Happy Holidays Prize Pack Giveaway (Nexus 5, LG G Pad, Bose Bluetooth Speaker +More)

by: Derek ScottDecember 25, 2013


It’s with great pleasure that we get to announce an amazing international giveaway sponsored by the good folks over at Opera Browser.

One lucky person is going to win a prize pack worth more than $1200, the prize pack will contain the following items:

Opera Browser for Android

Opera has spent 2013 revamping their entire mobile browser interface. Earlier this year, we reviewed all the big changes to Opera Browser. With their latest big update, there is now a  new Opera tablet UI that optimizes the look and feel for tablets.

How to enter the giveaway

It really doesn’t get any easier than this, folks. All you have to do is enter your information in the RaffleCopter widget below. From there, you only need to enter once and you will be in the running for the draw each day! And the odds of winning something will be very good.

You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

  • (1) ticket to download Opera Browser
  • (1) ticket to leave a blog post comment
  • (1) ticket to like the Opera Facebook Page
  • (1) ticket if you follow Opera on Twitter
  • (10) bonus tickets available if you refer friends to enter the contest. After completing your entry you will be given a unique URL that you can share on your social networks. If someone enters the giveaway via your link you will earn a ticket with a maximum of 10 bonus tickets.

Join the giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway* and is open to everyone worldwide.
  • * If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • We are not responsible for any import duties or taxes that you may incur.
  • You must be age of majority in your resident Country
  • Only 1 entry per person, winners will be verified.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority

Good luck everyone!

  • I look for good battery life, but most of all, stock Android support. That’s why I’m currently using the HTC One GPe.

  • calotono

    Decent battery, good camera, good display, good build-quality. Like my current Nexus 5 :D

  • Arham Jamal

    Flash player support and incognito mode.

  • Charles W.

    I look for speed and efficiency in my browser. Clean interface that lets me do what I need to do is also high on my list.

  • John Christensen

    Love it all, I do!

  • Jonty

    I want flash player support, private mode, multi-user mode with password protection, and beautiful design

  • bingram11

    I look for a comfortable ui

  • Emilio Villegas

    Spwed efficiency and privacy.

  • Euan Tan

    gesturesss r a must

  • eric10234

    Mobile browsing is mostly used when I’m away from my laptop. Speed, power consumption and ease of use are at the top of my list of things I look for in a mobile browser. If I had to pick just one, it would probably be ease of use.
    I don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full fledged desktop browser but I do appreciate things like tabbed browsing and auto adjusting of the page layout.

  • Kevin Santos Almeida

    I would like it with better design

  • Broderick Welzel

    speed, privacy and smooth easy to use ui

  • Siddharth Shukla

    Simple, clean interface is always a big plus. Thanks Opera!

  • andry_naples

    I look for speed and clean ui

  • Darrick Moren

    Smooth sailing and some sort of flash support

  • Vasilis

    Make it be me! No money for gadgets this year!

  • rifa

    I would like it if its better , faster , and easy to use..

  • Peter Blanco

    Oh man, this would be absolutely fantastic! Good luck to everyone and a huge thanks to AA!

  • wuzi

    Mostly just a clean, simple design. Nothing fancy.

  • John B

    privacy and fast

  • Frederico Benevides

    Speed and security! It would be awesome to win this.

  • Odalis Hernandez


  • pete bayani camporedondo


  • Jeremy Cobble

    Ad free smooth operating pop up blocker and simple to use

  • Dave Feril

    Speed and a clean interface.

  • JoseFikuii

    I like it because since I was in symbian s50 it was the best and still is. it changes and I barely notice it because it changes its development not the look xD

  • Alexandana Theng

    When is my turn to win? :)

  • Daveybear

    Tabs and integration across devices

  • Personally I would be thrilled to win just a Nexus 5 or an LG G Pad 8.3 Google Edition. As for the mobile browser, speed is important, syncing bookmarks better my Smartphone, Tablet and PC and being about to play video without a app.

  • Johnny Hilderbrands

    Personally a better download manager than on offer in current browsers for android and windows would be good, along with cross platform sync of all data.

  • Ol

    Flash, secure, possibly sync with other devices. Awesome giveaway!

  • David Triscari

    Few crashes and simple interface

  • jlafount

    I want it to load pages fast and not run out of memory and shut down every few minutes

  • Rajkumar

    By far this an awesome give away. Thank you opera and Android authority.

    Winning this giveaway would be a great Christmas present.

  • Nang Monin

    Smooth and fast, fullscreen browsing, and capability.

  • Darko

    privacy, design, speed and easy to use…

  • martyhalpern

    speed; ability to sync across all devices (Android & PC); intuitive interface.

  • speed and form field defaulting

  • miguel fernandez

    data saving and fast browsing

  • Alex Goldschmidt

    I look for clarity in how the info is presented, and need fast loading times

  • miztrniceguy

    I already have Opera

  • My Name

    Flash support

  • jamie burton

    I want it

  • RAC

    I look for speed and multi platform features

  • Bryant Guerrero

    Better battery life and expandable storage.

  • Austin

    Fast,secure and reliable

  • HBO

    Flash, reduced data usage, sync.. is what I look for in a browser

  • Kevin Santos Almeida

    Good luck everyone and merry christmas!

  • ih8legal

    The main feature I like in a mobile browser is speed.

  • Matt Laze

    sync with my computers / secure place to save passwords / smooth / fast / easy to navigate / adblocking

  • slyder0244

    bookmark syncing

  • Cassiano Galli

    great giveaway!

  • Simple and intuitive interface, fast and lightweight. That’s what I look for in a browser!

    Chrome is good as it is cross-platform, shares tabs and history with its desktop counterpart and…it’s Google! But then again, it does get heavy over time and uses a lot of resources; even when using on a fast piece of hardware.

    Opera improves on this a lot more, and it has been my daily browser for quite some time now.

  • Ben Davenport

    Thanks aa for this awesome giveaway.

  • James Chester Anders

    Speed and compatibility. Can’t stand slow browsers.

  • Kurt

    Speed and optimization

  • R. Iyer

    Fast rendering and bookmark syncing with a desktop browser

  • Tjbomb3r

    Word bird

  • AaronDeVante

    I look for stability, quickness and a data compressor like Opera offers is very nice.

  • Jun Guan

    Being able to use adobe player to stream videos and fast browsing

  • Rui Ribeiro

    another great prize

  • Mišel Čupković

    … fast browsing.

  • mikk

    Fast, Smart text alignment and sync with desktop PC.

  • Matteo

    Maybe this time is my turn to win… Well, I hope so, like everyone ekse here

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    Speed and sync between diferent devices

  • Jose Manuel Gómez Ulloa


  • Jonathan

    Oh, goodie!

  • I have to win this giveaway!

  • youngsunny

    lagless browsing experience

  • Rowan

    browser with speed and gesture to allow easy tab switches and other functionalities

  • Nicholas Dunkley

    Few crashes, simplicity, speed, uses minimal data

  • mauro93mdq

    Speed, simplicity

  • Ralph Stewart

    Now this is what I call a complete tech gift package.

  • Денис Красько

    Synchronization with desktop version, lightweigh.

  • That Guy

    I like my browsers to be fast and ad free

  • Thomas Bridgewater

    Speed and a nice interface.

  • Rantek

    Speed of loading and helpful add-ons as will as a small data footprint make a great mobile browser!!

  • Jeremy Decker


  • Spyros Giotakis

    I look for speed

    • Ian Savage

      So do I!

    • roodkopvoske

      Speed is nice but stability is even more important to me.

  • Judd Sandage

    I would love the ablity to not need to resize upon going to a page to fit the page to the screen, all mobile brosers seem to do this… no idea why.

  • Andrew P.

    Fast, Smooth, Stable

  • Marco

    I want a browser that loads up fast.

  • Anthony Glenn Hidayat

    Speed and design

  • Laurent Morel

    speed, bookmarks, and sync are the most important features

  • Michael W. Johnson Jr.


  • Chatio

    Sync with other devices (Laptops, PCs, tablets, etc), speed, and a clear, easy to use UI

  • Fábio Cerveira

    great prize… :)

  • Alex


  • Cláudio Brito

    AA for the win!

  • Aaron Esham

    Needs to be fast and easy to use.

  • andygmorris

    Good luck everyone! Here’s hoping that I can win a gagdget to get me away from the desktop a bit!! ;-)

  • Ben Davenport

    The best browser features for me are flash support,sync with PC and other android devices, speed,secure and data compression.

  • Rukevbe Efeotor

    Fast and clean interface its awesome!

  • Jake Nunn

    speed, flash, secure and nice easily read web page display.

  • Danial

    More gesture and faster loading

  • Jishnu Gokul

    When ever i use my mobile browser i see that it is fast as well as it can bring me all the information at the same time.

  • jweaver214

    I enter a lot of giveaways so I like a lot of speed, easy form filling, and easy navigation.

  • Cláudio Brito


  • Thomas Su

    I want this more than anything. Please pick me! :)

    Also I would like data compression that actually works in a mobile browser.

  • John Vincent Rita

    Simple UI, fast and secured mobile browser

  • Louly McButter

    That it’s stable, fast, and doesn’t lock up when I need it!

  • Rafael Augusto

    speed, smoothness, stability, design, bookmarks syc

  • Jeffrey

    Best browser I know for reading on the Internet. The resizing text feature is awesome. I use it many times a day. The new design is great too.

  • Loi Dinh

    give me!!

  • Rafter

    Speed, simplicity, clean, sync with mobile, ad-free, customizable

  • luiz alberto borro junior


  • TransWarp

    Haven’t used Opera in awhile. Guess now is a good time to check it out!

  • AL Ooi

    For a mobile browser, it needs to be fast, secure and reliable!!
    This will be a great xmas present for me!!!!
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Thomas Zhou

    A fast browser is all I need. :)

  • rosalinda

    Speed and flash player

  • raymond

    I personally look for the phones quality in terms of durability and battery life. I also take into consideration the pixel of the cam, the speed of the phone and of course its memory :)

  • Gustavo Machado Rangel da Silv

    OH DEAR DROIDLORD, gotta have it

  • Justin Leahey

    I look for synching my desktop and mobile browser, mainly bookmarks and passwords. Thanks for giving this stuff away!

  • MRed1

    all i’m looking for is speed. Opera already got the job done!

  • Robertas Kurakovas

    Fast speed , with no ads , and synchronization with pc / bookmark account and passwords

  • Jonathan Pulido

    Hope I win

  • Jonathan Baker

    Mostly speed, but desktop mode is essential too.

  • Pat E.

    Don’t have an Android device so I have no idea what I would want in a mobile browser

  • Kasper

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Michael Williams

    Thank you opera and Android authority

  • Filipe Dâmaso Saraiva

    a clean stock Android experience that is updated as frequently as possible

  • Danilo

    Now this is a happy holidays, wow! Thanks Android Authority for your giveaways and great coverage of the droid world

  • Cushiediva Tonya

    I like a browser that’s easy to read and navigate

  • Mohammed Shinoy

    In a mobile browser. I want the ability to multi-task seamlessly

  • philip

    speed,speed and more speed also would like another helping of speed!

  • Christopher Heidt

    Speed and an interface that is intuitive and unique.

  • Constantine Good

    Fast, build quality, camera, battery life and display

  • joel st.martin

    free lol

  • hristijan

    I like the discovery tab

  • Louie

    speed & design

  • Adam Fuller

    Happy holidays and good luck to all!

  • Jmccomas04

    Speed. Merry Xmas everyone!!!!!

  • Brandon De Otaduy

    I look for a quick, smooth, and reliable browser.

  • A great mix of devices to take anyone’s life mobile.

  • StargateNH

    I like real tabs. Trying to get use to Chrome Mobile and I dont like it.

  • Kevin Taber

    Hope to win!

  • Nick V

    A browser that is fast and secure.

  • Lewis

    Ease of use

  • Alex T.

    I woult be the happiest man in the world I I’l win this one

  • ishayh

    the simplicity of navigating !

  • Danilo

    I like my mobile browser to be good at my crappy connection :/

  • Paulo

    Integration with LastPAss

  • Nicholas Curtis

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. Help me Lord!

  • Paul Wilson

    Speed, mostly.

  • Peter Li

    I look mostly for speed (no scroll lag), and ease of usage.

  • Ridwan Yusuf

    lightweight and compressed data

  • Patrick Miller

    It’s got to be better than Windows!

  • Grégoire b

    I need Flash support!
    Nice giveaway!

  • Wanda Bergman

    Stability and fast browsing.

  • José

    Good speed!

  • Treyen Udall

    I like Web browsers to be fast and smooth as well as synching.

  • Jason Low

    A Speedy browser of cos! =)

  • Michael Zhang

    Wooh! Definitely speed.

  • Ricardo BR

    Good luck for everyone!!!Special for me!!

  • Rafał Szwajcer

    Gl all!

  • Ryan Callihan

    Syncing across devices is the feature I look for. If it’s got that and a nice UI, I’m all set!

  • Luke Galloway


  • Prince Kevin Caecy Guilatco

    flash,sync,speed,easy to use.

    PS: let me win please :) thanks

  • Jonathan Chemla

    Data saving plus syncing with pc to automatically transfer on a laptop screen text and images worth looking on a bigger screen! And especially auto zoom on interesting content, becaisr in every Web browser, the mobile experience is too bad nowadays, trying to zoom and then put in place.

  • Frank r

    Speed and stability

  • Abhiraj Saxena

    I look for a browser which offers smooth and clean user interface, fast browsing, and puts lesser load on data and mobile’s resources. And that’s exactly what Opera offers in its browser :)

  • I would want the option to run it in fast mode, which minimizes the browser overhead like account syncing and such, and makes scrolling and browsing faster.

  • Joey

    the ability for it to adjust the screen/page properly, easy to bookmark pages and just overall speed..thanks for the chance to win! Happy HOlidays!

  • g g

    Very clean looking

  • Nirmit Patel


  • Cris Raymund Balde

    speed.speed. speeed! and

  • Shaheed BEng

    The one thing that i look forward in a phone the uniqueness of the design. That’s the main feature that attracts me….

  • kuzemoe

    multi-task, speed, design :DD

  • KobeorDieTryin’

    I want to win!

  • Dunixify

    more than speed even, I like to see synchronization of my bookmarks and addons in the cloud

  • Muhammad Shurazi

    fast, light, can export favourites from other browsers so that I will not need to re create the favourites.

  • Marcus Crump

    I look for speed, mostly. I also look to see if it is holo and looks clean :)

  • Eh….win….it’s my chance…

  • Jacob Swinton

    I look for speed.

  • Adam Rasmussen

    Fast browsing, simple Ui, easy to use and no lag

  • Jason Torres

    In a browser I would like speed and multi tasking

  • Joshua Hill

    Good tab management and flash support.

  • rdfp

    Great giveaway!! :o

  • mystichrome447

    Ease of use is the most important feature for me.

  • maitai78

    Look for a fast connection and multiplatform browsing.

  • Daniel

    I look for speed

  • Jawahar Reddy

    Simplicity, less prone to crashes, less data usage.

  • Jenny Newton

    I look for a fast browser with flash capability.

  • Roger Freese

    Speed speed speed and small footprint. Less is more in some cases.

  • Ricardo José Luna Diago

    Speed and Stability

  • FRiC

    I look for speed and offline caching.

  • Srinivas Arnepalli

    Must be responsive, fast, support flash, options to view mobile site or desktop version, cross platform sync, simple UI with less bloat! :)

  • I has to have cloud sync.

  • Scott Stutzman

    Awesome group of gadgets.

  • trayes77

    I need a large screen

  • Ferpa

    i want to win

  • Shamrock

    Fast browser and something that loads pages pretty quickly

  • Whin77

    love it! Wishing this for Christmas!

  • Sudhindra Rao


  • Ten TenJohn

    flash support.

  • Matee Jariyavorakij

    I need Fast Fluid and Syncable !! :)

  • rvail317

    Yay for free stuff!

  • Ayush Jindal


  • Jeremy Forney


  • Stefannie Tan

    I look for speed as well and some aesthetics

  • daylend Gonzalez

    I hope I win

  • Skope

    Nice browser, very compact.

  • lalala


  • Manuel Melgar

    Data compression and fast rendering.

  • Remz Sabanal

    flash support in android 4.4+, desktop and mobile syncing, and last but not the least SPEED.

  • dennis

    Opera is pretty cool.

  • Carlos Morales

    I hope I’m lucky enough to win :)

  • chris125

    Speed, ease of use. Added features.

  • Rick Nelson

    Wow this is an awesome giveaway

  • Dan Wells

    In a mobile browser I look for cross-platform features; sync my bookmarks, history, etc. so I always have access to everything on every device.

  • wasdklm


  • bembol

    I would love to see more use of Gestures.

  • saifulsaijue

    Full web experience

  • Speed, definitely!

  • Abdi Radhak Manase

    I look for some awesome features, speed and the latest technology that a browser can have.

  • sublime1287

    I look for stability!

  • Haksun

    I look for stable download of big file, and Opera is, in my experience, the best.

  • Aniket Kulkarni

    Compress data and elegant script reading ease

  • Anthony Greeves

    cant wait till they announce the winner !!

  • Ugo Marceau

    Syncing capabilities with my other devices (laptop, tablette)

  • massoooo

    book marks, connect with tha tabs that you have in your computer, the perfect browser

  • mamba


  • Echoes

    Device syncing and speed, for sure

  • iamkylebenson

    Hopin to win :)

  • Isaac

    I look for speed, ease of use, reliability, design

  • fenix

    I look for a fast easy navigation in a browser!

  • vassilis

    fast and ad free! good luck!! merry christmas!

  • G. Mih

    I want them!!

  • Revanth

    Flash support with desktop like navigation.

  • Carlos Guzmán

    I look for a browser that’s fast, simple and elegant

  • Basil Arackal

    The Awesome speed…

  • Salai Vivekan

    Fast loading time, less crashes and data saving, all which opera has.

  • Michael Patrick

    I look for smooth web browsing with multiple tab and window options.

  • Jose Garcia


  • iamkylebenson

    Fast and no lags. :-)

  • habesha

    Thanks Opera!!

  • steelew

    Merry holidays!

  • Anibal

    I look for versatility, stability and gradual improving

  • Cris

    This will be perfect for my Christmas

  • Vasil Nikolovski

    LG G pad looks very tempting :D

  • mArt Mooney

    how are you guys doing?

  • Julio García Muñoz

    Simple UI and no lag when using multiple tabs.

  • adub

    I’m in!

  • Coby Gibson

    I love the data saving feature

  • Oobiewan

    It has to be quick and has remember my history passwords and.everythingeven across pc

  • dash_ok

    speed of cource

  • Cole Hoffele

    At a first glance I really like the off road mode so far.

  • Justin H

    I really need this

  • Denzal Jones

    I look to see if its fast

  • rcdude07

    Ease of use

  • Savion Sanford

    I want Seep and useability I appreciate how good Opera is, especially with saving webpages.

  • Sam Gutierrez

    I look for a fast processor

  • Tony Clay

    I prefer a pared down browser. Opera browser does a really decent job there.

  • Rulym

    I look for fluidity and speed

  • massoooo

    the winner is chosen randomly?

