High-res Galaxy S4 image gallery leaks, reveals specs and features

by: Chris SmithMarch 14, 2013


With less than a day until the Galaxy S4 becomes official, a new extensive image gallery featuring the device has been leaked, and from where we’re standing, the images look very convincing.

The images, found by it168, seem to confirm the dual-SIM purported Galaxy S4 model we’ve shown you a few days ago, also leaked in China, and which we initially questioned – not that we can be 100% that this is indeed the Galaxy S4. After all, we’ve seen a fair share of concept images and fakes to hang on to our grains of salt until Samsung actually unveils the device.

Even so, the high-res images available in the gallery below are pretty interesting. According to it168, this Galaxy S4 model features a 4.99-inch display with 1080p resolution, 1.8GHz eight-core Exynos 5410 processor, PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU, 2GB of memory, 16GB of storage, microSD support and 2600mAh user-replaceable battery.

The Galaxy S4 GT-I9502 (that’s the model number of this unit) weighs 138g and has a 7.7mm profile. Before you ask, yes the Galaxy S4 comes with a plastic body, at least the model in these images, one that’s already cracked in these images. And yes, there’s a physical Home button in there as well.

Other features worth mentioning are the S Pen-like hovering touch support and the eye tracking feature that was mentioned in various leaks so far.

[nggallery id=78]

We’ll cover the Galaxy S4 extensively today – we’re even giving one away to a lucky winner – so keep us bookmarked for more Galaxy S4 details!

Meanwhile, let us know what your thoughts are on these new Galaxy S4 images and the details they reveal.

  • gewgw

    That’s it, I think this is legit

  • Craig Kennedy

    Looks damn awesome… What the S3 should have looked like…

    • wtf you talking about it looks like a damn s3/note

      • Like, but not the same. I think they should redesign the whole thing since we all expected something fresh and new, but you CAN NOT say this doesn’t look way better than the S3.

  • Balraj

    that’s it.. enough of leaks… if this is legit then
    according to me.. the phone is one big ugly device of 2013 :(
    more then software, ppl love the hardware.. there is play store to get all the add on needed to decorate your phone… cheap junk on the outside will keep ppl like me away from this device

    • Meh. Samsung don’t need complainers like you anyway. Go buy an HTC One instead…if they ever manage to release it.

      • Balraj

        I’ll try to get one if at all it releases in India

    • Talk about yourself

      I bet this design is great when you see it and hold the phone yourself

      Samsung phones always heave the best hardwere , and there software adds are really nice

      People like you should get a life, and really try to stop trolling everywhere

      • Balraj

        I’m not trolling and for God’s sake.. read my comment properly.. those words where used for the leaked images..
        I own a galaxy tab and galaxy s3 ( even my cousin has one)
        I personally know the plastic sam uses…
        so I know what I’m speaking about…

        • Bill

          Oh that makes you a professional then!!

          • Balraj

            you like compromise…I don’t like compromise.
            simple as that
            enough said

          • Bill

            How is the phone above ugly? Teens, a big market, do care about design but unless the phone is fugly, they will buy it. Samsung will attract them with the full 5 inch HD screen, the somewhat new/tweaked design, and a more premium feel. Plus it will have features like eye scroll and eye pause for new features, which phone companies have been unable to successfully market until now. Everyone said the same things last year about the GS3 and they were horribly wrong. Samsung will market the fuck out of this phone and will make it appeasing to every person on this planet if they can. The design is in no way ugly or below standards. Samsung has already said their next Galaxy will have a balance of premium feeling and tough materials.

          • Balraj

            the above leak is ugly…
            I know Sam puts more money into advertise than apple… but only a fool will fall for stupid ads.. go check out online sites like ebay, see how many ppl are selling they s3 just after few months of usage..
            Sam is good at software but suck at hardware.
            you might buy the s4 no matter what, for me looks matter. I’m upset will just the above leaked device..I like you, hope that the above leak is fake :-)

    • freedomspopular

      The hardware on the inside is top of the line, and that’s really all that matters.

  • Kwadwo Firempong-Boakye

    yup legit

  • Alexander Tatevyan

    2600 mAh battery.

