Here’s an iPad mini knockoff with a phone function

by: J. Angelo RacomaApril 1, 2013

iPad Mini Android phone knockoff

Apple seems to have hit the screen size limit with the iPhone 5’s four-inch diagonal screen squeezed into a taller package. That’s not stopping the iPad mini from being one of Apple’s more popular devices, eating into the full-sized iPad sales, though. But it’s still a tablet and not a phone. What would you get if you had an iPad mini that could make phone calls?

A Chinese knockoff tablet does just this. The tablet, named “No. 1 mini Pad” looks like an iPad mini from afar, and even the packaging mimics that of the iPad mini. However, you can distinguish it from the real thing with its wider bezel (the screen measures 7 inches rather than 7.9) and the branding at the back. It also runs an un-identified build of Android, although there’s no word whether it will be skinned to appear like iOS like some knockoffs.

Specs-wise, it’s not exactly an iPad mini or a Nexus 7 competitor, but it’s not likely that it would matter for this device’s target market.

  • Quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • Lightning connector clone port for charging and data transfers
  • 1280×720 (rumored) 7-inch display
  • SIM tray for data and voice communications

The device comes with both rear- and front-facing cameras. According to GizChina, the device is just a prototype and build quality left much to be desired. There’s no word on the pricing yet, although GizChina says the tablet is set for production and release soon. We know how agile these Chinese manufacturing outfits are, and they can churn out gadgets at will.

Cheap knockoffs are quite abundant, especially in a country that does not have the same regard for intellectual property as with the rest of the world. As with most cheap knockoffs, though, there is no assurance that it will provide the same user experience as with a branded device, like the iPad Mini itself or the Nexus 7, especially in terms of responsiveness, build quality and battery life. But if you’re out for an iPad mini lookalike that does a bit more than the iPad itself (such as make calls), then this might be an interesting tablet to watch out for.

  • This is trash.

  • magnifico17

    i prefer an apple branded ipad and not chinese mimicks because i don’t give a shit to chinese garbages.

    • Rod Napeda

      hehe, you should have known that iPad is discreetly and purely manufactured from China. Please be informed.

      • But designed in america

        • Rod Napeda

          Yeah I know. And you may also browse for OEMs, you might get yourself a surprise of a 100% authentic Apple product minus JUST the glowing Logo.
          It’s almost kept a secret by many. hehe

          • Every company does that , its not only apple.

          • Rod Napeda

            You are right Piyush. And by the way, no one insisted that it’s only apple. right?

          • Magnetic1

            You may know by now that there are some news in washington about deficit problems.
            Well if profits stay in usa, then so does the tax on them to paid down the deficits.
            Funny how everything is connected.
            That is why I don’t like foreign companies taking over American telecom companies.

          • Rod Napeda

            well i guess its the americans who are giving them chances to do so @bd6b345bc0fd3ce95657d23dafa6d5b9:disqus
            1st – they outsource from non -american corporations, 2nd – they (american companies) innovate slowly even if they can do it with just one blow – and 3rd – they are so overpriced.
            What do you think?

    • AndroidFTW

      hey not all products from china are cheap knockoffs

      • Mike Reid

        No, not all, and most of the good ones have brand names like Samsung, HTC, Apple, etc.

        But still, MANY of the rest are sinfully awful.

  • The iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen. You’re making Apple look flexible

    • jangeloracoma

      Oh right. Editing the piece now. Thanks for pointing out.

  • PuzzledObserver

    Is it $10 (ten) free shipping? If so, I’d order one.

  • seyss

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  • George

    Maybe i’d buy something like this if it was made from a well known company such as samsung or asus because then it would had software support and possibly good warranty.

  • id love to buy this but hope they release a version without the physical button …. there is no point having a phone and a tablet … this is the best merger of the two till flexible displays come about….oh but smaller bezels wont hurt too i suppose

  • Pano Kondoyiannis

    Cheap, more cheap and better quality

  • Jelly Bean

    Another plagiarized design out of China…

  • The display is 1280 x 800. I’ll have a post up of true iPad Mini clones at my blog later today.