  • Maurice Weakley

    The most important features would be fast, smooth, bookmark, and sync.

  • JMBalicano

    data compression is a plus, but not one I actively look for.

  • James

    It’s my time – good luck peeps!

  • Satish Pradhan

    I am very old opera browser(7 years), and now opera for android is even better.

  • Jeremie laviolette


  • Ryan Daniel

    Being able to quickly move between tabs.

  • Tighe Kearns

    It is a good option and has allot to offer

  • abstrktionlyr

    I look for a browser with the best ratio of speed and resource efficiency.

  • Jason St Pierre

    Speed and Flash player and Lastpass integration.

  • Ario Fitrianto

    flash support and speed

  • Gabriel Miller

    I want

  • David Bowline


  • Budhi

    Need for speed !

  • JJ

    I look for a browser that is fast and efficient with data

  • Hideo Sakamoto

    Efficiency and speed

  • lav

    Fasinternet browsing. Haha

  • bumpingmobile


  • Felipe .

    I look for seed!Great giveway

  • Dee

    Speed and synchronization

  • Guest

    Woot giveaway.

  • Fr3dBZH

    Fingers crossed…! :-)

  • http://aboutkathmandu.blogspot

    Better audio and pic quality and more battery life

  • ado


  • marsbars2006

    A good camera and ample RAM.

  • Kent Hua

    it would be fun to get a collection of all of this!

  • Marco Antonio Maza Hernández

    Speed and low data usage

  • J_Pod

    Merry Christmas to me from Android authority?? I want something that I can open many tabs on without the browser crashing.

  • Nicholas Harding

    I really want a browser that has easy swipe gestures to go forward/back on Web pages

  • Hubert Song

    I’m in yo ^ ^

  • androidkin

    easy of use, quick and smooth browsing, and a simple UI

  • Tejas Rao

    I look for quick loading of the page

  • zero

    The features that I look for most are full screen mode, private browsing, high quality pictures within articles and SPEED!

  • cellphoneking4g

    This will be a great Christmas gift

  • Kadeem T

    Fluid UI and speed!

  • bpmware

    Privacy, single sign on, and a mind blowing user experience

  • Taleim

    Wow, thanks opera and android authority! I’m after speed in a browser, opera fits the bill nicely.

  • MerkurMan

    Speed, fluid scrolling and proper rendering, especially on forums.

  • limjingyang1

    A speedy and responsive browser

  • muddy46

    Ease of use, user friendly, no lags, all features of site available even if not built for mobile browsing.

  • tomlewis727


  • Prithvi Patel

    This week’s giveaway is really amazing!

  • B Sullivan

    I like less bloat

  • Dominic

    Stability is the most important thing.

  • vakama75

    Need a full Google Phone ^^

  • jules mcnubbin

    form filling and speed

  • Jason Wu

    For my mobile browser it has to be fast, simple, and able to multi task

  • Yash Khandelwal

    I want this

  • rguilamo

    Fast start, I do a lot of quick browsing, and love those quick starts

  • apertur3

    speed and proper rendering of websites.

  • Jay Monstrous

    In a mobile browser, I look for a product that gets the job done most efficiently.

  • Russ

    I look for stability of browser

  • unoxydized

    I look for syncing, speed, and ease of use.

  • Jussie Hay

    Wow this would make an awesome Christmas gift. For me! lol

  • Jairus Caayon

    I’m looking for overall speed performance like smoother scrolling and faster tab switching.

  • Alvin Baure

    This is what I’m waiting for! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Dencil Smith

    Speed and sync between devices

  • Kenny Woodard

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck everyone.

  • Neliel

    Wow so they are forcing people to sing up for spam again . . .nice ;//

    • ichuck7

      You don’t have to enter the contest.

  • Karl Senior

    I look for speed and simple design.

  • Dennis Fluttershy

    When leaving a tab in the background for little bit, it reloads. Devastating if I was following a link from a list of comments and trying to reply later.

    The browser must be fast and smooth. Clear up text, show content and handle input boxes quicker.

    The browser should hide the menus, and even an option for fullscreen immersive experience (Android 4.4). Swiping left and right to switch tab or other useful features.

    • Dennis Fluttershy

      Downvote? So not a better browsing experience?

      Not remembering tab-content for faster tab-switching…? Not a more responsiveresponsive browsing experience or in page text editing…?

      • MasterMuffin

        I don’t understand why you got so many downvotes!

  • Jaycer Nadonga

    happy holidays AA and Opera =)

  • 白朱


  • Alex S

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway, but the chances are so slim, but you miss 100% of the shots you never take,so let’s do it.

  • JoéL T.

    I prioritize speed

  • Alan

    This is a epic giveaway

  • Irishmatt

    Speed, ease of use, and link sharing capabilities.

  • Packk01

    Pretty pleased with Opera browser so far

  • Cheng Ya Sha

    Night mode

  • William Ngo

    I want to win!

  • Marc Adam

    Great giveaway, would be happy holidays indeed!

  • Chris

    This is one of the best giveaways I’ve seen anywhere!

  • Jarl

    Android Authority ROCKS! :)

  • Darren S

    On a mobile browser I look for speed and stability. If it looks good then that’s a plus too.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • true86no

    Merry Christmas!

  • Andrew DC

    A fast browser, easy to use and syncs seamlessly with my desktop browser.

  • Momin sajjad


  • Jahangir

    I look for reliability.

  • Priyank

    I like to save pages for offline reading and future ref!

  • Apocalypso

    One that has speed, stability, supports flash, offline caching, leaves a small footprint and that one that conserves data usage via compression.

  • fielding mellish

    i need

  • RudieObias


  • bunnybash

    Security – keep me safe!!!

  • Zaeem Siddiqui

    I look for efficient data usage and intuitive controls/gestures

  • Gina Ferrell

    I look for speed.

  • Markymarc18

    Speed, functionality, simplicity.

  • Elnest Wijaya

    Goodluck to you all.

  • Ian Bobiles

    Better speed , echance tab management and ad blocking

  • Rhoads Brady

    I want flash support in browsers. that’s why i use puffin.

  • Ruben Soares

    A blazing fast browser with a beautiful and practical design, like chrome, but fast, that’s what I am still looking for… :/

  • RudieObias

    also speed and stability…

  • Jonathan

    Speed, simplicity and everything working properly

  • Robert Benson

    Tabbed browsing & ease of use.

  • Udeet R

    I look for effecient battery consumption

  • Hegar Irawan

    this will make happiest holiday ever…

  • Joseph Vicencio

    Speed and smoothness.

  • Anouar Sarout

    flash player and the way how the browser show webpages..

  • battery life :D

  • Srinivas Prasad

    speed speed speed speed………… as most of us are getting access to EDGE here in india as a means of internet,as afordable ,thanks to operas compression technology.

  • Rui Abelha

    Great speed and free

  • Paolo Quindara

    Nice Christmas gift

  • Arya C B

    blazzing fast … n i hope i win it this time … #praying

  • JAM


  • SaMo0204

    Wow. So much prizes. Very like.

  • Speed

  • Mitsu Rob

    Nice :)

  • Oliboli

    Speed, security, gestures.

  • Mike

    The ability to import bookmarks is important for me.

  • Aaron Savona

    In order of importance: 1. does not crash, 2. speed, 3. easily accessible and organized bookmarks

  • Terri Shaw

    Speed is very important.

  • Kevin T.

    The ability to process HTML files.

  • arief lazuardy

    Quick page load, simple

  • Mazeraski

    I look for simplicity of use and design, speed of page loading and mild customization options.

  • Andy

    Opera has always been the most innovative browser out there.

  • Ronald

    Speed, no fuss

  • Miguel


  • hegar

    im looking for speed, easy update, and compatibility…

  • ImperfectLink

    Opera and I go way back.

  • lzr68

    Fluid operation without being nagged constantly to try new products or new versions of said browser. I have a deep rooted hate for internet explorer and am done with it for good.

  • Ceci Montalto

    good design, user friendly interface and flash support

  • Speed is the most important thing.

  • Jakemerrell

    I love the speed and minimalism.

  • Gaurav Rastogi

    Fast, user friendly UI,

  • Ruben


  • Corey Wiesel


  • arthemus30

    the speed

  • Zeeshan

    I so hope I win this!!

  • Hatim

    speed of course

  • Wow, this is huge!

  • matt

    I look for browser’s fluidity. Fast, smooth, good graphics, responsive and trustable. Other features like gestures can be added but they are not the key point for a good browser.

  • anis

    I look for speed, design, and quality

  • Alex Trapini

    Speed and data used

  • MadCowOnAStick

    It needs to be fast lol

  • krisna.w

    Easy UI

  • Javid

    Speed and reliability

  • Komeil Karimi

    Data compression and proxy settings

  • Braeden Jt Herbert

    I look for speed and full screen realestate but not too many useless features.

  • Zeeshan

    Stability,speed and battery friendly

  • Chris

    Speed, fluidity, ease of use, core features like security and stability.

  • Jada Townsend

    Fast speed and good performance.

  • Harvie Galenzoga Boles

    Wow ! I wish I could won the bumper case or even the Nexus 5 haha :D

  • Migz Cuad


  • ycj

    Better ways to interact…

  • Cass

    Opera, just another great browser.

  • JD

    Responsivity is pretty imporant, as is stability

  • imscreed

    I Love Opera Browser and Android Authority. Get a diamond (Prize) through shortcut (Android Authority).

  • Michelle

    Doesn’t freeze and is fast.

  • Lucio Mederos

    Trying my luck one more time :)

  • Julian Sobers

    I would LOVE to win this prize package!

  • Kellan Drucquer

    Fast. Like really fast. Needs to be optimized for mobile sites. Think the latest version of chrome beta for android. Also some options for saving data. Needs to look good and be intuitive. Some gestures, but not gimmicky ones.

  • Rachine S Vernon

    I like having a fast and intuitive browser. I don’t want to a steep learning curve. I want to be able to just open it and have it work.

  • Carlos Manuel Fernández Moreno


  • Bruce

    For me its the spped and then ability to sync tabs across multiple devices.

  • Raphael

    A browser must always contain an Incognito Mode ;)

    • Javier Orellana Rivas


      • Laszlo Demeter

        I totally agree! I wanted to say same lol. I also recommended a lot of time to Dolphin browser team but they did nothing. A web debugging to fix mobile websites just like in desktop versions will be just nice also.

        • gman


          • DuFF3N

            Agree :)

          • Vitalariu Olivian


          • Lovelysocks


          • Guest


        • Aldo

          Agree ;)

        • Alex

          You need to be on the developing team (atleast as a consultant)

        • Sze Chan Wong


        • Piotrek


        • Filippos Kamitsakis


        • Fernando Marcos Gea


        • Adrian Hernandez


        • James Sarino

          I would call it the “bow chica wa wa option”. :D

          • Laszlo Demeter


          • Ryan


          • telco

            sounds like a pro

        • jims


        • mp84


        • asdaq


        • KyleClark


        • Laszlo Peti


          • Warren Williams


        • Yusuf Kyl


        • Tony K


        • Peter S


        • Eddie Hewgley


        • Brennan Clark

          Totally agree

          • sandman


        • Marcel


        • Matteo


        • m


        • Emil Rehnberg


        • Kartik


        • leo


        • Mirza Thaqif


          • Myth

            Agree completely

        • Slobodan Zekić Bobek


        • Aimi

          Agree :)

        • Ahamed Ishak


        • Miguel


        • OzJason

          Agree :)

        • Nathan P.


        • Shelby Greenwall

          Good summary +1

        • Dale2


        • Melvin

          Agree :D

        • Andy Lai


        • MrEnderkiller


        • Claudia Jimenez


        • Sergio


        • Ares


        • maped


        • Tiago Rosado


        • Raul Parada


        • Hin Mak


        • Acsen


        • Prncz Yul


        • luis cordova

          I agree

        • Rawan Al Hamza


        • Lcd


        • Roman


        • Damenahito


        • Xi Chen


        • Daniel Cox


        • metalthrasher

          Indeed :D

        • Luís Miguel


        • Ren


        • Air

          Coulda been worse.

        • Navneet


        • Matt


        • HIIANZAT

          to download a browser without an incognito mode is pointless

          • Rob


        • Onicofago convinto


        • Tim Hoepfner


        • Jordan Lean


        • Adis Mešić


        • Danny

          completely agree..

        • Dulguun


        • Shariyar Qureshi


        • Ken


        • Sam Fehling

          I agree!

        • Rod

          Sounds like you know what you are talking about

        • deimos


        • ben k

          agree :)

      • javier inostroza


        • marcorada98

          yep. definitely! ahahah but it should also be fast.

          • Kathy Inoue

            Ye. So agreeing on this.

          • omer


        • kguerrero37


          • Twelk

            Sounds like a winner!

      • Novca


      • Guest


      • Jcursiolf

        Couldn’t agree more! auhhuahua

      • phil


      • Nick

        Fast, fluid (not buggy) and reliable/safe

        • dracnath

          Plus one to that!

          • Jalon J

            I Agree

      • Jaime


      • Diego


      • Guest

        Agree !

      • Arpan

        Hahahahaha nice xD

      • Juan De la Rosa


    • Conrawl Rogers

      definetly lol

    • Tinh Jepsen

      Definitely agree haha.

    • Guest

      101% agree

    • Dipesh


    • Mateo Klocke

      lol I agree xD

    • Nurlyana Harynaz

      i agree with u

    • Akil Jacob


    • Cesar Alonso Romero Garcia

      That’s a good one sir!

    • Craig

      Yes! This guy.

    • Wira Saputra

      lol. MUST!!

    • Konstantin


    • Marie Laurence Tipon


    • Armand Kronos


    • ayiesz

      it must be the default mode

    • Mirea Ionut- Bogdan


    • Justus

      agree :)

    • Solea Paul

      A true incognito mode. And some NSA filters.

    • Cristi Crișan

      Couldn’t agree more :)

    • Lukas

      yeah absolutely. or at least a way to quickly delete the history.

    • Bruggeman Maarten

      They should have the choice: they give you an incognito mode or a private one.

    • Mathijs


    • Béla Baksai


    • Thando


    • Erik Lehocký


    • Nikola S

      I agree :D

    • steve

      the most important thing ;)

    • bsmaster


    • Griffrez

      Agreed. :P

    • Luke2644

      Nothing more to say!

    • Jiayi


    • David Otero


    • Valeri


    • Krishna

      That’s what Chrome is for, Opera is for when I am using mobile data.

      • Dorin Procopciuc


        • sam

          That’s right!!!!!!

      • Husham Waheed

        Chrome and Opera good enough for me

        • shay

          I agree ;-)

      • Victor Yoon

        I also use Opera for the sake of data.

      • kimoz17

        hear, hear! :D

      • OBK1352

        always good to save the data

      • I’m down for conserving that allotment… :)

    • elbert88

      Hahahaha yessss

    • Thomas


    • GuyG

      Agree. but you need the browser fast too ;)

    • Denzil Adrian Dsouza

      Agree .. Incognito mode

    • Alexis Osmar Hernandez


    • Frank

      LOL Pretty Much. That and compatibility with older models. As I myself have a trash smartphone.

    • Arka Guha

      True :P

    • Hong Wei

      Yeah hahaha ;)

    • Morad Ihkan

    • Vishal Singha


    • Serhyi Minin

      You are absolutely right.

    • Binita Bharadwaj


    • James


    • SKerr


    • rainai

      Oh, man! I want to win this contest so bad! But I think you will, instead. You have the best answer! :p

    • Gonçalo Vaz

      Wise words to live by.

    • Christopher Allen

      Whatever for? /sarcasm ;)

    • Jay

      Lol yeah, for all the wrong reasons.

    • Rashpreet Singh


    • Dirk Maass

      So true…

      • Chris Reynolds

        While I agree with Dirk, Ben also raises good points. But I think Kamil really sums it up best.

    • Ben

      Completely agree

    • Kamil Dąbrowski


    • andy

      True story

    • Darren S

      Well, the question was about a mobile browser and not a desktop / laptop browser. So IMO incognito mode on a mobile isn’t as important as speed or data saving. Without speed you’re going to be waiting longer for whatever it is you’re “viewing” in incognito mode anyway.

      Besides, is it really that important on our phones? I mean don’t we prefer incognito mode on our desktop browsers so that we can… view web pages in glorious high resolutions and hide all of the special Chirstmas purchases from our wifes or girlfriends. Right? ;)

      • Guest

        You’re right I was thinking about getting something nice for my hand…a glove? maybe a ring? …that’s the only girlfriend I need!

        • Shariyar Qureshi


      • Federico Ferrari


      • Ahamed Ishak


      • Jerrod


      • Shariyar Qureshi


    • George

      Incognito Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lauren Crawford


    • gabygg4


    • Claudiu Damian

      Good point XD. Also, I’m loving Opera’s new tablet interface. I’m hoping to see more and more tablet optimized android apps in the new coming year.

      • Rok Strupar


    • Karizza Emily


    • gerardo Guzman


    • haidar


    • Hardy Yan


    • Crushski


    • straw

      Yeah, the most important feature…

    • Mang Mike

      LOL’ ed so hard XD

    • noel rojas

      Definitely agree..haha.

    • mates242


    • Tom


    • Arvis Students

      best feature :D

    • Aldous

      true that haha

    • Raphael Alves Brochado


    • straw


    • Heru

      Totally agree with this one..

    • ultraviolence


    • Claudia

      I use Incognito Mode too often… I’m gonna have to agree c;

    • Motaz Alqaqa

      This is the best feature you can have in a browser! :p

    • Ezu Rodrigues


    • Marie


    • Malten Rajasundaram


    • Joan Rivas

      True that!

    • Ean Foo

      true that

    • Dexter


    • Matthew Apostolou


    • Jennifer


    • Dolev Abelson


    • LamerTex

      So true

    • Indra Gunawan

      +1 for incognito mode :v

    • Emanuel Vicente

      Ahah good one :D

    • Ongki

      agree.. no need clear history/cache again :-)

    • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

      True true….

    • EnMoSya


    • thesmoothoperator

      but of course

    • Fransiskus Yosef Benny W


    • Samuel Blaze

      True that brotha xD

    • sket

      Sounds about right :D

    • 4nup

      i totally agree

    • Rok Strupar


    • Dis5889

      Can’t live without it these days !!

    • Frederick F.

      I concur this

    • Angel


    • Linda Nguyen

      Better than what I was going to post and true.

    • Bombalooka


    • Steve Leach

      Wonder why?

    • Jose Garnica

      Yes, Incognito is a must.!

    • JB


    • Prya Suthan


    • Solomon Ong


    • nicola


    • Rendell

      Ofcourse, And Play Any Video Types, Since Other Players Looks For A Higher Flash Player

    • Fan of android kernel

      That’s a must!

    • Desi WN

      It’s a necessity on all browsers for security purposes

      • Raphael


    • Sam B

      Yep. Agree with him. Incognito mode is necesary

    • Private mode is a nessciaity!

    • aaaa

      True story

    • Brian

      haha agreed

    • Ivan Petrus


    • Kannan

      Right, but it should be fast enough

    • Ciketto

      Sure!! LOL

    • Kaloqn Cachev


    • Abhishek Basu


    • haozhan

      hahaha~ you told the truth!

