How to Root Your HTC EVO 4G (with OTA Gingerbread Update)

by: Vinny MarinoAugust 18, 2011

With the current flood of new and more powerful Android smartphones, the HTC EVO 4G may look like it’s an already old phone. Yet, although the HTC EVO 4G was released last year and was an instant hit, a lot of people today still have this Android smartphone as their primary device. Won’t it be great if users of the HTC EVO 4G could also enjoy the wonders of a rooted device?

This guide is exactly the perfect one for that. This guide walks you through the steps for rooting the HTC EVO with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread over-the-air (OTA) update. If you run into issues while following the steps, check the FAQ section at the end.


  • HTC EVO 4G with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread over-the-air (OTA) update
  • Windows machine with Internet connection
  • HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread rooting files — This is a ZIP file containing all drivers, image files, and other files needed for rooting your HTC EVO 4G as described in this guide. Get the file here. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into a folder on your Desktop. In this guide, we use a folder named “rootevo4ggingerbread” and we suggest that you use the same folder name to avoid confusion.
  • Uninstalling HTC Sync. The stock HTC Sync software provides handset drivers that won’t work with the rooting method used in this guide. Remove HTC Sync. Install the drivers from HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe, which is included in the HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread ZIP file mentioned above.
  • Ra Recovery image — The image file is contained in, which you can download from here. Do not extract or unzip the compressed file.

Standard Disclaimers and Warnings

  • Back up your data. The rooting procedure may completely wipe off everything on your phone. It is a good idea to back up your data–both those on the phone itself and on the SD card.
  • Voiding your warranty. Tinkering with your HTC EVO 4G in the manner described here may void all or parts of your phone’s warranty.
  • Uninterrupted power. To ensure that the process completes uninterruptedly, make sure your device has at least 50% battery power. A better suggestion is to root your device on full power.
  • No guarantees. The author or publisher of this guide does not guarantee that the steps in this guide will produce the intended results. Nor will either author or publisher assume any responsibility for malfunctions to your handset if you follow this guide. Although the author and publisher have exerted effort to provide accurate information, you will proceed with rooting your phone at your own risk.

Step-by-step Procedure

The 15-minute video below explains the whole process in detail. You can also follow the steps outlined after the video. Make sure that you comply with the required preparations first before going through the steps.

  1. Make sure you have extracted the HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread rooting files as described in the Requirements section.
  2. Uninstall HTC Sync from your computer first before proceeding. Install the drivers provided by HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe (included in the HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread rooting files that you downloaded). The method in this guide will only work with those drivers. You can reinstall HTC Sync after you finish rooting your handset.
  3. Connect your HTC EVO 4G and your Windows computer using a USB cable. Set the connection type as “Charge only.”
  4. Enable USB Debugging mode on your handset. You can do that by going to the Settings>Applications>Development screen and checking “USB Debugging.”
  5. Open a command prompt or terminal on your computer and go to the directory where you extracted the rooting files by using the command cd Desktop\rootevo4ggingerbread and pressing the Enter key.
  6. Invoke ADB to list your device’s serial number. Type adb devices on the command prompt and press Enter. You will see a list of attached devices. Take note of the serial number for your handset. (Another way to find out your handset’s serial number is to pull out the phone’s battery and take a look in the battery compartment. The serial number is printed there and usually starts with the letter “H”.)
  7. Generate a Beta key for Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool 0.4pre4. The executable binary file for the tool is already included in, but you need a beta key to be able to use the tool. Generate a beta key for your HTC EVO 4G handset by going to Fill in the form with the following information:

    Your operating system: Windows
    Your device: HTC EVO 4G
    HBOOT version: 2.16.0001
    Serial number: type here the serial number provided by ADB in the previous step

