Would you like to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 I727R LTE?

Here are the easy steps to do so. With these, you can start installing the custom ROMs and a whole lot of other applications.
Everything will be done with a touch of your finger tips at the convenience of any place you like.
Be the king of your own world and be ready to experience the Samsung Galaxy S2 at its best!

Dig in!


  • Samsung Galaxy S2 I727R LTE
  • Computer
  • USB Data Cable
  1. First download this Rooting PACKAGE for S2 LTE I727R
  2. Then, extract it to a new folder via Winzip/Winrar.
  3. Enable USB Debugging on your phone. On your homescreen, tap Menu > Setting > Application > Development then click on USB Debugging.
  4. Next, connect your phone to your computer via its USB Data Cable.
  5. Then open the new folder with the extracted files on your computer, then find and double- click on SUPER ONE CLICK to run the program.
  6. In the Super one click program click the root tab to start rooting your device.
  7. After rooting your device will reboot automatically.
  8. Finally your phone is rooted.
To check if your phone is finally rooted you should see two new apps, the CWM and the Super User.



XDA Developers Forum

  • Me

    Awesome! Thanks for the clear directions, no problems at all and rooted my Sprint Galaxy S2!!

  • Bepresentinthemoment

    will this work for skyrocket

  • Sdflkj

    it worked for Galay S2 LTE

  • Ts2toronto

    What carrier are you with?

  • rookie

    will this work with rogers carrier in canada?

  • Somitom

    its say (Not Responding)

  • deeee

    Not working ..

  • Mike

    Did not work on Rogers SGS2 LTE, stops at step #7

  • Ryansbigshot

    Will this work on mac?

    • Hurlcee

      are you able to find your answer on how to root your phone using mac. if so can you please share with me as i have the same situation as you

      • Simon Netz

        Since the program used to root ur phone is for Windows I don’t think u can run it on ur mac. However you can run windows on your mac at the same time as you run Mac OS and from there you can use this program to root it on a mac.

        Here is the program you use to run windows on mac http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6675092/Parallels.Desktop.v7.0.14920.build.689535.inc.serial-ADDiCT

        Then you will also need a copy of windows. You can either use a DVD or download a copy from piratebay

  • Kennyd30

    Thank for that i have a SGS from rogers i will try you rooting method.

  • Kennyd30

    do i need to put my phone in download mode

  • Hurlcee

    i have mac. how do i extract the dowloaded item?

    • Polsky21

      if u have mac get an iphone!

  • Kennyd30

    Thank you so much, i used you method to root my rogers SGS2 LTE and it work perfect but i would like to know if i should want to unroot what would be the method.
    Thank for your help.

  • Archymw

    it crash on step 7 it stop responding any ideas

  • Mitsu

    It didn’t reboot itself when finished, and I only got Super User but no CWM, is my phone rooted?

    Rogers Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE

    • ShooterDuke

      Same thing happend here…did you try to re root it? ot was it already done?

  • Héctor Manuel

    Done! my phone is rooted… Long wait on step #5 but I just wait and I now Have Superuser permisssions. GREAT WORK

  • Hectormbr

    Done! my phone is rooted… Long wait on step #5 but I just wait and I now Have Superuser permisssions. GREAT WORK

  • Jack

    click root and it stop responding..

  • Andrew4011

    il y a quelqu’un qui a essayé avec un Galaxy s2 LTE de chez Rogers Canada(Gingerbread .Ruxkj7) …doit-on enlever la carte sim avant d’exécuter???

    there is someone who has tried it with a Galaxy s2 LTE Rogers Canada (Gingerbread. Ruxkj7) … should I remove the sim card before running??

  • Andrew4011

    Es-ce que ca fonctionne avec samsung G2 LTE rogers canada (gingerbread 2.3.5 J7)

  • Drew

    it works with kernel ???

  • Andrew4011

    It works with kernel ???

    • Andrew4011

      It’s not safe???

  • Gigi

    im horny

  • O0mg

    link is dead

  • Eduard Lucena

    re-load file please!!!

  • Raven

    Is there anyone that has the root package they can upload to drobox or something …can not find this file anywhere. thanks

  • daveyroot

    Anyone know a method of rooting the sgs2 lte i727r rogers 2.3.5 from the device? I don’t have access to a computer