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A new Wall Street Journal report reveals that Google is indeed worried about Samsung’s increased role in the Android ecosystem, with the South Korean company being currently the number one Android smartphone and tablet maker when it comes to market share and profits.

We say indeed because we have speculated more than once that Samsung’s impressive lead could become a problem for Google at some point in the future. In fact, just recently an unofficial look into googling habits from potential buyers for the past year showed that some customers may already be confusing “Android” with “Galaxy,” with the later being the strongest device Android brand out there.

At the same time, Samsung is a great ally in the Android vs Apple war, one that Google can’t really afford to lose, so the Google-Samsung relationship is definitely one to follow in the coming months, especially if the latter is unhappy.

The report

As it always does, the WSJ has spoken with people familiar with the matter, who remain unnamed, but are able to comment on this particular business relationship. According to them, Google executives are worried about Samsung’s influence in the Android ecosystem and what the giant corporation could do in the future, as its market share increases:

Google executives are worried that Samsung could extract financial or other concessions if it gains more leverage, people with direct knowledge of the matter said. […]

At a Google event last fall for its executives, Android head Andy Rubin praised Samsung’s success and said the partnership had been mutually beneficial, a person familiar with the meeting said.

But Mr. Rubin also said Samsung could become a threat if it attains a dominant position among mobile-device manufacturers that use Android, the person said. Mr. Rubin said that Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which makes Android-based smartphones and tablets, served as a kind of insurance policy, or “hedge,” against a manufacturer such as Samsung gaining too much power over Android, the person said.


The worries

Apparently Google is worried that Samsung may affect its bottom line by demanding a larger cut of its mobile ad-based profits in the future – currently Samsung is getting 10% of the take – and/or that Samsung may ask for special favors, such as early access to future Android updates.

To Google, mobile ads are worth 8 billion a year according to recent estimates, and the number will certainly grow in the future. That 10% accounts for one hefty pay off to Samsung, and the South Korean giant has apparently “signaled that it might want more.”

Samsung is pulling some serious cash from Android device sales – $60 billion in 2012 alone – so should it demand more cash from Google ads? Well the company may have its own reasons for being sort-of angry with Google, including the Motorola purchase, or the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 pricing structures, which may have affected to some extent Samsung’s own bottom line. So Samsung may feel it’s entitled to make up for lost Galaxy smartphones and tablet sales with more of Google’s money. After all, Samsung is in it for hardware profits, and needs to make money off device sales, without being able to rely to other revenue streams such as the Google Play Store or online advertising.

Is there also a worst-case scenario that Google fears, like Samsung completely moving to a different mobile platform? Samsung is still developing its own Linux-based OS, Tizen, which doesn’t look half-bad considering the recent screenshots we’ve seen. In fact, it looks like Tizen will become an even more important part of Samsung, with bada merging into Tizen in the future. Not to mention that Intel is also a very interested party in the Tizen project, as it could become an important play in its attack on the mobile market.

While it seems like a strange proposition for now, what if Samsung decided, at any point in the future, to move from Android to its own OS? The more it builds its Galaxy brand, the more customers will follow, without knowing or even caring that their next-gen Galaxy devices won’t run Android anymore. Sure, Android fans will stick with Android, and Samsung would lose customers in such a case, but the more power it can leverage in the Android landscape, the more it can present such a scenario to Google and make more demands.

We’re not forgetting that there’s always Windows Phone, a mobile OS Samsung is also working with, but one that wouldn’t necessarily fit to Samsung’s needs as a main mobile OS.

More realistically though, Samsung would only need to remove Google services from its Android smartphones and tablets – in an Amazon-like manner – to get Google’s attention.

The solution

If Google does indeed have a Samsung problem, then should we view the upcoming Google/Motorola X Phone as a possible solution to it? Are we going to see Google silently fight Samsung this year in an X Phone vs Galaxy S4 clash of titans?


Google has always said – at least so far – that it won’t give preferential treatment to Motorola now that it owns it. We have no idea whether it meant it, or whether it was all just a show, so other Android device makers won’t worry about competing against future Motorola Nexus devices.

Moreover, according to a Google exec, the Motorola purchase was all about the patents – and now we hear it was a hedge bet according to Rubin. The company didn’t release any special Android device, not counting the new RAZR models, and did say recently that it still needs time until it’s able to make its own hardware.

