Type Hindi text faster with Google’s new Hindi Input app

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 1, 2013

Hindi Input Google

As anyone who has to regularly type in two or more languages can tell you, switching between languages or even typing apps is a major pain in the butt. The hassle is especially aggravating when the two languages don’t share the same script.

The good news today, English and Hindi speakers, is that Google feels your pain. The tech giant recently released a typing app specifically designed for people who write in the Devanagari alphabet. The app doesn’t just offer distinct English and Hindi keyboards, between which you can easily switch, but also a way to transliterate into Devanagari.

In other words, Hindi Input lets you type into English, using the standard Latin alphabet, and the app will automagically transliterate your words into Devanagari. Not only is this a boon for those who frequently type in English and Hindi, but also (I believe) for those who want to type faster in Devanagari.

Check out the video above to see the app in action, which is now free on Google Play. And, if any non-Hindi speakers read this, see how mind-boggling complicated Devanagari is here.

  • Rohit Jain

    Downloaded and used this. You’re right, using the transliteration input is way simpler than trying to type in the native script. Having said that, it’s not all that complicated :)

  • nishantsirohi123

    This is why Android rules.

    Blackberry devices, despite being a premium brand(yes unfortunately) do not support even displaying hindi font

  • Using Galaxy S2 with ICS. Guess what? It apparently does not support Hindi. And thus this app doesn’t work on my phone.

  • xiaobin761