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Chromecast seems to be a huge hit. This little device has an insane amount of potential. There’s just one thing lacking: official apps. Even if an official app isn’t available yet, you can cast tabs from your desktop or laptop, which works quite well if your computer can support it. While poking around some of the Chromecast configuration files, the guys over at GTVHacker found something quite interesting. It seems that a lot of additional apps or receivers are being tested at this time. During this past week’s announcement, Google told us that Pandora and others were coming sometime down the road for Chromecast. Here’s a look at what might be coming soon.

  • Pandora
  • HBO Go
  • Washtington Post
  • AOL ON
  • Qello
  • Revision 3
  • Songza
  • Tic Tac Toe (most likely used just for testing purposes)

Each of these applications can be viewed right now, in their testing phase on the web. However, they don’t do anything besides showing splash pages at this time and some of them don’t even load.



If Google can get these applications out fast, Chromecast’s popularity and usefulness is going to skyrocket. Keep your fingers crossed!

What other apps would you like to see on Chromecast? Let us know.

Derek Ross
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  • The Reverend Dak

    Al Jazeera!

  • Craig S.

    Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify, Rdio, Starz Play, Showtime Anywhere, SlingPlayer and PLEX…

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Also Pinterest, FB, instagram, twitter, vine, TED Talks, Stumble Upon, live wallpapers, etc..
      (Not that I use them, but I’m sure others would rather like to display a picture or video from any of these applications)

  • AndroidBrian

    Can I stream something thats on my internal storage with Chromecast?

    • Arjen82

      From a computer you can. You need to install the plug-in in Chrome, type the filename in the omnibar and click the Chromecast button to share. This should work according to some tech sites. Hoping to test it myself soon (but no word yet when the Chromecast is coming to Europe)

      • AndroidBrian

        That’s what eBay is for :). I’m on the fence about this. First impulse is to just buy it cuz it cost $35 bucks. I’ve read it can only play back 720p video.& I know streaming from local storage always takes a hit in pic quality too.

  • drdarke

    Where’s TWiT Network?

  • Arjen82
  • cabbiebot

    BeyondPod support is coming!

  • Toby Johnes

    Apps that need to be added to Chrome Cast:

    Crackle, Xbmc, Dailymotion, Vudu, Vimeo.Hulu Plus, Spuul, TVN, amo-Navi x, Watchespn; basically all video/audio streaming apps and All news apps.

  • Jason Muffenbier

    Amazon prime video. Cnn. Greater local file support

  • End in sight


  • David Mueller

    Isn’t a HDMI cable cheaper? :-)
    I think that you then want to see what’s happening on your big screen,
    I don’t know for what you want to use it but I would then see what I’m doing on a big screen and I can typically only use a wireless mice a few meters away from my desktop/laptop.

    So for what do you use it?
    Only that your friends can see what you are doing, even if it is 3 rooms away?

    (Sorry for my poor English)

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Even if so, phones don’t have HDMI support.
      Besides who wants cables when you can have no none, or in this case one almost invisible

      • David Mueller

        Can I use screen mirroring even with my smartphone?

  • blanco112

    I waited on this because it seems like it’s missing a lot of apps, but I should have jumped all over this when they were offering the Netflix promotion.

    Are the apps even necessary if you can run the content on Chrome?

  • fuzzypate
    (What other apps would you like to see on Chromecast? Let us know.)

  • charolastra

    Another suggestion: DishWorld App

  • symbolset

    Camera app