How to Root the Amazon Kindle Fire

by on November 30, 2011 5:14 am

Bring out a new Android device to market, and you can be sure that a method to root it will also come out very shortly after. That was what happened to the Amazon Kindle Fire. Thanks to the Android community of developers and enthusiasts, the Amazon Kindle Fire can be…


While everyone is still waiting for the latest Android OS version, the “Ice Cream Sandwich” update, some third-party developers have decided to make their own custom ROM and called it “Jellybean” – which is probably the next name for the Android OS version after ICS. So what are the features of this Jellybean?


If you’re the average smartphone user, you probably use your phone just a tad too much. Therefore, chances are, you have nicked, scratched, or even cracked your phone. In most cases, this would make you very sad (assuming that you have no insurance). And even if you do have insurance,…

My mobile phone history is varied.  I think I can list it in order: Ericsson A1018s Nokia 5146 Nokia 3210 Nokia 3310 Nokia 8310 LG U8120 and Sony Ericsson W850i (I was on two contracts at this time I believe with 3 and T-Mobile UK) Nokia N70 Nokia N95 8GB…


Tired of your dull Honeycomb homescreen with the same black and shades of dark blue? There’s nothing better than to stand out from the rest of the crowd by personalizing your own brew of styling up your Android Honeycomb tablet. Since its initial release years ago, Android has been a…