How to use Flash on Android, are extended batteries reliable, task management, and more – Android Q&A

by: Ankit BanerjeeFebruary 6, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Android Q&A! As always, we try to answer as many of your great questions as possible. In today’s show, we talk about how to use Flash on Android, whether extended batteries really work, and a lot more. Let’s get started!

Question 1

What is the best app to watch flash content? – Big Shot Rob


You can download the FlashFox app from the Google Play Store here.

Question 2

I was wondering if unofficial extended batteries are trustworthy and reliable for my S4. – Iziris


Extended batteries are usually trustworthy, as long as you stick with popular brands that are known for their extended batteries or battery cases, such as Zerolemon, Hyperion, and Anker. According to some comments, users have been able to extend their battery life by more than a day.

Question 3

Why is the RAM on Android always near full? Do I have to kill all the apps from the task manager? – Faisal Nimri


Android is a multitasking Operating System, which means that apps usually keep running in the background, until you turn them off. So, the RAM being used is for the OS, background processes, and applications that you’ve opened. On some phones, this can take a lot of space, for example, Samsung devices running Touchwiz, because of a lot of extra processes and apps running in the OS.

If you need to manage your RAM better, it’s really easy. All you need to do is open the native task killer, also known as Recent Apps, and you can kill apps by swiping away what you don’t need. Processes may still be running, but the system itself will close them eventually. There different ways to open Recent Apps, depending on the manufacturer of your device. For example, Nexus devices have a dedicated software key, old HTC devices have a dedicated capacitive hardware button, while on new HTC devices you can set it to either a long press of the home button or back button, and on Samsung devices, a long press of the Home button should do the trick.

Task Managers are actually a bad idea, as some of them may kill apps in a way that cause the app to malfunction. It’s been said that app developers won’t take, or pay attention to, bug reports from people who use task managers, because of the unnatural way in which the apps are killed. The best practice is to use Recent App to end tasks, and then let the system handle the RAM.

As always, keep sending us your questions in the comments section below, in the comments section of the Youtube video, or on Google+, and we’ll try our best to get you the answers you need. See you next week!

  • Jayfeather787

    Thanks AA for this awesome Q and A. Also for number 3, you can go into settings, click apps, click running, and then click stop process. Yeah it’s a run on sentence I know.

  • Roseman Eisen

    About the battery I have a zero lemon battery for my s3 I’ve gone from about 6-12 hours on the stock battery to 18-50 hours. The 18 hours was extremely heavy usage. Do take into account the stock battery was a year plus old and charged constantly. The downside is the size…. kind of. Although I love the heavy bulky phone as I can feel it. So if you want more power get a battery if anything it’s a back up when the stock one gets worn out. As a side note I’ve noticed this battery doesn’t get as a hot as easily even though it’s bigger.

  • najiy91

    Ankit Banerjee .. please try FoRceStopchain on Play Store.(‘~’)

  • sharon

    Flashfox does not work on my Asus Memo Fhd, any more suggestions?

  • Balraj

    What’s your take on Samsung launching multiple s5 across the globe? What if Samsung release multiple variants like one with 1080p then another with plastic then other with metal? Will you pay extra just for metal?
    I strongly think Samsung is taking ppl for granted in case they release multiple variants like this…
    What’s your thought? Is it wrong or right on they part? I don’t consider it as choices

  • Android Developer

    About the RAM question, the answer should be that he shouldn’t be worried about it. Android is based on Linux, and as such it has the same moto of “unused RAM is a wasted RAM” – why would you have so much memory and use so little of it? the more the OS uses for its apps, the more fluid it becomes while switching between them (since it doesn’t need to re-allocate memory for them). When an android app is opened, and it wasn’t opened recently, the OS will provide it memory as needed, killing oldest running processes to give it what it needs.

    you can search on google “android myth of task manager” and you will get a lot of results.

    In fact, the way task killers and memory optimizers work these days isn’t always about real killing of apps . some of them just abuse the way the OS works by taking (for a short while) as much memory as possible, forcing the OS to kill other apps…

    Nevertheless, if you think an app still uses a lot of CPU for no reason and wastes your battery, or if the app can’t start for some reason, you could close it by either removing it from the tasks list, or going to the manage-app and choose “force stop”.

  • Winston Purnomo

    I’m planning on purchasing a midsize or small tablet, should I wait for the Nexus 8?

  • Jake Santos

    Hi Guys, I’m concerned about the battery longevity of my LG G2. I’ve seen a lot of reviews taking about how impressive the battery stamina is on the G2 given that it’s powered by 3000mah. But in my case, it only last about 6 hours when connected to LTE, where I just surf the net (YouTube most of the time), and play games (usually it’s just Clash of Clans and Ragnarok Valkyrie).

    I know that these tasks would really have an impact on the battery level, however, I’m seeing reviews populated in YouTube talking about how the phone can lasts up to 12 hours (more or less) doing the same tasks above. Is this true in your opinion?

    I’m really wondering why my G2 doesn’t last that much when compared to the experience of other consumers. Battery saving mode in my phone is turned on at 30% battery power left. I even utilize the native task manager as I get paranoid on the tasks unused left running.

    Is this something normal given my usage? Do you recommend installing battery saving apps? If yes, what app in particular?