  8. Take note of the beta key generated by the site.
  9. From the command prompt on the computer, run revolutionary.exe (type the command and press Enter). Or, an easier way to launch the program would be to double-click the executable file from within Windows Explorer. The program will ask you for the beta key. Copy and paste the beta key and then press Enter to start the rooting process. It usually takes some time, so be patient.
  10. When the program completes, it will ask you whether you want to download ClockworkMod Recovery and flash it onto the handset. Say no by typing “N” and pressing Enter at the command prompt.
  11. Change the USB connection type on your handset to “Disk drive.” Your computer will detect the SD card on your handset. Using Windows Explorer, open your handset’s SD card folder. Copy to the root folder (not a subfolder) on your handset’s SD card.
  12. Unplug your phone and turn it off.
  13. Boot the HTC EVO 4G into Hboot. To do that, press the handset’s Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously for a few seconds. The device will go into Hboot. You will see a prompt asking whether you want to start update. Press the Volume Up button to select “Yes.” Wait for the update to finish. Once it does, you will be asked to reboot the handset. Select “No.”
  14. Go into recovery mode. On the handset, scroll down to “Recovery” (use the Volume buttons to scroll) and press the Power button to select it.
  15. Once the device is in recovery mode, highlight “USB-MS toggle” from the menu and press the Power button to select it. Plug your phone back into your computer.
  16. Using Windows Explorer on your computer, copy from the “rootevo4ggingerbread” folder to the root folder on your handset’s SD card.
  17. Press the Power button on your handset to disable the USB-MS toggle and go back to the recovery mode menu.
  18. Select “Flash ZIP from SD card” on the main menu. In the next menu, select “Choose ZIP from SD card.” You will see a list of the files on your SD card. Use the Volume buttons to scroll through the list. Highlight and press the Power button to select it.
  19. After the handset finishes flashing the file, select “Return” to go back to the previous menu. Select “Reboot system now” to restart your handset.
  20. Your HTC EVO 4G will reboot. To confirm that you have successfully rooted your handset, check for an app icon named Superuser on the device. If it’s there, congratulations! You’ve just rooted your HTC EVO 4G and you can now enjoy the advantages of using a rooted device.

Frequently Answered Questions

When I run the Revolutionary tool, it just sits at “waiting for device.”
The likely culprit is HTC Sync. Make sure it is not running. Better yet, uninstall HTC Sync temporarily. You can reinstall it after you complete the rooting procedure.

I’m stuck at “zerging root” nothing seems to work.
Again make sure you un-install HTC Sync and turn off your antivirus and/or firewall.

I keep getting an invalid key. What am I doing wrong?
The beta key for the Revolutionary tool is case-sensitive, so make sure you get it right. Try to copy the key into a text editor (e.g., Notepad) to verify the characters. The Revolutionary tool will give you your device’s serial number. Verify that you entered the correct serial number into the beta key generator. If you are still having issues, try regenerating the beta key.

Will the procedure in this guide wipe my device?
No. If you follow the steps in this guide accurately, you will get S-OFF, custom recovery, and root access on your handset. Your data should be safe–unless you did something that erased all your data.

Will this work on the Japanese variant of the HTC EVO with HBoot version 2.15.001?
It might, but not confirmed yet. Feel free to try and let us know if it worked for you.

Is it possible to get root from a Mac?
Yes, via Linux VM.

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    • Vinnymarino702

      Make sure you aren’t confusing your serial with your beta key. They are two different numbers.

    • C1herenow


    • C1herenow

      Same thing happened to me. I had to run revolution by double clicking it in the root4ggingerbread folder to make it work.

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    Revolutionary is say invalid key?

  • J83moreno

    Revolutionary is say invalid key?

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      Yes, just like it says in the title (How to Root Your HTC EVO 4G with OTA Gingerbread Update)

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  • Harwoch

    I’m getting the invalid key error. Stuck. And yes I know the difference between my serial number and the beta key…

    • You might have miss-typed your serial into the beta key form, try doing the form again.

      • Harwoch

        I’ve tried it about 5 times and I get the same beta key every time so I don’t think I’m mistyping anything. Any other ideas? I really want to root! Thanks!

        • Bubsxr13

          I had same prob…Had to open from Revolutionary.oi instaed of saving to file… Give it a try

        • Gadgetdaddy

          OK, Here is the deal. For odd reason, HTC Evo 4G, has sent out phones that are NOT correctly labeled. The serial numbers do not match, what the actual serial number is from the motherboard. These are HTC Evo 4G phones from Sprint directly. Not sure why that is, but it is proven, as I have ran across 3 of them now. Once of which I personally own. Mine, was a replacement from Sprint within 30 days of the Evo 4G being released. And it’s not a refurbished device either. Nor are the other two I have seen.

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      Remove your battery then put it back in. Hold the volume down key and while you are holding it push the power button. This should help you.

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    That was another thing. The tutorial says to hold down the Power and Vol. Down buttons. I actually had to hold down the Vol. Down and press & release the Power button.