But that might change with the Google X Phone, an extraordinary device expected to arrive at Google I/O in mid-May sporting high-end specs and running Google’s future Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie without actually being a Nexus device.

The X Phone has been spotted in various rumors and leaks so far, without being actually confirmed, but this time around WSJ does mention it:

Meanwhile, Google’s Motorola has been developing what it calls the X Phone to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S devices, people with knowledge of the initiative have said.

The fact that the WSJ talks about the device gives added weight to the current X Phone reports out there – let’s not forget that just a few days ago, the same publication talked about Google’s Chromebook, which was launched hours after that particularly story hit the virtual presses. This time around, an X Phone announcement will not be just around the corner, but the device is looking more and more real.

The Galaxy S4 is going to be unveiled on March 14 at a special event in New York – which we’ll attend live – therefore at least two months before the X Phone becomes official. We’re certainly interested to see how this particular battle will play out, since in light of this WSJ report the X Phone looks more like a Galaxy S4 rival than a device meant to further chip away at Apple’s market and profit share – but yes, it will do both if successful.


Without mentioning any details about the device, the WSJ can certainly make Android fans dream about a high-end Motorola handset that would fight Samsung flagship devices:

In the event that Google’s relationship with Samsung goes south, the U.S. company’s Android business could work with the company’s Motorola unit—similar to the way Apple’s hardware and software units work together to create iPhones and iPads—to make sure Motorola’s Android devices are superior to the competition, people familiar with Google’s thinking said. Such a move could alienate other Android device makers, however.

Yes, other Android OEMs would also be hit by the X Phone, and could put Google in a strange situation. But Google has been in a strange situation before and was able to sort-of deal with that problem.

Looking back at how it all started – assuming Samsung disliked the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 pricing policy – we’ll remind you that Google had to come out with a cheap Nexus 7 and to fight off the Amazon threat rather than to hurt Apple’s iPad sales, even if that mean angering regular Android partners in the process. Similarly, it could now have to launch a X Phone to prevent the Galaxy S4 from selling as well as it’s expected to sell, even if that means, again, angering everyone else in the process.

Naturally, don’t expect anyone to confirm that the X Phone is a product Google needs to prevent Samsung from getting an even larger share of the Android pie. The WSJ’s sources could always be wrong, and we could be wrong speculating on the state of the Google-Samsung relationship. Maybe the X Phone is meant to be Google’s own iPhone rival rather than a competitor to high-end Android devices. Time will tell.

From a different point of view, Google is said to have “high hopes” for the HTC One or the recently unveiled HP Slate 7 to threaten Samsung’s dominance in the Android ecosystem, although these are products that aren’t yet selling, and it will be a while until they hit stores. Does Google plan to help either HTC and/or HP in any particular manner? Again, time will tell and we’ll be here to report everything.

But since other high-end devices are yet to show their muscles, the X Phone – or the promise of an X Phone – could keep plenty of Android device buyers at home when the Galaxy S4 launches, especially those customers that prefer Nexus devices over anything else.

Earlier today we witnessed Samsung crashing the MWC 2013 party by casting a long Galaxy S4 shadow over the show. In its turn, does Google have reason to crash Samsung’s Galaxy S4 party in the coming weeks and months with more X Phone rumors primed to hit the web on a more regular basis? We’ll just have to wait and see.

HP Slate 7 mwc2013 [aa] (1)

What high-end phone would you rather buy, a Google X Phone or a Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • Poo Lup Meng

    Google X Phone!!

  • yes! This fight is gonna be awesome! :D

    • BillyBob2

      I need the memory expansion SD card slot. with out that, it would have to be the S3

      • BillyBob2

        whoops, meant s4

  • Mohammad Hassan Khalid

    Hands down Google X!

  • I’m a big fan of the build quality of Motorola. I’m anxious to change my old phone, but I’m waiting for a real good phone hit the stores.

    In my country the best phones available are the SIII, Note II and Razer HD. No Nexus 4, no Optimus G, no Xperia Z/ZL (not even T). HTC don’t have businesses here anymore…

    I will wait for some 2013 phone hit the stores! But my preference is the Nexus 4 or the Motorola’s new flagship.

