The HDC One clones HTC One’s design to the letter, but compromises in the hardware department

by: AdrianMarch 29, 2013


Talk about commitment to a cause. Not a noble cause, but still. You have to give it up for the makers of the latest Chinese clone, which doesn’t only replicate the original’s design, but also its name. Almost to the letter.

The gadget pictured above is the HDC One, a pretty good knock-off of one of the hottest Android smartphones around – the HTC One. The funny thing is HDC doesn’t only make HTC lookalikes, but also clones for Samsung devices, so it’s almost like this is nothing more than an unfortunate name coincidence.

HDC One’s design is no coincidence though and the thing looks a lot closer to its inspiration than the first One clone that emerged back in February – the GooPhone One. We highly doubt HDC can afford to use aluminum for the clone’s frame, but the “plastic unibody” could fool anyone into thinking this is the real deal.


Naturally, once you’ll get your hands on the HDC One, you’ll be able to tell the difference, especially performance-wise. The copycat only packs a 1.2 GHz quad-core MT6589 CPU and 1 GB of RAM beneath the hood, while the 4.7-inch display boasts a run-of-the-mill 720p resolution.

The battery is even worse, at just 1,700 mAh, but on the bright side the HDC One is to come with Android 4.2.1 and decent dual 8 MP/2 MP cameras. And the price point, if real, will definitely sweeten the deal – $160.

The release is supposedly slated for April 1 (hopefully, it’s no joke), but we can’t be sure about that just yet as we haven’t been able to track any listings on the websites that usually sell these replicas.

One thing is for sure though – HTC is starting to regain some of its lost mojo. How else can you explain the increasing number of knock-offs of the company’s phones?

  • Erick

    For a short-term, disposable phone, $160+that spec is a great deal.

    Maybe I’ll buy S4 for raw power and this for show :)

    • Cao Meo

      Haha, why not buy HTC One and you get both in 1 phone?

  • This actually is more appealing to me than the real ONE for the two reasons that I don’t like the real ONE. The HTC logo isn’t there where the capacitive button is supposed to be, making room for the multitasking button and the home button in the middle and it doesn’t have sense!! For a $160 price point, I might actually consider buying one if it will be compatible with AT&T/T-Mo bands

    • wow cheap people that complain about the dumbest things

      • I second that

      • What? I would happily buy the HTC J Butterfly (DNA) any day of the week but I don’t like the design of the One, plain and simple and I’m not the biggest fan of Sense but personally I like sense 4 more than sense 5. Don’t boil this down to price because it’s not what I would highlight in this phone, although since it’s $160 it would make a good choice as a backup if my Nexus 4 were to break…

  • KLP

    Hilarious! Good job HDC!!

    • MasterMuffin

      And it even has newer Android version xD

  • Oleg Maksimenko

    HDC One FTW! The next step is Samsun Universe S4000. No typo in the brand name.

    • Cao Meo

      I have another name: Samsunq Galaxq S4

  • RaptorOO7

    I know that China is not much more than a photocopying country, but seriously are there no limits to the direct rip off’s and counterfeit goods they won’t sell. HTC is a Taiwanese company so basically it’s China so why not sue them over it?

  • Jack

    If the Chinese copy your product, it means you made something impressive.

  • Jack

    the HTC camera is best at night shot and this is a big start for HTC
    next year when they put 8 or 13 ultra mp camera then you all will know what is ultra camera is. any company when they start in a
    new technology they start small and then go bigger over time no one can
    go from first all the way. take this as beta to see and test it and then
    improve it