    • Shariyar Qureshi


    • Don


    • Daphne Sheu


  • Robert Tobin

    I just want free stuff.

  • DavidEssex

    The Quickness!!

  • Ian Monroe

    Tab management and bookmark syncing are the most important features for me!

  • Muhammad Atkins

    Hope I finally win. Good luck people!!

  • rosdimahdi

    I want a browser that can support flash.

  • Bill

    Security features.

  • Bobby Tarumi

    I look for the ability to use Desktop view with relative ease.

  • kvngbbns

    I look for speed, and good tab management

  • Juan Pablo

    I look for easy handling speed and accesible browsing and an eye friendly interface and security.

  • Michael Muñoz

    speed. good bandwidth management as i have slow internet.

  • Austin


  • Monica Nguyen

    I look for good signal, efficiency, and big screen.

  • lefty22

    I look for speed!

  • KC

    for the win

  • Katrina

    Cmon guys. I’ve never won anything and I’m a totally faithful user! Pretty Please? !

  • Elmer Franco

    this is cool

  • Muhammad Atkins

    Look for speed

  • randyfromreno


  • sleepbone

    Fast load times

  • Pedro Moita

    I want this so much. ..

  • Eric

    Speed, one that has both mobile and desktop versions with bookmark sync, good UI, and it must support the newest sites.

  • Ruz Ramos

    Long Battery Life, Optimal Signal and Great quality in the camera

  • Shadow Ronemus

    Speed, fluidity, sync.

  • JakedUp

    Cross platform, bookmark sync, fast JS engine, Quick tab switching

  • Jakob Effa

    I wanna win, that’d be sweet

  • Jr Planas

    Looking for faster updates and developers support

  • gomorrah

    Has to support Flash. I hate HTML5. >_>

  • systemupdate

    Page load and that’s a lot of things to win :)

  • Bavan A

    Speed, Friendly UI and Cool gesture controls.

  • Cornelius Wells

    Great tab management, simple UI, fast, flash support, and smooth!

  • Ali Al-Saachez

    I want in every mobile multi-windows feature and flash support

  • MohammadS

    I look for speed

  • Will Turner

    This would be epic!

  • Ismael Camarena

    fast, nice UI, SIMPLE, thats all a browser needs in my opinion

  • Enrique Herrera

    I look for fast and organized results. :D

  • iANDROID08

    Ok my birthday is coming so please please please give to me :))

  • Boo


  • Aditya Sehgal

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I have entered and I hope I win.

  • buzzmepls

    play flash, block ads, fast and responsive

  • This is an awesome holiday giveaway! Thank you Android Authority

  • Dimitri Sevastis

    Hope i win!

  • Andrew Keller

    I want to go to there.

  • Sam Cannon

    Minimalistic, zippy fast, desktop/mobile option and tablet too

  • Admir Sulejmanovic

    Nice UI (just like Opera has), fast, sync, lag free and flash support. Now let me have my prize :-)

  • Lincoln

    Speed os the moat important thing for me. Nothing worse than a phone that lags.

  • Nicholas Campbell

    Speed and reliability

  • D. Ramnarine

    I need something very fast, gorgeous display and a very good camera, and definitely be an Android device

  • Thales Vieira

    Battery life.

  • Vanja Stojanović

    flash support & speed!

  • Roland de Leon

    Fast and smooth browser that supports flash with full screen capabilities.

  • Kelly Rae

    I love easy to use tabs

  • Dominique Ovalle

    I look for speed efficiency and simplicity

  • Erix

    Man this is a total jackpot!!!

  • Deniee

    Looks great!

  • NaiKang He

    another awesomeness!!!!!

  • Toni

    The most important feature I would look for is how fast Web pages open and how it can handle memory usage properly.

  • Marc

    Must have flash support & easy windows change

  • Jonel Nicolas

    i want a browser with built in flash player. i like the speed of the opera but the flash is only the missing :) i would like to win this contest! merry Christmas to all :) Godbless Android Authority.. More power!

  • Mike Burns


  • Oscar Zavala Salas

    I want this amazing gift for Christmas :)

  • kingsclear

    Facebook is rejecting the shares due to suspicious URL. Opera for Android rocks!!

  • A.Doss

    To be light and fast

  • A excellent mobile browser should initially launch instantly with fast browsing (assisted by compression and/or caching). The interface needs to be sparse so that it focuses on the content. Seamless integration/syncing with a desktop browser is a huge plus.

  • Richard Ladiana

    fast, clean, & simple. love the tab UI experience.

  • droid1234

    Opera does bring innovative features for the browser.

  • Boo

    Speed, battery efficient

  • Stacey Reddish Cole

    What I look for most is apps available.

  • Shahril Azraf

    Customization is the android strong point

  • Jono Wang

    I look for responsiveness, attractive interface and compatibility over multiple devices

  • androidaw

    Speed and ease of use.

  • hurr

    not laggy

  • markus

    awesome giveaway! forme, a mobile browser mainly needs to be fast and sync to my desktop browser.

  • Jesus H.

    Oy vey! Thanks Opera

  • Robert Antal

    Happy Holidays !

  • James n


  • afropooh

    speed and no lag

  • Speed

  • eddie

    battery life speed speaker quality

  • Niwhsa

    tab management and speed

  • Haim Nafcha

    I look for simplify and speed.

  • Phong Thai


  • Kevin Smith

    Mobile Browsers must be fast and manage the various social networking sites.

  • Rosanna Jane Goodwin

    Ultra responsive, speedy, friendly and easy to use UI :)

  • thejoshua

    Fast and easy tab navigation.

  • Jeffw223

    Flash support any many tabs.

  • Rhiney Maceachern

    battery seems to be very important these days. moto x proved that specs arent everything

  • chris trak

    The Need for Speed…..

  • Jamal Martells

    i look for speed in a browser

  • Must be fast. Another thing, must be able to open tabs in background!

  • pmark


  • Alexander Augustin

    Speed, nice interface and possibility to save web pages

  • Tom Canedy

    The ability to share with all mobile devices.

  • Frdo25

    I have been a fan of opera since opera mini on my blackberry 8320. I love the new Off Road mode – all the web non of the crap

  • mrjayviper

    Tabs and privacy settings

  • ajithrindia

    Ability to save webpages (.mhtml?), speed, a private-browsing mode, a ‘reading mode’.

  • Cazio

    Cross-platform syncing is absolutely the most important. Competent zooming is also great.

  • David Sepiashvili

    I hope I win!

  • Fast and doesn’t crash….


    More speed and desktop adaptation.

  • Pixy Kaos

    Super responsive,fast,support flash,tab management, must have bookmark abilities

  • Ryan

    I look for speed and reliability in a web browser.

  • Geoffrey Corey

    Ease of use and incognito mode

  • gtda1980

    Definitely support flash, quick access to numerous tabs. Lots of options for privacy and to customize the looks ie theme support.

  • MrkiSB

    It must be easy to use and fast

  • Jason Chen

    love these giveaways

  • samiaji sarosa

    Great choice!!!

  • Vaj Castro

    I’m looking for a fast browser

  • Edward

    Has to be fast, have a great ui and great responsiveness to pinch to zoom and scrolling

  • cleggy1969

    Sounds great

  • Dimas Driyo Waskito

    It must be fast,responsive,easy to use and have a nice ui :)

  • ninjawarren

    I look for low memory usage and speed.

  • Joaquín Tuduri

    The feature i look for? SPEED.

  • Vecas Grant

    I love phones which offer a smooth user experience, speedy, beautiful screens (4.5″ and up), expandable memory, good cameras and speakers as well as a sturdy body with a nice design.

  • rizzo9972

    Fast above all else, and I like that Chrome syncs across devices.

  • Samuel Sirí

    fast speed and a good performance

  • RonPodovich

    Must be fast.

  • julio b. culala jr.

    flash support

  • Kei Dequiros

    Amazing graphics and sound system

  • Brit Mckay

    Has to have at least one advantage over the default browser and potential to sync with my computer bookmarks.

  • Will

    Good luck for everyone

  • Carlos Spizzirri

    Fast, tabs, link to desktop version is nice but not a necessity

  • redips77

    I love muultitab browsing in a Web browser.

  • Mee Tu

    I look for speed and security in a browser

  • Stephen Fox

    Fluidity and lightweight is what I expect from a mobile browser

  • ef4ervescent

    browser must be fast and be able to handle multiple tabs well

  • Luis Fernando RodriguezA.

    I look for speed

  • SeanM

    Stability and ease of use rank high

  • Will

    Good tab managment and full screen

  • InkieSquid

    enough built-in memory to support future OS updates… seams a daft requirement till you get a phone that has almost no space in it

  • DÅvid SuÅrez

    Speed and design…

  • Anders

    Good tab management, fast, and quite importantly sync between devices (computers, tablet, phone).

  • deh2002

    Happy holidays to all.

  • Emh-el Leonor

    I have 3 features looking for in a mobile browser are.

    Security and Privacy. opera browser does that
    Quick and easy UI. some browser tend to be harder than the stock one :)
    No bugs and crashes. Consistent and fast loading as possible which also depends to your interned connection :D Hope to win Merry xmas hohoho

  • Herman Schubert

    Speed and smooth.

  • Vincent Lau

    Fast and flash support :)

  • Rushil Perera

    i look for speed and flash support

  • Josue

    Must be fast and stable

  • theen13

    Speed and bookmarks please!

  • David

    I look for speed on most mobile browser, but the feel and look are a big plus for me. Even if the browser has great speeds, the way it looks needs to be good :D

  • rockambole

    Must be fast, has sync options and a good UI

  • Aaez Iqbal

    Speed is key. I don’t care about features, as minimalistic as possible

  • Raphael Schwinden da Silveira

    I want it!

  • Ray McCalla

    Opera is responsive and supports flash. :)

  • Abed Hammamieh

    Flash support

  • Archiell

    opera is my favorite mobile browser. it is fast

  • Cristian Mobilia

    It must support flash (I usually watch videos on web pages), it should be fast and lightweight, just the essencials.

  • Sergei

    Well-designed phone

  • Colby Leong

    I work on Christmas… No holiday pay… Just some reasons to need some cheering up…

  • Leonardo Matos

    Feels like PC

  • Roydell

    the best of 2013

  • Haseeb Shaikh

    Speed, easy UI, sync with desktop browser

  • Patrick Siu

    i look for speed and security

  • deniseklay

    I look for fast access to the web security features for password and easy to customize.

  • Soua Yang

    I’ve been a big fan of Opera ever since I download it on my first android device. I’ve been using it all this time. Its fast, simple, and user friendly.

  • Anna

    Smooth, fast, handles multiple tabs well. Flash support. Pretty sweet giveaway!

  • boy001nder

    Stability and functionality

  • Nick Pang

    i look for simplicity, speed, security, and support

  • Tuu Hoang

    flash support das da bomb!

  • Danny

    better speed but with greater battery life :)

  • Tabish

    Speed and smooth browsing

  • dastinger

    I still own a Galaxy S1 so everything I really look in a mobile web browser is responsiveness. I’m looking for it to be as light as it can get and that’s pretty much it, honestly :)

  • It has to e fast, smooth, occupy less memory, has to have data compression for saving on bandwidth…

  • Anish

    Low ram usage at the same time providing features

  • Archiell

    I look for the speed, simplicity, and flash support

  • Wirasatria Md Husni

    Opera is my first love :)

  • Christina Ferguson

    Speed is important as I am one of those multitasking types.

  • Priscila Zanuzzo

    speed and a decent interface (i.e. no clutter)

  • Wirasatria Md Husni

    Speed and ease of use … obviously

  • Mateus

    I look for speed and compatibility

  • Ard19

    missing great old day with opera. must be responsive and less memory usage.

  • Nomadunlimited .


  • Carolina

    Something fast, Smooth, but mostly Speed. and why no pretty?.

  • tuly

    fast and good tab management

  • yvsaimadhav

    small memory footprint and support for all kinds of webpages

  • master5hake

    in the words of DMX: “here we again”!

  • Paul

    Speed and profile syncing with my desktop browsers.

  • Ozzy

    Flash support, it must be snappy, and it should sync with my chrome bookmarks

  • Ben Chávez

    I like simplicity in my web browsers

  • Antony Guan

    It’s fast reliable but it needs to be a little more faster

  • Santi


  • JoseMiguel

    speed and a good looking interface

  • Andrew Lee

    This is great.

  • diesel51p

    Speed and how easy it is to use.

  • Kenichi Edbert

    Blazing fast and fully featured

  • Cholkorn

    I like potatos !

  • Johnathon Oquin


  • Edlir Topalli


  • younotme

    my favourite mobile browser

  • JDGD


  • kifley


  • Patryk Sytnik

    Fast, supporting flash, integration with other apps

  • A

    Less ram to operate, speed, simple design, and flashsupport

  • Ken Xia

    Stability and Speed

  • sahil jain

    Most important feature for a mobile browser must be speed and smoothness along with data compression.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Easy to download files and fast browsing! That’s what the edge of Opera to other mobile browsers. :)

  • Quoc Duong Nguyen

    A fast mobile browser what can support flash, block ads, use voices commands.

  • Caylee Raz

    1. Doesn’t crash often.
    2. Reliable for searching.
    3. Speed
    4. No glitching.
    5. Good tab management.

  • Luigi Addante

    I like phones that do not compromise one feature for another. They are pretty much solid through and through, have good battery life, a decent camera, and the power I need to complete my every day tasks :)

  • Phillip Bee


  • B.Bolton

    Wow that sure would be nice since I’ve been bad all year and ain’t gonna get nothing for Christmas.

  • Marcellus1

    fast, tab management, tab/bookmark syncing to other devices

  • András Bognár

    Responsivem good looking and sync with my pc browser. Thats all I ask for.
    Beside the prize of course :)

  • Geo

    Speed an compatibility with all pages.

  • Tabile Raziya

    The fact that the Nexus 5 is globally unlocked :)

  • Gustavo Adrian Dojman

    Fast and easy to use

  • Shen Qingwen

    speed and flash support

  • Emanuele

    Fast, simple and with cloud bookmarks!

  • Jack

    Fast and not laggy

  • Ksatriya Anantayutya

    Flash support, small data consumption, fast, reliable, and crash-free.

  • Maryam Wakili

    fast rendering, mobile bookmarks linked to pc bookmarks, support flash, easy UI that doesnt slow my phone down or crash, stores.password saver

  • Stas

    speed and data compression

  • Erick Alexander Abreu

    Speed and easy usage!

  • Guest

    Happy holidays everyone!!!

  • Pamela

    Simplicity, small size, and a great camera

  • NoelEmerald

    Speed, definitely. The latest updates and innovations.

  • chrone

    stable, quiet fast, easy to navigate between home, bookmarks, and tabs, does not drain battery fast like chrome did, also reduce data usage either with pagespeed proxy or so. :)

  • A mobile phone has to first do the duties a phone should which is calling, texting, and access the internet. I want beyond that something beautiful, clean, and responsive.

  • Zesi Delos Santos

    A lighter browser, not a ram eater, easy to use and friendly user interface.

    PS: I wanna gave it to my Mom. For a Christmas Gift

  • James

    Easy handling of many tabs, quick of course, sync with desktop.

  • Didit FA

    flash support is a must..! and bookmarks linked to other platforms.
    bring back Opera Link..!!

  • willson yu

    speed, ad filter

  • Diego Marin

    Sync between my devices.

  • Eric JingPop Mockler


  • Amaan

    I look for good video support and speed

  • Samuel Sirí

    fast speed and good performance

  • ahmad gz

    Easy going ,flash support

  • Tarun Matteda

    Speed,Sync,Sleek,UI,user friendly

  • rogue34

    Im looking for quick and accurate browser with modern UI and flash support.

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

    Opera’s desktop browsers always had a great set of features

  • I look for Speed and ease of use in a browser

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Speed and simplicity.

  • Gary Reynolds

    Speed and flash

  • Jason

    Needs to be fast and responsive with minimal resource use. The ability to sync across multiple devices and platforms is also a plus!

  • Avin Leuterio

    it just needs to be fast and easy to use.

  • Gregg Medina

    Has Flash

  • Pranav Koli

    Sync’d bookmarks are a must. sync’d tabs are a beautiful addition.

  • Sandeep Gill

    less data usage

  • alamaby

    Sync everything with the desktop version.

  • Mr Mop

    Must not freeze on me constantly

  • bucklouw

    Woohoo! These devices are great!

  • Lucian

    Speed. I like the speed

  • David Pimentel

    Fast speed and a good phone, just like the Nexus 5. I <3 Google.

  • Geetesh Tabjul

    Opera has improved greatly (especially on tablets), great that they are doing these givveaways!!

  • enzoem

    multi device sync.

  • coggy9

    Private browsing.

  • Anthony Seagroves

    I look for utilities. How i can utilize every feature the browser has.

  • louis thevenot

    I would be very grateful to win such a prize. That would be the highlight of 2013.

  • Chopa ForVendetta

    Must have Flash support and be quick!

  • Ashwin

    responsive, fast, cross platform sync

  • Joon Suan Tan

    A mobile browser needs to be fast, efficient in data usage, sync bookmarks or URLs visited so that we can pick up on the mobile where we left off on the desktop and vice versa and more importantly, be easy to use and navigate.

  • Bhupinderpal Deol

    1.Mobile browser must have ability to use both native and html5 web based apps with more security.

    2.It should have flash support and must load pages very fast even on slow internet.
    3.It must have exit button and also must have more features in inbuilt downloader

  • Fadli Ishak

    Speed, tab, simple. I love my browser to not be sluggish when scrolling. Good zoom in zoom out functionality. And I think I also look at integration with video player. I like it to play fullscreen without any hassle.

  • Bruno R.

    Simplicity and ease of use.

  • Gonçalo Delgado

    A browser must be fast, and easy to use

  • Alessandro Gurioli

    Battery life and OS performance

  • steph

    The browser must be fast, supports flash. And im contented with it.

  • carlo bonzon

    fast tab switching and background downloading

  • Antonio

    Mainly fast and responsive and to be able to sync with my google and password manager account

  • Michael Hurst

    I like it if its quick and easy to use

  • Szymon

    Desktop to mobile syncing is the key feature in any browser

  • Wilbert Uy

    i look for speed and user friendly in a mobile browser

  • YH

    Fast, tab support and flash

  • max

    Fast and responsive is all I really look for…

  • irratebass

    Fast, reliability and secure is what I look for in an internet browser

  • Speed and ease of use, including support for flash.

  • N3010

    less lagging while browsing would be cool!

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

    While the speed is always great in a mobile browser I like the reader functionality the most as it allows for easy reading

  • Caylee Raz

    1. Doesn’t crash often.
    2. Reliable for searching.
    3. Speed
    4. No glitching.
    5. Good tab management.

  • Kevin Almeida

    More faster browsers :p

  • TheCrusader

    a browser needs to be fast and stable.

  • BillJude56

    Speed, bookmarks, small size.

  • Joshua Lagare-Howard

    A mobile browser must be able to load pages as quickly as possible. Many times we need the info we’re looking for in an instant, a good browser needs that capacity.

