GPS Apps Are Better on Android

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 5, 2012
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A few years ago, GPS devices were selling like hotcakes! Everyone wanted to have a piece of them and if you didn’t have one in your car, you’re not cool. This has turned into the opposite, nowadays. If you were still using your GPS unit, then you’re not cool. So what did people use to navigate directions? Their smartphones, of course!

But when it comes to such apps, there’s nothing smarter than using them on an Android device. In fact, Consumer Reports have tested this out. This is one area which iOS isn’t doing too well. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Android phones come with a free built in Google Navigation system.

Meanwhile, iPhone users still need to download apps that have a GPS navigation. Even though there are several of these apps available for free, there is no denying how good other apps can be—particularly the ones that require a fee.

“There are plenty of free options available, but we’ve found you tend to get what you pay for,” said Jim Travers from Consumer Reports.

  • Shows to go ya…I have used, windows, Symbian and now android and can tell you without a dough you are wrong. Symbian beats them all hands down. I have used the windows on a LG phone, am using a HTC desire and have used Nokia E66 and E90. The Nokia for one thing downloads to memory all the maps you want, this wasn’t possible on Android until just recently and it is a chore to do so. Also try to save a position with your Android, a very complicated issue. Acquiring the satalights also with the Nokia Symbian system is much faster and more accurate. Driving instruction are better and an over all better package. The only reason I can think of that the study would have the findings it did was because it is in the US where the use of Symbian/Nokia is quite low. Hopefully when Nokia changes over to the windows platform completely they will retain the great maps program and all the benefits in the Ovi store..