The HTC Incredible S is a beast, but it’s more like one that’s chained and caged. To really feel its power, you need to root it. Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to do so. Here’s how.

First, before you can root your HTC Incredible S, you need to make your device “S-OFF” (this means SECURITY OFF). This allows you to overwrite system files, which is a requirement for rooting.


  • HTC Incredible S
  • Computer (Your OS must be Linux or Windows)
  • USB data cable

To check if your device is S-OFF or S-ON, follow these steps:

    1. First, click on Menu. Then tap on Settings > Applications > Turn off Fast Boot.
    2. Then, turn off the phone.
    3. Hold Volume Down key and Power button simultaneously for a few seconds.
    4. This will reboot the phone and show you a white screen with some text. Check the first line to see if the phone is S-OFF or S-ON.
    5. Also take note of the number next to HBoot on screen. You will need that information later


Now, let’s move on to rooting and turning your phone to S-OFF.

  1. Using, your computer, download the Windows version of Revolutionary tool from this website: (scroll down a bit until you see it). Remember to keep your browser windows open; you’ll need them later.
  2. Extract the zip file to a new folder using Winzip/Winrar.
  3. Connect your HTC Incredible S to your computer using its USB data cable, making sure USB Debugging is enabled on the phone. If that isn’t enabled yet, click Menu then tap on Settings > Applications> Development. Then make sure USB debugging is checked
  4. Open the extracted Revolutionary folder, then right-click on the file ‘revolutionary.exe’ inside (see above).
  5. Select ‘Run as Administrator’.
  6. Take note of the provided key you see when running the program.
  7. Go back to the original Revolutionary browser window, and fill in the information needed so you can get a second key. Use the HBoot number you got earlier here.
  8. Type the second key into the text box labeled “Serial number”.
  9. Once it says everything was successful, it will then ask if you want to flash Clockwork. Type in ‘Y’ to confirm.
  10. Once completed, reboot your HTC Incredible S.
  11. Check your phone once more using the procedure above to see if it’s already S-OFF. It should look like the image you see below.
  12. Next, download this file.
  13. Copy the downloaded file to the root of your SD card. Remember, don’t place it inside any folder since it needs to be located in the root to work.
  14. Unplug the USB cable of your phone.
  15. Turn it off.
  16. Hold the Volume Down button and press the Power button. Hboot will start.
  17. Using the Volume Down button, scroll down the choices until you highlight “RECOVERY”.
  18. Press the Power button to select that option and enter ClockworkMod recovery mode.
  19. Then, select “Install zip from sd card” from the options on screen.
  20. Select “Choose zip from sd card” then select “”
  21. Afterwards, select “Yes – install” to confirm
  22. When finished installing go back to the main menu and click reboot
  23. Pat yourself on the back (if you can reach it), you’ve finally rooted your HTC Incredible S!

One friendly note: follow all the steps in turn to ensure that you do a successful root. If you follow everything correctly, I’m sure you will be rooted in no time.

Also, remember to be careful when entering the serial numbers. They might have uppercase and lowercase letters, so make sure you get it right.

Sources: XDA Developers

  • Mohd Ali

    Thank you, it is work fine.

  • Richard Dannie

    when i press recovery gives me the white htc screen then the triangle exclamation mark screen. can’t do anything except pull the battery….please help!!!! ive been looking in the deepest parts of android forums forever to root my phone…..i would greatly appreciate if anyone could help…….thanks

    • Jonna

      I got the same message and after I pressed the power button plus the +vol give me the black screen with the options.. reboot system now,…apply , wipe data/factory reset… wipe cache partition… i tried the second one but got the message E;can’t find such file.. signature failed to verify… stuck in this part..

      • Adam

        seriously i got the same shit. this description is really bad tbh.

  • Yukiteru Amano

    hello, i’m using HTC Incredible S, my HBOOT number is 1.16.0000 that is not on the beta key option (only 1.09.0000 and 1.13.0000 only) .. what does it means?

    • Frank_maneesh

      Same problem here..

    • Mano222

      mine is 2.00.0000

  • Youngy

    This is a nice and simple step by step, and much appreciated. HOWEVER, nobody seems to want to give instructions on how to install the USB drivers for the phone! I’m just trawling through the web myself, just using trial and error, so I can’t help anyone yet. But when I figure it out, I will post the method I used here.