  • Dehaha1

    This… would be… the greatest thing ever, of all time!

  • Lagun

    It should be fast without any signs of lag.

  • Steve Ross

    Speed is most important. It must support flash. Can handle multiple tabs. Simple to use. And the ability to sync my info across multiple devices.

  • David Rodriguez

    Does it work?

  • Johnny M

    All im looking for is a broswer thats easy to use, fast, and safe *shrugs*

  • Eduardo Soriano

    In a browser I look for ways to easily switch agents (mobile vs desktop) due to not all sites load properly yet on our mobile devices but it is a sacrifice Ill make for speed. Thanks OpeRA

  • Jay D Sal

    A browser that is reliable.

  • Consistent and smooth rendering, honestly.

  • Terry Tiong

    Incognito mode, cross platform syncing options, password manager :D

  • ZAid niazi

    I like opera coz it doesn’t crash often.

  • Michelle Robinson

    Ease of use and efficient bookmark organization.

  • Syamil Shahimi

    Nexus 5 all the way!

  • madfoxman

    I waaaant it

  • Dehaha1

    Speed, response time, ability to easily switch between multiple tabs.

  • jarefahx

    fast,secure, free software.

  • Johnny M

    i have 3 tickets op

  • Mike

    Fast and simplistic UI

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    a browser that’s fast, user friendly

  • William Edmonds

    I don’t need too much! Just speed and ability to view most sites.

  • Dennis Ward

    i like for a browers to be fast and easy to use.

  • Jat •﹏•

    Flash says it all :)

  • Edgar Barradas

    fast and light browser

  • pustakawan

    What features do I look for in a mobile browser? I like a lightweight browser for my phone that also allows me to strip down unnecessary images, if needed. Good bookmarks and tabs management is a must.

  • K

    Opera must have

  • Armand C

    Speed and stability

  • Will Holland

    speed, lightweight, features

  • Michael McGrade

    Here’s in hopes of winning…

  • Otto Chung

    Private browsing is a must.

  • Vito Lee

    Fast and speedy. Easy controls.

  • Kaz McCarthy


  • cDel

    More speed

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Mostly the ability to sync history and favorites between all my connected devices.

  • Tushar Sindhu

    I prefer it to be minimalistic…..but speed is most important! UI should b clean too..

  • Totiny

    Be the fastest !

  • dee adams

    Basically, I LUV IT ALL!

  • IS

    Do you guys really ship internationally all the way to South East Asia? Man, it feels like I have an even much lesser chance to win seeing past winners from US and EU all the while. Oh well, here’s hoping.

  • supriya

    easy friendly access to all browsing features and speed

  • brutalpanther

    Oh man talk about finishing the year on a upnote,this would be it.browser needs flash player support.Flashplayer is still hanging around.

  • Gabriela Barth

    a browser needs to be fast

  • Ryan

    Browser that help to minimize data usage on mobile

  • gabilondo77

    Incognito mode

  • speed

  • Able to sync between devices

  • Eldho P James

    Really faster and opera max is so useful in developing countries, waiting to be released it from beta wrapper

  • Wippy Zulkarnain

    fast and responsive

  • rio

    speeeeed and good ui

  • Patrick

    flash support

  • Dino

    A browser that is vary user friendly and easy to navigate without wondering where a certain setting or button is.

  • Sabrina

    I want the mobile to have a big internal storage and would not lag .. :)

  • bfo

    A good synchronisation with my desktop browser! History, Bookmarks, Passwords!

  • khalidalomary

    pick me

  • Peter C.

    A good browser must be able to keep up with W3C standards.

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    Speed, good ui, bookmarks, sync, and good performance are some things that I look for in a browser.

  • Aaron Boudreau

    What I would love is flash support ;-)

  • Sambhav

    Speed and smooth scrolling on a phone!

  • George

    Mobile Browsers MUST be light, and opera does the job!!

  • Suman

    Speed.Ease of use.Easy on the resources.Good privacy mode.

  • Dino Ramkisoen

    Preferably stock Android, because I don’t want bloatware

  • Javier Orellana Rivas

    Incognito mode, fast rendering pages, apps friendly environment, and, mostly i like to use the javascript console, and developer tools :D

  • Danny Park

    A browser needs to be able to handle extensions.

  • Groud Frank

    Speed and stability

  • Paula Carballo

    syncronization with your desktop browser

  • Pablo García




  • Lijj Talavera

    Browser must have incognito, simple UI, flash support, and speed :)

  • nick b

    Here to win it

  • sjgadsby

    I look for robust synchronization support, a good library of available add-ons, and an ability to use sites rendered in a desktop-like way with as little zooming as possible.

  • Drew

    Quick through many tabs

  • Jessica

    stability, speed, and aesthetics

  • AJ

    Must have clean user interface and incognito mode.

  • Saurabh sharma

    Fast rendering speed is the key for me in a browser.

  • jra716

    Full Screen, Flash-capable, easy tabs interface, bookmark syncing, bookmark widget

  • mjfrancisn

    A perfect mobile browser for me must have features that make for easy and quick navigation while being as minimal as possible and giving the most computer-esque browsing experience.

  • Mike

    hope to win!

  • Bihan

    Smooth, Fluid browsing with saving unneeded bandwidth and definitely incognito mode…

  • Jennifer Vara

    A browser where you can save pages for offline use later.

  • fareez akmal

    Mobile browser should be compact, smooth and nice fluidity, fast response, good tab management, flash supports, easy to use with less options and settings to be tinkered with and last but not least, strong security measures :)

  • Leandro Refojo

    A good browser must be fast, smooth, and synchronize with my PC bookmarks

  • Giovanni Garcia

    A browser that is simple to use and can save where you left off on your mobile device and go on your computer.

  • Jee V

    No need for flash support. Responsiveness/speed is good.

  • mu5a5hi

    I don’t know if any mobile browsers do this. but I’d like the browser to suspend activity I don’t want to happen. For example, Video would not start playing without my clicking for it to do so. In otherwords I’d like a browser to protect me from all the new ways companies/carriers are trying to intentionally eat up my data plan.

  • Ron

    Bookmarks syncing with desktop app.

  • Mariano Bacigalupi

    An ideal browser must be fast and responsive.

  • Sakti Hermawan

    Opera has all my need on mobile browser. More stable server will be nice. I often encounter “Ooppss, failed to transcode….” on opera browser when off-road mode enabled

  • ManRaj

    Browser should have high speed, easy interface, voice commands may be

  • ian

    The feature I look for most in a browser is speed and also that it renders the page properly and the text adjusts to fit the width of my mobile browser/

  • Ivan P

    it must have flash support, it should be fast and responsive as well as private mode :)

  • Speed and user friendly.

  • Luke Issac


  • Deivy Morales

    The features that mostly interest my about a mobile browser are the following:
    – Speed
    – Easy to use and understand
    – Stable and responsive when surfing the web
    – that it doesn’t eat up my mobile device memory
    – Syncs all my desktop bookmarks and saved passwords
    – I would like it to be multi-window enabled for Galaxy devices
    – I would like to be able to use utilize all the new smart and air features on the galaxy devices
    – I would like a nice clean and simple look
    – with print capabilities
    – would like it to enable me to use multiple tabs at a time
    – hope it allows me to win this giveaway, you rock Android Authority

  • taadow1030

    Speed, speed and more speed

  • Jose Calderon

    fast and flash support

  • poiuyt580

    Speed and interface

  • Scott Edwards


  • Sabbir Hossain

    smooth browsing or nice quick flow to the rendering speed.

  • AdazeeI


  • Mohammed Azoz

    pretty BIG Back :D

  • Mirage

    It should be as fast as possible.

  • Miguel Alvarado

    Hopefully I can win

  • Ian Clark

    The browser should support all typ


    simple UI, easy to navigate, and fast.

  • Dor Druker

    speed is the #1 most important I look for in a mobile browser

  • connor obrien

    fast page loading

  • Speed, File Size & Syncing to desktop browser

  • Brenno Araujo

    a good browser should always have a great layout and more facilities to access it

  • wunmi


  • Dilshan

    Incognito, fast

  • Andy

    Can I has? What say you?

  • ybcb

    a browser needs have quick loading time and smooth scrolling.

  • Lizandro

    Cool giveaway

  • Arief Pratama

    no lagging

  • Rick

    I like the idea of “off-road mode.” I live in the US, where coverage can be pretty iffy (and expensive).

  • aljurb

    I want to win this contest :)

  • abdulhaleem

    I wish to win ..

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Wow!!! Huge giveaway!!!!!

  • G.S

    A browser must have a gesture to change tabs.

  • Gabriel

    i look a browser for speed, incognito mode, simplicity, security, privacy and synchronization between your desktop browser and your mobile browser

  • Dragonscourgex

    Speed in load a page and I like having a “reading” mode

  • Nigel

    A responsive browser that follows me across devices, bringing my preferences and bookmarks along for the ride.

  • Benji

    Pretty awesome giveaway

  • Brandon

    Needs a pop up blocker

  • ftchen


  • ichuck7

    I look for a browser that allows me to edit the font size. It’s not fun to read size 6 or 8 font.

    Also, I want a browser that allows me to easily switch tabs.

  • Benji

    Mobile browser feature? Easy access to most visited sites.

  • Ben

    Allows flash player to work on it.

  • Lee Wing Soon

    a browser must be able to browse

  • David Nam

    A browser must always have a session saveeee,

  • Brandon Jiang


  • Saboteur777

    Hey, I’m in!

  • Phantom

    A Browser must always have sync option between devices!

  • Tony Cervantes

    Some sort of bookmark/device sync

  • Brook Jackson


  • Jason

    Simplicity and smoothness…

  • gevinleow

    Happy 2014!

  • GilangSuyatna

    More fast and support flash.

  • WeiKuan Hong

    a browser must have user-friendly interface and fast browsing speed.

  • Orion Wong

    Fast, gestures, smooth scrolling and lowest data usage

  • Joseph Mark

    Speed and low memory footprint.

  • falconion

    used Opera on my desktop and now using it on my smartphone… Best browser when it comes to saving data on my internet pack…

    I need speed, good data compression, fewer bugs, and sync capabilities as key features in a mobile browser

  • abran

    Fast phone but with good battery life!

  • download manager is a must-have feature for browser

  • Arden

    A great user interface

  • SirMohk

    speed, stability, simple UI

  • BoBo Koo

    easy to use

  • Shane Warnock

    Browsers need to be fast and feel snappy

  • Will Larson

    The feature that I look for on a mobile browser is speed. Also, I want pages to work like normal. Which usually mean must play nice with Java.

  • MagickalMike

    Syncing between devices, for sure.

  • Nishit Jain

    The response of the browser is one of the main feature

  • Andrew Lew

    A browser that is speedy!

  • zeferd

    Speed is needed for a browser.

  • coopere

    Fast, light and a great UI. What’s not to like

  • What features do you look for in a mobile browser?

    Browser must have tab support, stability, responsiveness, must show web pages correctly, bookmark sync, and security

  • Irusha

    The ability to sync my bookmarks from every device :D

  • Jayfeather787

    The most important part of a browser for me is speed, stability, and bookmark sync across all devices. Thanks Android Authority.

  • Martin Luke Patiño

    A mobile browser needs to have a simple, fast, and responsive UI.

  • Richard Mazzola

    Thank you Android Authority and Opera!

  • Ged

    a lightweight browser that has lot of features! :)

  • Matthew

    Speed and stability. Minimal RAM usage.

  • Edgar Hernández Jiménez

    I love a browser with tools for easy sharing

  • Rhea Liza Lirios Munoz

    Speed and easy to use…..

  • Alvin Nichol

    Speed.. Speed kills

  • pratheeshps

    I would like a clean UI & easy to use mobile browser.It should have proper layout for smartphones & tablets ..

  • Nathan

    I look for speed mostly

  • It overall has to be responsive and not laggy.

  • Goutham Kumaran

    i want this

  • Richard Sequeira

    May the odds be in my favour!

  • Diana Castro

    Merry Christmas!

  • If it is not Opera, it ain’t a “browser”.

  • antonio iannacci

    A good feature is “reading mode”, like Silk, the Amazon browser

  • Christopher Green

    Like pretty much anything in life comes a trade off between the speed and performance, in this case of the browser, and the size and ram usage of the app.

    Taking the example of Google Chrome on Android, it’s a heavy app and having everything synced up can take up a lot of space and may show down the overall experience. Although this was mainly an issue when Ice Cream Sandwich was just released and chrome was still in Beta, phones nowadays still experience some lag (like my S4).

    In my opinion the best browsing experience possible on a phone has already been developed and the makers of it are constantly improving it for smoothness and user friendliness.

    Just take a look at Dolphin Browser. They even released a one of a kind application, Dolphin Zero, that gives users more privacy. If you want to compete with something, delve more into this niche! Of course all browsers have Incognito Mode but, from my point of view, maybe developers should follow Dolphin Zero’s influence and think about what it is that customers will always want more of – Privacy!

  • Manny

    A good browser needs speed!

  • Ezlan Zulfiqree

    A browser must be fast and contain a Incognito mode…

  • rmkilc


  • Danny Roy Jenuil

    A mobile browser should have the ability to view Flash without having to sacrifice performance.

  • Biavela

    Speed, incognito mode, quality plug-ins…

  • xdeluxxe

    A browser must always be clearly represented ans good tab managment

  • Giessen


  • Nin DKK

    Beautiful UI and fast

  • Jon Lim

    Fast and easy to use. And most importantly is flash support.

  • nickg85

    need this. Browser needs to be smooth with a nice interface. Incognito would be nice as well.

  • Juan A C

    It has to be fluent, and synced ;) across my devices

  • John Bauer

    AWESOME!! These are the two devices I’ve been hoping to get!

  • Lauro Abreu


  • Jeremy Stockton

    Love it! I’m gonna win

  • A proper downloads and uploads manager.

  • Craig Slawson

    I look for comprehensive privacy settings in a mobile browser

  • Michael Cook

    Great browser has an desktop mode…not everyone wants a mobile website view.

  • william

    Always loads the full page, no random blank spots, when i know it has loaded that page before without any problem.

  • Hermie

    Can run rafflecopter giveaways

  • Audi

    browser must be lightweight

  • Kalpesh Mistry

    Incognito Mode

  • peter

    Incognito mode, navigation buttons on bottom of screen, sync with home PC and other mobile devices

  • devin

    i think a good browser must be quick and not laggy

  • deepthikrk

    I look for speed in a mobile browser.
    BTW, this is awesome. Thanks Opera!

  • Nelson Rosado

    Must work on all mobile platforms

  • Suman

    Fast,easy,not resource hogging,smooth experience.

  • Akshay Sharma

    Fast browsing and snappy UI

  • Don

    A proper downloads and uploads manager.

  • Anoop CH

    A mobile browser must not hog too much battery. It should be efficient and effective.

  • Timothy

    Processor capable of withstanding heavy usage and friendly user interface.

    Greeting from Vietnam!

  • rndll

    O-some! Off-road mode to save bandwidth on the road!

  • Nikhil

    It should definitely load super quick and have a full screen mode. Also it should have easy multitasking abilities

  • RhaD

    should be fast and easy to use..

  • Gary Gallardo

    Fast and reliable. thats it!

  • anjocerdena

    It should run smoothly even on low-end devices.

  • Karla

    While browsers have come a long way, the perfect browser has yet to be delivered. If I could combine the elements I like from my favorite browsers, THAT would be the perfect browser.

  • Kermit715

    A browser must be responsive and fast

  • Daniel

    Excellent and fast browser

  • Samik Parekh

    Pick me

  • Gloria Gonzalez

    Desktop versions and supports flash!

  • Thomas Botelho

    Quick, easy, and seemless Ui, and fast downloads.

  • William

    I want a fast browser. :)

  • Alfonzo Pescador

    A browser that is for everything !

  • Ankur

    a mobile browser has to be fast, light to load, responsive and minimal on memory usage.

  • mrclaudio09

    Pick me, choose me (lol, ode to Meredith Grey)

  • alex chan

    Need to be able to use up the full screen space available and be able to open up more than 10 tabs

  • J

    opera has always been my default browser on all my devices. i still like the 12 version

  • Dan

    very nice!

  • Zach Poucher

    I look for a smooth and fast browser.

  • Conrawl Rogers

    i would say faster loading and full screen support :)

  • Amit Jain

    syncing across devices and easy on mobile data usage

  • Donald Foley


  • Van Walker

    I use Opera because I like the capability to fill-in forms

  • Jehan Kateli

    I like a UI which doesn’t take up too much screen space, and of course good load times.

  • Chris Oh

    Save and sync favorites

  • Ashutos Don Jain

    Good speed , incognito mode and good ui

  • Rishabh Mathur

    Opera has always been the best browser for mobiles, ever sine the Nokia days. when I had the N 72, it worked better than every other browser I knew. It is still better than other browsers. while others went for a clean look (too clean to shave the access to basic functionality,usually hidden in the menus), Opera still gave me the option to have the back and forward function for quick access. Though I didn’t like the long wait for the tablet optimized update, it works amazing now with better interface and faster page loads.

  • Richard Lucas

    Sync bookmarks with Xmarks.!..

  • Bakabanana

    OMG can’t wait!

  • ajhall62

    stability, easy to use.

  • Genaro

    This is a great offer !!! this are one of the best devices that are on the market right now !!! good luck to everyone !!! Merry Christmas !!!

  • Jisu Hong

    Only one requirement for browser, fast browsing!

  • theasianpedobear

    must be fast, yet not resource consuming

  • Zuell

    Android Authority Rock!!

  • Jose Romero

    How fast it is

  • Fizzow

    A browser must be fast, smooth and always feel safe when browsing.

  • Andrina G

    Must have a form filler

  • Kyle Christofer Santonil

    The browser loads fast and the transitions are awesome.

    Please make me win the giveaway :)

  • Adeline

    Got to have a good tab management system and easy bookmarking feature.

  • Miranda

    Ease of use.

  • Zack

    Quick load times.

  • Jutty Humphries

    Full screen and smooth performance

  • thecrister

    speeeeeed and clean ui

  • Jayshree Sharma


  • Tonya

    Sync capabilities and security

  • Omar Steele

    A Browser that allows me to personalize my browsing experience is good for me.

  • David Levene

    must have no history tracking

  • Shannon Richardson

    Speed, tabs, flash.

  • Ian Tong Yen Chiun

    Fast response and reliable. User friendly and easy to use

  • isfanismail

    fast and smooth.

  • tommypacker

    A browser gotta be fast

  • Pancham R Bharadwaj

    Opera is a must have broswer

  • qijing

    a powerful fast brower with customable ui and gesture

  • Gelo Quebral

    Browser with an Incognito mode!

  • Shango

    Compress content

  • jontcons

    Number 1 is speed.

  • Yolo

    Incognito mod and surveillance in case your device is being monitored

  • Siew Ling

    any kind of video playing

  • juliyanto

    Fast respinsive, support flash, DNS setting, image and video responsive loading

  • voiceman67

    Must be intuitive, for idiots like me.

  • Navid Lancaster

    The browser must be easy to use, constantly updated, stable and reliable.