    Other than those two small things, it worked perfectly!


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    It worked. I was a little shaky doing this, given that I’m a healthcare person and not a techy gal. Anyway, didn’t quite follow through on instructions initially and so had a bumpy journey. First, couldn’t seem to get the beta key to work (step 9) until I copy and pasted in word pad. Turns out I was getting I’s (capital I-eye) mixed with l’s (small el). Then somehow, I wound up with clockworkmod recovery (step 10) and forgot to transfer zip file from pc to sd card (step 16). So I repeated several steps over which I think contributed to losing info (sms, contacts) on my phone. But I’m satisfied with my phone being rooted. Thanks to the brains behind this site.
    If you’re about to try this out, I suggest you read through entirely first, then follow directions. Its pretty straightforward. Consider using the video to guide you. Good luck

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  • Johnowoss
    • Johnowoss

      you need to name the folder that you save to the desktop “rootevo4ggingerbread”

  • Johnowoss

    I am stuck on number 13, i have copied the image to a folder called android_secure on my htc, but when i boot into hboot it does not find image or says no image. what am i doing wrong.

    • Nothappinin

      dont copy to android_secure. copy to same folder that android_secure and all your files are in right beside them. then can find from recovery.

  • Nothappinin

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    Beta key accepted – thank you for participating!

    Root acquired!
    Sending in Caroline…
    Retrieving Caroline from certain doom…
    Retrying Caroline…
    Caroline failed, but had this to say: An error occurred while writing the partit
    Errors (if any):-
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    mtd: not writing bad block at 0x00080000
    Press (almost) any key to exit.

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      im having the same problem with my phone i was ablw to root my other phone fine so i know its not something i did if you find a solution let me know

      • Paul – EVO

        Still failed for me, and I just watched his video to make sure I’m doing everything and I am. “Vinny” also said leave him a comment and he’ll reply. Apparently he’s extremely busy. I’m still unrooted. : [

        • You must be connected incorrectly. Make sure you followed the steps 100% exactly.

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      Hello, I have to start by thanking ” Anything Android”, Android Authority and/or anyone who has put the effort into creating the tutorial. I’m sure this took a lot of time and so far in my research it appears to be the most descriptive and simple (step by step) method I have seen. For those of you (few) complaining i understand your frustrstion but the Andriod Authority had a disclaimer at the beggining. Comps can have issues or you could have skipped a step and heck they might have left a small detail out but they are only trying to help be polite to the people only trying to help. Your also “rooting” your phone, google didnt run a beta on it… just a suggestion, if you are worried about losing phone communication if you brick your device or have problems buy a backup phone to get you by if something goes wrong. You can get a used non smart phone for probably less than $20 used and it will suck but in the event that somthing happens call your phone carrier and use the temp phone until you fix the problem. Just my suggestion, I’m only here to help and get some info of my own.

      I had a couple of quick questions; I have a tech level in my opinion with windows based OS of probably 6/10, but Android is new to me (tech level of about 4/10) so I’m a little worried about my yet to be completed root! Here are my questions;

      1) I only want to root my phone for 2 reasons; eliminate sprint programs or anything that wastes resourses and USB tethering. I would like to go further in depth and customize more but won’t because I am after reliability. I guess the question is can I delete a lot of these stuprint programs and maintain system stability or are these programs dependant on each other?

      2) Now remember I’m a noob at this but from what I understand “Android” is the operating system that exists in similar phones that are Google based and “Roms” overlay the operating system and add their own touch. For example my stock Rom (I believe) is 2.3.3 or is that the OS because the phone says “Android version 2.3.3? The question and I know it is dumb but what isthe ROM actually the OS or…. (you get what I’m asking?

      3) its a shame that I have to do this to remove Sprints Nascar app and other crap etc and the phone carriers should allow you todo what you want with your phone. But after I’m done doing this, will my phone remain a simple reliable piece of equipment? I use this phone for business and it cannot be down although I will have a backup when Indo this. Will I have to constantly tweak it?

      4) Can I create an exact copy of my phone, in it’s stockform before I do this? Almost likea .ISO to. iSO (exact mirror image). If the root makes my phone “buggy”,can I restore it back and if so, how?

      5) When I do this to my phone will the new update in your video look the same as the stock EVO in the end (clock widget on home screen etc) and just allow me my rights to do what I want to do with my phine. Or will it be replaced by something else?

