HBO GO app may have Chromecast functionality soon

by: Nate SwannerJuly 26, 2013


Chromecast may be the media streaming darling we all wanted from Google, but it left us wanting in a few areas. It’s not quite Miracast, and (thankfully) not Google TV. The offerings available at launch are great, but we could always use a few more.

Enter HBO GO. For those who have the service, and enjoy watching shows like Game of Thrones on their mobile device(s), Chromecast would be perfect. No fumbling through Cable On Demand menus, no more setting aside time at a designated TV. If CJ Heres of GTV Hacker is correct, we’ll be getting that utility soon enough.

According to CJ, testing is already being done on the HBO GO Android app for Chromecast. In a Pastebin file, it would appear that is the case, as we see “HBO_Dev_App” as well as “HBO_App”. There are other listings, like The Washington Post, Songza, or Qello, but HBO GO is definitely the most compelling on the list.

Unfortunately, we still go wanting for any official news on the Hulu or Amazon apps making their way to the Chromecast, but HBO GO would be another heavy hitter in an already respectable lineup.

Do you have a Chromecast? Getting one? What would you think of HBO GO being available for the device? Let us know in the comments section!

  • mystilleef

    If I need a cable service to use it, then I don’t care for it.

  • taz89

    Just waiting for it to be available in the UK so I can get it.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    As I’ve said over on D-L, apps like HBOgo and such are just what i’m looking for with chromecast. Both mine have shipped. Just a matter of getting them now and seeing what i can and can’t do with them.

  • Cuauhtemoc Sosa

    bought 2, can’t wait to try them out. Hulu would be nice to have though.

  • And now just to wait for them to allow you to subscribe without CABLE!!

    • Trent Richards

      Been waiting for that myself.

  • Craig S.

    Vudu has told me they are working to bring Chromcast support to their app…

  • scb1898

    I have my Chromecast. it works pretty darn well. I love the fact that you cast, and other websites to your TV from Chrome browser. The video looks great, and the sound is in sync.

  • Timm Spinn

    HBO GO is the single biggest reason I am getting a Chromecast, so they better hurry!

  • sumi

    when do other countries receive chromecast?.. :(