  • Jg Dosveintiocho

    Definitely a MUST for any browser would be ingognito mode. Sometimes we don’t want to leave traces of any kind. :)

  • Daniel Legovich

    Speed and low resource use

  • Alexander Genvarev

    Speed, secure, easy to use

  • Joseph Razmek

    Sweet deal

  • kioeclipse

    A browser needs to run smooth on my mobile devices. Something thats not going to crash because i visit youtube.

  • Keefe Paviko

    Must not lag while scrolling

  • Ali Baha

    A browser that pinch-to-zoom like a beast !

  • rishabh goswami

    It’ll be the best Christmas if I win something..itll be my first time to win anything.. :)

  • Endrick Jpo

    Espero ganar, suerte a todos! ☺

  • Andrew Wong

    Fast and reliable.
    So Opera.

  • rishabh goswami

    Browser has to be secure enough for user and interactive GUI is a plus always

  • Gniewko Strozyk

    i look for full screen.

  • brittany

    Yea it should have a privacy mode

  • Jobo Lau


  • surya

    It should be able to open all pages a computer can :)

  • Ankit Khandelwal

    Must have features –
    Cache to SD Card
    Good HTML5 support
    Support for Flash
    Fast and Stable

  • William Soto

    Lag free experience and a reader feature that remove distractions and make web pages clean and easier to read.

  • Kalpik Nigam

    A browser must be able to save credentials even when autocomplete is set to off by site owners. Right now, Opera is the only browser that does that on mobile. So it’s indispensable for me!

  • Keith

    Speed is power!

  • Chong Jen Tan

    I’d like data compression in my browsers.

  • Shaun Chaudoin

    Love AndroidAuthority.com!

  • kevin

    awesome, good luck to everyone, but i want to win

  • Henry Lao

    A good mobile browser’s gotta be fast and responsive. Data compression is certainly nice too!

  • Blanca Lilia Salazar

    This is the best browser for android!!!!! It rocks

  • Pulk

    A good browser must be fast, save data, be light and must be secure…:)…Hope i win this one….

  • Afiq

    A mobile browser has to be light and uses as little data as possible (efficient data transfer). Easy tab switching is a plus!

    • Dai_Shan

      I concur!

  • ManDo FloRes

    Fast search and easy to toggle tabs.

  • Safouane Boudakkou

    spped, good ui, and a handfull apps & add-ons

  • Shaun Chaudoin

    Browser must be fast.

  • Jalok Xlem

    What I think a mobile browser should have is easy gesture features, such as Sleipnir, and have unique browser add ons, such as Firefox.

    Chrome would be number one on my list of it supported add ons. But it doesn’t, so oh well.

  • omar corbella

    Great browser

  • Bob

    Fast boot and Responsiveness, Cross devices and platform sync, Full screen & Undercover option, Gesture driving, Nice & Clean Design, Energy Efficiency!

  • Chaz Chen

    Smartphone browser must have flash support, easy to switch between tabs, simple switch between mobile/desktop modes and incognito mode.

  • Pat Mark R. Evangelista

    I look for a browser that is very handy and power packed with features for ultimate mobile browsing experience. I want that flash support and minimal data usage plus speed.

  • Nicandro Moreira de Macedo Fil

    Give to me, Baby!

  • rj

    A browser must be fast, have incognito mode, and flash support

  • Ryan

    Must Have Web Browser on your Smartphone..Speed and easy to use

  • Asanka Amarasinghe

    Good browser should have a good rendering engine & must be compatible with all the HTML standards; being capable of handling HTML5/HTML4 will be a bonus.

  • Jonathan Napoles Puma

    loads fast and easy to navigate / use.

  • rashi

    Ability to sync with all other devices, mobile, desktop etc

  • William

    i like browser that is fast and light (friendly for phone ram and memory space)

  • Fernando

    Fast browser

  • HK

    Speed and visual compatibility

  • Varot Darasom

    I just looking for a browser with good speed and good ram management.

  • David Son

    view web pages

  • Tom Marshall

    Light and synching across devices

  • Tom Marshall

    Light and synching across devices

  • Ryan

    Speed,Should be secured and easy to use and Yes Should be small in size…

  • Delano Jennings

    A reliable browser! I use opera on my laptop, have been for several years after finding it for my cell phone. Great browser no matter the device!!

  • ck yu

    A browser must be fast and have a clean UI.

  • Rafa G.

    A browser should of course be fast but apart from that you definitely need a nice UI that’s not very hard to use. Tab synchronization is always something to aim for and of course keep the memory usage low.

  • GJV

    Happy Holidays!

  • Navaneet

    All the features opera has :-P

  • Carey Moon

    The data compression option on Opera is a fantastic feature!

  • Peter Trott

    I look for a browser that is intuitive and non-invasive. Is that too much to ask?

  • Scotty

    Needs to be fast and furious. Thanks

  • Shiven9

    A browser must be memory optimized IMO

  • Max


  • JPBojorquez

    Stability and security!

    Good luck to everybody

  • dinesh lama

    easy and fast.

  • abe

    a browser should be simple and easy to use

  • Mark King

    Fluidity and stability

  • bryan deris

    Oh what a great app. Opera has got a lot better these days and it’s different. I liked it. :)

  • David Smith

    It needs to be reliable, quick and secure

  • Ali


  • Gines

    Speed, flash support and easy tab switching.

  • Jhamel

    For me, the feature that I want is a sleek and fast browser that can play Flash on my mobile.

    I hope this time i will be lucky enough to get the gifts.. :) (cross-fingers)

  • Khaled

    Better data packing to save usage on mobile data

  • Montalbert_Scott

    A good browser should be able to sync with a desktop version

  • Nick

    A browser with good speed is always a plus.

  • randyfulgham

    minimize data!!!

  • Cameron Pepin


  • DrewNusser

    I want speed. I’d love to see Flash support to be more common again, too.

  • Raul Velazquez

    Definitely the browser must be fast to download content :)

  • Benjamin Yam

    Fast with flash support


    Minimal data and power usage without sacrificing speed.

  • vastac13 .

    A good browser knows how much data you consumed and limit it when needed

  • Jokerr192

    stability and flash support, the most important things.

  • Kodoka

    trying my luck, again.. :D

  • qwee123

    should be fast and fluid
    user friendly

  • Liu Shiqin

    Gotta have easy tab switching and fast loading. I like it when the tabs I last loaded are still there when i reopen the browser app.

  • A browser should have support for the latest technologies, script languages, plug ins and fast render engines

  • Carl F

    Happy Holidays to everyone on the Android Authority team!

  • Joss7088

    only flash support the most important.

  • B.barf!

    A browser should be swift and should have a good UI

  • Ferdinando S P

    Fast and fluid scrolling, moving to other tabs…

  • ForhanDroid


  • jay

    As long as it runs smoothly I’ll probably be fine with it

  • Jonathan Berry

    Speed and synchronization with desktop or other devices.

  • Daniel Austin

    I really hope A.A give me this for Christmas. I’ve been with them since day 1 and BC of them I am working to Major in engineering so I can one day join the A.A team.

  • Abhishek Kalose

    This is the best giveaway ever !!! Happy holidays to everyone .

  • Nawng Hkio

    anti-virus plugin with safety featured without affecting speed and browsing performance

  • nemir1977

    Needs to be widely compatible, support Java and Flash and ideally sync between my mobile desktop

  • OinTaylor

    Light, fast and have Richie Incognito

  • Anpn Joys

    Its android authority, so they cant go wrong… :)

  • verntechguy

    I’m looking for a mobile browser that’s fast and has no problem rendering pages on mobile.

  • Ian Goh

    Speed and stability

  • rastislavkaraba

    I look for speed

  • Agustin Tashdjian

    It needs to be fast, sync my bookmarks and history

  • Rodrigo Diaz

    Quick movement between tabs, private mode, ad blocker, low bandwith.

  • Aaron

    fast and doesn’t crash

  • ArunRitZ

    New gestures!!!!!!

  • Varun Jain

    It should be fast and responsive. Possibly flash support and popular plugin support. Should render text and images fast. UI should be sleek with functionality kept in mind.

  • cablesam

    T-MOBIL throttles your 4G service

  • rel

    Its good

  • taha adnan

    They said leave a comment , so I did .

  • abhi pat

    Nice Opera

  • abhi pat

    Nice Opera

  • Sarah AJ James

    It’s all about the speed for me

  • fernandotta

    speed and the ability to sync with desktop

  • Roland Yenko

    A browser must be user friendly and fast.

  • Terrance Veigas

    The browser must speed and secured.

  • Ruel

    Multiple tabs. But what I also want a browser that doesn’t eat a lot of RAM.

  • Arungoud

    sync mode across all devices . Multi sync support !! Incognito mode :D data compression

  • javier rodriguez

    Mobile browser needs to be fast and light

  • Zeus Atom

    I look for speed

  • Jeferson Souza

    sending pages to your mobile device from pc

  • Savan Patel

    A browser supporting open standards with good customizable gestures with best speed :)

  • Guest

    This phone would be great for my sibling, she’s still rocking a GS2.

  • Alexander Morales Sevilla

    What I really want in a browser is
    Smoothness in scrolling and browsing
    Can open url in other apps depending off the link, like open YouTube app when a YouTube link is clicked

  • Francisco Suarez

    Hey There! Merry Xmas to everybody!

  • bolehland

    If it does everything Chrome for Android does without the lag on some pages, and the occasional crash, I’m all for that browser.

  • Melanie

    I would LOVE to win this!!! :)

  • nvvr

    I look for speed..

  • Christopher Darling

    An easy way to pull up recently closed tabs, and a simple way to switch between tabs

  • Carl L Smith, Jr

    i need to open mutiple windows smoothly

  • Cindy Conner Bowling

    Needs to be fast

  • Jorge Lopez

    I’ve found that an option to override a website’s styles is incredibly invaluable in a browser. Sometimes these mobile sites have text that’s far too tiny.

  • Hamil Shah

    a browser shouldn’t have scrolling lag, and should sync across devices (like chrome)

  • K9kazoo


  • wenxiang81

    Show me the money (i mean gifts)

  • I love the incognito function of browsers as well as synching functionality with the desktop(or laptop) version of the browser! A bonus would be synching of social services!

  • Joel Inwood

    Lots and lots of room for extra tabs, and fluid performance

  • Enhanced gesture-based tab browsing

  • Guest

    A browser should have a virus scanning feature like firefox

  • Michael Mesina

    A mobile browser must be fast and light and consume as little data as possible…

  • Ben Grooms

    Cloud power!!

  • Shivang Bhagat


  • Rajat Rangdal

    The browser must contain data compression and resumable download feature!

  • Abhishek Verma

    A mobile browser should have high compression technologies, so that people in less connectivity areas would be able to access fast internet. A mobile browser should also have a single sign-on feature to sync bookmarks to any other device that we use, and also an inbuilt sharing feature, so that we don’t have to keep copying and pasting links on our Facebook Walls.

  • Rahul R

    The only feature I look for a browser is that it should be OPERA.. its fast, smooth rendering, responsive, and light too… kudos to OPERA..

  • Caleb Mermer

    A mobile browser should have a build in anti-virus that will scan some scam websites like fake jailbreaks

  • Francis

    what I needed my mobile browser is a way to keep all of my bookmarks and content sync up. And I also like a little bit of privacy.

  • L.P.S.

    Speed, no crashes and lots of features to make my browsing life easier.

  • Mark Williams

    Hope I win this for the holidays!

  • Wajid


  • Jordon Harrell

    Tabs and speed

  • Rahul Sharma

    the way a browser can multi task between different tabs is what i look for…and yes simplicity and convenience…

  • Russell Bangsil

    i want a browser which is fast, reliable and secure.

  • Michael DuBuc


  • ghassan

    I would like the speed of the browser

  • Kelvin Ninan

    I could already fell them on my hands

  • Alexander

    A mobile browser should be fully synchronized with your PC browser. Also the good feature would be a “Live mode” – when you turn it on, the web page you are opening in your PC browser will be also opened in the synchronized mobile browser immeadeately, so if you wanna go to bathroom and continue browsing that page – no problems )

  • Varun Dhasmana

    The winner of this Giveaway is gonna be Damn LUCKY !!
    Best of Luck to everyone

  • Enmanuel Solarte

    Safety first is what you look for in a good browser.

  • Brian

    A light band snappy browser is best

  • Jonathon Neaves

    Hmm… welcome to webkit Opera.. I always liked your smooth style before but found the coolness of of html5/css3 slightly lacking in Opera… But.. with webkit now… I guess it’s time for me to try again :)

  • Taylor Lee

    Need speed!

  • Taylor Dall

    Efficiency in usability; the speed of content loading and multitasking (tab switching) ease

  • Maximilian Zimmer

    Definitely looking for syncing abilities between my desktop and mobile browser

  • Radit

    A browser must have Incognito Mode

  • Mayukh Nath

    Something that is fast, looks nice, and doesn’t waste battery like chrome

  • Souro

    Opera is one of the best browsers available for any device in the World

  • John Brandenburg

    I like a synced experience. Go Chrome!

  • Stephen Sisco

    I like text reflow. Opera is one of the few browsers that supports that, so congrats.

  • mc

    Fast and fluid! Not a complex interface, but packed with features.

  • tfrankson

    hope i get picked.

  • Matt Dreas

    A mobile browser should include fast boot speeds and an option for things to happen upon exit (clear cache, etc.)

  • Maia B

    I’m going to win this one guys :) Opera is awesome!

  • Eldho James

    waiting to touch my hands on this precious gift

  • Clarence L

    simple layout and fast responsiveness

  • Souro

    A fast browser is the first priority feature for all people living in developing nation like me.

  • Samad Memon

    Is fast and not cluttered

  • Gennaro Amura

    Wuau! It’s a fantastic giveway *-*

  • Sheryl Bangsil

    a browser must be fast and secure.

  • all fingers crossed

  • Lucas Scargall

    A tablet would be nice seeming as ive never owned one :(

  • Jaki Paredes

    It should have an off-road feature. :)

  • noodacrunch

    I’m feeling lucky

  • Nexususer123

    I used this browser in school to check FB since their wifi blocked such sites lol.

  • Jonathon Neaves

    Oh and the feature I look for in a phone… hmmm.. tricky.. geek-ery :P lol There’s a way to cover several elements with one word! :D I don’t like to be disappointed with pictures, I hate slow performance and I love the latests bits and pieces like OS, NFC, wireless charging etc
    That said.. I still haven’t had the money to upgrade from my HTC Desire A8183 >< lol… but I never put it in a cover or bumper case and I've never cracked it or scratched it etc.. so I take care of it.. it's been a good little trooper.

  • Hal

    Opera is one of the OG in mobile web browsing

  • Hussam ElShahri

    I’d like to have a browser synced with ALL my PC browsers. A universal phone browser. That would be great.

  • Lucas Scargall

    To be able to open infinate web pages and not be limited to say 12

  • Ahmed Abdulrahman

    A browser must be light, simple, customizable and have an amazing user interface!

  • AffanMalik

    Easy tabs navigation. Bookmarks synced to cloud. Fast loading particularly when launch is triggered from other apps such as FB and twitter, and ofcourse Incognito ;)

  • PhilyP


  • marlun

    Speed, content support and stability.

  • Raaj

    I love the way Opera compresses data on server side. Many times when traveling in remote parts, Internet connection is spotty. I find I get the best experience with Opera in those cases. And now it my default browser!

  • Adiel Masbad

    the feature i look for in a browser is easy switching between desktop and mobile sites..

  • Nero Tran

    I look for fast, data saving browser

  • Di9i7ALch3mis7

    I never win these things.

  • Emiliano Gomez

    A browser must be fast.

  • Stu

    I like a nice compact browser that doesn’t use up a lot of resouces.

  • yashwanth

    Speed…I always check for fast responses in an abled browser

  • chevalieroyaux

    I want a mobile browser that’s light on the data usage and have a GUI that’s pretty yet functional.

  • Dave

    It must have an easy access search bar and be able to navigate easily.

  • pie36

    A browser must have an immersive mode.

  • Poqeteer


  • PJ Wreck

    nexus 5! be mine this holiday! please!!! :))

  • Luis Espadas

    A browser must be comfortable to the user and have a friendly interface

  • Eduardo Regalado Pelayo

    Super Christmas pack!!

  • Ravi

    A mobile browser should be fast and lag free
    and should also handle heavy pages easily
    mobile browser should be optimized to get more speed for loading the web pages

  • yashwanth


  • Chris Knopff

    Security is key, regardless of data.

  • Ahmed Abdulrahman

    A browser must be light, simple, fast, customizable, stable and have an amazing user interface!

  • martinalbert

    A good browser must work anytime and anywhere!

  • Laxminayan Majhi

    Mobile browser must compress data that i access. I use data plans on constraints.

  • Olivia De Hamilton

    Speed is major for me.

  • Thanks for the contests.

  • clint odeza

    A browser must be user friendly and fast

  • Samuel Mitchell II

    Smooth transitions and speedy transitions.

  • Saeran

    Good layout, easy to use.
    Works well on a mobile sized screen

  • kimLJT

    An easy switching between tabs would be great :)

  • Brian Kautz

    Fast and fluid, but packed with features

  • Andrew Cumberbatch

    Android Authority Your source for everything Android. I watch every episode, keep it up guys

  • abhilash

    Incogniton modes is the best mode for secret borowsing which I would like to recommend opera to update as follows

  • Pierangelo Munoz

    favorite browser

  • utsav

    Has to be stable, and must pay flash videos as i watch football matches on stream :D

    • Barbara Fehmel

      What a wonderful prize. Unfortunately I only have the very oldest of phones and I can’t down load onto it.

  • AllTheGoodNamesAreGone

    Looks like a nice prize pack from Opera.

  • tejbir

    A browser should be simple and fast

  • saenaedewe

    A browser must be fast, support flash and contain incognito mode

  • Nolan Pinto

    The mobile browser has evolved a long way from what it was earlier that is a laggy and buggy application to a buttery smooth application. I believe the only change that should be done in the browser is web compression that should be there by default on all mobile browsers since we use a data plan at most of the times.

  • Spawn

    I like my mobile browser to use as little memory as possible, both in space that it takes up on the device as well as amount it uses to run and display pages.

  • luis abreu

    win win 11

  • Erin

    I’ve been meaning to try Opera for a while, so this seems like a good time.

  • Ramon Insua

    A browser should update automatically it’s plug-ins , be extremely reliable, secure and fast.

  • Ash B

    Speed. Gotta have speed

  • Rogenyourseth

    I look for fluidity and stability above all. Everything else is a plus :-)

  • Simon Wilson

    Great give away – Merry Christmas to all our readers!

  • Mark Kandan

    opera is safe and fast browser:-)

  • Exequiel Jay

    A mobile browser must be light, have a very nice interface and fast

  • koko

    all the best everyone

  • eltico40

    Speedy transition

  • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

    fast and light

  • Damirp

    A browser gotta be fast and full of features like themes, tabs management!

  • Qasim Mahmood

    Speed and ease of use! And of course stability.
    Twitter: @ToastQ
    Facebook: Qasim Mahmood

  • Praveen S. Kumar

    It’s capability to load each and every website fast and smooth

  • Mah Choon Hung

    Reader mode!

  • wittyakash

    A browser must be light, fast and responsive; and should be able to contain data limits.