    • Filip Justin

      I live in Romania and I can get any phone except the new Xperia Z..

      • I’m from Brasil. We wont have the Xperia Z too. Sony already said that in Brasil they will launch only the Xperia ZQ (The ZL with the brazilian’s LTE).

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    X Phone all the way! Please use premium materials, huge battery and not so huge battery, and it will be a must buy

  • Juan Manuel Tastzian

    I just hope they change that ridiculous name.

    • They will indeed. The Galaxy S4 was named “The Altius J” as far as I know.

  • Jared Persinger

    The X phone

  • Defiantly the Motorola/Google X Phone!

  • aholsteinson

    I currently own a Galaxy S3 but my initial plan when switching from iPhone to Android was to get a Nexus device. I didn’t ger the Galaxy Nexus because it was a bit old but now when I switch phones I am moving to the Nexus. For my part Samsung has been rubbing me the wrong way for a while and I am very much a Google fan so I’ll follow El GOOG on this.

  • armin00as

    Definitely waiting for the X. I’m getting tired of Samsung and can’t wait for a “blast” of fresh air from Moto. However, and even though my S3 (i9300) gets more laggy by the day, it is the first phone in years that I didn’t feel like I have to run a Custom ROM on right away. As a matter of fact, I kinda like TouchWiz… One things clear, though: I’ll nevwr again buy anything than runs “Sense”.. yuck!

    • Ivan Myring

      I prefer the look of sense. (Not as good as stock but still) but I can see that some features they add in touchwiz might be good and it is not as bad as people say.

      • nandre

        I agree… Sense actually looks on purpose with its color/design scheme. It has some bloat problems, but to me TouchWiz looks like a coloring book.

  • Abbas Ather

    The Google X phone. It might even be my next phone. It just depends on the time my contract ends next year.

  • Google should ignore Motorola brand and uses just Google logo on back.

    To catch a lot of users, Google could finally launch a device 90% front screen. Totally edge to edge. Just up and down slim bezels.

  • Mark Affleck

    I used to switch btw nexus and GS. But then samie started expanding the galaxy class beyond hardware and software. With sammie into everything else being electronic, one could argue is the only seamless oem. Phone, tv, audio, appliance maker, integrating these makes their phones that much better of a galaxy ecosystem!

  • mikeGsays

    You guys are funny, all saying X Phone…. well, the 90% of us going with the SGSIV will have someone to point and laugh at this year! and the SIV will mark the 4th Galaxy phone I’ll have owned, and the ONE Motorola (Atrix 4G) was considered so advanced, it was a failure, so glad to have retired that mistake….

    • OK but

      I’m going to snap pics of me sodomizing your mom on my X

      • mikeGsays

        good one, douche….

        • Me Ted

          So you’re acknowledging the fact that he’ll be sodomizing your mom? Wow.

          • mikeGsays

            You’re a moron too? That wasn’t a congratulatory comment

          • Me Ted

            That’s a question. No, I’m not. I think you might be new though.

    • Have fun with TouchWiz and that sexy plastic gloss that Sammy sole from Barbie’s.

      • Filip Justin

        Most of us will.. I happen to like plastic and Touchwiz a lot…

        • Jaime Larios

          Multiwindow is awesome. Also is the s pen in the Note series

        • It has some cool features, but I hate the design and install feel of it. Plastic is very useful: for food packaging and children toys.

        • Me Ted

          Of course you do. *pat *pat

    • rocken

      I’ll goes with whatever reliable and well proven.
      Most possibly SGS 4 as samsung had good track record with SGS 1-3.

    • rank78

      It’s too early to talk trash about the Moto X but we all know the S4 will still have that cheap plastic body, and the rumored specs are nothing to really brag about in terms of an upgrade. Sine you seem to enjoy reveling in a company’s hype becoming failure you might want to recall the Samsung Instinct that was marketed as the iPhone killer. lol

      • mikeGsays

        Yeah you’re right, it’s not like any Samsung phone ever outsold the iPhone—wait, didn’t the SIII do just that? Yep! Okay then, let me know when anything else comes close to knocking those elitist bastards off their pedestal….

