Hangouts quietly gets a new update to fix tablet woes

by: Brad WardMay 18, 2013


Google this week at Google I/O unveiled its unified messaging service called Hangouts (our app review here). The Google Talk replacement has had a rocky launch, causing update woes for many, especially those with a tablet. Rest assured that Google has quietly pushed out a new update for Hangouts, which will make the app compatible with tablets of varying sizes.

Keep in mind that users may still be experiencing compatibility issues, as the service is being pushed out over several days. So it shouldn’t be long before users running Android 2.3 or higher see Google Talk get replaced with the Hangouts interface.

The excitement for Hangouts has dwindled a little bit as users learned that, unlike iMessages, it does not have SMS support yet. The sort-o good news is that Google Hangouts Community Manager Dori Storbeck confirmed that SMS support was coming, but quickly rescinded her comment saying, “we actually have nothing to announce at this time.” However, there’s still hope for SMS integration, as the app still requests a number of SMS permissions.

Have you downloaded the new update for Hangouts? Has it fixed the tablet woes that were previously an issue? Better yet, have you gotten to use the new messaging service?

  • Nasko Hristov

    Haha, my creation.

    • Yannick Ricard

      they probably wait to launch 4.3 (5.0) of android (marketing?)

    • Arsenal™

      Typo! XD

  • VicMatson

    Glad to hear, not being able (texts) communicate with people who don’t give a hoot about google is so Facebookish!

  • Guest

    It hang 2 times when I tried to run the hangouts. Yesterday, when I made a video call to my friend for testing, my friend’s phone never ring. But when my friend video call me, I received that video call although still a bit delay. Strange…