      6) I’m scared, reliability is everything but I will never be happy with my phone in it’s cuttent state!!! (That’s not a question thats just me freaking out)…..

      I know I just asked for an encyclopedia of information and don’t expect it all to get answered but if you know some off the top of your head please let me know. Greatly appreciate the time put into the method, description and you tube tutorial. I haven’t rooted yet but this tutorial was much easier to understand at my current tech level than any other site (of course once I learn this I will learn more. Thanks again. -Cuthroat12

      Note: there will be typos, I’m am not using the best device to type all this, thanks

  • Aken_Bosh

    Hello, I tried rooting my Evo but I got stuck on step 13 when updating the files. It couldn’t update two of them: radio and system, so it screwed up my recovery process. Now I am stuck on a black screen with a phone and a red triangle, and I already tried taking out the battery. I’ve been searching for hours but I can’t find the solution. Right now my phone is either stuck on the white screen at the beginning when you turn it on or in the black screen.. any suggestions?

    Some extra info:
    HBOOT 6.16
    Radio 2.15



    • Please explain how I don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh and please also explain how Unrevoked would work on 2.3 Unrevoked is only for Evo 4G’s on 2.2

    • Helfrick

      Um, why? I just rooted my phone using these instructions and it worked perfectly. You might want to turn off your caps lock while you’re at it. BTW, Thanks Vinny.

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      it took me about 20 minutes to get my Evo rooted using these instructions… I didn’t even have to look at the video… Great work…!!!

    • Unrevoked does nor work with 2.3.3, it’ll give you a message: error, is your firmware too new?

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    • GadgetDaddy

      If you did everything, and this is during the very last reboot, go ahead and remove the battery. Put the battery back in, and power it up. After its up, go to apps, scroll to the bottom, and see if you have the super user app.

    • Dan

      How did you resolve this as I’m in the same boat after everything is supposed to be done it doesn’t ever reload.

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      Because amon-ra is a much better recovery. It’s more stable than Cyanogen as well.

      • Sabry Loganathan

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  • 6foot5nbad

    This method worked for me using htc evo 2.3.3…. I tried unrevoked before but was unsuccessful…… after running unrevoked it stated my firmware was to “new”. the only thing i did different, then the guide, was installed the drivers immediately instead of installing while in hboot. before you do anything, first connect (charge only) your htc’s usb to you pc (on phone, make sure usb debugging is enabled), click start the right click computer and select properties. Then select device manager, expand Android Phone. If you don’t see Android Composite ADB Interface, then you have to follow the hboot guide.

  • Ray

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  • Anonymous

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    • 12345

      in the video post, he just pulls the usb from the phone, then powers off. So long as dont happen to time it to where you unplug as the file is copying it should not screw anything up, as no data is transferring back and forth.

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  • Guest

    my phone will not go into hboot. please help. I have followed instructions exactly. prior to the hboot instruction, the hboot screen did go up. I accidentally clicked update and then clicked reboot handset (this was when the image wasn’t on my drive yet). Now, after attempting to enter my phone into hboot mode by pressing the volume down button simultaneous to the power button, my phone does not respond in the desired way. It does, however, function normally (as it did before my rooting attempt).

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    I had no errors, loaded PC36IMG and then flashed the su-2.3……zip and when I rebooted I started getting the boot loop. Pulled the battery and re-tried. Still same thing. Tried re-installing the and reflashing the file but same thing.
    Maybe when it was initially rooting something went bad? So sick of the sprint/4g logo…..ugh

    • bjay127

      Come to think of it. The phone has been stuck in a boot loop ever since executing the revolutionary.exe, and went strait to hboot afterwards. I had to push the PC36IMG on from the command and go from there.
      Any ideas on a fix to get past this? I feel like the phone thinks its stuck trying to update?

