Google’s Bold Move: Android Updates Will Come Faster

by: Chit AgustinMay 11, 2011
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With so many announcements made at Google I/O, one of the most essential was that we, as Android lovers, can benefit from is the announcement of Google’s bold to be working with big time carriers around the US as well as the UK to make guidelines for updates concerning devices.

The Android family is growing

Probably, the question now on your minds is – does this makes sense, and is it a big deal? First off, it absolutely is. Many people have become concerned that they wont receive updates to Android after buying a device, but it looks like Google is on your side.

Based on what Google has said, every new device will receive prompt updates to Android for the first 18 months after its launch, and will receive updates thereafter, if the hardware permits it. Meaning to say, your (future) device will not be forsaken after it has been released for only a short span of time. This has been an issue for Android users, and it looks like this is going to change in the imminent future since Android has now ‘leveled up’.

Do you think this bold move by Google really makes sense? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

  • I don’t see this announcement at that much of a big deal. it’s big news because the situation is so bad right now–google should never have let it get this bad.

    secondly, this may give a sense of entitlement to OEMs and carriers to NOT upgrade/update devices after the 18 months thus pushing hardware upgrades. I think google should follow other vendors with long term support = ~3 years minimum. Mobile hardware is not at the level where it will last.

  • Gregory Opera

    Regular updates and upgrades for the first 18 months, then updates and upgrades whilst the hardware permits?

    I’ll believe it when I see it, given the fact that Australian service providers are traditionally reluctant to permit updates and upgrades to their devices (Telstra in particular)…