galaxy note s pen premium suite

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been seeing a significant increase in the percentage of devices running Android 4.0 ICS. Most devices launched these days come with ICS, and the slow but steady (is there a race on?) ICS rollout for “older” devices is also finally gathering steam.

Now, owners of Samsung’s acclaimed phablet, the Galaxy Note, can join as well the still exclusive ICS club. The news was broken on Twitter by Devin Balentina, a Samsung Galaxy Note owner, who also posted a screenshot of the OTA update request.

This 319MB-sized official upgrade boasts features such as:

  • Significant performance upgrades associated with Android 4.0
  • New ICS-compatible TouchWiz UI
  • New S-Note App (advanced note-taking, productivity tools)
  • New S-Memo Widget

Samsung had previously delayed the official update for the Galaxy Note, promising in compensation the Premier Suite of S-Pen apps. From Devin’s screenshot, it seems that only the S Note app and the S Memo widget were included in this update, which is a bit odd. Anyway, here’s a video that showcases the Premier Suite in action.

The OTA update is currently available to users across Europe, with unlocked device owners seemingly getting first shot. As usual, owners of devices locked with network carriers will have to wait a while longer, as the update will have to pass carrier testing as well.

If you have the unlocked international version (GT-N7000) of the Galaxy Note and you are willing to flash the firmware yourself, you can get it from here (Open Germany version). As for North American users of the Galaxy Note, we can’t tell when the ICS rollout will cross the Atlantic, but with build leaks and sightings over the last months, it can’t be that far away.

What are your thoughts? If you were lucky enough to receive the update already or if you installed it yourself, let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
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  • Gffgg

    Samsung disappionts again

  • Spam

    Is the version at the same as Samsung officially are shipping? According to a sales representative from SamsungI spoke with today at 16:00 they launched it today at 09:00 but stopped it one hour later due to a undescribed problem. Does anyone have more information here

  • В России этого обновления пока нет. В крайнем случае, не везде.

  • LazPL

    Ahem. You want to read this warning before trying to flash the German FW!!

    • DavidADickinson1962

      That warnng refers to the leaked Chinese re-packs. This is the official ROM from Samsung. Don’t worry people!!!

      • idiot

        Except it clearly says on that Page that the bug comes from Samsung and that the official Germany ics release is affected…

  • DavidADickinson1962

    I downloaded the German Stock ROM today from and installed via Odin1.87 its great. It does not wipe your stuff and all your settings and Apps are saved during the install process. Its not complicated at all it only takes 10 minutes. Try it….

  • Van_1104

    why don’t have(my story) app on this FW ?

  • KPL

    I have downloaded it, but now the support for Remote SIM Access is gone, any ideas?

  • In India also we can update without any problem but there are certain issues in the new update. Captured images using camera halt for a second. Google maps crashed several times on my location in my handset now. Also premium suite of s memo is not installed in the update.

    • sushant sawant

      Mr virender kumar jangra hi this is sushant from mumbai i want to no ki after update of 04 have any problem in ur handset rep pls

  • Nemo-ai

    Have updated to 4.0 but s-note was not updated. It was installed but not integrated into the phone the same way as the light version is. Every time I turn on s-note with the stylus opens the light version. how can I get the pro version of the s-note to replace the light version?

  • Dfdfsd

    Samsung is rolling out Android 4 ICS update for Galaxy Note GT N7000 in Asia/ India … I started updating my GNote

  • Kk1812

    just now updated it to Android 4.0 but its not working at all in Galaxy Note GT N7000. phone is NOT getting ON

  • Khinko

    just updated the android 4.0 ytd on my N7000, there are several issue which require a reboot, 1st the keyboard fail on me, 2ndly, my camera lagged for few second before it can take a shoots, samsung, fix this please!!

  • JM

    No update received so far. The Netherlands. G-Note N7000

  • Drjimmy15

    Updated N7000 2 days ago. ….. But maps not working at all. …… Any auggestions

  • Kev-Norway

    update is here ;) Norway (NEE – Firmware version) mail me for more info.. at: GSMA1500@LIVE.NO

  • Khinko

    The only problem I faced is just the samsung keyboard, downloaded 3rd party software keyboard, and my problem solved. Other than that, is working perfectly fine. (N7000 Asia version)

  • apple

    follow instruction given,,,, but note as ”no update was available

  • say

    I cannot update to the lastest android. Someone tell me. Message ‘ no update was available’.

  • Prasidh

    I hav updated to 4.0.3
    Is it the latest version 4 galaxy note??

  • A.N.Onymous

    France – updated Galaxy Note and the phone is now bricked (stuck on the pulsating Samsung logo while booting). Thanks Samsung! Anyone knows how to fix this?

    • Fye

      it happen to me too… omg what should i do.. my phone… =(

  • DanyInfra

    Official Samsung ICS 4.0.3 received here in Switzerland today.

  • helldog

    no updates in rwanda till now….pfff

  • Roger

    Uae, I got today. Hope its the end of all lagging.

  • ha

    I’ve just updated my galaxy note to 4.0 but it became super slow!!!

  • Jnkelly

    I also installed the German stock today (7/14) and everything is working great. Camera, apps, internet, phone…

  • Senthil

    India – I updated my phone and my contacts seems to crash a number of times… also i am facing some issue with my camera… anyone received this error?

  • I have the 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich on my Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-1717R. I love it! I haven’t had any bugs yet (knock on wood!) -from Alberta, Canada.

  • Irshan Khan

    i was updating my sam g note gtn700 rom while updation my phone fell down and the battery was discharged from the phone…now my phone is not switching on can any1 help me solving dis…?

  • Mark W

    Just got ICS 4.04 today in Australia on unlocked phone!!

  • Yuliana

    i upgraded android to 4.0 version.there’s a huge problem with the Russian language.pleeze,improve it asap.

  • Mike

    Hello! Does anyone knows if samsung galaxy Note (N7000) is compatible with android jelly bean?