  • James Thompson


    1.If you dont know what a root directory is, please look it up or dont waste your or my time or others and spare bricking your phone
    2.BACK your PHONE & SD Card up first. There are many apps to do this. Google it.
    3. Unzip the initial rootevo4ggingerbread folder on the root of your your C: drive or main drive to run the command prompts. This means you will see a folder from the C drive, not just open files from the C drive. If you run windows off D drive for example, then install them to the root of D.
    4.Unless your are good with Android programming and adb functions like push and pulling, have access to a microSD card reader, ie a microSD to USB stick.
    5.If you are not showing a device in your command prompt after running adb devices you have some usb driver issues or software issues to fix before you can continue. Make sure HTC sync is removed. Turn off any virus software, Turn off your firewall.
    6.If you cannot get a key after inputing your serial #, your SOL. Looks like you need to pull apart your phone and get the real # on the circuit board, as sprint is listing a different one than this. Sorry. Also note the zip file you download from revolutionary is the same file you unzipped to your root directory and you do not need it.
    7.If after executing revolutionary.exe either from command prompt or by double clicking it in the folder you get errors, they you got some serious problems. If your phone still works I would go through, confirm your fastboot is OFF, confirm USB debugging is ON, and confirm HTC sync if off and USB drivers are working and try again, maybe with new files and a different PC.
    8.If after running revolutionary.exe it takes you to the Hboot screen and does not allow you to mount your SD card, fear not brothers & sistas. If the phone keeps rebooting in a boot loop just pull the battery off.
    8a.For android savy/programmers push the onto the SDcard through the command prompt if you are savy enough and can connect to the phone through usb. Once loaded into rootevo4ggingerbread on prompt type:abd push /sdcard/
    8b. For less savy folks like me. Pull out your microSD card under your battery, load it up into your PC thorough a microSD to USB converter or what have you and copy the file to the microSD root directory. (this tells the phone to run a different boot sequence essentialy) Then follow all steps till the end including flashing the su2.3.6.3……zip file. Now unplug USB cables from here on out.
    9.The Next and KEY step here to fix the sprint logo boot loop is this:
    -after rebooting the phone you get the boot loop – ugh, pull the battery.
    -With phone off, hold vol down button, then also hold power button a few secs
    -Phone will show hboot screen. You should see S-OFF at screen top, this means you are 99% there! Select recovery with vol up/down buttons and power buttons and RA recovery will load up. (Badass recovery program!)
    -Scroll down to dalvik cache and select to clear this with the power button. After the dalvik is cleared you should be good to go. Select reboot from your recovery and phone should load up and have superuser app to confirm root.

    Any other questions I have no f’n clue, im a doctor not a programmer. -Cheers

    • Relax bro, for a doctor you’re a little rude. Hopefully you don’t treat your patients that way. Cheers to you.

    • Scibo1234

      I almost finished rooting my evo 4 g, but I could not find the command in the Hboot mode called USB MS Toggle. I could only find USB storage toggle. can you help

      • RJ

        USB MS means “Mass Storage” i.e. Storage mode. Same thing.

    • Samaritan

      1.If you dont know what a root directory is, please look it up or dont waste your or my time or others and spare bricking your phone

      No need to be rude, pal. Simply don’t answer the question if you don’t want to.

    • thealmightyshua

      Dammit Jim!!! I’m a doctor, not a doctor!!!

  • All Mic Car


  • Ray

    worked like a charm…only one thing at step 10, if after selecting no on download clockwork recovery, and your phone goes into the hboot screen, select reboot, when the phone loads back up, then you can select disk drive mode….thanks man

  • Ray

    After rooting should I remove the files that I put on my SD card? and

    • Wallercrew

      I’d like to know if it’s wise… They are large files, I’m at capacity on my SD card now. :-( Would love an answer on this… otherwise- SUPER easy method of rooting!

  • Lcrandall66

    After I start revolutionary and put in my key It says somthing about lemons and does not finish what is the problem

  • Sb8962

    How long does it take to reboot, my phone is going off and on with the HTC EVO 4G and vibrating, for over 15 minute now. Everything went as it showed in the video but my phone doesnt seem to be restarting, or i might not be waiting long enoght for it to reboot?

  • Lexy Chavez

    Please help :( I have tried this many times but once I get to cmd and put the cd rootevo4ggingerbread it says it cannot be found :(

    • Socialnoy

      i was having issues with this at first but what i did was put the extracted folder in my downloads and then i typed cd downloadsrootevo4ggingerbread. that was the only way i was able to pull it up and continue the steps. Hope that helps

  • Lexy Chavez

    it’s me again….I did everything you did, I even made sure i crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s. but it still isn’t working. Help please :( this is totally not cool…

  • Socialnoy

    I have spent the last 2hrs trying to do this and i must say i am rather frustrated! Maybe someone can provide me with a little assistance. Because i could not get my serial number using the cmd prompt i just took it from the back of the phone and was able to obtain the key and go through that process. My problem now lies in the rebooting. I am never prompted to select “yes” when asked for an upgrade. I just get the normal screen. It says revolutionary and also has the superuser but when i try to reboot from that screen the phone never fully comes back on, it stays stuck on the screen with a phone symbol and an red x. I have done a factory reset and tried the steps over again step by step bypassing the cmd prompt to locate the serial number. I bypassed that step because i kept getting “path specific errors” Any insight on how to solve my issues will be greatly appreciated.

