Hey Verizon, where’s Jelly Bean for my Galaxy Nexus?

by: Simon HillAugust 24, 2012

If you buy a Google Experience Device, like the Galaxy Nexus, with the stock version of Android and no overlays you can reasonably expect to get Android platform updates before everyone else, right? Well if you’re with Verizon apparently not. The carrier still has not rolled out OTA updates to Jelly Bean for Galaxy Nexus owners and what’s worse is that they won’t name a date.

As Maggie at CNET points out, the unlocked GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus already got its update. While the Galaxy Nexus at Verizon and Sprint is CDMA, that shouldn’t really have any impact on the carrier’s ability to update it. In reality the problem is that Verizon Wireless has rigorous testing procedures about the software and the roll out itself and it isn’t rushing.

Verizon customers have got to feel pretty annoyed about this. Every new version of Android offers up some tasty new features and Jelly Bean is no exception. Google Now and the ability to identify the source of notifications and turn them off for specific apps are the highlights for me, but there’s plenty in there to stoke your desire.

The whole point of buying a stock Android device without custom overlays from manufacturers is that you expect to get updates faster. To pour salt into the wound we’re also hearing that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be getting Jelly Bean, despite having Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface.

If you have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon then you can either wait or you can try a custom ROM. If you want to give it a go then you could try this Jelly Bean ROM installation guide.

Let us know how you get on and what you think about Verizon being slow to upgrade the Galaxy Nexus. Is it enough to make you consider another carrier?

  • Easy solution to update to Jelly Bean.
    DumP Verizon. Get a GSM GNex. Go with T-Mobile and also save almost $40.00 a month.
    Unlimited, No contract, NO Brainer

    • derekross

      Not everyone can do your no brainer solution. For me, I would not be never be able to. Tmo has next to zero service here. Verizon has 4G and plenty of 3G coverage all over. I’m with Verizon because they are the best in terms of speed and coverage. I can’t go to another provider even if I wanted to.

    • leoingle

      It’s not a no-brainer for everybody. A lot of places, t-mo’s reception sucks bad. I live in Houston, so I am lucky to have good t-. O reception.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Who cares. Put Bugless Beast on your phone and be done with it.

    There is not 1 single reason to do this. You can even update and then unroot if you want/need to.

    (long time wait-er, recent rom-er)

    • derekross

      BB is stock 4.1.1 with a reboot menu. Nothing more. It’s perfect.

      • David

        There is no stock 4.1.1 for verizon galaxy nexus. It doesn’t exist yet. Any variation made today is a hacked version, not official. It is NOT ‘perfect’.

    • leoingle

      Bug less Beast was pretty buggy for me.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        In what way? The only issue i have had (minor to me) is issues with pics via sms.

        I am curious what you experienced.

        • leoingle

          MMS like you, wifi tether, random FCs, bluetooth not connecting after pairing. And i wipe the exact same way every time i install a rom, so wasnt that.

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            Wow. Sorry for just seeing this.

            I assume wifi tether you mean the built in one and not the root user app. The apps don’t seem to work, but there is no reason not to use the built in one on BB.

            I don’t use BT with mine so can’t speak to that.

    • Jay Lefkowicz

      Bugless Beast is the way to go. I wrote a how to root for newbies – felt like the instructions that were out there had a few holes in them or assumed the phone was new and had no data / custom settings.


  • I left Tmobile for this phone if they had a 32gb version I might go back. Guess I’ll flash CM10.

    • leoingle

      I had CM10 before I got Paradigm. Paradigm is much more solid at this point in time.

  • leoingle

    I am more than done with Verizon. I am tired of the limitations of AOSP on CDMA. I am tired of Verizon crap they pull, this is only one, the only locked bootloader on the S3 is another. There are more but I don’t feel like sitting here all day and listing them. Bottom line, if you are a rooter and flasher, Verizon is the last service provider you want to be on. As far as custom ROMs for the I-515, I have tried all the JB ones and I have settle on Paradigm. Which is surprising because I have always been quite the critic of BAMF. But it is definitely the most solid JB ROM out there for the GNex. My Verizon contract is up in Jan ’13. In the meantime I am buying a ATT phone and a T-Mo and getting a month of prepaid on both so I can test reception. I am not sure which one I am going to, but am Def going to one of them.