  • Ismail Rampurawala

    Love Opera…Enhanced stability and compatibility — more websites work better than ever in Opera.

  • Akshar Patel

    Speed, synchronization of my bookmarks and passwords and good addons. That’s what a good browser needs to have.

  • Wesley Lai

    A browser must be Fast and fluid

  • jayesh chandran

    defnitely speed comes first….

  • Amirreza

    Can convert and optimize any website for smartphones

  • Michael

    A mobile browser just as easy to use as the PC browser!

  • Jason Wong

    Glad to test the Opera browser.

  • waqar

    speed and light-weightedness

  • nathaly

    i wanna win :D

  • Abdullah Albyati

    Fast and Safe

  • jutahy barbosa

    A perfect browser for android.

  • Aaron Milstein

    Thanks, Opera. Happy holidays.

  • bhans

    Thanks for the contest Opera and Android Authority!

  • NotEd

    Interactivity/syncing between devices.

  • adarsh j

    a browser must have user friendly ui and agreat way to manage bookmarks.

  • Andyjayson

    Lightning fast…

  • Mitchell Germick

    I have used the Opera Browser on all of my devices and I perfer it over anything else.

  • Monica Ayungao

    I want a browser to have a strong and fast connections that reliable to my needs in surfing :)

  • parkergamble

    A browser needs to have an easy way to find news

  • Oinks

    Mobile browser has to conserve data on cellular data

  • BHL

    Speed, Smoothness, Multiple Tabs, and easy shifting to Desktop View.

  • i

    minimize data usage

  • Abdullah Jalees

    Synchronized bookmarks and cloud services.

  • boss

    Rendering speed and fluid scrolling

  • Yash

    Must have a clean n simple UI and must be fast .

  • Santhosh

    Great Giveaway

  • Opaw

    Fast and great UI..

  • reza

    Browser must always minimize data usage on mobile, speed, and flash support

  • Junior


  • prathik

    meememememe i dont have anything

  • Ricky Jung

    I always look for the easy, and clean UI with a various add-on support!

  • Sohum Raninga

    i love aa

  • Ara

    must be fast

  • Bryce Marshall

    a browser must have a great serach engine

  • Alfredo Torres

    A fast browser with no crashes!

  • krazytrixxxsta

    Bartender, let’s do that one more time.

  • Michael Toorie

    Stole my Thunder! Definitely incognito mode…

  • Bsaatbman

    A mobile browser should be Lite weight and fast, incognito mode is a plus

  • Luis

    Good luck everyone!

  • DrCarpy

    Man this is an awesome prize! thanks Android Authority!

  • Kabilesh Vijay


  • Avery Pennewell

    Biggest thing for me in a browser is just speed. Like it nice and clean, with no bloat. Also NEED desktop to mobile sync. Without that the browser isn’t too useful as I use that feature a lot.

  • mark

    a browser that compresses data to save bandwidth or load things faster when throttled.

  • irman

    I look for simplicity and speed

  • Diego Rodríguez

    A mobile browser should have a consistent experience without any hiccups or lag

  • knoxweather

    Nice browser!

  • Lisa

    A text only option :)

  • r11123


  • Casey Herman

    Speed, features, and simplicity!

  • tommy


  • rohan mishra

    the facebook interface while browsing through opera is not cool..if that could be taken care of then…opera is the fastest and most trusted browser even when you have 2g

  • Javier Juarez

    The browser has to be fast & have a smooth interface.

  • adrianc14

    A browser that syncs with my bookmarks from my computer!

    • Arnd Brugman


  • dione clark

    In a mobile browser’s I look for speed and privacy

  • bomblord

    I would love these things

  • Xylvr

    light and uses little data

  • Mel.K

    Simplicity in design and speed. Also unlimited tabs.

  • tfmemory

    A good browser must be fast first.

  • I need to be fast and that it does not take a lot of space.

  • Rajeeb

    Good browser should have easy tab access and faster browsing

  • Anjerico Zorilla Caburnay

    a browser that can adapt to various internet speeds and must be light and responsive. most importantly, private browsing.

  • artur

    bealtiful UI and customizations!

  • Devin

    A browser that is fast and smooth, also with a good looking UI

  • Anon404

    It must be smooth and stable.

  • birston88

    Fast boot and Responsiveness,

  • birston88

    Fast boot and Responsiveness,

  • jo coon

    Hope I win. This is a really awesome tech package!

  • T.J.

    Speed and compatibility are the top requirements for me.

  • jasmeet singh

    Woo Oh Ohh…….Opera Browser..iam using this when i was using my java candybar phone…tiLL Now its THe bEsT among others…And Now They Are Presnting A giveaway like A CherrY On the Top..Hope i Win…Thnxxx And it would Be Huge New YEarr….THnxxx Once Again..

  • Vipin Santhosh

    this is amazing stuff

  • Jesse Leon

    ease of use

  • RahulMacwan

    Its a Speedy browser

  • Shane Ramkissoon

    Synchronization is probably the best feature in any mobile browser to me because I do a lot of heavy work, so going back to where I left off really helps. Combining that with the ability to cross-platform, the browsing speed and ease of access, it makes things pretty simple even for the simplest of users.

    And with Opera, all of that works in such an efficient manner, it’s incredible.

  • Edgar Velázquez

    Must be fast and have good support for Javascript and image formats

  • Alex


  • Ansh

    It is a very light and smooth browser… I luv it

  • Jemanu Putra

    A browser must always have new tab! -_-

  • rafael ceja

    A browser must be able to load a page quickly and keep my personal info private protecting me against malicious intent.

  • Dave Lu Chiu

    speed :)

  • Abraham Montero

    Wow its a really great giveaway

  • ibrahim

    Every thing

  • Mostafa Farrakha

    simple, lag free and has flash!

  • Lawrence Lim

    Speed, reliability and sync

  • sohil naik

    I used opera way before firefox was famous!

  • Andrew

    Happy Holidays!

  • Thiago Saadeh


  • Phongtle

    A browser should have google sync. Pretty nifty feature that I use in chrome mobile now.

  • John

    I personally think Opera is the strongest competitor to Chrome, haha.

  • lctineo

    Definitely has to have a fast low data consumption mode or a way to se previews of large images or videos before downloading those.

  • Mitchell Hoeksema

    good luck

  • Justin

    Holy moly that’s a nice price pack! I love opera!

  • Farhaan Md Nasar

    fast..reliable..should consume less data

  • Bennett Tindle

    Can’t wait

  • Manuel E

    A browser must be really fast and let me use flash xD

  • johan

    fast and low on space

  • Mark

    Just a fast and easy-to-use mobile browser..

  • Max

    Fast boot, responsive and clean ui.

  • Ardhi N. Y.

    The mobile browser should able to download as fast as download managers

  • UltraNob

    Be responsive and use minimal data usage

  • josephkuk

    나 하나 가져다 무세요

  • Gurik

    A browser should work smoothly with conjunction to rest of the eco system!

  • Raymond H. Dongeto

    I Want the Secure Browsing

  • Zac King

    An awesome browser should have lightning fast download and browsing speeds with wifi and data.It should reduce data usage.The UI must be clean,neat,stable and responsive. The Browser’s Security Features should be the best there is! The apk size must be small.It must have facebook,twitter, Google plus integration and cross syncing between different platforms and devices.The Browser should be able to support a wide range of devices and also flash.Last but not least it should have bookmark support and offline reading mode.A Very Big Thank You To Opera,and Android Authority for this once in a lifetime giveaway and good luck to all participants.

  • Igor Strelnikov

    It must be safe and fast.

  • Lisandro Neigh Osorio

    i want the private thing

  • Leonardo Faure N. Paschoa

    It is just fluid…

  • Derek

    A good browser is all about speed.

  • AlexNapo

    Mobile browser->Lag free->Fast->Simple UI->Desktop browser

  • michael dutton


  • Kenny Bell

    A browser should be able to handle all the tabs I can throw at it.

  • Md. Ashiqur Rahman

    Browser must be quick to load, fast to search right thing and more optimized.

  • scott

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays

  • Willington Kuo

    the browser must be intuitive

  • richmao

    Data sync over multiple devices!

  • Samuel ONeal

    Browser should be easily syncable across main accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Plus, etc. It should be fast and especially optimized for mobile performance!

  • Alejandro Salinas


  • Best thing ever Because runs on slower older androids too

  • Mark Luna

    Speed for sure

  • Karuna

    Mobile browser eh? it must have the ability to save as much as data possible without a significant loss in quality. and also have no web rendering compatibilty issue :D

  • Olsen Petrus

    mobile browser that can sync between mobile and computers, good tab management and that have ad block..

  • Gustavo

    A mobile browser must be fast, secure and light.

  • Alejandro Vega

    Opera for the speed!

  • PCMacintyre

    A browser should have a private mode and not get slowed down by java.

  • Daniel

    a good browser should be multi media codec supported and with easy customization just like isafepro.

  • Craig Cooper

    I like a browser to have incognito and to be able to sync with other devices

  • hanh nguyen

    Fast and easy

  • Tyrone Macedon Sr

    ease of use

  • Gil

    I prefer browsers to be lightweight yet responsive

  • Backer

    Fast, secure, sync with desktop

  • Daniel Ochoa

    Speed, versatility, awesome features, and light memory foot print is some of I can think of. ;)



  • Gijo

    speedy,better design,full screen mod, Undercover option,and also have option to ads block

  • Mohammed Dwide

    help minimize date on mobile

  • Tornado15550

    I need a browser to be fast, secure, and compliant of the latest web standards.

  • magykmaster

    Data and energy efficiency

  • David Sammut

    A browser that supports lots of addons and extensions, so I can customise it to my liking ;)

  • Aditya C


  • voodoo94

    Fast and light is what i like!

  • allexinnoalexys

    A quick acces for bookmarks!

  • JeffHsiao

    Speed is all!

  • Victor Rubio

    i would like a way import bookmarks easily

  • Feilong

    A browser must always have a ‘delete history’ setting. Jus sayin’.

  • Dr Bees

    A browser should always be speedy and easy on memory!

  • Gayan

    Good Browser. Quick and Responsive.

  • tp.nitin

    i need the browser to be fast !

  • Eric C.

    multi tabs

  • Rahul Gandhi

    a must have christmas present ie nexus 5 :) thank u opera and android authority….a mobile browser must be equipped with a mode where kids can be restricted from accessing certain websites..

  • Shahrukh Lalani

    A browser should have fast and quick app bootup :D

  • sid

    something that is really to access from the phone

  • alex tsimer

    Speed and fluidity

  • Brian T

    speed and stability

  • Tom


  • Syamsul Ibad

    fast, clean, and free :)

  • Liam P.

    1. Saving data
    2. Easy multi-tab switch
    3. Simple UI

  • AdaDuku

    Awesomeness! As a web designer, Opera Mobile is a must have app in my smartphone :D

  • Herc

    Looking a for a fast clean browser.

  • Jeffisarobot

    Let the best browser rule.

  • Ivan Alamo


  • Ivan Alamo


  • Jerold Paris


  • Evan

    Hope I win!! Good luck everybody, and thank you Android Authority! :D

  • John


  • Jeffrey Leung

    a browser with flash plugin :)

  • panxe


  • Randy Rivas

    I look for a private browsing mode and an overall smooth experience.

  • YamadaMaha

    delete dem history!

  • Philip Mburu

    Data Saving and speed

  • EMAX

    why is manually updating so hard

  • Sid Vyas

    Opera browser has all the features that I look in mobile browser..Smooth ui :)

  • Jake Paige

    Incognito mode and smooth. Find on page is always nice too :D

  • Winadi Wiratama

    a browser must be fast and stable, less ram usage.

  • Christian Bunker

    I look for simplicity and speed of course!

  • Evan

    A good browser should look good and get the job done with a safe and secure browsing experience

  • Mycosyco

    Easy navigation

  • Smith

    Nice giveaway

  • Nugraha Triputra

    Great scrolling, fluid responses, lightning load up, great UI, easy to use, incognito, must be very light on the phone!

  • Richard Gao

    Flash is a great feature on mobile phones

  • Fabián

    Flash support, good tab management and speed!

  • Albert

    I really like the speed dial and if im on my mobile plan opera uses less data and faster.

  • Clyde Tedjoprawiro

    Browser must not use alot of memory!

  • matthias blomme

    Google chrome casting

  • Smith

    Must be fast and light.

  • Drake2000


  • rishab

    A browser must have adblock..


  • Kavya

    Must contain incognito mode :D

  • Ahoura Minaian

    Browser needs to be fast, and it has to have a cool icon, and offer great features

  • Mohana Sundaram

    A browser must have support to open any type of website n display it correctly so that one does not have to rely upon one’s laptop or PC for doing that.

  • Mariz De Luna

    Simple user interface, flash support, fast and smooth :)

  • Dustin Brooks

    Feature I look most for in a mobile browser is tabbed browsing. Not like the paginated version Chrome gives me, I want to quickly be able to see what tabs I have open in landscape orientation without tapping something and swiping all around to find the one I want.

  • Roger

    I like using Oper browser. I find it a lot easier to use.

  • Elizabeth K

    It has to be fast and qiuck start up

  • nathan

    Fast and secure

  • Ahmed Aflan

    Fast boot and Responsiveness, Cross devices and platform sync, Full screen & Undercover option, Gesture driving, Nice & Clean Design, Energy Efficiency!

  • Jason Grooms

    Speed, and strong support of gesture control.

  • Jason Fu


  • Alex

    A browser must be compatible on all my devices and sync across them.

  • Kon

    Browser that renders picture fast.

  • Wade Pierce

    Speed and zero lag.

  • C Jacobs

    Good Luck Everyone

  • kiseki

    Simple ui,, night mode and fast

  • Marco

    Always speed

  • shazam81

    easy to use, find bookmarks, change settings, and speed.

  • Oussa Bun

    Great browser, i love it..

  • geeboi88

    Speed is definitely key

  • Harit Singh


  • Edward

    A browser must be responsive and smooth.

  • Matt Forster

    Fast and easy to navigate

  • Viktor


  • Ami Amar

    I look for gr8 performance[chipset] with a gr8 camera

  • Nic

    Flash support ? Please, it’s about time that horrendous non standard pos dinosaure keels over and dies a long awaited death. Not time to adapt it to mobile browsing : the faster it’s gone, the faster we’ll have true mobile pages, think about it.
    And those mentioning W3C standards AND flash support, shame on you : should be NAND ;)
    Mutually exclusive….
    Plus, no man hours should be waster supporting a technology being phased out by its owner and developer, even if Flash sites will be around for a decade or more still (alas) : doing so would mean that the aforementioned HTML 5 pages for mobile browsing will be even later in making their debut.

    What does a mobile browser need ? ultra fast rendering, not a resource or space hog (cough cough chrome, with a 30 megs library that’s also 5 years old.is not a good example) with appropriate fallback rendering for unsupported feature, not broken images placeholders, etc. And if you;’re going to impose a stylesheet on desktop sites for mobile sites, make sure it works across the supported ecosystem (hint : Android devices have different screen sizes, form factors, and user settings… Query all of them before rendering.)
    Atm, there are NO proper mobile browsers, the best offerings being the stock Android browser in GB and ICS, and Opera Classic, with an honourable mention to mini.
    (Haven’t had enough quality time with post ICS Android distros so reserving judgement)

    Now, the bundle should come to me, period. I need it, it’s my precious :)
    Cheers all, happy holidays and season greetings for those who revel and enjoy it !
    My sympathies and encouragements for those like me, who wish it was February already and that the priceless signs of spring would color sprinkle the snow with portents of mini skirts, bare legs, and spring rut….
    Nic, in bitterly cold, snowed in Mourial (aka Montreal)

  • Revitalize

    Definitely a fast browser

  • Jaimez02

    Nice and easy to understand UI, smooth transition, easy bookmark and tab management.

  • Daniel

    I like having basic customization, private mode, flash and being able to change the browser agent.

  • Jabber Wookie

    Desktop sync is a must have feature

  • Julian Chavez

    A browser must be fast and of course have an incognito mode

  • Mandip Das

    All I want in a mobile browser is security!

  • Rafe Skidmore

    The browser must perform on high memory websites smoothly

  • james sutch

    fast browsing with responsive UI

  • Isiah

    Simplicity and privacy :)

  • Z Yhwach

    Simple UI, fast, and does the job very well. That’s about it.

  • Pieter Botes

    must be touch optimized.

  • Kenny Cornwell

    speed is the most important aspect of a browser followed by the UI

  • Rafin Khan

    all hail opera

  • A mobile browser should be able to display a complete desktop version of the page when necessary, without compromising on the experience one bit.

  • anaser

    I need a fast. smooth . feature in the browser

  • Acah

    The browser is the best

  • Jay Tondevold

    I would love this

  • Jenny Song

    A mobile browser that I would like is one that could multitask, has great speed, and easy access and use!

  • DaEXfactoR


  • patanjali vatnal

    An Incognito Mode, Data Usage Compression, Faster page loading

  • David

    Tabs, gestures and sync with deskop

  • Snowx2k5

    For me is smooth scrolling. I don’t know if people think of that as a feature or not, but for me its really important.

  • Randy Koh

    A browser must be fast and easy to use !

  • doraemon

    A fast, quick responding browsers

  • Devin

    Quickly traverse through tabs in browser.

  • Travis Faulkner

    I always like speed and the ability to sync with my desktop browser

  • George Zheng

    a browser that is fast and reiable

  • austin richard

    Fast and silky smooth page loadiing

  • Xenios Kofteros

    Speed and zoom with reflow

  • Sae Min Ahn

    Incognito mode!

  • shufu

    Very fast!!

  • Max

    A browser must have a desktop view option

  • Chris Perez

    I browser where speed is number one.

  • Max tan

    A browser must be user-friendly and as simple as possibe.

  • Antonio Lunn


  • Jorge Vela

    A browser must always have an incognito mode as well as the ability to sync between devices for those who like bookmarks!

  • ian

    awesome giveaway!

  • Lloyd Cheng

    Thanks Opera!

  • Karl-Heinz Bachmann

    A browser that is fast and doesn’t crash, while still having an awesome interface.

  • Anthony Tyler

    Free Stuff For Christmas!!

  • Ahmed

    It must have good battery life, sd card slot , fast cpu and at least 2 gigs of ram

  • John Drake

    Incognito mode.

  • afranci703

    Speed, private mode and ability to display all pages are important features to have!

  • kulsoom fatima


  • Vishal Khedkar

    Speed, support for mobile sites, bookmark syncing, a reliable download manager, and support for all content that a site has to display.

  • Franco Bosetti

    Want to win!! Good luck everybody,

  • Yash Ballani

    fantastic giveaway :)
    redesign UI

  • Alain Lafond

    Send those up here in the land of snow storms… And please random Gods, listen to my prayers…

  • Dobe

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Chris Omega

    A good browser must be responsive

  • Itamar

    Lightweight: Quick and low on memory.

  • Darren Vuong

    Data Usage Compression and Fast Page Loading

  • Jackie Chen

    Full screen mode

  • Omer

    The only browser I use, light and very good memory efficient

  • John Doe

    good browser

  • Kuldeep K

    a browser must have speed and reduce or at least minimize data consumption.

