Some things to keep in mind

Google has made some significant changes to Android, pushing some Tasker features out the door. These are not very common tasks and actions, though. I have been using the same Tasker projects for years and none have failed me yet. Have any of yours let you down?

Some awesome Tasker projects to try out



Tasker is a powerful, complex, and flexible automation and programming app, but it can be intimidating to some and may not be for the faint of heart. It also has a steep learning curve — I myself can attest to it — but it’s worth the trouble. It does take some time to become familiar with, much more to be proficient with, but the time will definitely be worth it. It’s a small price to pay for the power, flexibility, and control that Tasker allows you to wield over your Android device.

Do you use Tasker? What do you use it for? Or, are you new to Tasker? How’s your experience with it so far? Share your Tasker experiences with us. Sound off in the comments.

Edgar Cervantes
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