the price tag.

  • Say What?

    HP makes the least reliable electronics of any company in the world. I will admit their printers aren’t too bad but EVERYTHING else sucks. If you only knew how many premature failures their laptops, desktops and tablets have had over the years you would think HP should be out of business. NEVER buy an HP product if you want it to last.

    • KijBeta

      I agree with a minor exception. My HP printer has been working reliably for 8 years with basic maintenance. Although I wouldn’t trust any computer or tablet from them after the BS my aunt had with a laptop that lasted 6 months.

      • Say What?

        I agree that their printers are good (I still have a c7180 that works great) but everything else is total garbage.

    • Carl Draper

      Sort of agree, their consumer laptops and desktops suck, but their corporate desktops and laptops are fairly solid.

  • Tomen8r

    Still love my touchpad running cm 11..HP couldn’t get Android running on this tab but our devs could. That being said HP sucks….

  • gfacekilla01

    Not sure if HP got the memo or not, but the Venue 8 by Dell is superior across the board. And its price is $179 from Dell and cheaper everywhere else…

  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    I actually never owned a HP product before! I have a Dell Desktop, Samsung Printer, Logitech Webcam and Speakers, and an Asus Windows Tablet.