Have a Mac? Have an Android Tablet or Phone? No Problem thanks to SyncMate!

by: Darcy LaCouveeMay 4, 2011
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About time Apple and Android learned to play nice. Don’t think this software is being made by Apple though, they won’t have any of it. Like most true software innovations that occur, this nifty piece of software has been created by a group of top-notch developers. The folks over at Eltima Software, developers of SyncMate software, have finally liberated Mac users to be able to sync their with Android phones and Android tablets too. SyncMate 3 fully supports Android synchronization and additional tests proved that SyncMate can sync Mac with Android tablets too.

Hey, and we won’t judge you because you are experiencing a technology identity crisis. Macs are great computers, and a lot of people use them.

SyncMate was designed from the ground up to allow syncing of contacts and calendars between Mac and Android devices, for free. However, if you want to give them a bit of cash, you can upgrade to their “Expert Edition”, and get full access to all the options SyncMate offers for Android devices. This includes folders, music, images, videos sync, bookmarks synchronization, the possibility to manage SMS messages on your Mac and mount Android as a Mac disk and lots more.

Check out how versatile this software actually is:

Basically, SyncMate is a versatile sync tool which allows you to sync data between your Mac, Android device(s),  and accounts within one app. Nice!

Via: SyncMate

  • Chris Aiken Imagery

    Thanks for the info it’s all new to me coming from the land of iPhone and into the realm of Android.

  • Anna Bergman

    I have a sprint LG has anyone had luck syncing that with Mac? Sync Mate doesn’t seem to be working

  • Dan Bfg

    Please find a solution for this someone!

  • G Arseneau

    I have a Tablet that I bought in China but I cannot get the tablet to work. Any information on how to get it working,I cannot even get it hooked on to the the router.

  • Zaibi Khan

    Wi-Fi Internet users may find it inconvenient to sync through Wi-Fi option. The Contact Sync app is bit slower.