How manyof you use your Android device for work, business, or to stay connected while on the move? If you’re anything like me, you are always adding a signature with your name, title, and place of work to the bottom of your emails. If you”re looking for a quick time saver, then add a signature.

Sure, some of us just want to show off that we are emailing you from our awesome Android phones, but there’s obvious time saving benefits to this too, and it’s pretty simple and easy to do and to change, if you wish.


Gmail App:

  • Open your Gmail App
  • Click Menu
  • Tap More
  • Tap Settings
  • Click on your email address listed in the settings
  • Click Signature
  • Enter your signature and click OK.
  • You have just set your signature for that particular email account in Gmail.
Stock Email App:
  • Open your Email App
  • Click Menu
  • Click More
  • Tap Settings
  • Choose “General Settings”
  • Check “Use Signature” to On.
  • Tap Signature and enter the signature you desire for that particular account.
Now wasn’t that easy? Yes it takes some time if you have many email accounts on your phone, but how much easier can it get? Remember these signatures will be on every outgoing email message you send, including messages to your boss, girlfriend, father, uncle, ex-wife, etc.
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  • Tamsin


    This was really helpful but is there any way that you can add a logo to the end of your emails on an android device? Have been searching the net but haven’t come across anything other than changing the words in your signature.

    Would greatly appreciate if you could help as it’s for business and we like to check every box if possible.

    Thanks in advance!

    • EllenF

      On my “stock email app”, I don’t have More, Settings, or General Settings or anything related to signature. In the app, when I press the menu button, I can choose Email Settings, and I get a whole list, but nothing is related to signature.
      I’m using Android 2.3.6 on a Droide 4.

      • Michael Q

        On my phone I was looking in vain for the signature setting under Email General Settings. Turns out it was in the Settings for the particular email account, which I didn’t even realize was selectable. Easy change once I found it. (Galaxy Note 2, jelly bean, Outlook/Exchange)

        • Ellen Finkelstein

          Good thought, but I don’t have any settings in my email account either that are related to the signature. But I just looked again and found it! After opening my email, I click the Menu button, then Email Settings and it’s under Compose Options.

      • Larry Glickman

        Same problem solution is Account Settings, You will see you email address with a check mark, Tap it with your finger that will bring up Signature second from top it will have on or off box if on it will attach to al outgoing emails next tap signature and your Signature/Business card will show up with a live cursor blinking for you to edit it. When finished tap “done” top right corner and you are finished.

    • jake busey

      did you ever find the answer to this?

    • jake busey

      did you ever find the answer to this?

  • Erik Hagen

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 4.2.2 Jellybean) and I have the same issue as Ellen F below. Michael Q’s response gave me an idea which solved things:

    – Open email app
    – Click menu & select Settings
    – Don’t go to General Settings. Instead, select the email account you want to change the signature for (you will have to do this for each email account).
    – Now you will find the Signature line to edit as usual.

  • papa

    and if one doesn’t use gmail

  • Chris Andrews

    I have changed my signature but it does not save it and reverts back to the original factory setting. What have I done wrong?

  • kmsmith

    It keeps saying my works signature block exceeds the limit. What is the limit?

  • Honey St Dennis

    I need rich text for my signature, it has a bunch of links in it. It keeps scrubbing the links. How do I set it to do rich text? My signature is fine on my desktop.

    • citylady52

      Has anyone come up with a fix for Galaxy S5 – really sucks – will never buy another Galaxy as it does not permit hyperlinks or rich text or whatever you call it in the signature area for GMAIL…. THe only – but really lame – workaround I have come up with is to create a whoe bunch of draft emails from my laptop computer… and then, when I want to send an email to a client from my galaxy – i will open one of those drafts on the phone and compose the message and send – the links work that way of course – but really cumbersome.

  • DekPung Segara

    Is this room (page) still active,….seemed like abandoned,…………:(

  • DekPung Segara

    I’m trying to make my own signature,..but seems like only letters can do,……..
    Is it possible to add image on it ?
    And is there any various font ?,……..because I’m trying to connect my own email which is so much different then the appearance on the PC nor laptop

  • jake3_14

    The instructions for the stock app. don’t work with Marshmallow and later. Still searching.