Hisense Sero 8 arrives to the U.S., an 8-incher for just $129

by: Andrew GrushJune 23, 2014


When it comes to Android tablets Hisense isn’t exactly a household name. That said, if you are looking for a fairly decent Android device without paying a fortune, Hisense tablets tend to fit the bill.

Up until now, the main star of the show in the United States have been the Sero 7 family, which is sold through participating Walmart retail stores and online. Back in April Hisense announced another budget entry, this time the 8-inch Sero 8.

At the time the tablet was on pre-order in the UK, though there was no word if or when the tablet would come to the United States. Now the tablet has officially arrived to the U.S. market, again through a partnership with Walmart. The biggest reason to consider picking up the Sero 8 is its large screen and extremely aggressive price tag of $129.

Of course, just because something is affordable doesn’t mean its actually worth picking up. Are the Sero 8’s specs capable of delivering a solid enough Android experience? Yes and no. With a quad-core 1.6GHz Rockchip RK3188T CPU and just 1GB RAM, the Sero 8 won’t win any awards or impress your friends, but it could certainly be enough to please your kids or to act as a secondary mobile device.

Aside from the quad-core CPU, other specs include an 8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280×800, a mini-HDMI port, 16GB storage, 2MP rear cam, a VGA front cam and a 4000 mAh battery. You’ll also find Android 4.4 KitKat on-board, with Google Play services included.

What do you think, is the Sero 8 worth picking up or is a potential buyer better off saving back a little longer and spending a bit more? For those interested in picking it up, it is supposely available through select stores and should eventually be listed online as well.

  • Jayfeather787

    This isn’t bad for the price, but if you can put up with one less inch of screen size, the Nexus 7 2013 is the same price and offers a lot more bang for your buck in terms of performance.

    • ddtn

      Refurbished Nexus 7 2013 fetches $129, but brand not brand new. For some, the refurbished stuff is a deal breaker.

      If there is a brand new one for $129, please let me know where I can get one. Thnx

    • Guest2

      Actually, its the 2012 Nexus that runs for $130 refurbished, and it isn’t a whole lot better than this, if at all.

  • MasterMuffin

    This is something that grandparents buy for their grandchildren as a Christmas present because they just look at the price and don’t know anything about tech. At least this should perform okay thanks to Kitkat, my friend got a similar tablet with Android 2.2 from his grandparents :D

    “won’t win any awards or impressive your friends” :>

    • Corbin Crutch

      Okay, so I make all of these things ensuring everyone knows I’m not that old, MasterMuffin talks about friends getting stuff from his grandparents (either I’m on track or your friends are very lucky to have their grandparents around), and Jay had said something about his parents paying for something…. Just observing

      • MasterMuffin

        Well I don’t know about my friend’s grandparent, but mine are 95 and 93 :) I have a bad memory, but I remember either Jay or Sharkbait saying that they’re 15. I’m 8 in case you’re wondering ;)

        • Corbin Crutch

          That’s three then. 8-incher? MasterMuffin, let’s keep this PG

          • MasterMuffin

            No inches, I was talking about my age :DD

          • Corbin Crutch

            32 then. (leap year)

          • MasterMuffin

            Though I’ve said it a few times, I’ll leave it as a secret for now just to annoy you

          • Corbin Crutch

            Good ol’ MasterMuffin. :P (cause I know you didn’t start commenting on no S2 firmware update at age 5

          • Jonathan TAM

            Mastermuffin ur 8???

          • Crutchcorn

            And he joined the forum at age 5! xD

          • Corbin Crutch

            Finnish. Made a comment about being younger than 30.

            ‘But if it’s indeed true that there’s a link, I’ll have cancer before I’m 30. Scary stuff :(‘

            (Now I’m determined :P You brought this upon yourself)

            “young and go to school” (College?)

            “I’d sign up, but I’m too young to travel alone and nobody would come with me :/’d sign up, but I’m too young to travel alone and nobody would come with me :/” (under 18)

            Basically my point has been made and I guessed correctly. I’m not trying to see your exact age – just that you’re (and Jay and Shark and I {Newer than all y’all but still}) under 18. Kinda laughing to myself is all

          • MasterMuffin

            Great research, but the exact age is there too

          • Corbin Crutch

            More like fair usage of the Ctrl+F command. Meh, you can keep your age. It doesn’t change my point I was making. :P

          • MasterMuffin

            My turn: you were born in 1998. You play football. If you have a console, it’s Xbox. You’re from Fair Oaks, California. Maybe you went to Yale? I can also guess that you have friends called Monica and Kevin. Is my guessing correct? >:)

            At least some of that has to be correct

          • Corbin Crutch

            1) Yes 2) Kinda 3) No 4) Indeed 5) Not even slightly 6) Yes 7) Stop looking at my Facebook that’s cheating :P

          • MasterMuffin

            And Google+. It’s cheating and creepy me knows. Facebook’s privacy isn’t that great, it doesn’t let me see your friends/pictures etc. if I don’t login EXCEPT if I click your profile picture, then I can click “go back to album” and boom I see your pictures and friends. FB security is a joke. I’ll go to sleep now :)

          • Crutchcorn

            I didn’t use Google+. 0-0

          • MasterMuffin

            You changed your username and picture, am I that creepy? :D And yes you do, thanks to G+ I found out your age. I deleted the comment with your info BTW :) Oh and sleep is for losers, it’s just 2.17AM

          • Crutchcorn

            Nah, though you were a reminder. ;P Oh yeah, I gotcha. I though you meant don’t look at your Google+. I already shared my age. You too. I know sleep is. :P

  • Xavier_NYC

    8 incher…

  • [A]dri[A]n

    This is a pretty great deal for $129. Can’t really ask for much more at that price point.

  • Dt Bell

    pretty nice acquaintance piece for someone new to Android, probably good for root demos and stuff.

  • david carlson

    i still use the Sero 7 pro, which functions well enough for typical productity apps. I don’t play a lot of games, but Netflix, web surfing, you tube, assorted word processing, PDFs etc all function well. I would assume the 8 will afford users a similar experience for several years. Not an iPad mini equivalent, but saving you a couple of hundred? I will take that trade any day all day.

  • William Mandelstamm

    I have one. It’s very nice! I recommend it! P.S. It doesn’t have an HDMI port, GPS chip, or a camera flash. The few things that are missing from the Sero 7 PRO are worth not having for the 8 inch screen.

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  • skydancer

    The Sero 8 does NOT have an HDMI out, reviewer says it does, not so. I loved the HDMI out on the Sero 7 and used it all the time, so I’m disappointed in the Sero 8 for lacking that connection.