    • Socialnoy

      Ok I have figured out everything except the darn “blue revolutionary” screen. I am wondering for those who have downloaded the installer how did you know it worked successfully? It seems to me that is where my problem lies. It won’t read the image.

  • Socialnoy

    Is there a way for me to undo the process..? I want to try and start over and maybe i can get better results. Cause everything i do keeps bringing me to the blue screen and not the yellow

  • Jorge Aguilar 009

    GGtdhjccjfxb /fufvufdh /defhvghc/revteam/devteam/

  • Jbbchs0425

    Ok, new to rooting android devices here. Done apple no problem but i think it caught me off guard going to the hboot menu early before i could copy the pm file over. The phone is working, and running revolutionary again tells me the s mode is already off. Any help on how to finish would be much appreciated.

    • Brandonwolf 1996

      can u help me out call 12546400753

  • Mccj1237

    I have zip file on ad card when I try to install it say cant be done I am one step away just cant install Fri as card

  • Socialnoy

    After a few days of frustration i have finally figured it out. Anyone who was getting the blue revolutionary screen like i was here is your key. Download androzip and that will allow you to open up the “image” file and update phone and continue on to the rest of the process. Hope this helps… Good Luck

  • lorigonzo

    Where is the file? It’s not included in the zip I downloaded.

  • Wright Justin89

    wat if you installed the on to the phone an not the other .zip file what would happen?? anyone

  • Shootingstarnv

    not finding that i need to move to the root folder.

  • Mqfarley9ers

    Do I have to uninstall htc sync from my phone as well? I do not have htc sync installed on my pc and revo. is still waiting for device. My firewalls are off, do you think Nortons internet security could have something to do with problem?

  • Quintez56

    I turned the phone off and got it to the HBOOT screen but it says no image and i dont have an update it goes straight back to the HBOOT screen and thats it then when I press recovery it takes me to the black screen showing a phone with a red triangle what do i do.

  • Anonymous

    This is simply the fastest, most efficient way to root an EVO I have found, this is my 3rd one and it has worked like a charm! thanks

  • Bmichael33

    very easy, thanks

  • Shiv02s

    hboot 2.10.0001 is not supported…

  • Coreymedy

    It worked awesome!!!!!!! Thank you

  • Lucianofasani

    I can’t get it to hboot

  • starkisses101

    Do you have a video tutorial on how to UNroot the HTC Evo? After I rooted my phone, I mistakenly uninstall Facebook for HTC Sense (not knowing what it was used for) and now I can’t get it back. Would like to unroot my evo to get it back. Any suggestions?

  • Xemnasxiii13

    when i use revolutionary it says that my phone was disconnected. it happens when it goes to fast boot any idea why?

  • blueball

    there is no file linked to download the zip file anyone know where I can get that to start this process?

  • Metal

    I am done with all this process everything went good got a superuser in my phone. So should I delete those two file which copy in SD card (PC36IMG and su-

    (Back up your data. The rooting procedure may completely wipe off everything on your phone. It is a good idea to back up your data–both those on the phone itself and on the SD card).
    My data is still there in my phone and SD CARD ?

  • Albert

    Excellent tutorial … even for a Newbie. Worked great. Thanks.

  • Real_estate_steve

    Does this work on Android 2.3.3?

  • Real_estate_steve

    Sorry, duh, I just watched the video and it says 2.3.3

  • Delphic2

    Done. Worked like a charm. Thanks!!!

  • Figureditout

    For anyone stuck at step 13….

    You need to do steps 5 through 10 again and type YES to install clockwork mod recovery and flash.

