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More Leaks Point to August 4 Release Date for Motorola DROID Bionic

The long wait for the Motorola DROID Bionic is almost nearing its end, as more evidence points to a release date slated for August 4. Earlier rumors pegged the release date to be ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 28, 20114

Want to Win 25K and More? Box is Hosting Biggest Ever Developer Challenge

Box is kicking off its first¬†developer challenge! They’re looking to inspire the next generation of brilliant business apps for Android, iOS, and webOS, and developers around ...
by Darcy LaCouveeJuly 26, 20118

ASUS Eee Pad Slider Nearing Release, Seen Sliding Past FCC

When we learned that the ASUS Eee Pad Slider just got its mandatory certifications from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently, we knew that its release date is just a ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 26, 20112

Android Market Now Shows App Install History Graph

Some of the new features on the Android Market arrive with loud fanfare, but others just quietly creep in. The latest new feature introduced into the Android Market belongs to the ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 26, 20112

Leaked Sprint Report Hints at More Android Devices Coming

A tipster has sent mobile tech blog BriefMobile a screen capture of a spreadsheet entitled “End User Fulfillment Device Availability Report” allegedly showing release ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 25, 20113

Sprint to Push Out Nexus S 4G Updates within Next 3 Weeks

Starting today and on to the next three weeks or so, Sprint will be pushing out to Nexus S 4G users a software update intended to improve 4G data speeds and update the network ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 25, 20111

2nd-init Ported for Motorola DROID X2, CyanogenMod7 May Follow Soon

Just last month, a software developer was able to find a way around the locked bootloader of the Motorola DROID X. The workaround involved a method called 2nd-init, which, while not ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 25, 2011

Leaked ROM Upgrades Samsung DROID Charge to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Build EP1H

The Samsung DROID Charge came out a few months ago with Android 2.2 Froyo on board. Yet, the developer community didn’t take to long to bring up the DROID Charge’s ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 24, 20111

Samsung Galaxy S II Coming to the U.S. in August

Amidst rumors that Steve Jobs’ nightmare-causing Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, may skirt the United States, Samsung announced last Wednesday that the Samsung Galaxy S ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 22, 20112

Motorola DROID Bionic Successor Already in the Works

The elusive Motorola DROID Bionic hasn’t even been released yet, and now the wind is already howling with tales of its successor, a 13-megapixel beast fed with Android 2.3.4 ...
by Elmer MontejoJuly 21, 20112
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