Hands-On with the ASUS Memo 171 and 370T

by: AlexanderJanuary 14, 2012
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Last  but not least we got a chance to play around with ASUS’s pair of Memo tabs, the 171 and 370T at CES this week. For those of us that can’t just throw money at every device that hits the market, the Memo 370T is probably our favorite at this point. It’s a 7-inch, Tegra 3 – Quad-Core tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich that will cost $249, great price right? It’s really thin and perfect size for reading books, playing games and carrying just about anywhere. In contrast the Memo 171 is running on a dual-core snapdragon processor with a 7-inch display.

We’ll definitely be looking forward to these devices when they hit the market, hopefully sooner rather then later, and keep you up to date on all of the latest about these two tablets.

Hands-On video:

Hands-on Pictures with the ASUS Memo:

  • Ditto_cheah

    Please tell me the 370T comes with NFC, Please!!!

  • Paul Allen

    I am really looking forward to some official information on the 730T rather than all the rumors that has developed. The 730T as announced at CES 2012 IS my next tablet.