        • rank78

          Did I say Samsung doesn’t sell well? They do, and even though I don’t see myself purchasing a device from them anytime soon I’m glad they’re exposing more people to Android instead of iOS. My point was you were talking smack about a yet-to-be-released device due to an older failure yet you’re all over the S4 absent of specs even though they had a much bigger failure in the Instinct. Get it now?

          • mikeGsays

            Nope, because that’s assuming that the SIV won’t have as many or more incredible features as the SIII came to the market with…. and we all know what happens when you assume!

            The SIV will be the better phone all around – the X Phone may have cool features or nice looking hardware, but it will be content-poor. That’s the reason why I have a stock deodexed rooted ROM on the SIII and AOKP on everything else (TF300T and N7), the TW ROM has so many upgrades that actually work for me instead of hinder usage like a Kindle or Nook, and you can bet the house that Moto even with Google’s help won’t be able to hold a candle to Sammy’s Android development

          • rank78

            Going by what I heard, the S4 leaked specs have diminished. Still, announcement comes in 3 weeks so everyone needs to wait. I’ve never been a Moto fan, well not since flip phones, so it’ll take a lot to get me to consider the newly acquired Google company’s hardware. I have a Xoom and it leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure what you mean by the X Phone being ‘content poor’ considering it’ll have plenty of devs ready to play with it and Key Lime Pie. If sold by Google it’ll be unlocked, hopefully AOSP. Hopefully updates and support will be elevated now that Google holds a stake in it. I want as many competing flagship phones on the market as possible, not only for user benefit but to drown out Apple.

          • mikeGsays

            I knew we would eventually agree on something – I’m all for this “fragmentation” as they say if it means the death of that rotten fruit!

          • no thanks

            Sammy make cheap plastic plastic fisher price toy phones for little runts like you to play with while people with grown-up phones are recording us railing your mom with her heels up in the air

          • mikeGsays

            Where the hell do these fucking ghetto trolls come from??? DUDE, you are not a “bawse” so STFU before you sound even more retarded

          • dalephill2

            Cheap plastic crap?? dude you have issues. I have the note2 and by no means is it cheap, if they were to put metal in its build it would be to heavy to lift for calls, I love the fact I can take out the battery, which no you cannot do on the iphone, I can customize my rom to fit my taste, and have a nice spen to work with, damn iphone is still in the dark ages, damn puny iscreen.

  • Doan

    I’m rooting for the X, but it won’t outsell the GS4. The Galaxy series has far too much momentum behind it. If the X phone is a big hit, the next one may challenge Samsung’s post-GS4 flagship, but it will be a fairly unknown phone for a while, which can’t be said about the GS4.

  • imitator101

    I’ve always thought that it would come to this. The nature of how Google makes money from Android and how it develops it, it’s advantageous to have a lot of small players allowing for some kind of natural selection process. That way they can enhance Android further through the various ways OEMs use Android, and also have enough distributors. Now that a monopoly is close to emerging, Google will want to clamp down on it before it actually becomes one.

    The fact that Samsung also backstabbed its previous partner, Apple, gives more weight to expectations of a repeat.

    I for one don’t like Samsung and would rather have Google win this one, but the most likely scenario is Samsung coming out the victor.

  • kattupakki

    samsung produce low radiation smartphone

  • yungqb7

    Galaxy S4 for me

  • It would be awesome for the X phone to be released and horribly annoying at the same time. I would be forced to sell my nexus 4 to pay for it.

  • ConCal

    I am waiting for the X Phone, I hope it has the Snapdragon 800!!!

  • MasterMuffin

    Depends on the phones so I’m not saying anything yet!

  • Bonbo

    X Phone

  • cycad007

    Most likely a X Phone. Something tells me Samsung isn’t going to sell 100 million GSIV headsets this year.

  • D

    I wish Google would utilize Motorola more. Imagine a Droid Nexus!

  • chitty

    I really hope the x is outstanding and levels the Android playing field. LG seems to be trying, but too many years of poor quality devices and zero updates/support for their phones will hurt their rep for ages imo. I also don’t think HTC will make a huge dent against Sammy.

    By the way, WHAT THE HELL!!! We’re talking about android vs android.

    If I was even considering the s4 I would hold off to see what X phone has to offer.

  • Tarek Assaf

    Google X Phone… No doubts there!