    Anyone else having trouble getting unrevoked to see the device? Just sitting there saying “Waiting For device…”. Well that’s what happens to me. I’m assuming it’s drivers, so I’m trying to sort it out.

    • Dakshet


      I had the same problem…

      When It says Waiting for device and don’t get device, just unplug ur device and and connect it again… this worked for me, hope it works for you also..

    • Guest1

      dam i did that too, and something of the 20 things i downloaded worked, wish i knew what one so i could uploaed it because i had stuck on those errors for days.

  • Trycks

    youngy try installing this htc driver

  • Trycks

    @yakiteru – if your hboot version is not in the option you can’t use this

    • Guest

      Hey, before when my hboot was 2.0000000000000000 or near thaat i just went to htcdev site and used the bootloader unlock and installed superuser from the android market and rom manager for cwm, but i didnt backup the stock rom and after weeks of messing around with my phone it turned into a brick so i restored from a ruu and back to 1.13 hboot sooo… i guesss 2.00000000 hboot and others can be rooted?

  • I C -jazz

    Thank you! Works fine. :)

  • Ronnie Utter

    thanks. its works
    any tips where to get nice rooms ?
    The zip file wich are installed is another room also right ?

    • Dakshet

      Try MIUI Rom, its good and fast…

  • Ronnie Utter

    for you that get stuck on “Searching for device” when trying to S-off. Download htc sync first because it also download and install drivers for your phone. That helped me…

  • Akamad

    If you find that your phone is already s-off after step 4, does that mean you can skip to 12?

    Also, the fast-boot setting appears different in some phones. Mine is at Settings–>Power.


  • Rhofa

    Please help me. I am trying to do it. But when I press the volume down key and the power button, nothing happens. I kept it pressed for a minute but nothing is happening. Once I release the buttons it is switched on. If any expert is reading it now, please reply me.

    • Adam Hawkins7

      Make sure u go into menu > settings > power and turn fast boot off

  • Terzi1312

    How such a situation can be fixed? When i run recovery, after a second i get the red trangle with an exclamation mark inside. Nothing else happens. I use restart to get back to live. Any suggestions?

  • hi sorry im new to this rooting thingy… just a question, after i root my incredible s via this method… can i unroot it and put it back to s-on? if so, please tell me how i can do it as i might want to send it for repairs. thnks

    • Pryorshayes

      I would also need to know this

  • Arvind

    awesome dude u rock m/ successfully rooted my phone :D

  • lados

    mine HBOOT 2.00.0000 not supported…so what should i do?any option?help me pls…

  • Anonymous

    Try to S-OFF my incredible s…it prompt me device not support this time…what it mean?what should i do?any option…Help me pls

  • Madara Dude

    it’s not working !

    any of the serial code are working !

  • Jomartin

    Does anyone know when and if there’s a way to root Hboot 20.000.0000?

  • Muhamad Fikri86

    i don’t know how to do s-off…i already follow the instructions but failed..need help…hohohoh

  • Hi itried to s-off my htc incredible s and it does not, i turned off the fast boot, turned off the phone held down the volume and power and the phone will not enter the white screen. If you leave the fast boot on it allows you to enter the white screen

  • Raiam94

    when i press run as adminster its disappear quickly …. what should i do ?? :(

    • Jleyden

      If that’s happening uninstall HTC Sync and it should work correctly.

      This same thing happened to me, so I opened the program in the CMD shell and that’s what it told me to do.

  • A_parekh84

    my beta key wont work!

  • kevin

    I press menu > setting > application… then I cant find Turn off Fast Boot inside my application???
    why there no turn off fast boot inside my HTC Incredible S phone??

    • Lachlan Spencer

      It’s in battery… so basically menu>setting>battery scroll to bottom and there is your fast boot

  • hi my boot version is 2.02.0002

    this doesn’t seems to be supported on revolutionary

    can you please suggest me for what is to be done now?

  • Will doing this wipe my phone? Or will all my apps and informations like contacts and notes, etc still be there afterwards?

  • sherif

    the file to be downloaded in step 12 is not available, plz help,…… mail is