How To Get Your Android App Fix From Anywhere In The World

by: Aerol BibatJanuary 13, 2012
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One of the Android operating system’s main draws is its enormous library of applications. This can range from simple calculators to high-performing games. The only problem with this is that Google is dead-set on making sure users only get to use them in particular countries – making some apps available only to specific locations.

Unlike normal location-specific lock downs, Google looks at a phone’s carrier and not the device’s system settings to determine where the user is. This makes it difficult to fool the app store in letting them buy some of the cool apps out there. Fortunately, there are some pretty hardworking coders out there who can help out.

To fool the Android Market Place, the user needs to first download this fake carrier app. Note that this will require that the phone have root access – which means a rooted phone, cracked and all. The trick also doesn’t work when in China – this is because it requires Android Market Place to be installed on the phone it is to be used in.

Once downloaded, it’s a simple matter of installing the app and running it. All the user has to do is indicate the country that he or she wants Android Market Place to think they’re coming from and it’s done. If the user needs to have access to other apps, a simple change in settings will enable even more options. Best of all, using this method won’t void the warranty in any manner – which is a great perk if things go wrong.


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  • Moo

    “Best of all, using this method won’t void the warranty in any manner – which is a great perk if things go wrong.”

    But the warranty would have been voided as soon as root access was achieved so this point is surely moot?