GTA: Vice City no longer available in Google Play after validation errors, could come back next week

by: AdrianDecember 7, 2012

Hey guys, so how’s the new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City treating you? It’s not? Well, that’s probably because it’s been pulled from Google Play soon after the release following some validation errors that blocked fans from installing.

What’s worse is that, according to Rockstar, the game shouldn’t have even gone live yesterday, which is why we never got an official announcement from the developers. But how can a studio with so much experience like Rockstar Games, who’s been around since 1998, botch the release of such an anticipated title in the god-awful ridiculous style this all went down?

For starters, let’s hear directly from Rockstar and see if we can find any excuses for this stunt:

“Hey guys, due to unforeseen technical issues, the Android release of Vice City will be slightly delayed. Our goal is to get this out for Android by the end of next week. Our apologies for the delay to all our fans on Android devices and please stay tuned for updates.”

Wait, what? Unforeseen technical issues? The release will be delayed? Our apologies for the delay? Are you frigging kidding us, Rockstar? How can you not foresee a technical issue as critical as an “XAPK Validation Failed” error that happened on nine out of ten popular Android devices around?

And what about the iOS release, how come that didn’t encounter any “technical issues”? Could it be because you didn’t bother to test this one out very thoroughly on Android? Not to mention everybody knew Vice City was coming for so long that I’m pretty sure you’ve been prepping for at least a couple of years

Moving on. I’d honestly want to try out what the people at Rockstar are on when they have so little disregard to reality that they dare say the release is “delayed”. The release did happen, folks, yesterday, and the game was available with your name under the “developer” box.

Just because you fixed things quickly by removing the game when you finally realized your colossal fail it doesn’t mean it never happened. We have screenshots, we have people who downloaded it and we really can’t imagine how can an app be up for grabs in Google Play and yet unreleased. Seriously, is your next excuse going to be that you got hacked and that mean virtual vandals did this to you?

Sorry if I got a little worked up, guys (this time I’m talking to you readers and not Rockstar), but how can you not get pissed when you see things like this happening and such half-assed excuses being issued? Meanwhile, Rockstar didn’t even touch upon the subject of the hundreds or thousands of Android gamers that paid the cash for Vice City and ended up with an unplayable game. What can you say, PR for the win!

  • kabic

    so much time to me his game brilliant – as alwayd fuck… up – hate rockstar

    • It’s not there fault they r trying to bring game to every android mobile as possible, if ur so much eager just by an iphone ;) .

  • Mathieu Aucoin

    Someone really really really sounds like a kid who didn’t get the Christmas gift he wanted.

    Seriously, they fucked up, they said sorry. They don’t owe you anything. Who cares honestly that they fucked up, it caused damage to no one, except maybe a blog writer who thinks because he cries what he says makes sense…

    • we are not talking about any normal game right here..its aboit GTA VICE CITY .so u dont except a thing like this to occour…lol and above that it was a validation error

    • Aziz Farhi

      People payed for it, this fail did damage a lot of people, how would you feel if you pay for something that you don’t even own anymore and you’re not sure that you’re gonna get it when its back.. probably as bad as being scammed.

  • Ruben Chavez

    I totally agree with this article. @Mathieu What about all the people that paid for the game and can’t even play it?? Then you say they don’t owe us anything? I paid for the game so they at least owe me a working game. What is worse is the fact that this is Rockstar Games and not some indie developers.

  • Henrique

    They’ll probably send out an update to whoever bought it on the first day(s) it was up. Kinda like what happened with plants vs zombies for the S3.

  • macboy74

    Gee another problem with software running on android devices. Shocker!!! I’m about ready to give up on Android and go full iOS. I’m sick of having to go with so much stuff just be able to have widgets and do a few tweaks.

  • MoneyTeam

    Help! GTA Vice City keeps crashing on my HP touchpad running CM9…Game starts fine, but the audio is laggy and sometimes distorted. Game play is ok, sometimes the jump button and punch button is unresponsive. I got on a Moped, and dorve around a couple blocks when suddenly the game crashed and rebooted by device!…what do now???? :(

  • Adam Harb

    why is gta 3 working but vice city is not, this sucks