December 21, 2011
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HTC Incredible S users are in for a treat as their phones can now enjoy some Ice Cream Sandwich. Android developer nikhil007mmus at XDA Developers has taken the lead in porting the much-anticipated Android update to the HTC Incredible S.

The ICS ROM is still in its early stages right now, with several bugs, although it is pretty much stable for daily use with all the basic phone functionalities intact. This is not the official ICS ROM for the HTC Incredible S but rather a port made by the developer community.

Before you head out installing the ICS ROM to your device, be forewarned that several features are still non-functional, considering that the ROM is still the beta version. Certain features like hardware video acceleration, USB tethering, UMS, tethering, and the camera do not work yet in the latest version. But, devs are working hard to get everything working within the shortest time possible.

So, if you are bold and daring and are up for some hacking on your HTC Incredible S, read on for the instructions on how to load it up with ICS.



  • An HTC Incredible S with S-Off
  • A rooted HTC Incredible S
  • ClockworkMod recovery installed
  • Latest ICS ROM for the HTC Incredible S


  1. Start by downloading the latest ICS ROM for the HTC Incredible S and save it to your computer.  Get the file here.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer with the use of a USB cable.
  3. Copy the downloaded file to the root of your phone’s SD card. Make sure that you don’t place the file deep inside subfolders on your SD card to make it easier to find.
  4. Reboot your phone to recovery mode. You can enter recovery mode by holding the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons and then pressing the “Power” button.
  5. In recovery mode, make a Nandroid backup of your files so that you can easily revert to the original fully functional ROM in case the installation fails.
  6. Select “Wipe data/factory reset”, “wipe cache” and “wipe dalvik cache” to ensure that your device has clean memory when you install the ICS ROM.
  7. From the options given, select “Install zip from sdcard” and select “choose zip from sdcard”. Find the downloaded ICS ROM from your SD card.
  8. Once you select the ROM, your device will begin the installation process. It may take up to 5 – 10 minutes for installation to complete.
  9. Reboot your device once the ICS ROM has been successfully installed.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC Incredible S.

Paul Nuñal
Paul and I.T. are synonyms. If you need help with I.T.-related stuff, call on Paul. His experience with Android phones goes way back to the ancient single-core-phone days. But, he keeps himself up to date, so now he has a dual-core beast in his pocket, and is looking forward to getting his first quad-core monster, and when it comes, his first eight-core phone. Perhaps he should be called Mr. X-Core, where "X" equals the number of CPU cores.
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