50% of Android Users Very Satisfied with OS

by: Elmer MontejoJuly 21, 2011
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According to the results of a survey conducted by ChangeWave Research over a three-month period, only 50% of Android users are “very satisfied” with their smartphones’ operating system. The survey was conducted from April to June this year and involved 4,163 respondents, 89% of which are U.S.-based and 11% of which are non-U.S.-based.

Meanwhile, 70% of Apple’s iOS users reported being “very satisfied” with their devices’ operating system. The ChangeWave report noted that, although only 27% of Windows OS users are “very satisfied” with the OS, 57% of Windows Phone 7 users are “very satisfied.”

In terms of customer satisfaction for their devices’ operating systems, iOS is leading by a huge percentage, while Windows Phone 7 follows behind, edging Android by only 7%.

Apple’s iOS remains the most-desired operating system according to the survey, with 46% of the respondents saying they want iOS on smartphones they plan to buy within the next 3 months. In contrast, 32% of the respondents indicated Android as their top OS choice for smartphone purchase in the next 3 months.

ChangeWave’s report also noted strong demand (48%) for the iPhone as the preferred device for future purchasing among North Americans despite Apple’s not having released any new handset recently. Motorola’s market share fell to 8% from 12% in the ChangeWave survey conducted in March this year. ChangeWave explains that the 4-point decline in Motorola’s market share can be partly attributed to Verizon’s launching of the iPhone earlier this year.

What about you? What operating system is on your smartphone and how satisfied are you with the OS? Why do you think only half of Android users are very satisfied with it?

  • Learning2livelyf

    I think, the people who are not satisfied with Android, are overwhelmed by the choices in phones available and customization in the OS given them.

  • Anonymous

    alot and i mean alot of people dont know how to use an android everytime i teach someone how to use it they love it!!! once they see what android can do there mind changes!!! people dont know you can customize keyboard, themes, mms, to something different.

  • most of unsatisfactory from stupid apple users (kids :D)

  • Andre D’Elena

    Are you guys kidding?! My Droid Eris is easily the worst phone I’ve EVER had (and it’s the only smartphone I’ve ever owned if that gives you better perspective on where I’m coming from.) I’ve talked with lots of people who love their Android phones but my wife and I are swearing them off. As for “learning to use” an Android phone, that’s ridiculous. Worst of all, the phone part doesn’t work very well. It receives calls without ringing, dialing numbers is really laggy, the phone doesn’t work at all for a few minutes after missing calls, the home screen crashes and there’s limited space for applications. I can load about 7 before it runs out of internal memory. To add insult to injury, almost all of the apps that come with the phone don’t work well or slow the phone to a standstill. I think we’re going to save $60 a month and go back to the good old “dumb” phones.