Hey, Don’t Judge Me Until You’ve Tried Me—Says Android 4.0

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 19, 2012
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As they all say, nothing spreads more quickly than gossip and advertising through word of mouth. Unfortunately, the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, was not given justice from the tradition of ‘I know someone who knows someone who knows someone….’ Friends over at SlashGear posted an article about finding an article (unknown source) that says ‘a high-ranking set of names’ has released information of a highly unsatisfied ICS user. Moreover, this source of theirs has repeatedly expressed their dislike for the latest OS, even during the CES event this year. Sadly, they spoke of their strong dislike for the OS to a group of people who do not know much about the differences which Google produced for their Android systems.

We agree with Chris Burns, author of the article in SlashGear. People shouldn’t be too quick to judge the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS unless they’ve experienced it firsthand. And yes, testing the unit over at CES does not make you an expert already. Given the amount of time you were able to have a ‘hands-on’ feel for the demo unit, it still isn’t enough time to explore the new upgrades Google has blessed the ICS with.

So let’s wait and see. We’re looking forward to testing the ICS pretty soon, but until then, we’ll be keeping an open mind.

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  • AppleFUD

    Anyone that takes the advice of any “tech reviewer” as absolute is an idiot! And 3x and idiot if you take if from a source of a source. Yeah, my buddy’s buddy said. . . . stop listening there!

    Always do your own research from multiple sources then get hands on with the item and only then make your decision. This is like all the reviewers (people that never touched the device) that bitched about the pentile display on the Galaxy Nexus when everyone that had actual hands on experience stated it was one of the best displays if not the best that they had seen on a phone.

    Reviewers dished the RIM PlayBook and yes, they were missing apps and launched it way too early however, it is IMO one of the best designed tablets and has by far the best browser and a few features that no other tablet OS can touch. But. . . does that mean it will work for you?

    Research and find out. Don’t be lazy.

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  • randy

    wait a minute. you haven’t tested ICS?