How I Android – At the Gym

by: Kevin NetherMarch 28, 2014

Technology has made our lives a lot easier, and as our understanding of the human body has increased, we now know and understand the need for a healthy diet and regular exercise, along with exactly how to go about it. On the flip side, having the world at our fingertips has also contributed to making us somewhat lazier.

Luckily, modern technology has taken up the cause for our fitness requirements as well, with a slew of wearable fitness accessories making its way to our wrists, to compliment numerous health and fitness applications that are already available on our smartphones and tablets. To give you an insight into how I use technology to manage my fitness, here’s a quick look at How I Android – At the Gym!

Staying Organized

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The first, and often the most important thing with any endeavor you try to tackle is being organized. When working out, it’s not only key to be consistent in the number of times your workout a week, but to also be able to mix it up, to not only get rid of any monotony, but to get the full workout you need.

The first thing I do is make a routine, using an application called Gym Rat. Gym Rat is an application with a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store which features built-in workout routines and includes various exercises for different parts of the body, and lets you track your fitness gains and body metrics. You can also Google Spreadsheets to track your fitness records and routines as well. This might get a little a cumbersome to maintain, especially mid-workout, but I managed to do so for a few months before I’d found Gym Rat.

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After getting my routines planned, I go into Google Now to set up important pre- and post-workout reminders. Of course, you can use any alarm-based reminder application, but just saying “Ok Google” and setting a reminder is definitely the easiest way to go about it. The reminders could be for anything, such as remembering to grab a protein bar once you’re done, as it’s always important to keep the body fueled after a workout.


gym bag

Accessories I usually carry to the gym with me include gloves, a RavPower portable lipstick charger, and the Monster iSport Victory earbuds.

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There are a couple of reasons why I think the Monster iSport Victory earbuds are the best workout earphones for me. First, they have a clip that connect into your ear. So when I’m running on the treadmill, playing basketball, or even doing something during which I’m inverted, the earbuds stay in place and don’t pop out. Secondly, the cord on the headphones is flat, which means it takes up less space, and doesn’t rub against me if I feed it under my shirt. These may not be the best sounding earphones, but it has a decent kick for bass, and since I listen to high tempo music while workout, the deep base certainly helps me kick it up a notch.

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I keep the RavPower portable charger around just in case my phone is on the verge of running out of juice. This portable charger is small enough to fit comfortably in my pocket along with my phone. Keeping it plugged in for around 15 minutes gives a decent 20 percent bump in battery life, which is enough to get me through a workout in a pinch.

As mentioned before, I use Gym Rat or Google Drive to keep a track of my routine during the workout. While there are some wearable trackers available, such as the Fitbit bands, or the recently announced Galaxy Gear Fit, they work more as step and calorie counters, but if you’re doing a lot of strength training, using an app or manually maintaining a spreadsheet of your reps and the weights you use is important.

Staying Motivated

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Staying motivated is the hardest part when it comes to working out. Even if you switch things up often, eventually a monotony sets in that can be quite difficult to get over. This is where having a good workout playlist makes a big difference.

I have a Google Play All Access subscription, and I use a workout playlist which consists mostly of high tempo music. I mark the playlist for offline access, so that all the songs on the playlist are with me at the gym, even if I’m without access to the Internet for any reason. When you are subscribed to a playlist marked for offline access, new music does get added to the list, and is automatically downloaded. So as long as you have shuffle turned on, you’ll constantly have new music being added to your workout playlist.

Targets and Goals

We’ve talked about how it’s important to keep a track of your fitness routine during a workout. What is even more crucial is to keep a track of your overall fitness targets and goals.

At the end of the day, I go into the calendar on my computer or phone and make a note of whether I worked out or not, and what my routine for that day was, which gives me a running log in my calendar of when I went to the gym and what I worked out on. While not necessary, this simple step, if done properly, is a great way to track your dedication. And especially if you’re not getting the results you’re hoping for, looking at your calendar could tell you where you might be going wrong.

So that is how I Android at the gym! What are your thoughts? What keeps you motivated at the gym? How do you keep a track of your workout routines and fitness goals? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • edu

    I use the app BODYSPACE by ,its just great with all the routines and keeping logs of progress over time

    For music I use spotify wit some of their playlists for exercising

    Since I have an LG G2 in the hours I spend in the gym I just need 20% or less so I don’t need a charger

    You should check body space since like that you don’t need the spreadsheet for your log.

    Nice article!

  • Ray

    Little short on stuff to write about this week I take it?? This would be about the worst article I’ve ever seen come out of the AA.

    Gymrat? You’ve got to be kidding right? Surely you’ve heard of an app called JEFIT – which absolutely blows Gymrat out of the water in pretty much every possible way.

    I’m not even sure what the point of this article was exactly.

    • Michael Muyunda

      Gymrat is just simple and straightforward It also looks a lot better since it only uses holo UI elements. A better log app won’t really change anything.

    • DrCarpy

      Your manners should embarrass you. Since you claimed to have “read” this, then you know what I means. if not here’s a brief explanation:
      I: used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself.
      So, Kevin used HIS personal experience to create this content. That’s why he choose the items he did. So in the interest of everybody, feel free next time to think before being a jerk.

  • mrjayviper

    umm “how I android at the gym”? except for the app (which probably has an iOS version or similar), there’s really nothing android about the article

  • LSH99

    Why do people feel the need to take so much stuff into the gym? Charge your phone at home. Set your workout. Pick a playlist. Grab your headphones. Lift/run.
    Leave the bag, charger, and fitness apps at home.