The GooPhone One is a near perfect replica of the unreleased HTC One (aka M7)

by: AdrianFebruary 18, 2013


GooPhone’s done it again. What do you mean, what? Have you already forgotten about the I5, the incredibly accurate iPhone 5 copycat unveiled before Apple’s latest? We haven’t, which is why we couldn’t help but chuckle when spotting the newest GooPhone clone.

Chuckle and then bring it to your attention, naturally. Meet the GooPhone One, an exact replica (we think) of the still unreleased HTC One, previously known as the M7.

Aren’t these GooPhone guys a riot? Seriously, we had no idea how the HTC One was going to look until last week and they already have a duplicate in production? Unbelievable!

Of course, with the HTC One unveiling events scheduled for tomorrow, we highly doubt GooPhone’s clone will go up for sale before its “twin”. And still we’re amazed at how quickly they got things done. Just look at those two pics and ignore the fugly UI and the GooPhone imprint for a moment.


Can you really tell this isn’t the real thing? We think not. Unfortunately, you will be able to tell the two apart once the knock-off will be out. And that’s because rumor has it the GooPhone One will come packing a quad-core Mediatek MT6589 and 1 GB of RAM.

The 4.7-inch display will probably not boast a Full HD resolution either, but the rear-facing camera is said to be equipped with a 13 MP sensor. As far as software goes, Android Jelly Bean should butter up the package, but instead of the sleek-looking Sense 5 UI, you’ll get the Lewa OS on top (whatever the heck that is).

Now let’s just hope GooPhone won’t be looking to sue HTC. Because if they will, all hell will break loose and the trial could well be the final nail in HTC’s coffin (sarcasm alert).

  • RarestName

    Why is the dock on the top?

  • Those guys are just hilarious :DD

  • Honeycomb

    Not seeing what’s funny about plagiarism and appropriating another company’s intellectual property. We all know how exposed Android is to software piracy, which makes it a poor platform for developers. Now we’re seeing hardware piracy too, which makes it a poor platform for OEMs. Pretty low, tbh.

  • IncCo

    Are you kidding me? This is a computer generated picture with their horribly ugly UI plastered on top of it. Doesnt prove shit. Guess they are fast at copy and pasting in photoshop.

  • now i`m sure the m7 will look exactly like this bcauz same happened with iphone5

    • MYlaine

      but Iphone 4, 4s, 5 …. its the same form factor

      it’s the fake rendering HTC ONE M7

  • Somedudes

    How about that what a coincidence?

  • Michael Lee

    Or maybe they took a picture of the HTC One, slapped the Goo phone logo on it, pasted a custom ui picture on it, and called it their own? CONSPIRACY!

  • China domination!
    I sold my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.
    I’ll get a Chinese 5.7″ or more screen size. I don’t know what, but I will.