For LG Optimus 3D P920 users who want Ice Cream Sandwich on their phone, you’re going to have to wait a few more months for the official firmware from LG. Unfortunately, LG has yet to release a timeframe for the official release. However, through enthusiasts, it’s now possible to easily make your LG Optimus 3D look like it has Ice Cream Sandwich.

Through the King 3D ROM, your LG Optimus 3D can enjoy the look and feel of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.  The custom ROM includes the following functions, capabilities, and enhancements:

  • New framework
  • Optimized ram
  • Increased speed of microSD
  • Increased speed of system
  • Added ringtones ICS
  • Added bootanimation ICS
  • Added Roboto ICS font
  • Added live wallaper
  • Added 2D-3D Converter
  • Added KING-manager
  • Removed LG Apps
  • ICS keyboar
  • Android Market 3.3.12
  • GoLauncher 2.66
  • KING-manager

Because this firmware is still in the beta phase, you may experience some issues with applications, such as Face Unlock and NFC functionality.

This firmware is not related to the official firmware released by LG Electronics. By installing the firmware, it will also be necessary to root your LG Optimus 3D P920, which will void the phone’s warranty.

Pre-Upgrade Instructions

Before we proceed to applying this update, it’s a must for us to go through the pre-upgrade instructions to facilitate smoother firmware update:

  • It is important to enable USB debugging on your device. It can be enabled through the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging”.
  • Close all antivirus, firewall, and phone manager suites on your computer before proceeding or else these may interrupt the firmware update process.
  • Ensure that you have backed up all your data so that it can be restored safely after the update:
    • Text Messages – Use the SMS Backup and Restore app
    • Phone Contacts – Sync with Gmail application
    • Call Log – Use the Call Logs Backup and Restore app
    • Pictures, music, videos, files, etc. – Copy to the internal/external SD card
    • Internet & MMS Settings – Backup all the settings from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”
  • It is also necessary for your to root your phone so you can accommodate this beta firmware. You can do so by following the instructions in “How to Root the LG Optimus 3D P920.”
  • Disable any lag fixes which you may have installed on your device. If your device has been loaded with Voodoo tools, you must disable them or else they will disrupt the firmware update process.
  • Last but not the least, the phone needs to have a charge of at least 70% to ensure that the phone will not shut down while the firmware update is in progress.

Step-by-step Guide for Upgrading

With all of that done, we may now proceed to updating your LG Optimus 3D P920 with the Ice Cream Sandwich firmware:

  1. Download to your computer.  Get it here (, about 335.4 MB).  Do not extract the contents of the ZIP file.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB Cable.
  3. Copy the ZIP file to your phone without renaming or modifying the file. The ideal place to copy this into is the root of your phone’s SD card.
  4. Download the ROM Manager application into your phone. It can be installed from the Android Market.
  5. Once the ROM Manager application has been installed, open it and select the “Flash Clock Work Mod Recovery” option.
  6. Once you are done with that, create a backup of your current ROM by selecting “Backup Current ROM” in the ROM Manager app. This gives you the option to revert to the original stock version in the event that you face issues with the leaked beta version of Ice Cream Sandwich.
  7. Select the option “Install ROM from SD Card”.
  8. Choose the zip file “”. The firmware update should start.
  9. The update will finish in 5-8 minutes and the device should restart on its own.
  10. If your phone doesn’t reboot automatically, select “++++Go Back++++” to return to the main menu and select “Reboot System Now” to restart the phone.
  11. In the event you are facing issues such as Force Close errors, then you must select the options “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, “Wipe Cache Partition” and then choose “Reboot System Now” to restart the phone and to enjoy your new firmware.

Congratulations!  Your LG Optimus 3D now runs the King 3D ROM using an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich theme.

Carl Parker
We're all multi-talented and multi-faceted here, but, perhaps, Carl is the most multi-faceted in the bunch. Among Carl's many interests, Android holds a special place. He's particularly fond of reviewing Android apps and writing step-by-step guides for fellow Android fans.
  • Theodon1

    This looks great on my phone, but the only issue is that with the new OS, by phone no longer can act as a cell phone. The network is “unavailable,” and even a search for it will not yield results. Any thoughts?

