Survey says that over half of iPhone users in China want to own a Galaxy S4

by: Robert TriggsApril 16, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs iPhone 5 5 aa 600 It’s a pretty safe bet that Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 is going to be a huge hit. The pre-orders are already rolling in for Samsung, and even if you’re not sold on the device yourself I’m sure you know someone who wants one. The only thing that we can’t say for sure is just how successful Samsung’s new handset is going to be.

To shed some light on this situation Avanti, a research division of TrendForce, has conducted an insightful survey of consumers in China regarding their next choice of smartphone. The results are a mixed bag, some of it matches what we already expected and some of the results are a little more out of the blue.

Unsurprisingly 61% of the people surveyed know about the Galaxy S4, with a decent 39.6% of those people highly interested in the product. So no groundbreaking news there, but it does show that Samsung has sucessfully generated excellent awareness for its new product. Trendfroce Galaxy S4 survey 3 There’s also an interesting dataset collected for the different demographics interested in Samsung’s latest handset. The age range paying the most interest to the Galaxy S4 appears to be people the youngest age group of 25 and under, with over 41% of that group paying reasonable or very strong attention to the product. The phone also appears equally appealing across genders, with roughly the same percentage of men and women showing a high interest.

If you fancy a few more statistics about consumer appetite for the Galaxy S4, Avanti also asked which features potential customers are most interested in. Somewhat surprisingly a few hardware aspects appeared quite high up the list, including the inclusion of an octo-core processor and a 5-inch AMOLED display. Simultaneous use of the front and rear camera also scored astonishingly highly, with 34.5% of survey participants stating it as an attractive feature.

Trendfroce Galaxy S4 survey 2

And finally we make it to the juiciest statistic of them all; 52.4% percent of existing iPhone users who took part in the survey supposedly want to own the new Samsung smartphone, which is an really significant shift in consumer sentiment.

Whilst that won’t necessarily translate directly into actual consumers switching brands; wanting to own isn’t the same as willing to buy instead of any other handset. The numbers should be a real concern for Apple as its market share in China is already significantly behind Samsung at just 9.6%.

Trendfroce Galaxy S4 survey 1

To put this in a little perspective, according to the survey 58.4% of existing Samsung owners are currently interested in purchasing the Galaxy S4. So take that as you will; quite a lot of iPhone consumers are interested in making the switch, or perhaps a disappointing number of existing Samsung consumers want to own the Galaxy S4.

How does your opinion stack up against the survey? Are you paying a lot of attention to the launch, and are the same phone features of equally high importance to yourselves?

  • MasterMuffin

    Of course, sgs4 is just better :) And even with the plastic sgs4 actually looks more expensive!

    • fixxmyhead

      cuz of the screen and octa cpu and other extra sensors it has

      • MasterMuffin

        When I look at sgs4, I don’t see the processor but I guess you’ve got x-ray eyes or something :D And yes, da screen does it

    • RarestName

      Well, it does cost more to manufacture the S4.

  • whoknowswhereor

    Go Samung Go Android!

  • williamworlde

    The Apple company is a brilliant organization. I now use my old, 2007 iP as an iPod (and for live radio streaming) on my old XP laptop with its old iTunes and other old (legacy) apps. What word did I keep repeating? That’s right; nothing innovative from the Apple company since 2007!

    I wonder how long it will be before they abandon smartphones as their main driver and initiate a new “wonder” device?

    Can’t wait to see what new competition its seemingly bottomless financial resources pit will drive next!

  • Osagie Oyegun

    Someone pls send this to HTC HQ. People are now talking about Facebook Home or whatever that monster is and not the HTC One or whatever their latest flagship is.

  • GdOne

    Does anyone know whether the mhl adapter is going to be the same as the galaxy s3?

  • CyBrix_21

    More and more people are becoming tired of using iPhone…

    If Apple will not change iPhone completely… There will be a time that even their loyal fans will get bored and will change for the better…

  • pratyush rohilla

    its gd news for samsung….