  • Ignacio Martín

    The X Phone is neither a solution, because if Motorola receives special treatment from Google, it will piss off other Android manufacturers too. Google is not Apple, (and neither Microsoft) and should concentrate on providing us with the best software and services.

    • Billy

      Samsung seems to think people buy their phones that happen to have Android OS when it fact people buy Android phones that happen to be Samsung. They will fall on their face if they push their own OS.

  • bilal mahmood

    X phone

  • legato

    as long as Google X Phone has expandable storage, it’s worth.

    if it’s ill-fated without sdcard slot as other google phone (nexus), then it’s a big no.
    samsung all the way.

    so far only samsung phone are fully complete. not sure in future.

    • Billy

      Would you need expandable memory with 128gb built in?

  • tBs_Battousai

    If the X Phone is real then GoogleMotorola need to market the C**p out of it as I think that’s where Samsung beats everyone else… brand awareness is very important…

  • noneofthem

    Google for sure! I left Samsung a while ago.

  • JEFF

    key lime pie, good looks, and a great battery life just might do it for me on the xphone.

    especially if the galaxy s4 is another plastic monster….

  • Filip Justin

    It’s all about availability and ecosystem in this thing.. Samsung already has one(TVs, printers, computers), whereas Google is trying to implement something that is based on a futuristic view more than on a practical standpoint.. Google Now, Nexus devices, Chromebooks or even Glass(when it will appear) aren’t fully available(both in terms of market availability and functionality) in countries that are not the US. However, most of the functionality and availability of Samsung products and services can be enjoyed everywhere around the globe.. Let’s take for example the Nexus 4… it’s 300 bucks in the US and 500-600 in most of Europe.. The S3 is 500-550 everywhere in the world(no gimmick, no trouble, just one price)..

    Now.. I can also think about the accessories and miscellaneous, which can be considered an ecosystem for the hardware.. Does anyone know anything about the AllShare hub? You can basically connect any S3, Note 2 or Note 10.1 to any HDMI device wirelessly. Do you see that on a Nexus device? Ha! I even remember that except for the Nexus 7, the 4 and the 10 don’t even have USB Host out of the box.. I can also think about the abundance of cases that the Samsung devices have compared to Google devices..

    There is nobody in the tech market that can best Samsung at this effort to have a great ecosystem.. Google? No way, they tried to remove Flash from my smartphone(almost all phones have Chrome instead of a capable stock browser like Samsung’s Touchwiz) and they want to shove cloud(by limiting the local storage) into my life.. Sorry guys, I might upset many around here, but it’s just my opinion and I stand by it, waiting for the Galaxy S4..

  • Yann Roger

    If the X Phone is only Android (nothing more over it). Pure Android, it will be great, and I really hope that they are not going to use LCD… Even the best one, won’t be great enough for me, compared to a good amoled technologie.

    I can understand that they used LCD on Nexus 4. This way they could reduce the cost and the price and seduce more people, But Pleeeeeease Google, if you don’t offer both choices, no more more LCD.

    With these conditions… It will be mine :-)

  • Ivan Budiutama

    you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian. In The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent tainted by Love, Love will lead to despair, despair is dark side of the force. Samsung can be tainted by greed or pride.

  • Google X Phone everyday. So tired of manufactures that not giving devs what they want!

  • fefa

    former ally tuned enemy. hahaha it’s like something out of a movie.

  • CyBrix_21

    Lets see… I know that both phones will have advantages against each other… I hope they will be both great… That will be a good competition… The best of Google vs. The best of Samsung…

  • GBD

    Personally, I’d like to see a new Nexus on the play store from all of the Android manufacturing partners every year. Google needs some sort of killer feature that it doesn’t open source and only allows on Nexus branded devices. If a manufacture builds and continues to supply the Nexus devices then they could include that feature on their own branded devices as well.

    I’m all for choice. The more choices, the less influence the carriers will have on the final products.

  • Even though Google owns Motorola I will NEVER go back to them. been burned by moto too many times to ever go back. Samsung all the way!

  • edwards311

    Love my S3…..but a pure Google phone built with Moto quality and radios is hard to ignore.

  • rank78

    Too bad HTC’s marketing sucks and journalists fail to add the HTC One that was just announced into this battle. Spec-wise it’ll be a fair competitor, its a shame many consumers haven’t been introduced to their flagship devices so they could make an informed decision before opting for the more familiar brand. I was skeptical when I bought the HTC Hero but I haven’t looked back since.