  • Raghav Chopra

    Opera has always been the best when it comes to browsers,mobile or desktop.The speed with which the pages load is actually amazing.Would like them to carry on and deliver such efficient services to everybody.

  • jirokanz

    Mobile browser should have private/incognito mode and fast too.

  • Bryon

    speed in need

  • Dillano Blake

    I look for pure speed in a browser even on a slow connection. Should also be simple and user friendly.

  • محمد عصام

    Should be fast

  • Migui Mendoza


  • jtouhamy

    icognito mode indeed

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    I look for simplicity and efficiency in a mobile browser. I believe that’s about all I need. I usually just open and close the pages I need to read. I don’t leave things open for a long time.

  • Aaron

    A good browser needs to be quick and user-friendly

  • AB Aldo Payardu

    Fast, No crash, Synchronization, Easy to use, Simple good looking UI,

  • Justin

    I know, maybe if I focus enough, I can open a dimensional rift and claim my prizes scott free!

  • Nikhil Puthran

    its fast and User friendly..and in future should be more optimize..

  • omar

    i really want to win

  • David

    I like gestures to make easy the web navigation.

  • Yogesh

    a browser should be able to play all types of videos

  • Trevor

    Responsiveness is key…

  • Nizar GHRIBI

    a mobile browser must optimize the screen usage

  • John Wolf

    Browser must have simple ui and be fast.


    A browser should support my 2.3 gingerbread phone :(

  • Tyler Polcawich


  • Dupree Kilven

    The Browser must have be easy enough a child could use it

  • Hoàng nam

    a browser that fast and has private mode

  • uglythoughts

    what a prices ! c’mon!

  • Ryan Connell

    I think a browser should have a good search bar and speedy like opera and chrome

  • Dan

    A browser should have platform sync

  • ejtsang

    Speed and privacy

  • Haybells

    Sing with me!

  • Bidzina Mosiashvili

    Really loving this give away. If I win I’m gonna give the tablets to my brother and sister. So excited !!!!!!

  • Nick Bosch

    It has to use the least data as to prevent going over.

  • Ryan

    Beastly specs, beautiful looks.

  • Kuldeep Verma

    I love opera on the desktop, will trey it on mobile too , should be good.

  • Rafael a. Batista

    A browser must have an ad less UI

  • Miftah Rizky Ananta

    A browser must be fast and responsive

  • LSULaw2009

    My favorite mobile browsers successfully attempt to replicate the desktop browsing experience and sync my favorites across my devices.

  • Haybells

    I look for a good layout for a larger phone

  • Germano Saffier

    Changed months ago the Default browser to opera, and won’t return to the old one. The speed it’s the main feature, but also the crashless engine, much more stable than chrome. What i loose in keep my profile synced, i win in a much more stable phone use.

  • Colton Craker

    cool contest

  • Alejandro Santana

    hope it is faster to browse and can look at any page

  • Jayuan Bostick

    opera is better than i thought

  • Syed

    Lets see:
    1. Light and fast
    2. Easy incognito mode acess
    3. Flash support
    4. Have an options to use more or less data

  • Nightfall

    I would love to win any of these prizes.

  • Camille Cruz

    much browser, such speed

  • nishant sutaria


  • A browser must use as little RAM and CPU power as possible, I’m using a phone with a single core and half a gig of RAM and those features are the most important in having a smooth experience.

  • Anton

    simplistic and easy to use

  • Eric Lau

    Speedy, loads javascript and does not freeze.

  • Desmond Wong

    I looking phone that has very good balance in both hardware and software. Providing good experience to the user.

  • r

    Best giveaway of the year

  • asyraf nuay

    incognito mode hehe

  • Raul G JS

    A Desktop/mobile user agent toggle

  • Sparks Jr.

    A browser with ability of downloading fast and the ability to play all the flash apps in website – jay

  • Jarett Ting

    A browser must be user friendly and fast. :)

  • Dennis

    Super fast

  • Jessica Rios Ochoa

    Must be fast and flash support

  • Roddy Neff

    Speed and stability

  • Lio

    quick and snappy when loading web pages

  • ash71ish

    Data compression

  • Dylan

    Fast and reliable

  • Dinindu De Silva

    Incognito mode, night mode, speed

  • Gurkamal Bedi

    it should be fast, safe, user friendly…

  • Dejan Nedeljkovic

    Opera is pretty cool

  • jeff22tan

    A browser needs to be updated with newer and updated security features. Anti-hack, anti-NSA spying features.

  • Rohan Swarup

    Buttery smooth scrolling!

  • Chandramani

    Should be nice speed and data efficient :)

  • Eduardo Melendez

    Fast, low consumption of mobile data, the possibility to put some add-ons, and support flash

  • aaron pompura

    I want it to be fast have simple features and an easy layout

  • BeggarBoy

    I want it all!!!

  • Bharat Chhatre

    “Nexus”+MicroSD+USB OTG – it says it all

  • cheridene

    a mobile browser must be fast and efficient

  • rohail6

    awsesomezzz, off road mode!

  • natasha sharma


  • mukhtar patel

    Opera is good but not as fast as chrome make it fast otherwise great browser

  • Vincent

    Fast and fluid app, an address bar that is absent when not needed and at the bottom via slide if I want it to appear.

  • Kaviraj

    Must Be Fast

  • Faiz Arsyad Wahab

    Incognito browsing please ;)

  • Guest

    superb browser. i used opera instead of chrome

  • Sam Lewis

    Wow this would absolutely make my holiday season. I would give the tablet and speakers to my parents as gifts. But keep the Nexus 5 for me :)

  • Chris W

    Opera is a great browser.

  • rishab vaishya

    features i look for in a mobile browser

    1) plug that can play all types of video in websites.
    2) incognito mode.
    3) no comprises on speed.
    3) quick boot up.
    4) custom page on start up.
    5) block ads like popup ads.
    6)inbuilt anti virus which can warm me from visiting infected websites.

    i hope this helps

  • Lloyd D.

    A good mobile browser must be very data-friendly and easy to use.

  • Desmond Wong

    I want a speedy browser

  • catiremedina

    Honestly, just rendering quality and speed, that is the main feature I want in a browser, everything else is just icing on the cake.

  • Nurun Nadwa

    an alternative of chrome browser :)

  • Priyank

    Tabbed browsing for sure!

  • John Amerisun

    Incognito for those… special sites.

  • John Amerisun

    Incognito for those… special sites.

  • Andrew Jones

    I think a browser should be simple and not look clunky, but should also be able to do what you need it to do while always being fast about it.

  • leisure018

    A browser must always be easy to nagivate sites

  • Martin Di Diego

    I hope I win! Great package.

  • qijing

    powerful browser with customable ui and gesture.

  • Sajin Kasali

    Speed, minimum data usage, better download manager.

  • HK

    I wish i could win this :)

  • JO C

    Opera FTW

  • joe

    incognito FTW

  • Edward Nelson

    A good web browser must have Light memory usage.

  • JordanCalhoun

    awesome giveaway

  • Tyrese

    A browser must have a smooth transition between different pages.

  • Kaleb

    All browsers should have flash!

  • Braxton Ripley

    the browser must have different modes for diffrent styles of usage ie. work,play,”other”,ect.

  • Aria

    I love everything

  • Zhiming Law

    the best is the off road mode save my data

  • vahid esmati

    As fast as possible

  • jklnexus

    data compression

  • Quyen Chau

    The feature I look for in a mobile browser, and especially Opera mobile browser is being able to synchronize with destop browser. This is for me the only reason that holds back from using Opera instead of Chrome.

  • Zhiming Law

    i love it a lot

  • Kaimen Daulton

    Good download manager

  • Nathan Saltarin

    A fast and smooth experience

  • Amirul Islam Lisan

    Opera is the best browser I’ve ever used.

  • Aladdin Tarshan

    Download manager would be a nice feature also gesture based navigation.

  • Meny Beth Terry

    Optimization for difference screen such as white background for LG PLS screen and black background for AMOLED to save the battery.

  • Thet Htoo Zaw

    A broswer that contains ability to surf offline, for example, taking note in galaxy note 3 from web page. That will help alot.

  • Fabián Jonie Cedeño

    Speed, Security, low battery consumption and responsiveness…. Just like Opera Browser.

  • Sean


  • This is an amazing giveaway!

  • Randall Parker

    Device browser must always work, not lock up or freeze.

  • llobak

    I want Speed in a browser. And would be perfect if the experience can be as good as my browser in desktop

  • Juan Diego Riveros Zalamea

    a browser must have flash support

  • Shuayb Ghaffoor

    A browser should feel good to use…It should have a modern feeling and uniqueness…..Hope I win this amazing holiday giveaway..Thanks..

  • Daniel

    A browser must always have tabs features and private mode.

  • Robert

    A mobile browser should be fast at loading pages

  • artiplier

    Quick tabs or gestures are useful

  • Sourav Kumar RoyChowdhury

    I wish for a LG GPad Google play edition.

  • Ahmed El Monier Junior

    1) custom page on start up.
    2) block popup ads.

  • vighnesh kadam

    a browser must have a multiwindow feature itself …for some difficult scenarios ..

  • paulops

    A browser needs a clear browsing history function

  • Max Bao

    A mobile browser should be fast with smooth animations. Also with an always-enabled incognito mode ;)

  • ariyana

    it should always run smooth

  • Akshay Prabhu

    A browser must load pages faster, use less data and more importantly use less memory(smaller install package.)

  • Tomas

    Data efficient

  • Jorge Ortega

    A mobile browser has to be very fast

  • Nm


  • AM


  • Michael Allred

    mostly a chrome guy but willing to try Opera again

  • Donald Simpson Jr.

    A mobile browser should be fast, should use little data, be somewhat easy to use

  • JN Craft

    in a mobile browser i look for speed and how the phone handles on 3G.

  • dubdub

    Opera is a beast

  • Jhon Loiue Dela Ramos

    GODBLESS You guyss!!! Hope I win!!

  • Darwin MaD

    In a browser, I look for convenience. Such as, clearing all
    information when exiting the browser rather than clearing everything

    • Richard N.

      Same here! Always frustrating when you have to do it manually.

    • undercoverduck

      oh my god yes it is so convenient that opera automatically closes all incognito tabs once you close the app. i’m always afraid that i might have left one open when i hand someone my phone. not that i’m ashamed of whatever i watch (i got a folder named Porn bluntly placed between all the regular folders cause i got tired of even trying to hide it. at least now people are warned instead of accidentally clicking on a transparent icon on my desktop), but more that it most probably will create an awkward situation for the other.

    • BeeJei

      Same here…

  • Kavinda Weerakoon

    maybe a fast running flash player built-in or at least support for it. so i can enjoy media based on the flash player.

  • Jonathan Lancaster

    I Love Giveaway :D

  • tech4life

    A browser should always be fast and reliable, but still have lots of useful features.

  • Leandro Antunes

    Fast navigation.

  • ofek arazi

    A browser that when you open a new tab it doesn’t take you to it and also it has to be easy to use.

  • HassanElmuzamil

    A browser must be light on data usage.


    I really do love this browser!

  • Gregory Opera

    Stability, security and compatibility with innovative functionality – these are features I look for in a mobile experience… Functionality which Opera Software has long been the leader of.

  • vicky

    opera s light and fast as v all know but it should be made even sronger cause mostly it drops data connection …

  • Hank

    Easy to navigate

  • Moses Sisombath


  • Deninxon Maldonado

    have good data protection, play all formats of video online, fast navigation between tabs, have a good language translator, and consume little data Cruising

  • Akhil Anand

    i want this now

  • Mattredsox

    I agree, Opera should make an incongnito like mode!

  • Phu Thanapath

    Can’t wait xD

  • Rainer

    I look for speed, incognito mode, password syncing across devices

  • Ryan

    nice giveaway

  • vicky

    opera s light and fast as v all know but it should be made even stronger cause mostly it drops data connection …

  • Norman Laguerder

    the energy life~

  • vicky

    PEACE OUT :)

  • Charles Pauzé-Robert

    A browser must be fast and manage multi-tabs easilly !

  • Joo Ram

    love this awesome!

  • ntipun

    i want to win

  • Carmelo R.

    Speed and not cluttered.

  • Guest

    A mobile browser needs to be sleek and fast!

  • msra

    feature in mobile browser.. most importantly compatibility i guess..

  • Cabro

    A browser must be fast, light, and incognito mode!

  • Craig HouseMusic Earnest

    The browser should be fast.

  • Rahul

    Best Browser I have ever used. Intuitive and faster than other browsers.

  • Cristina Elizabeth

    so so cool this giveaway

  • José Manuel Chaparro Figueras


  • Jude Gonsalves

    Opera Browser is feature loaded and really fast with its Offline Mode. Plus the unique extra features.. Makes it a worthy browser.

  • Emmanuel John Celis

    Comment comment comment lalala~~~ :)).

  • Jwtoh

    A mobile browser must contain easy directory for new users

  • bandana

    Wow :D

  • Kevin Alam

    A mobile browser should be able to display content and function like a desktop counterpart without the issues and difficulties of working without a mouse.

  • Steven Sanfilippo

    I look for a browser that is quick even in poor connection areas.

  • Lighto Versus

    Another great giveaway! Keep it up!
    Opera is great browser but sometimes I wish it would render css styles better.

  • Eugene Cornelius

    Browsers should load smoothly and not lag when switching between tabs

  • Andrew

    Red Light Flashes Twice

  • Prabu Thiruchelvam

    i hope i win

  • Jake Wrigley

    I want this pack

  • Vedant Singh


  • Judah Eddy

    Awesome Give-a-way

  • Ryan Holmes

    A mobile browser needs to be sleek and fast!!

  • Eker

    multi user settings

  • ju

    Good stuff

  • Jonathan Lancaster

    A Fast Web Browsing Experience For Me As Well.

  • Osama

    Flash player

  • Jonathan Jimenez

    a mobile browser has to be fast and fluid

  • Boonlumsion Piyapon

    disk cache bigger than 1 GB (for both Android & windows 8)

    Today we have bigger and faster ssd storage. when we move to slower 3g/4g network. And using internet more. but using disk cache still as low as 1 GB it not make sense.

  • paul darragh

    Ive never won anything in 50 years. Im a smartphone obsessive and would be bowled over to win. Ive used opera for years now so uts nice to see them working hard to prove what has always been a great browser. Anyhow great christmas to evveryone and fingers crossed xx

  • Dominic DoMo Coles

    Boss giveaway. I need all of those items.

  • Oldtimer42

    Merry Christmas?

  • Madmd

    incogno need!

  • Jda23

    I’d love a mobile to successfully use drop down menu

  • Jimmy T

    Hello , Hope I WiN

  • Jonathan

    wonderful giveaway

  • Vasu Jain

    A browser should use less data so as to save more data. And I think Opera does it just right .

  • emma

    fast and smooth

  • slkie

    An aesthetically appealing user interface always kills me

  • emmanuel david

    A mobile browser must be light, downloads only minimal data.. and also can save web pages for offline reading

  • TheAmazingMuffinMan!

    Flash Games!

  • Jake

    Less data consumption

  • Alejandro

    Needs to be quick and responsive, also load different kinds of applications like Java or adobe.

  • kaalpurush

    Speed is the key!

  • Guest

    Opera is the best browser on android

  • DiGrifter

    It’s winning time! In a browser I look for speed and accuracy in the websites.

  • Rogelyn Aquino

    Easy to use and load faster

  • Blaze De Assassin

    Fast, adblock support and of course ‘private browsing’ mode :)

  • Nate Owens

    Must be fast, have a clean UI, and I agree.. incognito mode :)

  • javaunne

    different user logins, speed, support flash :)

  • Rich Tran

    I browser must have speed and responsiveness

  • Shimon Das

    A browser is an ideal browser when it has an Incognito Mode :D

  • Mathew Li

    good UI and incognito mode ;)

  • Must not consume humongous amount of data and be quick is all I care in a browser :)

  • Jithendra

    Mobile browser with password management ( encrypted) should be very useful

  • Dave Squires

    ease of use

  • Jami Lat

    A browser that’s easy to navigate.

  • nycfrank

    Speed, speed and more speed

  • Victor

    Speed and responsiveness… incognito anyone?

  • Thomas Low

    Frequent updates especially against virus/malware

  • Chek Xuan TEh

    A browser must be light (in terms of power usage) since i use a year 2011 smartphone, some browser just feel laggy on my dated phone =(

  • Arijit Ghosh

    A mobile browser should be quick and responsive. Syncs settings and bookmarks across various platforms and devices.

  • Nuttaphat Rojanakit

    Dear santa……

  • Terry Bee Em Twelve


  • Juem

    It has to be SMOOTH and FASTER but most of all USER-FRIENDLY :)

  • Dominic André

    A browser should be simplistic and user friendly.

  • Lalaine Bantilan

    A browser that can support many tabs without crashing

  • Aditya M

    Browsers should be easy to use, and must have a good design.

  • Micah Thomas

    Sync Between Desktop/Mobile

  • Ven Louie

    A browser must be responsive and have a good UI. It should be Opera, that is.

  • Roni

    This is definately an awesome giveaway!

  • Bernard Macababat

    All the things I wanted for Christmas! WOW! :D

  • Jay Hu

    A browser should load webpages really fast!

  • joseph gonzales

    Moar tickets please!

  • Grzegorz Mikoś

    Browser must be fast.

  • Fdlf9005

    Intuitive, easy management for favorite web pages

  • Umar Ghouse

    Most of what I look for in a mobile browser is ease of use. This is because, I had a lot of trouble just getting around my old browser on my old Nokia. being able to access tabs, as well as, swiping between them is very useful to me (not to mention its easier to read on a bigger screen [Like the Nexus 5/G Pad *Hint* *Hint*] ;))

    Other swiping gestures are also appreciated. One thing I’d like to see though, is maybe a shake gesture that will clear all tabs and automatically open up a new tab to the home page. (Come to think of it, homepages would be nice as well :)).

    Finally, I look for speed in a mobile browser. If it can load up quickly and also make my browsing experience seem quick. It’s probably the one I’m going to use the most. :)

  • Mark William Diano

    A mobile browser should have easily explorable tabs, a good download manager, bookmarks, incognito mode, youtube downloader (our net is slow so its better to download youtube video first before watching), syncable bookmarks between devices and pc browser.

  • The features I look for in an Android app are:
    1. Great features.
    2. Good design.
    3. Ability to customize
    4. Good battery life.
    5. Reasonable price

  • nicozb

    Fast and easy to use

  • Rohan Shetty

    Nice, been waiting.

  • Mohib Sheth

    A browser which minimizes my data usage as much as possible, just like Opera :)

  • João Pedro Santos

    One of the things i really enjoy is having an option to syncronize everything to the cloud :)

  • ciprianxl

    A browser should consume minimum resources and reduce traffic cosumption.

  • twotonedecho

    Nexus 5 and a Bose Soundlink!?!?! best christmas ever!

  • Joel Torres

    A browser must give me easy access to all my bookmarks

  • AssToast

    Fast, easily acessible toggles and customisation

  • Adrian D.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • Rodolfo Inoa

    What I look for in a mobile browser is stability and be able to sync bookmarks, etc.