  • MasterMuffin

    Not as great looking as I hoped :( Well, if it’s otherwise good, it’s good

    • Bill

      I think the design is a lot better than the GS3, and the screen looks brilliant!

      • MasterMuffin

        FULL HD!!

      • MasterMuffin

        FULL HD!!

  • It’s a dual sim fake :)

    • Duos range. All dual-sim.

      • It’s possible but i’m pretty sure that this is a fake.Or at least it’s not the Galaxy S4 :)

        • I am still somewhat sceptical myself…this is out of China after all. They are the kings of imitation. But I wouldn’t mind if that is the S4.

        • No One

          Galaxy Note II comes as dual sim for china too. Use the search you can find Android Authority already covered that.

  • lalala

    i have to say first leak on the vid it looks ugly but on these hi-res photos i have to say it looks great!

    • Tois

      Well ofcourse it looks good on the images.. What phone doesnt look good on these hi-res renders that have been heavily photoshopped..

  • Martin Rogers

    this does match the video released a few days ago

    • Henry

      The video the other day looked so ugly to me but the new pictures look great. The screen of the phone on the video has a wiper screen than the new picture. I think we only sure when Samsung let us see the S4 this afternoon.

  • The more I look at the side of the phone, the less I think it is actually metal. Looks like the same silver “metallic” plastic around the S3.

    • faghesh

      I think it’s metal. The Koreans said that the usage of premium materials will be “balanced”.

  • Richard

    Upgraded internals, better screen, minimalist symmetrical design.
    Not the best build materials but at least it will be durable.
    The video made it look weird, but these high resolution photos actually make it look nice to me.

  • If this is it then whew, finally the bezel is small enough for me to comfortably buy a new phone :D

  • No One

    With totally difference design and build and android/samsung fan still talk so much crap about iPhone 5 as not much change from iPhone 4S. So with this S4, you guys must really “love it” because it keep the same look of S3.

    HTC One will be the good choice after all.

    • Husy

      You are not so very smart are you? This site has a ANDROID fanbase, so I don’t know what you are doing here in the first place, but about your point of view. We don’t really decide what Samsung does with their design now do we, just like you can’t with Apple. But what we CAN do is look at the facts and see which one of the companies did the most with the design.

      • No One

        No clue what are you trying to say, you must talk “too smart” so I can’t understand. Who did a better job in design, I am sure everyone know it. I don’t have to say who but I can tell certainly not Samsung.

        The site is Android fanbase but I have seen a lot of topic about Apple so why wouldn’t I be here?

        Last but not least, I’m using Note 2 and going to get HTC One.

        • Husy

          Uhu, and who sold more phones? Yeah go look in the mirror and ask yourself why did I even start with this shit…..

        • freedomspopular

          Your Note 2 will welcome you back with open arms once you get over the initial love affair with the One’s physical appearance and get tired of its crappy software and lack of support from HTC.

  • Benedict Chong

    OMG, you call this Nice Design? What an Ugly Duckling with the Crap Plastics.

    • STFU troll…
      If you don’t like plastic, stick to your Aluminum HTC One but don’t come running when that tiny battery runs out or if you run out of that 16 GB onboard storage..
      Samsung understands that Micro SD and removable battery are FAR FAR more significant than having a “Metal” phone.. That’s why they sell millions and others companies except for Apple and LG are struggling to even stay relevant…

    • gaggrhtrd

      The have to use plastic if they want to have a removable battery. Metal bends and stay that way.

  • Laborin_HK

    I don’t understand why they moved in the direction of glossy plastics. I (and it seems many others) prefer the matte hard plastics (like the S2 and Galaxy Nexus).

    • Bill

      If you look closely, the back has texture to it, and isn’t glossy.

    • freedomspopular

      Yeah that’s my only beef with Samsung’s design philosophy. I love my Note 2, but I’d prefer a textured back, especially with it being so big. I was really hoping for a rubberized back like the Nexus 10. But any kind of texturing would be great in my book.