    • cycad007

      I’m with you…hoping HTC becomes more competitive this year!

  • Ivan Myring

    The x phone! Clean android, fast updates (like the xoom) solid hardware, tegra 4 or snapdragon 800. Better than the s4. But I’m not gonna get either as I have a nexus 4.


    XPHONE or nothing in 2013!
    I want something really new.

    Motorola X (NE-X-US) could be a Chromebook Pixel of NEXUS smartphones: the WOW NEXUS with pure Android and unique Google’s services integration, manufactured by Google-Motorola in the US.

    Yes, it will be a battle #1 in 2013: MX vs SGIV.

    Design, hardware and software superbattle!!!

  • snowmanjack

    My contract is already up, but I’m skipping the S4 and going all-in on the X. Hoping to see it on Verizon by July!

  • Please destroy Samsung.

  • V-Phuc

    It’s the nature of free, wide-open competition market. One company eventually emerges as a front-runner, at least for a while. Are you telling me that Google wished no one emerged to champion its own causes? Can’t have the cake and eat it too, you know! As the X phone, bring it out and let the public decide. At this point SG4 already has some history to back it up, so some fans have already made up their minds. X phone has some catch-up to do. Whether or not it can, it all depends on its quality, build, etc. And please put some micro-SD slot in it. Dead on arrival (DOA), if not, IMHO!

  • Vikram

    Obviously The X-phone… i hate samsung n what it does to android…. but i have a note 2 just bcoz currently no other manufacturer gives that much power in a device!
    N I hated motorola previously but not after it came under the Google Umbrella!

  • King7Dom

    I really hope they send out the invite on the 12th of March lol, let one day to get viral, then Samsung lol

    I hope they have really good camera, really need a breakthrough there.

  • Sd

    Wish nokia will make android phone.
    Sale of htc, samsung, moto, everything will come to standstill.
    Well I’m not a nokia fanboy.

  • BNAB

    I initially thought that samsung was going to release a revolutionary new device (like i thought with the s3) but that just doesnt look like its going to happen (again). The x phone could be a very sleek and simple phone, but its at least got potential. I wouldn’t bash on the x phone just yet. wait to see what key lime pie and google has in store before buying the s4.

  • Unless the design of the whatever the next Nexus phone is terrible I will always go with a Nexus device. I prefer the vanilla Android experience without all the extra gloss heaped on by the OEM’s. HTC, Samsung, LG, and others all make great looking and functioning hardware. Unfortunately, they force me to eat their extra gloss on top of the makeup.

    The OEM’s really should give users the ability to opt in on their UI/OS enhancements. If the user selects the OEM design then install all the enhancements just like you would if you skinned your UI from vanilla Android.

    Sure, you can root pretty much all Android devices and load your own ROM. But, I’d rather the OEM’s empower users with the choice.

  • eazi25

    X phone baby lol !!!

  • eazi25

    Multi window is old I been using it since 2011. (Super video) free in the play store, the s pen is far from revolutionary. Jellybean already has expanded notifications so the Hoover thing is a waste. Smart actions perform many task for you automatically. More useful then most gimmick features from Sammy. That’s how I ended up with the RAZR HD instead.!!

  • eazi25

    Actually the iPhone is still the number one smartphone guy. And the RAZR is the only phone to out sell the iPhone head to head. Samsung just gained a large market out of all Android devices.

  • fuck samsung i had a s3 and it started slowing down.. my iphone or nexus never let me down..

  • creator78

    currently running a Bionic (yes I know) Knowing moto runs as close to true android as The carriers will allow them to I’m kind of iclined to wait for the x phone to come out even though I can upgrade end of may. But If I do I won’t be an early adopter I want to wait to see reviews first.

  • Blax

    Google fan boys, the android equivalent of apple douches. C’mon guys, you’re better than this, its a phone…

  • kiran

    check out s4 soon at senseforth.com for the real insights from the opinions all over the web… hope to see s4 at the top in a few days at senseforth with senseforth score 100 …

  • I am kind of fond of the Galaxy series but the X phone seems a great alternative. I will put more thought to this.


    Moto X for me. And the Qcomm S800 with Adreno 330 WHEW!