    • John Alvares

      T-Mobile is going full unlimited data now… you should definetly look at them. I’m thinking of putting up my VZW Gnex for sale, and buying the GSM GNex and hooking up with T-Mo

  • Amblin

    “Verizon Wireless has rigorous testing procedures about the software and the roll out itself and it isn’t rushing.” is BS. No reason they couldn’t work with Google to test new releases before they are OTA’d by Google. New iOS releases are available on all carriers at the same time. I gave Verizon a couple of weeks to release JB, gave up, installed Bugless Beast and have been very happy.

  • Kyle Gustafson

    Life isn’t as bad as you all make it seem. Cheer up!

  • nexus

    “Verizon’s vigorous testing”? I have had plenty of issues with my Thunderbolt, with the software Verizon has pushed out to me. If they actually pushed out updates in a timely fashion I think none of their phones would even boot up.

  • Rob S

    This waiting nonsense has gotta go! This was one of my biggest reasons to buy this phone! I want my updates! Whenever a new version of android is out I want it right away! How come we gotta wait for so long??? I have a nexus7 to hold me over but still…come on Verizon!!!

  • tomn1ce

    Sadly most people don’t know what JB is and that there’s a new OS for their device. I didn’t know this myself until my brother got me into reading engadget with an article he forwarded to me in 2010. From there I clicked on links and this is how I found this site, Droid-life, Phandroid and a couple of others. Since then I’ve been reading these sites and keeping myself inform in the world of gadgets. By reading these sites I gave my OG Droid an extra 6 month of life by flashing CM7 on to it. CM7 helped me hold onto my OG Droid until the end of 2011. I was actually looking forward for the release of the Bionic, if I wouldn’t had been reading these sites, right now I would’ve been stuck with the Bionic. Thank God I didn’t pull the trigger on the Bionic and waited until the Droid Razr, Rezound and G-Nexus were released.


    I already rooted & installed a custom ROM on my Nexus

  • I waited and waited for 4.0.4 until I gave up and flashed it to my GN myself. So when JB was available as a custom ROM, I didn’t waste any time putting it on my GN. Then when BB was available, that was my go to and I’ve had great success. When VZW finally comes out with it’s JB OTA update I will flash back to give it a try, but I know I’ll have a backup of JB on BB to go back to if I need to.

  • aaronZona

    I agree, Verizon you kinda suck at updates, ALL updates. But, Google you’re not exactly helpful. In the Play store it is possible to buy an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus, no CDMA version available. Why???

  • Tonmil

    Vote with your feet and switch to AT&T. That’s the only way to sway Verizon to change their ways.

    • Barkley Fan

      AT&T generally sets the tone for Verizon policy. Choosing AT&T is justifying Verizon policy. Choose just about anyone else is you want those policies to change. Leave the giants scrambling for revenue, they will pay attention to where the revenue is going.

  • Larkhillv

    Xenon HD is a nice solution. I have been on it for awhile, after trying Jelly Belly for awhile. I prefer Xenon as it seems more stable. Root and a clean flash will fix this problem, but for those who don’t root, it’s ridiculous that it’s taking this long to get the OTA out. I know several people with the GNexus, and I can see why they’d be upset about not getting JB in a timely manner.

  • Jerry Roy

    Verizon Sucks, I can’t wait till Google buys a Carrier and releases a Googlerola MAXX Phone. Then Verizon will be sucking air Big Time. They try and control the Roms, Google Wallet, etc.. It’s nothing but a good old fashioned shake down. Pulling a Jessie Jackson.

  • SamLemur

    CM10 nightlies…enough said

  • This is exactly what EVERY Canadian/yakjuux Galaxy Nexus user has been going through that didn’t have a pure yakju/takju version to begin with, or flash to those streams themselves.

    Samsung Mobile Canada continues to say they are working with Google and provide no timeline while we have been stuck on 4.0.1 for the last SEVEN MONTHS.

    This is pitiful and not the Nexus experience that we were all sold on up here. I’ve personally flashed to Yakju and am running Jellybean now, but the general users of these supposed Google phones should not have to do this.

  • sickofvzw

    Verizon is always slow on updates. Jellybean obviously is no exception.Verizon is going buhbye as soon as my contract is up, been fed up with them for a very long time