Google X Phone rumors: Droid Blast feature, ‘X M’ version and Google cancelation

by: Chris SmithMay 10, 2013

Motorola Nexus+ concept phone

A new series of Google X Phone rumors have hit the web, bringing even more confusion to the table when considering previous reports.

We’ll start with the wildest X Phone rumor yet, originating from a Chinese “analyst” with 18 years of experience – we couldn’t exactly verify her expertise, hence the quotes – who has been quoted by several blogs saying that Google has given up on the Motorola X Phone, passing the handset back to Motorola as it reportedly lacked innovation.

One argument in favor of Sun Chang Xu’s opinion – the analyst in question – is that she has almost a million followers on China’s Twitter version Weibo. However, upon close inspection of that Weibo account one would notice that it’s more like almost 100,000 followers there – which is still a lot, but that number certainly paints a different picture.

However, the main reason why we’re not inclined to trust this particular rumor is that the analyst isn’t really mentioning anything about where she got her information. Last time we checked, various Google execs including Larry Page and Eric Schmidt seemed psyched about Motorola’s upcoming smartphones, something that’s a lot more telling about Motorola’s future than what an “analyst” from China can tell us.

The second fresh X Phone rumor is a bit more interesting, but equally confusing considering previous reports.


A person with access to the handset told Hot Hardware that the phone’s ROM lists the device as “X,” which probably stands for X Phone.

Apparently the handset offers a 4.8-inch display with 1280 x 720 resolution, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, 2GB of RAM and a processor that “tests slightly slower than the Samsung Galaxy S3 in AnTuTu benchmark, at least in its early stages of development.”

What’s puzzling is that Verizon is said to be the first U.S. carrier to receive the device, not AT&T as previously reported by other publications. AT&T was said to have a short X Phone exclusive in the U.S. after which time other operators would stock the device.

Moreover, the same source says that there will be two X Phone version, the “X” and a smaller “X M” model – an “X” mini?

In addition to certain hardware features, the insider has also shared a screenshot (above) that reveals a new photo and video sharing feature called “Droid Blast.” However, other screenshots or images of the device have not been shown.

We expect to see more X Phone rumors in the future, so take everything with a grain of salt for now, especially unsubstantiated wild stuff that comes from Chinese analysts. While you wait for the X Phone to be made official, you can always check out this interesting Motorola Nexus+ concept (top image).

  • MasterMuffin

    If that’s real, I can now safely say that the X phone isn’t Nexus, but rather a slightly skinned Motorola phone (if that screenshot is true) because the “droid blast” icon doesn’t follow the design line of the other holo icons

  • Fievel

    “Droid Blast” sounds like something you’d need to take Imodium to prevent from happening again.

    • Justin Kos

      Makes me think of robots doing cocaine

  • etiggy

    It was nice while it lasted, well, back to waiting for the next nexus in november.

  • chris pinkston

    Love the way the render looks.

  • Ryan Behmanesh

    The concept picture looks pretty sweet but the specs are a year old. If this is true, I’ll pass.

  • Google should give Motorola chance with next nexus device or make multiple Nexuses with more then one manufacture.
    Main problem in my point view with Motorola is slow update I hope after Google acquisition it will be faster I will skip this device if it is not Nexus and I will C if Motorola getting better in updating wise or not.

  • 702Mike

    Hate to kill the excitement here, but just by seeing the “droid blast” option we know it’s Verizon exclusive and that kills the possibility of it being a nexus. It would be cool to see software from all the different oem’s directly available for nexus devices or even all phones. For example, what if you like the build quality of a Motorola but the Samsung touch wiz software. Or you like HTC sense but want a removable battery and expandable storage options of Samsung Galaxy phones. This would also grant the ability to turn any hardware capable phone into a nexus style device as well.