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Moto Labs introduces Android based home energy use monitor

DIY Android Home Energy Monitor Moto Labs, part of cell phone manufacturer Motorola’s R&D efforts, posted late last month about an ...
by Michael OrylJune 8, 2009181

T-Mobile USA and UK releasing over the air Android 1.5 Cupcake firmware update now

Yes, the time has come, G1 owners.  Both T-Mobile USA and T-Mobile UK have started rolling out the Android 1.5 firmware update for the T-Mobile G1 smartphone.  This means that you ...
by Michael OrylApril 30, 2009140

Install HTC Magic’s “Cupcake” software to your G1 now!

Haykuro’s Blog has recently announced that they have successfully ported software from the HTC Magic/G2 to be run on the T-Mobile G1.  While the build is being reported as ...
by Nicholas AhnApril 15, 20092

Looking for a job as an Android developer? Interested in seeing Sweden?

Android job in Sweden! Time to dance! Are you an Android developer looking for your next gig?  Well, Aardvark Consulting, a company working on an ...
by Michael OrylApril 6, 2009162

Tethering your laptop with your G1 just got easier

OK, so tethering your laptop and G1 device isn’t entirely new, but in the past the processes have required root access, or have just been plain messy. However, help is at hand in the ...
by James TromansMarch 20, 2009157

New Google Image Search available on Android

Yesterday Google released an update that, although not exclusively Android related, is currently only available on Android and iPhone/iPod Touch devices. The update includes a new ...
by James TromansMarch 12, 2009140

Google Dev 1 smartphone unable to buy paid-for Android apps

Android Dev 1 smartphone It appears that anybody who has bought one of the unlocked Android Dev 1 versions of the HTC Dream is going to be in for a ...
by Michael OrylFebruary 26, 20091471

Run X Windows X11 on your Android smartphone

A developer by the name of [ghostwalker] has managed to not only get X11 running on Android, but has also assembled a how-to guide should you feel inclined to try this type of thing ...
by James TromansFebruary 23, 2009159

How to tether your G1 for use as a laptop modem – kinda

Gizmodo has just published an article that explains how to connect your G1 to a computer for data tethering.  The process requires a USB cable, the Tetherbot App,  the ...
by Nicholas AhnFebruary 14, 20091379

US/UK Android Market now offering paid apps

Well, the WSJ had suggested it was going to happen this week, and the paper was right.  A few minutes ago Google’s Eric Chu announced on the Android Developers Blog that the US ...
by Michael OrylFebruary 13, 2009152
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