  • Vritant Luffy Bhardwaj

    Ever browser must be multi platform compatible so it can sync all user data, history and bookmarks, like opera. And obviously, an incognito mode is a must.

  • Mohammad T. Yazdanie

    A browser must not be Internet Explorer :D.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Thank you Opera for this unbelievable giveaway! :D hope to win this time

  • alan

    a browser that is fast

  • tmw

    A browser must always be fast and responsive.

  • bequ

    Browsers should always have a fullscreen option

  • Roni

    I look for speed, features such as data compression, and style

  • Stefano

    Best Of the best site!! I need this very because i need a decent phone with the best browser!.

  • Todor Mitovski

    IMO not only browsers but all apps must have exit button.

  • akash

    The browser should have a easy, clean interface.

  • CL

    Hope for the best. Happy holidays.

  • Tanmay Gandhi

    Opera…the must have browser!

  • tanmoy

    I wanna win this giveaway ;D

  • rick


  • Hillary Rugut

    A Browser that is Faster,Stable,Supported by most devices and with Shortcut customization.

  • Houcine Dahmani

    À browser must have a safe mode (incognito mode)

  • Leslie

    The Speed Dial function + low mobile data usage.

  • Severen Redwood

    I like a browser that is simple to use with reduced clutter whilst still retaining a plethora of helpful features (not useless gimmicks)

  • Manigandan Arumugam

    Opera should have to download the file even the browser get closed

  • Yacer

    Nexus 5 baby

  • Muhammad Hariz

    my opinion opera better than chrome on mobile but it lacks some future.

  • Eric Chang

    Best giveaway of the year!

  • Anthony Edward

    Stability and simple, hate busy pages and that remember your login info!

  • Gal Ben Hamu

    A mobile browser has to be light and fast it should be nice looking and intuitive

  • DmitryK

    OPERA the Best!

  • travis

    A browser must be easy to use

  • Edvardas Cvychas

    Definately incognito mode! Secure and fast!

  • Guest

    This contest is amazing! Love Android Authority!

  • Sebastian

    I’m looking for a browser that does not consume a lot of data, has a nice design.

  • captainkirk

    I checked out the G Pad recently and really liked it. The Nexus 5 is, well of course, a great Android phone. My first Android phone was a Nexus 4. Yes I was a bit late to the party but I am glad I made the switch.

  • Ricky Nazeemdeen

    speed is what i want the most in a browser

  • Jorge Valenzuela

    A browser with speed and no lag

  • Dovan Pujangga

    a browser that have a feature such off-road mode and low on memory consumption hahahaha

  • Joshua Hutchins

    Speed…. Duh. Good luck everyone!

  • Ashani Richards

    must be fast and easy to navigate

  • boytoast

    a browser with nice UI and faster than light

  • Gizelle Peras

    Mobile browser that doesn’t take up very big memory space and doesnt use up space for temporary internet data. Light, fast response. Easy tab switching and opening link in new tab. Allows various apps to run in the browser itself.

  • Jaden Riachi

    Good luck to everyone and happy holidays!

  • el carbajal

    Always look at screen quality!

  • basemmy

    The browser must have a private mode

  • Patrick Tudela

    I like simplicity in a browser.

  • Jason Saw

    Would love to see browing two tabs at once!

  • luno

    Quick browsing, tabs and favourites

  • Chris Zhu

    The browser should be fast and reliable.

  • Caleb Edwards

    What I look for in a browser is to be able to get on the Web, search, download, and basically do what a pc does

  • Jon Roy Chowdhury

    a browser must always be fast and secure.

  • Phillip Nitura

    The browser had to be fast!

  • David Harlow

    Easy to use, no crashes, speed in which it opens pages and displays the embedded content.

  • Mark

    I look for Google as the default search engine on any browser ;)

  • Khalis

    A browser must able to play any video player =)

  • Paul Picaso Sterling

    A browser with easy access multitasking, and good secure browsing.

  • JoeValencia

    Nexus 5 is the perfect size for me

  • AndroidErik

    Incognito and fast…

  • Bruce Ray


  • akshay

    its a great giveaway

  • Buda

    In a browser I try to get it to work fast but proficient.

  • Umesh Rajput

    the fastest browser. I specifically like the webpage compression technology.
    and i want to win.

  • Rocco

    Speed and conservative power/memory use.

  • Sadeep

    mobile browsers are not yet in a position to replace to desktop browsers…. for now i would like to see Flash support, ad blocking extensions…incognito of course ;) and a trasparence adjutable keyboard

  • Hithaiesh

    its all that opera is giving now, but need in Incognito mode…

  • Harshdeep Sarao

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,Waheguru ji ki Fateh

    Cannot download Opera on my android device,as I dont have any right now.
    HTC sucks,service center taking too long.
    Gift me NEXUS 5.

  • marin bogdan

    A browser must be fast, suport incognito mode and java. Floating windows may help too.

  • Aditya Bhatt

    Data compression, which is why I use Opera Browser.

  • Karan

    Opera the best, screw the rest!

  • panagiώtis

    I want browser to be fast, secure, compatible and I want to use as low ram as possible

  • Isabella R

    Speedy loading would be great :D

  • Infinitize

    No crashing and speed

  • Jairam

    Browser should compress data while loading which will reduce data carrier rates

  • Matt Paulson

    A good home page

  • Jose Moya

    A browser must be fast and this is

  • Alvaro Hinojosa


  • Ace Armendez

    It should be really fast!

  • Chitrank Pande

    happy holidays

  • Avtar Hansra

    a browser must be speedy

  • Jonathan Angeles

    This is a great giveaway

  • Norm

    a browser that is fast and responsive

  • Gebs

    Will give it a try, it’s been a long time

  • Yddragon

    OHhh can’t wait for the results :D

  • ayneezy

    A quick and easy browser that remains incognito but saves history just in case. Password for browsing history.

  • Andrew Sugianto

    Incognito. Like duh.

  • kris

    a browser that doesn’t crash consistently

  • omkar patil

    blah blah blah ..i commented..

  • jason a.

    a browser that is fast and private browsing

  • Kidus

    This is the best giveaway ever, the person that wins this will never be able to pick there jaw back up lol ;)

  • This must be the biggest giveaway I’ve seen to date!

  • Ga Kenmei

    hurmm just need a browser that is conviniece to use and has a private browser :3

  • jero25


  • Jason Greer


  • Asim Aryal

    Flash Support for android even though it is not officially supported.

  • Stella Gonzales

    Hope i win something, never have before

  • Inder Swami

    i’m from India. and the Interent in here is not that good.. so i have to use off road mode always.. opera helps me always. with data savings

  • Derek Nguyen

    incognito, nuff said… LOL

  • Joel Lockey

    I will give it a try, plus awesome prizes

  • Dude

    Hope I’d win this one! Merry Christmas guys!!! :D

  • asif i

    Fast and limited data use.

  • art

    fast browser

  • Allan

    Something that doesn’t have a 300ms delay. Been using Chrome Beta and can’t get used to any other browser; it’s just so fast!

  • ParmeetB

    fast, clean browsing with no excessive toolbars or plugins

  • Mario Felaco

    It must be light and be able to sync with my pc browser.

  • Kshitij Arora


  • Petra S

    Speed, security, user-friendly.

  • dennis langston

    i need speed in my mobile browser and opera does it for me

  • Jon Olivas

    This is a great giveaway thanks to opera

  • Kirk


  • xzakkxsx

    Incognito mode, smooth browsing, strong wifi/data connection, ad block feature, bookmarks and anything that supports live maps.

  • Wei Yang Tee

    Fast UI response and low memory footprint

  • Jinxuan

    A browser must have a search bar for whatever search engine

  • Adrian

    Stable, fast browser

  • Dominick_7

    If I could win just one of these:O

  • Vlad Filmov

    good luck :3

  • scott


  • Guest

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Renzo Ascarza

    A browser must be fast and beautifully running on every low to high end device.

  • Shelby Glaskin

    A good browser needs to be lightweight and optimised for the device it is being used on, this means it should be flexible and able to be used in multiple environments in different ways.

  • Shelby Glaskin

    A good browser needs to be lightweight and optimised for the device it is being used on, this means it should be flexible and able to be used in multiple environments in different ways.

  • Adam

    A browser must have a easy to use UI

  • Speed is most important.

  • Kalinga


  • russell


  • Amit Chorge

    A browser needs to be lightening fast..!!!!

  • aswinvvs

    should be very fast!!!!!!!

  • dan claudiu

    I like the fact that its smooth and Tabs are easy to switch :)

  • mustafamalik

    Reading mode is essential for me in a mobile browser

  • Yousuf Shariff

    A mobile browser must be able to download any file in quick time and open any website of any format quickly without making it a tedious process.
    mobile browser must support all types of vidoes,gif files,inbuilt flash player. etc

  • Sport Driver

    I look for speed in my browser.

  • Quan Bui Truong

    i look for a good camera
    omg this is an amazing giveaway

  • Adrian

    Speed, and reliability :)

  • The_C00L_42

    A good browser has to be light in oder to make it run faster and put less load on the computer

  • Opera looks gorgeous, runs fast and comes with a long list of useful features. Get it now and start enjoying!!

  • Ronald Schwartz

    an encryption code the NSA can’t hack

  • Eduardo

    I never win anything :(

  • dominik

    I would really like a browser with FULL flash support

  • SS-a nation

    Hope after this opera will have twice the number of users

  • Soh Yew Wei

    the most basic ability to LAST THROUGH THE DAY ON HEAVY USAGE!

  • randpost

    gotta love opera!

  • Blesslee Roland

    Browser should be fast and user friendly…

  • Aqil Teymurlu

    Good luck eveyone

  • aalh004

    Good tab management

  • Tushar Khubani

    me gusta (Y)

  • Paul Keto

    Here’s hoping..

  • Lunel Deshommes


  • Infinimitsu

    The browser needs to be unobtrusive. Screen real estate for content should have priority. Also, unlimited tabs.

  • relu0


  • sooraj

    opera rockzzzz………
    only option for me bcs India is still on 2g

  • Andy Moya

    Incógnito mode!

  • Saurabh Chindarkar

    browser must be light and responsive

  • Snoze88

    Mobile data compression is the most important thing. Plus the smoothness while scrolling gives a nice feeling while using it

  • Kern Lee

    love the holidays, merry christmas everyone. and thank you for the giveaway

    speed, is probably the most important. and good tab management

  • savya

    Opera is the best

  • aswinvvs

    please i took part in all the giveaways but i cound”t get any prizes

  • Douglas M. Castetter

    A slick ui is a must :)

  • lantonis

    me me me:P

  • Aaron Ashton

    Easy Navigatable tabs and easy access to bookmarks. Gestures always draw people in.

  • Zahed Shareef

    Data compression feature is a must for me

  • Robert Han

    Security, speed & stability.

  • Jack Thant

    A browser must be responsive and boot quickly.
    Good luck guys !!

  • Dinojah

    In a mobile browser I look for minimum usage of mobile data.

  • Angry Cow

    A browser must always have private browsing or auto delete history

  • Justin

    The ability to view web pages full screen!

  • rocketlog

    Wow, prizes. Just wow…

  • Kleven Hojilla

    fast and no stuttering

  • Nechoya

    Ease of use, the interface has to be nice, clean and easy to use, customizable would be great.

  • Cơ Tung Trương Trần

    A mobile browser must be fast, smooth and support incognito mode :3

  • Cedric Price

    A browser needs to be fast responsive have pinch to zoom and quick scrolling of course be able to handle several tabs being open at once and easy access to bookmarks!

  • stockandroidguy

    fluid,ease of use

  • A browser must manage to not use too much space so I see the content I want, without disturbance.

  • Jeremy

    a mobile browser that is very efficient.

  • Dion Easton

    I would love to win this!!!

  • Ben

    Awesome! I want a nexus 5!

  • Kadijatou Jabbi

    A good browser needs to be fast and responsive.

  • Miguel

    It has to sync my bookmarks across my devices.

  • Levente Krizsán

    It must be fast and must not be a battery hog.

  • Oli

    Just an easy to use interface

  • Kim Yong-Hwa

    A light weight browser as in will not increase the size over time

  • Ben

    I like tab synchronization and bookmarks.

  • Tim

    LG is making some great products lately!!!

  • radi

    i like speed dial

  • Joseph

    A mobile browser must have great account security and add-ons which can prevent spam ads

  • Giorgi Gogashvili

    speed and economy

  • Adriel

    Good luck!

    A browser should always be running smoothly on any device. Even those lacking in the specs department.

  • Kalpesh

    Would be great to have an incognito mode on a mobile browser :)

  • Amin

    A browser should give us the option of either viewing a media, or downloading it. For research purposes.

  • Kathleen

    A browser that is fast and easy to use. :)

  • Wallace Mendes

    I actually look for a fast and pretty compatibility browser !

  • Arya Luthria

    A browser should use as little as data possible

  • Michael

    Sure would be nice to win this.

  • Lindle

    A mobile browser must have a built-in offline mode for those without mobile date plans and a mode that only downloads text, not pictures to save data.

  • I want features such as the ability to download embedded flash videos, ad block and obviously, flash compatabilities

  • jt

    I love the icon very clean and fast

  • larredong

    It would be great if the browser could know when is connected to wi-fi and when is connected to a celular net and adjust the rate of data compression

  • andy c

    Nice collection of toys

  • aneip

    speed and tabbed.

  • Josh

    Speed and stability.

  • Sachin

    A browser must be opera

  • BeckyGoesMoo

    I like a stylish browsers

  • Craig

    Support addons

  • Jacob Durkin

    Really only needs the incognito mode. and an all in one search bar / url bar

  • Austin Erck

    Nexus 5 would be nice

  • harlowe espina

    Clean interface! And full screen mode

  • Ashok Patel

    Password Manager

  • Akshay Gupta

    A mobile browser should sync my settings from my desktop browser. It should automatically get the passwords saved on my desktop browser.

  • jade1975

    Good luck

  • Gumballhead1775


  • Sammy Cullens

    I always look for a fast easy to use browser that i like to use all the time.

  • Raghu Ram

    Dare i say it… Opera on android is kinda better than chrome & the stock browser!!!

  • Zach w

    I look for a fast and easy experience!!

  • Uzair Yaqoob

    Nexus 5 plis.

  • Edgar Ramirez

    Security, Simplicity, Usability :D

  • alm.souss

    am looking for a browser without ads

  • Anthony Nery

    Cool means simple. Period. :)

  • Marc Sunga

    I like having a nice looking ui

  • Okemma

    A browser must be fast and simple with a clean UI!


    a browser must always be light, fast and have great UI!

  • Sanket Pardeshi

    A browser must be fast and should have flash support and bookmark sync !


    Features which i really want in a mobile browser is support for flash, simple UI, reading mode, Incognito mode.

  • soup


  • Jacky Cheung

    good giveaway

  • Nil

    A browser that is clean and organized

  • K.c. Basanta

    Good one

  • Chandan Babu

    awesome giveaway for the new year n Christmas what a way to step in to new year !!!…

  • Neil Lund

    I like ok for cross platform syncs and speed

  • Katherine Luchavez

    It must use light storage data and with fast connection.

  • Gil Cimering

    Great set of prizes! Thanks

  • Chris

    user agent customization and incognito mode

  • Amit

    better response , easy to get through user interface ,easy to use additional features

  • Joshua Yu Tiamco


  • jjmorey

    Favorites should always be shared across devices. Should have a small foot print and be fast.

  • Epyarel Rivera

    A browser should have the ability to save a page for offline reading, incognito mode and bookmarks :)

  • Mohammad Osama

    Opera browser

  • Pratik Doshi

    fast speed

  • Jackson Lee

    browser has to be fast

  • kunal

    the browser must be light and should have good privacy setting

  • Pablo Andres Dealbera

    A browser must allow to sync between devices.

  • Dan Graur

    Flash support, smoothness and speed!

  • Josh


  • Dawid

    I love the interface of the opera <3

  • Edward Manson


  • Radhiatama Chaliq

    a browser must easy to navigate (UI) and smooth to use

  • mandi awale

    i want nexus5

  • Sherwin

    I like my browsing fast and secure

  • OH


  • Yashorahul Reddy

    winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :D

  • Abderrahmane K.

    Need a browser that uses less ram.

  • Teri w

    I look for a simplistic experience.

  • @sexyhamthing

    welp i do love me some private browsing

  • Ivan G

    A way to bring up bookmarks with a swipe because having to click on menu or settings etc might be to many steps, flash support, and simple layout like tabs and menu options !

  • aladdin suleymanli

    i can open 2 apps at the same time in my s3

  • Aamir Khawaja

    forsure gonna win :)!!

  • Pro Pp’s

    light, speed, multiple agents type (desktop,android,custom,ipad) and incognito

  • Gopal Bhaire

    Opera always care for our data plans…

  • Albert C.

    Flash support, speed, and good looking UI

  • Warwick Pye

    A mobile browser should load ages Fast.

  • Eddie

    A browser must always be easy to use.

  • Jiean Joseph Buena Baduria

    Incognito mode :)

  • Drew Hutton

    least data usage with best features equals the best browser experience ( not just all the plugins!)

  • Filip Adrian


  • Yonatan

    Incognito mode is needed!

  • J Hernandez

    It is actually the browser I use because is faster and more stable than the stock browser on my LG P990h

  • Gopal Bhaire

    OperaCare for data…

  • Wyzey


  • Montana Mobley

    I would love a nexus and a G pad.

  • Quan Dinh

    fast & minimal interface

  • naman

    need the nexus 5…. my wildfire s is almost dead and i cant afford a new phone

  • Djuan

    This giveaway 0.O

  • Alàn Morales

    Browser that transfers history smoothly!

  • Joel Mats

    still hanging on with my nexus s

  • Alex Julu

    i need speed:)

  • venky

    The browser should have nice looking UI, it should be light and should have great performance. Opera browser have all that i need…

  • Saleh Bujra

    Fluid scrolling, fast startup, cool UI, and great features like tab sync, find in page, and request desktop site.

  • vinay patil

    I look for simple UI, fast, flash support

  • Dmitry

    A mobile browser should load pages fast.

  • JohnLClark

    I like a browser that is easy to use and finds what I am actually looking for instead of what they think I am searching for

  • igot2bme

    I love the convenience of a browser.

  • Kristina

    A good browser and to easily switch between apps.

  • Adrian K

    I love nexus

  • Wira Saputra

    a browser must have good integration with html5 and css3

  • ANBU J

    One thing I like in opera is memory management. Opera does it better

  • Lavin

    One that quickly loads pages even with slow internet

    • Newton Tugadi

      pages with some images too

  • A browser that can sync my bookmark data across all my devices or in the same device after I reinstall the browser.

  • Ben

    Opera is one of the pioneers of mobile browsers. They make a good job.

  • Ryan Tanuwijaya

    Responsive and a good UI!

  • naresh kumar

    opera is very easier to use even my mum figured it out ,i was astonished

  • Mark Dias

    I like browsers to be simple no need for all the clutter

  • Easy access to bookmarks and history, ability to maintain previous browsing sessions when opened from different applications (persistent tabs), security, privacy……SPEED

  • Blowntoaster <