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How To

How to hide files, photos and apps on Android

by John Dye March 16, 201620 comments

How to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

by Jimmy Westenberg January 25, 201788 comments

How to change fonts on Android

by Team AA January 24, 201742 comments

How to use NFC on Android

by Edgar Cervantes January 1, 201717 comments

How to change default apps in Android

Does your smartphone keep using the wrong app to open files and execute procedures? Learn how to change your default apps in this handy beginner's guide.
by John Dye3 weeks ago12

How to get started with Samsung DeX and the Galaxy S8

The Samsung DeX Station turns your Galaxy S8 into a fully fledged Android PC, but what do you need and how do you get started? Let's find out.
by Nirave Gondhia4 weeks ago5

How to disable app notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Is your phone blowing up with notifications all the time? Samsung is allowing Galaxy S8 users to customize all notifications to their specific needs.
by Edgar Cervantes4 weeks ago3

How to set up the fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Whether you like the positioning Samsung chose for the fingerprint reader or not, it is one of those features you will be using most often. Are you looking to set it up?
by Edgar Cervantes4 weeks ago1

How to customize the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Always On Display

Want to know more about your Galaxy S8's Always On Display feature? We've got you covered!
by Jimmy Westenberg4 weeks ago13

How to quick launch the camera on the Galaxy S8

How do you quick launch your camera on the Galaxy S8? Read on as we explain and talk about why this feature is important for you!
by David ImelApril 29, 20174

How to customize your audio profile on the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 may only have one speaker, but it also has quite a few special toggles and controls that let you tweak the sound to your heart's content.
by David ImelApril 29, 20172

Galaxy S8: How does playing audio on two Bluetooth devices at once work?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 can connect to two different Bluetooth devices at once, opening up a myriad of dual streaming possibilities.
by David ImelApril 28, 201710

How to toggle icon frames on the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Samsung's Galaxy S8 has icon frames built into TouchWiz in order to create unity throughout apps. Here's how you can turn them off.
by David ImelApril 28, 20175

How to change display resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are set at a lower resolution by default, but you can easily change it. Here's how to!
by Edgar CervantesApril 26, 201710
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