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Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Coming Out of Oven on Monday

The Samsung Nexus S 4G is scheduled for a very important Android update on July 11 (Monday). The upcoming Android build will upgrade the last build–GRJ85–to build ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 8, 201118

Do Semiconductors Dream of Android?

For those of you who follow the financial markets, you will have seen the craziest trends over the past few years.  Economic downturns and sporadic hints of upturns have both been a ...
by Chiraag GJuly 8, 20114

Real Motorola DROID BIONIC Finally Stands Up

After more than half a year of waiting, we can all finally sigh with relief, “At last! There it is!” The Motorola DROID BIONIC‘s final form has finally been ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 7, 20115

9 Ways to Snag Some Free (and Cheap) Apps for your Android

Apps are what make Android great but sometimes they can get a bit expensive, especially when you’ve already spent quite a lot on your device. So what is an Android fan to do? ...
by glennJuly 7, 2011

Microsoft Profiting From Android Again: Wants $15 from Samsung Per Android Device Sold

Android is currently the most popular smartphone platform in the world, and that’s bound to create some tension amongst industry heavyweights – particularly those that ...
by Darcy LaCouveeJuly 6, 20119

FCC Reveals Samsung Galaxy S2 With Tegra 2 On Board

I read an interesting piece not too long ago on the games that carriers and manufacturers play. Essentially, it’s not a game; rather, it’s business. While some ...
by Darcy LaCouveeJuly 6, 201112

Gameloft Releases Assassins Creed Lookalike: Backstab HD [Video]

Gameloft certainly seems to be holding its own these days, and continues to release game after game of mobile goodness. While some Android users claim not be very happy with Gameloft ...
by Darcy LaCouveeJuly 6, 20115

Samsung Galaxy S II Release Date for Canada Confirmed

Earlier we reported that the Samsung Galaxy S II will be arriving in Canada some time in July. That was already juicy, eh? But, here’s more: Virgin Mobile Canada has pegged ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 6, 201111

Release Date for Motorola DROID BIONIC, DROID 3 Confirmed

For nearly seven months, we’ve waited for the coming of the Motorola DROID BIONIC. During those months, we were teased with leaked photos, rumors, and insider info that ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 5, 20114

The Best Android Apps for Travelers

Do you like to travel?  Do you enjoy foreign locales, exotic foods, and exciting adventures? Travelling used to be a real undertaking, involving planning, learning a bit of another ...
by Darcy LaCouveeJuly 5, 20114
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