Here’s the “All new HTC One” in Gold

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 19, 2014

htc one 2014 gold press shot

And the cat is officially out of the bag – over the last 24 hours, we learned a couple of key details about the HTC M8, including its commercial name and the first highly credible press shots.

According to @evleaks, HTC’s new flagship phone, will hit stores as “The All New HTC One”. It’s possible that’s just a marketing tagline and the device will be called simply HTC One or HTC One (2014); regardless, the rumors of HTC One Two and HTC One Plus can officially be put to sleep. @evleaks says the device will launch in gray, silver and gold, which is at odds with what developer Shen Ye claimed – dark gray, silver, gold, red, and blue.

The image above is the first clear press shot of the new HTC One, clad in Gold, courtesy of the same @evleaks. And here’s a press shot of the dark gray version, partially obscured by a bulky case.

htc one 2014 dark gray press shot

The new HTC One will be unveiled on March 25 at a dual event in New York and London,  and invitations for it were sent out just yesterday. The device will feature a 5-inch display of Full HD resolution, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and is widely believed to come with an advanced dual-lens camera that we know very little about.

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