If there’s an app that each Android user finds useful, it would certainly be SweetHome by SweeSoft. The reason why the app is so useful is because it enables an automatic sync between the Android device onto a computer over a Wi-Fi network. If you find this really helpful, you’re…

How To Root Your HTC Incredible S

by on November 25, 2011 4:10 am

The HTC Incredible S is a beast, but it’s more like one that’s chained and caged. To really feel its power, you need to root it. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to do so. Here’s how.

First, before you can root your HTC Incredible S, you need to make your device “S-OFF” (this means SECURITY OFF). This allows you to overwrite system files, which is a requirement for rooting.


You can download ringtones for your mobile phone from many sites on the Internet, but some people want their ringtones YouTube-style or they want customized ringtones out of their favorite music videos on YouTube. But, why pay for ringtones when you can create your own for free from YouTube videos?…


Life just became more exciting when Android came around. Mobile computing became a fad. And, let’s face it–with those awesome and cool apps around, Android just rocks. These apps made people’s lives easier, more productive, and even more creative. Creative will be a word we can closely associate with a…


We live in a world of skyrocketing costs of high-speed Internet and mobile data plans that reach through the roof. Fortunately, Android has managed to get around this obstacle by offering a solution for making your life a whole lot easier–Internet connection sharing through tethering on your Honeycomb tablet. If…


It has become a tradition for Google engineers to put Easter eggs in every Android version that comes out of their kitchen, and Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is no exemption.  In the Gingerbread, Google placed a horde of zombies, while it was a buzzing bee, of course, for Honeycomb.  This…


Free VoIP calls using your Android phone can help you save money however, keep in mind that you can only call people that have the same app installed on their device. So if you are planning to call mobile phones or landline numbers, you may want to prepare cash for an expensive phone bill. But if you want to make regular calls without using minutes, check the guide below.