Gameloft’s GT Racing 2 has now arrived to Google Play, bringing us a new racing experience that offers realistic physics and weather conditions, a driver’s view camera, and over 1,400 events with the promise of 28 new challenges each week.

A racing game wouldn’t be worth the time of day if it wasn’t loaded full of a wide range of automobiles — luckily this isn’t a problem for GT Racing 2. The game consists of 67 licensed cars covering over 30 manufacturers including Dodge, GM, Ford, Ferrari and Nissan.

The game is compatible with quite a wide range of Android devices and works with Android 2.3 or higher. That said, it does require roughly 1GB of storage space which is pretty hefty. Then again, the game has rather impressive graphics and features, so it’s more than worth the download.

As for the cost, GT Racing 2 is a freemium title, so that means it has plenty of in-app purchases for things like car upgrades and in-game currency. On the bright side, the game is perfectly playable without every spending a dime — you just have to work a bit harder for your upgrades.

To check out the game for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

For those that have already given it a go, what do you think so far? Does the fact that it’s a freemium title turn you off?

Andrew Grush
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  • Bevan Edwards

    Not compatible with the Nexus 5? This makes me sad.

    • antonbeasley

      Note 3 either. Sux because the article says “android 2.3 or higher…”

      • Tommy Kohkoh

        Just downloaded on my note 3, no problem at all..

        • JT

          Same here

      • duh

        note 3 is on android 5.2….

    • Ryan Castle

      Compatible with the LG G2 but not with the Nexus 5 or the Note 3? Strange.

    • A.M
  • Mayoo

    Freemium? From Gameloft? No way!

    • Alison

      Freemium is fine, I play my way through.

  • yama

    Cant find it on swedish playstore with note 3 -.-

  • Kelly Caffrey

    Not compatible with the nexus5 :(

  • Eric

    Freemium is fine, I play my way through.

  • Aaron Alexander Choy


  • Aaron Alexander Choy


  • jonathan rodriguez

    That’s why I download the moded apks for these rip off freemium games ..:)

    • Briana

      My nexus 5 is feeling left out!

      • Matt Isaacs

        I just played on my N5 on tmo. Maybe it was a launch glitch.. try to install again.

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