  • Husy

    I can tell you right now this is legit. But I think this is the knockoff version of it. Because I am a 100% sure that the international version will be slightly different. But too be honest I think it looks great, sure the HTC One does look better, but you just know this is going to last you langer because plastic is more durable. Even though I wouldn’t mind having an alliminium design. Oh well, I guess we will see Samsung ads everywhere from now on…

    • No One

      It is not just about plastic, the design is nothing much difference from S3. More like a mix version of S3 and Note 2. And about consumer, not really that much of ppl care about the durable. People change their phone every 1 or 2 years now and the technology change everyday so last longer mean nothing. The design is always 1st thing that catch everyone attention. Majority of customer are not tech savy so they don’t care too much about hardware either.

      • Husy

        Yeah unfortunately you are right. People these days do go with looks and name. But to be fair, I don’t care for those people and neither do you I think. I can fairly call myself a techie, and we are picky when it comes to stuff, because we want it to be so perfect. So the average consumer might not look into the specs etc. But we do.

        • No One

          True but Samsung or any other manufacture out there making their products for their larger consumer base not for us.

          For me, I only buy phone with both the look and spec.

      • freedomspopular

        I’ll take the durability and flexibility of a removable battery/micro SD support that “cheap plastic” brings over these other so-called “premium” designs any day of the week, with about every possible software feature and customization option I could ask for to go along with it. I’m glad at least one company still wants to cater to people like myself.

  • Bill

    In the picture with the battery cover taken off, the speaker looks very big, is it that big on the GS3?

    • freedomspopular

      Oh heck yes. I was hoping for some kind of dual speaker setup (I love the dual speakers on my Note 10.1) but I”m cool with that too. I just wish the opening on the back cover was bigger to let more sound out.

  • RarestName

    They’ve been talking about work phones and personal phones packaged into one device.

    Dual SIM is possible.

  • ConCal

    Ugggggh!!! Why so ugly, Samsung? Those Korean Designers need to get their act together

    • No One

      The phone itself is not ugly, it is just nothing new.

    • freedomspopular

      Who cares how it looks? Do you sit there and stare at the phone or do you use it? It’s extremely comfortable to hold, which I’d say is a lot more important for those of use actually using it and not staring at it.

  • I think this is more like an upgraded S3, and not the S4. Same design, same bezel size… almost exactly like an S3. I hope Samsung will come out with a new, beautiful design! If this is indeed the S4, I’ll pass………

  • B.O.R.I.N.G

    Looks exactly the same as the SIII

    As much as I’m not so keen on HTC, the One looks gorgeous!

  • Bill

    The insider that Sammobile gets all of its info from and that has seen the phone told Sammobile that this is one of the many prototype Galaxy S4 phones out there, and is not the final design. The specs might be completely different from this prototype phone because Samsung has many prototypes with different processors and options. Unless some credible photos leak, we will truly have to wait until it is unveiled to see its design.

  • 2G memory? u mean Ram?

  • kalaya

    need side-by-side comparison with SGS3.
    is there something changed ?

    all samsung phone looks similar to me :D

  • Peter Bognar

    The Note 2 had made the switch to micro SIM. Also, a Dual-SIm flagship phone…? Not convinced

  • Oh look the S4! It looks exactly like the cheap plasticy s3? Samsheep your getting the Apple treatment of specs bump and screen! Lol
    Samsheep will commence justification and denial now!

  • TripleH

    Disappointing from Samsung. The S3 is no looker. The S4 looks boring, frankly. There are far more beautiful designs from HTC and Sony this year.

    • Why does appearance matter so much when most ppl will buy a case that covers most of the phone up anyways? I rather the phone have good specs and perform.

  • Alex13809

    Two questions, 1) why does it already have a firmware update? And 2) why does it have two notifications that there’s no sim?? See 3rd picture

  • Floating Touch sounds amazing. Samsung innovation.

  • Roland

    Love it! Just love it!!

  • JGaLaXY

    I gotta be honest too, i think this looks legit for the first time, every other fake post i’ve questioned, but this time, it looks good and it looks better than I thought before, I was a little worried, but now im good

  • Abdullah Naji

    Looks realistic. Great SIV!

  • Gs3

    I feel sad.. Look like gs3.. Maybe this time will buy cellphone from another company.. I will wait till gs5

  • Alex13809

    Can someone please translate the text? I’d very much like to know what it says






  • wish it didn’t have any physical front buttons. :/

  • guggly

    very ugly plastic back. wow