  • Bishoplysaker

    Worked for me after an hour of screwing with it, should probably ass next to step 13. that if it isn’t working to turn off fast boot :s

  • Uberloop

    For all of you stuck on step 13 not going into hboot: you ahve to hold the power and volume down together for more than 3 seconds, keep holding otherwise you just reboot normaly.
    Easy hack thanks!

    • Dudewhojustdidit

      actually make sure you hold volume down first then hit power button, the both have to be held down at the same time but it will just start the phone up normally if you hit power first

  • FFL8N

    I bought a used EVO and when I went to install revolution PC36IMG, it says that it cant read the file. It also says that “S” off is already on the phone. What do I need to do to have superuser control of the device?? This is the 3rd EVO that I have tried to root with this post and the only one that I can’t seem to get to work.

  • Sperkowitz

    Is there an Unroot procedure from this? Just in case down the road I need to give my phone to Sprint for a repair?

  • I get the message invalid beta key, aborting…I have verified the key, lower case, capitals and all but still get this message. It’s very frustrating. I just want to delete some of the obnoxious preloaded apps on my phone.

  • Jess Suter

    after downloading the zip file with all the necessary rooting files, I opened command prompt and the system was unable to find the files.

  • Oregonpine

    this doesnt work i dont care who says it does because it fuckin dont. i just bricked my phone with your dumb method that gives u the appearance of having root without having root. thank u

  • Oregonpine

    i run the PC36IMG and it says UPDATE FAIL n then i go to boot into recovery and nothing…my phone is fuckin dead guys n i need to know how tto fix it plz

  • Gary Steele

    OK, now my phone is bricked. It was stuck at a menu on the handset after step 10, then it disconnected itself and now it has an icon of a phone with a warning symbol over it. Now what?

  • Gary Steele

    OK, had to pop the battery.

  • Arnal82

    Can I root my new EVO with this method. My software is the 4.54. Will it work with this newest software currently installed?

  • Pepelepue

    I tried rooting for the first time using this method and it was certainly a challenging ordeal. My issues were all due to operator malfunction and not knowing much about how the phone itself works, but at the end I got it done.

    Thanks for the detailed instructions; this is certainly an easy process once you wrap your head around the small details and if you follow all instructions.

    Rooted EVO 4G


    1. keep handset in disk drive mode…not charge only mode!!!
    2. select Y and NOT n!!!
    3. copy all .ZIP files into SD card first before running through the instructions!!!!

  • Scibo1234

    I almost finished rooting my evo 4g, but in the last step I counld not find the command that said USB MS Toggle. Can anyone me with with this.

  • Rymarcsuk

    Wow I did it. It did get a little hairy though for me. After running “revolutionary.exe” and after (Step 10) my phone did not go back to the HTC Lock screen as in the video. My phone was stuck in “Boot Loading”. Then the phone went to the Triangle with the “Red !” in it. I thought I was screwed, but removing the battery and putting it back in somehow resolved that issue. When the phone re-booted back to the HTC lock screen, I was able to just continue on with the instructions (Step 11). Also, right at the starting point, I could not get my computer to recognize my device (adb devices). To fix that, I went back into Windows and made sure that my Firewalls were turned off, uninstalled the HTC drivers and also clicked on Start, Search and searched for “HTC Sync”. Not sure what the files were, but it found 2 “HTC Sync” files. Once I deleted those, my system finally recognized my HTC Device and gave me the serial #. One more problem that I had was the “Bata Key”. It was just a screwy set of numbers where I could not tell if ” I ” was a lower case i, upper case I, the #1, or a lower case L. Also was the ” 0 ” a zero, a lower case o, or an upper case O. (If you typed all these out, you would see what I mean.) At any rate to resolve this, I copied and pasted the Bata key into “Windows “Note Pad” and then typed what letters I thought they were and compared.
    End result, I am not a “Super User” thanks Vinny & Android Authority.

  • Rymarcsuk

    Oops, the End Result is I am NOW a Super User. Damn Fat finger.

  • Duffman2705

    Ok so I had a problem at first. All I did was unistalled all of the downloaded programs and started over from scratch. 2nd time was a charm :) Love it. Now gotta figure out what cool stuff that I can do with it.

  • Dkbrooks73091


  • BennyBoomer9

    does the phone have to be in service for you to root it?

  • Random Guy

    All kidding aside, thanks!

