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Sprint’s HTC Hero gets its own Android 2.1 OS update

HTC Hero for Sprint Sprint and HTC have released the Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero. Like the update that recently went out for the HTC DROID Eris ...
by Michael OrylMay 19, 2010

Samsung Moment finally gets its Android 2.1 update

Samsung m900 Moment for Sprint Sprint has finally released the Android 2.1 update for its Samsung Moment Android powered smartphone.  We’ve heard ...
by Michael OrylMay 14, 20101

Android 2.2 FroYo to support USB tethering and Wi-Fi sharing

Android 2.2 tethering and Wi-Fi sharing Tech Crunch has turned up some screen shots from the upcoming Android 2.2 OS (code named Froyo) that show ...
by Michael OrylMay 13, 2010

Motorola Milestone gets 2.1 update – but not over the air?

This morning AndroidPolice pointed out to us that Motorola UK has announced an Android 2.1 update for its Motorola Milestone device, the GSM/UMTS version of the DROID sold by Verizon ...
by Michael OrylMay 6, 2010

Google updates search results page for Android, iPhone

Enhanced Google Search results Today Google announced that it has updated its search results page for Android and iPhone devices.  The ...
by Michael OrylMay 5, 20101

Nice HTC DROID Incredible photos….and application issues

I shot a number of photos of the HTC DROID Incredible for the review we posted a few days back on My photos just went in yesterday, even though the review has been up ...
by Michael OrylApril 23, 201013

Update your Motorla Droid to Android 2.1

Motorola Droid The update to Android 2.1 for the Motorola Droid has arrived for a small portion of the Droid user-base. However, if you want to ...
by James TromansApril 1, 2010152

Latest Cyanogenmod hits the Motorola DROID

Weekend warriors with a Motorola DROID can point their browsers to the Cyanogenmod forums where Koush has ported the latest Cyanogenmod to the Motorola DROID. Other than having to ...
by Kelly HodgkinsMarch 14, 2010173

Verizon offering discount on DROID accessories with phone purchase

DROID accessory sale This isn’t exactly hard hitting news, but it seems that Verizon is trying to temp people into buying a Motorola DROID by ...
by Michael OrylFebruary 23, 2010162

Google speaks of future voice to voice translation, but is it available now?

There have been a few articles circulating the web on what Franz Och, Director of Google’s translation services, has said about Google’s future of voice to voice ...
by Chuck ZichFebruary 10, 2010299
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