Hangouts (Babel name) reportedly seen in leaked images, launch seems confirmed for Google I/O

by: Chris SmithMay 10, 2013


A new report mentions again the fact that the rumored unified messaging service Google Babel will be known as Hangouts, with an insider suggesting that the product would be unveiled at Google I/O.


Naturally, nothing is confirmed at this time, and we’re still looking at a rumor here, but at the same time we’ll say that we’re not exactly surprised to hear all of this.

Hangouts – previously said to be Hangout, as in singular – has recently been tipped to be the official product name for the service. After that, different Google Chat users have spotted Hangouts desktop notifications.

Now, the screenshots here (above and below) – coming from TechRadar’s insider that has produced similar images in the past – shows the menu of Hangouts, as well as other features such as image sharing and emoticons. Assuming they’re real, we’re going to focus on those “sign out of Hangouts” and “revert to old chat” buttons that are a clear indication of a service name change.


As previously rumored, Hangouts (Babel) would be unveiled at Google I/O next week, an event Android Authority will cover for you on location. Here’s what TechRadar says:

We were also told that Googlers received an email yesterday about Google I/O which thanked staff for their work on some of the products they’ve been testing, which our source says indicates that Google Hangouts will be unveiled for real at the show next week.

We’ll be back with more details about Google Hangouts once we have them.

  • ConCal

    It better have SMS support.

    • Mike McIntosh

      I heard there will be no sms support.

    • Nathaniel_Graham

      I don’t think it will at first, if it doesn’t I’ll be using hangouts in combination with Google Voice as my only two messaging clients.

  • giang

    Gotta have a google+ to send photos? Wow

  • SMS Support please….