Hangouts updated, finally lets AT&T users make video calls on mobile network

by: Brad WardAugust 26, 2013

hangouts drops xmpp support

Hangouts got a new update this weekend, and if you’re an AT&T user, you can now make video calls through cellular data. Making video calls in Hangouts on AT&T was previously only possible via Wi-Fi, but this new update solves all that.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time AT&T has blocked video calls on its network. iPhone users may remember the issues they had with FaceTime when that first launched as well.

Other than that, this new version of Hangouts has fixed a bug where messages got stuck in the sending and retrying loop.

You can download the update from the Play Store below, if you haven’t already.

Get it on Google Play

  • Josh

    I have what I believe is the latest update, but Hangouts video still doesn’t work over cellular data… Are you guys sure about this? What version number is the newest one / is there an .apk available?

    • JamesMarsh

      I concur. I can still only do video over Wi-Fi.I have version

  • Ruz

    somehow i am not liking Google UI in any of their products as a result i am ending up using their basic html interface for email, their best UI was in reader but they have now closed. I guess they dont have a good creative designers

  • Aaron McCreery

    I am still not able to make hangout video calls with the app