GymPact for Android gets released, leverages money for exercising

by: Joe HindyJanuary 2, 2013

Among the most popular New Year’s resolutions made every year is to lose weight. It may be phrased in the form of eating better or getting in shape, but they all want the same thing. To be slimmer and to look good. Unfortunately, these resolutions don’t last very long. Usually it is because of a lack of motivation. GymPact, a new app for Android, may help with that.

It is definitely one of the most unique applications out there. GymPact encourages people to exercise. In return, they get a little bit of money. It’s usually only a few dollars. In app reviews, people say they make $2-$3 for working out three times a week. So no one will be making mortgage payments by exercising, but it should cover a couple of late night trips to Taco Bell.

Of course, the big question is, where does this money come from? Simply put, from the failures. GymPact doesn’t say that exactly, but each week users are asked how many times they plan on working out. If they check in at the gym that many times in a week, they meet their quota. If not, they have to shell out money. That money goes to the people who did meet their quota. It is an utterly brilliant premise.

In addition to money, there is a whole ecosystem people can be a part of. They can share their rewards, post pictures of their workouts to Facebook, and keep track of when and where they exercised. As an added bonus, it works with the RunKeeper app to verify if you did some working out at home.

Does GymPact actually work for people?

According to app reviewers, it seems to help quite a bit. There is no reason why it shouldn’t work, either. Even if it is only a few dollars, it’s better than the nothing most people get when they exercise. Adding monetary motivation is among the best ways to get people to do what they don’t want to do. Just look at everyone who goes to work at jobs they hate.

Is GymPact a solution that would make you want to exercise more? Let us know if you plan on trying it out in your workout strategy. If you want to check out GymPact, click the source link below.

  • APai

    “If not, they have to shell out money.”
    ummm, uninstall ?

    • JosephHindy

      I haven’t checked it out personally, but i wouldn’t be surprised of you ponied up before the week started.

      • APai

        don’t see that plan working out for long. losing money to be lazy is not bright! wouldn’t take too long for people to figure out. passive incentives like nike+running seems to be much better.

        • JosephHindy

          Well it’s only a few bucks, so most people probably wouldn’t mind. It’s not lie they’re dumping hundreds a month into it, yknow?

          • APai

            but why is it that people think twice to pay a buck or two for an app, and instead pirate?

            just saying.

  • Ed Baker

    OH GREAT! More idiots that sit on machines/benches and text or even nap. I say, hook them up to heart rate monitors and if their heart rate drops during that hour, zap their fat butts with a cattle prod. Now that’s motivation.
    What keeps gym employees from hitting that software to show they are in the gym 8 hours a day? Never going to work for cash. Bragging via social apps will get a lot of vain people using the app….. Those that go to the gym (reads “naps”) for an hour daily. Hehe

  • Hey Joe, I’m one of the co-founders of GymPact. Thanks for the great article! Just one thing – our integration with RunKeeper counts outdoor workouts (runs, walks, bike rides over 30 minutes), not home workouts.

    In terms of how it works, you commit a credit card upfront when you make your Pact to exercise. You never get charged if you don’t miss a workout. We’ve already had over 100k signups on iPhone and are excited to welcome Android users!

  • Luke

    Hey guys, I’ve used GymPact since the end of Jan and actually it has helped. It’s not cost me anything so far (as I’ve not missed a workout- so the app is doing its job) and I’m about $25/£16 up. If you do decide to take the plunge with it then don’t forget to use a friend’s referral code, or mine *hint-hint* DNALukeE, for a $5 headstart.