  • Daakda


  • Martin

    Successfully completed step 10. A different window came up and my only 4 options were related to restarting or shut down. The page had very tiny font with 3 droid men on scateboards at the bottom of the screen. I powered down and restarted. Handset had no changes. Running the same exact phone shown on this pages video.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance

  • Mauripc

    does it work with system 2.3.5?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe how easy that just was. When Evo 4G first came out there was much more homework and rtfming required, and I had a toddler and a baby in the house. Never enough time. Now I actually did that during a passing period and had extra time to spare!! To see this could have been done more than a year ago is kinda depressing – that’s only a little more than a month since last time I looked into it. I only missed by a few weeks!

  • Jeremyhilton6

    This is the third computer I have tried this from. I have done evrything specifically in order. Everything is extracted on my Desktop. I uninstalled HTC SYNC then installed the driver listed above. No matter what I do, it hangs at waiting for device. I am running XP at this time. The first two time I tried on other computers, I got stuck on Zerging root. Everything points (at least here) to me Uninstalling HTC SYNC. I have done that. Repeatedly. This EVO is a replacement. I used to have a rooted EVO a year ago when it was easy to root. I am simply stuck. Can anyone PLEASE help me? Email me @ [email protected] THANK YOU!!

  • Biueducki

    I followed all of the steps, and everything went smoothly. I was just wondering, how do I know it is rooted? I see no differenece in anything. I even tried to instal TitaniumBackup that works only on rooted phones, and it says it can’t run bc I’m not rooted. So, basically, how can I tell that I’m rooted?

  • Hawkeyeny1

    Now vinny i have a question i put “adb devices” into the command prompt and i didnt get a serial key what should i do.

  • justmeh

    How about with the new update 2012… It unrooted my phone :/

  • dchester4

    Looks like I have a HTC EVO 4G supersonic with HBOOT version of 2.18.0001 which is not compatible with revolutionary. Is that because I’m on 2.3.5? Almost thought I was good to go….

  • Cyfi444

    If I’m running v 2.3.5 will this still work? Cuz every time I run revolutionary it recognizes my device but says it’s “not supported at this time”

  • Dan Chester

    Yeah, we’re out of luck with this method for now. I didn’t have the comments sorted “newest first” ,so I didn’t see the other 2.3.5 posts until after my original post as “dchester4” below. Great video though Vinny, very easy to follow.

  • Guest

    Thank You Sir!

  • Teron_2012

    what if my htcEVO is 2.3.5 ? can i still root my phone?

  • When i click the revolutionary application, on the command prompt it says “Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not supported at this time.” Need help. Don’t know what to do after this. The HTC Sync has been uninstalled.

  • Ajdrozd

    I have Android version 2.3.5. Will these instructions work on that version?

  • Captclem

    Won’t work with latest OTA upgrade, Am told I should revert to previous version.

  • Flakobeatz

    Your device: supersonic, with HBOOT 2.18.0001 is not support at this time.???????

  • Adrian1820

    it said my hboot isnt supported at this time help plz

  • Leshen100

    Why am i getting the “Your device is not supported at this time” cmmnd prompt? At around step 3, right before C:rootevo4ggingerbread>revolutionary.exe. I”m pretty sure i have the , proper device driver installed, and i have debugging mode on, followed all the steps, so i haev no idea what’s going on :/

  • Agereborn

    One of the most simplest guides I EVER used. But a couple of mistakes that confused me.

    1. HBOOT was volume up + power
    2. After you boot into HBOOT you had to get into bootloader before the whole updating part starts.

    Other than that no problems! Thanks!

  • Mike Martin

    HBOOT 2.18.0001 not supported. Bummer

  • Ahaley13

    Mine didn’t work because my hboot is 2.18.001 and is currently unsupported by this version.

  • Cabby21

    This was going good step by step but now i cannot find file

  • Bill Brown

    Is Android 2.3.5 supported? I can not get Revolutionary to allow me to input the beta key.

  • Trueblood52207

    said i had a different version of HBOOT??????? 2.18.001

  • Mohrdc

    Vinny…you are the man and Android Authority rocks…worked like a charm.

    Thanks so much!

  • ontheverge28

    I keep getting the file is invalid on the file that I downloaded from this site. Is there another site I can use?

  • EpicBlast

    Im not getting a serial number, please help.

  • i got a htc evo4g it has been rooted how can i make the phone work again?

  • makubex

    i just tryed on my japanese HTC evo and it didnt work . says failed to get root ='(