    • Nthornbury162

      Hi mate, i have the same prob can u help

      • None

        have you tried manually to choose a network provider? I have to do this on other roms. not tried on this one tho.

        • Jad43

          the network does not show any signal otherwise the rom is quite cool any idea how the signal will work???

          • PowerAndroid

            I am having exactly the same issue. Anyone has a solution? I am in US with AT&T

          • Adan Delapena

            flash 21A kdz file first.
            this will delete your root and cwm so root and flash cwm again then flash the kings 3d ROM.

          • Adan Delapena

            oh btw, your phone might boot in a random lenguage for the first time. just change the lenguage in the settings its no big deal

  • Biglad43

    Ive downloaded this file a few times, but cant get it to open. Any ideas????

  • Theodon1

    Just to respond to others, it is impossible to get the King Rom to work properly on some devices in regards to the phone——manually selecting a carrier does not work because the base-band software is buggy. (The radio is essentially not recognized). Other reviewers on the forums had the same trouble and blamed the base program (out of Spain?) to be less than optimal. Instead I formatted and installed a Gingerbread port, which works perfectly. (Power Froyo). I will look forward to seeing a reliable ICS come out at some point. Obviously waiting for LG to do it will be a fairly useless endeavor, so my thanks to the pioneers of Android programming!

  • Robson Mega2010

    nao funciona o sinal nao pega chip

  • Scarecrow234

    I have a slight problem…. I did everything in the instructions but when the device boots after the install the whole thing freezes uP and I fear my phone may be “bricked” HEL

  • Msingh Bs

    No network Carrier.. buggy release

  • Adan Delapena

    all peop[le having no network carrier problem. flash 21a kdz file first then reroot your phone and install cwm .
    then flash king3d again and it shall work

    • Dashdeep13

      Hi Adan can you please tell what is cwm as mentioned in your comment

  • Nik_farhan1101

    the link is broken dude.u should make another link to the rom!!

  • Johnodonnell49

    coudnt get a signal after update new at this did it this way because it looked easy how do you backup all your server settings didnt know how could be the prob

  • tyler wewsecv

    i put it on my phone and it has random flashing boxes how do you fix that plz email me

  • Unlock LG Optimus

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  • Ajmd97

    Muy bueno, muchas gracias

  • Bara 93

    my network signal is very low after updating ( sim card is not working ) !!!!!
    Help :(

  • Vortecduramax

    i did everything in the description and its constantly booting? help any ideas?

  • Jordane quissanga

    I did all steps mencioned here, step by step, or from begin to the end. The diference that I saw is all pictures posted on this website is very very diferent from the phone, I do not why.

    I agree with Vortecduramax, Bara 93, tyler wewsecv, almost said the same thing, I just don’t know what is wrong with KING 3D ROM, even I cannot find out its official website. Now, my phone is broken ’cause of it. It does not power on anymore.

    I’ll send it to Lisbon, Portugal, to be repaired for free without any fee/charge/fare.

    I just wish much luck for who has it on phone and it runs normally, my best.

    • Luis Paulino

      Hi Friend, iam in angola, if you wants to fix your network problem, ill do it for free, i have fixed mine and iam really really sad with that rom, call me if you want help. 923432734

      • Bijesh Nakarmi

        Hi i am from Nepal.i did cyanagen Mod7,now my mob network is lost n along with IMEI num

      • jad43

        please let us know how you fixed it

  • Bings C

    OMG i just put it on my phone, n now it has random flashing boxes and i can’t click on anything, someone please help me, i really need help from you guys thanks

  • Jun Cheng

    nectwork empty! HELP!

  • Gramaraju1984


    iam install

    But my mobile network signal is lost

    please rectify

  • Gramaraju1984


    iam install

    But my mobile network signal is lost

    please rectify

  • adlardb

    This process has left my phone starting up and then just sitting on the LG Logo, what rubbish code is this thanks a lot!!!! WTF!!!!!

  • Amr

    i follow the steps i have lost my mobile network THERE IS NO SIGNAL ! plz help !